Dua Lipa gives name to PH village, celebrities show love for music

LIPA CITY, Philippines – It’s time to visit.

The newly-recognized international singer Dua Lipa reaffirmed her status as such as she made her first guesting in a famous radio station in the Philippines.



“This will be my first time to visit here in this country,” she told in an exclusive interview with the radio DJs, noting that she wanted to visit the country, particularly, Lipa City.

She added, “My friends, after knowing my name, had told me that they knew of a place named Lipa. Well, we’ll look into it, and possibly, we will meet our relatives in the Philippines.”

Name with various meanings

Dua, as her name suggests, means “love” in Albanian. However, some netizens are offering possible reasons behind her name.

According to the netizens, the term Dua may be derived from a corruption of an Arabic word fatwa, meaning “opinion,” possibly, and unwittingly, alluding to the verdicts some Muslims have imposed upon Rushdie Salman, the author of Satanic Verses, and to Taslima Nasrin, the author of Lajja (Shame). This also suggests that her parents were highly opinionated, possibly due to the dynamic politics in their place even before she was born.

Some proposed that the word Dua came from a Tagalog word tuwa, meaning “joy.” Dua had recalled that their neighbor had told her parents that someday, she will be a joy to her family in the near future. The neighbor explained that she was a joy to her parents in the midst of turmoil happening in her parents’ place at that time.

It may be also derived from another Tagalog word duhat, or in English, Java plum (Syzygium cumini). This stems from the fact that her mother had used to eat much duhat months before Dua was born. Also, her mother had given the name to the young lady after wandering over Duhatan in Lipa City during their brief stay in the Philippines.

Other languages had offered possible meanings behind her name. For instance, her name can be taken from the Ancient Egyptian word Duat, referring to the realm of the dead in their mythology, comparable to Hades of the Greeks. Her name can be also traced to the town of Douay in France, where the Catholic Douay-Rheims Bible was printed.

It can also be derived from an English phrase dual; or it may be a contraction of a Cebuano word duha, or “two,” which bears no particular meaning over the international singer.

Renamed as Dua

Not to be outdone, a barangay (village) in Lipa City named Duhatan had followed the trend by transforming its name. The change of name was being triggered by a conversation that happened during her meet and greet in the Philippines:

Hahahaha, parang ito lang yung nagtanong sa amin noon habang pinapanood ito live sa Eastwood:

Lalaking napadaan: Ate, sino iyang kumakanta?

Me: Si Dua Lipa po.

Lalaking napadaan: Ahh. Taga-Batangas?

Me: Opo.

(It looks like the one who asked us some time ago while watching it live in Eastwood:

Wandering man: Miss, who is that singer?

Me: She’s Dua Lipa.

Wandering man: Ahh. Is she from Batangas province?

Me: Yes.)

In a resolution passed by the Sangguniang Barangay (Village Council), the barangay officials had expressed their intent to change the name of the barangay from Duhatan to Dua. The name change is to simplify their address especially in communicating matters related to the barangay. The excerpt of resolution reads:

“NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved, that the new address will be as follows:

Brgy. Dua, Lipa City, Batangas.”

The barangay chairman also explained that “Tutal naman eh sikat naman si Dua Lipa. Eh di baguhin na laang naten ang pangalan ng barangay. Para naman mapirme naman siya sa puso at alaala namin.” (Anyway, Dua Lipa is famous. We will change the name of our village, so that she will be in our hearts and in our minds.)

Officials and residents of Brgy. Dua are expecting that with the name change, many foreign and local tourists will come and see the beauty not only in their place, but also in Lipa City.

Singing is possible

Aside from Dua Lipa, other celebrities had collaborated with the radio program for their singing skills at Wish 107.5 Bus.

Among the celebrities, Julius Babao had shown his sideline in the radio after his stints as host in Mission Possible and as a news anchor in Bandila (Flag).




He had told, “Naalala ko dito yung mga times na kinakantahan ko si Tintin noong nasa ABS pa kami. Na-apreciate naman niya ako at kung paano ako umawit. Meron kaming sariling love song na kami lang ang nakakaalam, at dito ako humuhugot ng mga inaawit ko ngayon.” (I remembered the times I serenaded Christine Bersola when we were in ABS-CBN. She appreciated me and the way I sing. We have a love song that only the two of us knew, and I draw the strength from these everytime I sing today.)

Playing the notes

TJ Manotoc, another newscaster from ABS-CBN, had made waves not only in sports analysis, but also in performing his hidden talent.


Manotoc had told that it is hard to be friendzoned, a case where a boy bestfriend is being treated by the girl as a mere friend and up to that point only.

Ayos lang iyan kung masaya lang sila sa piling ng kanilang boyfriend. Pero kung sinasaktan siya, tapos nire-reject niya ang kanyang bestfriend na totoong nagmamahal sa kanya, para siyang shunga. Sorry, pero iyon ang totoo. Dedicated ang kantang ito para sa mga na-friendzoned,” he further stated. (It’s okay if she is happy with her boyfriend. But if she is being hurt by her boyfriend, then she rejects her bestfriend who truly loves her, it seems that she is stupid. Sorry, but that is the truth. This song is dedicated to those who had been friendzoned.)

WARNINGThis article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.


Love Advice No. 52 (Full English)

This is my way of saying “thank you” for those who appreciate and read this site, especially non-Filipinos.

It has been more than a year since I wrote this article. Times have changed, but still, studying accounting in the Philippines is a very difficult task. I had told that guy that their situation will be difficult in case his girlfriend will take another examination due last month, which I myself had taken.

That guy has a dilemma: He has a girlfriend, who is pursuing an Accountancy course. And yes, her dream is to be a Certified Public Accountant (or a Chartered Accountant)[1]. As she pursues her dream, she spends less time with him, which puzzles the guy. To understand what this is all about, let’s take a look at this love advice:

From the UST Files:

My Girl is from AMV

Hello. I am not from UST (University of Santo Tomas in Manila). My girlfriend is from UST-AMV College of Accountancy.[2]

I just want to ask if this is really normal for them. I and my girlfriend had been together for so long, for almost six years. She was my classmate when we were in high school. Yes, she’s industrious and she’s smart. But even with that attitude, she has time for me. Now, matters became worse.

When she was in first year college (Grade 11), our situation’s a little bit okay because she frequently went home (in our province). So, we have no problem in our relationship then.

Our problem started when she was in her second year (Grade 12). She almost never went home to our province due to studies. She needs to be exempted from the retention examination. It seems that thing is so important for her. For two semester, she goes home for only once a month. But, it’s okay. She had reached that goal, and I love her so much, so I understand the situation even if that accounting course had stolen her from me and all that she is doing is for her future.

Now that she is in third year, I do not know what really happened. I can understand her. However, our relationship had affected. I am concerned too for her. She always come home late. That thing whenever she comes home before 8 p.m. from the library and then take a short nap. Afterwards, she will go to the coffee shop to study till midnight. And if we go on a date, she always bring study materials. It’s difficult for her to go home in our province since she has a Saturday class and she needs to attend classes every Monday at 7 a.m. For her, she’s tired of going back home for she will travel back to school the next day.

Are they like that? Is this normal? It hurts to think that in just a few days, their classes will start. She will leave me again.

Highschool Love

My Advice:

Don’t be surprised anymore. Why? You said a while ago, “she’s industrious and she’s smart.” These are the traits we want in a girl, aren’t they? We want those girls who think of their future and our future, isn’t it?

Question: Is your girlfriend in her fifth year in college?

Find Out Why She’s Like That

It’s better to look at the prospectus (or list of subjects she takes) of her course in AMV and ask its dean about it for you to see and think why she rarely goes home to the province:

In the first years of her course, since the subjects she took were very light, it’s almost not a problem for her to go home. But as the years go on, her subjects become increasingly difficult, so her visit becomes less frequent. In the first years of her course, since the subjects she took were very light, she has more free time in the University of Santo Tomas. But as the years go on, her subjects become increasingly difficult, therefore the free time she spents becomes lesser and lesser. She must think of studies first.

For Her and Your Future

Bro, she needs to focus more on her studies. Don’t you know that she is doing all of these for her future and for your future?

If you’ll look at it closely, you’re lucky, and “you should be glad because she does it for her future (or ‘future for both of you’ if ever you and that girl are together)”. If your girlfriend can digest what she learned in those accounting subjects, it’s possible that your relationship will last. Why do I say this? We know that many relationships become a failure later on because of money. Figuratively stated, love is thrown outside the window if financial problems enter your relationship. In accounting, both of you will overcome these financial problems, and therefore, this might save your relationship.

Of course, she wanted to fulfill her dreams. This has no adverse effect on your relationship. This course is not a person (or in legal parlance, a natural person) to get jealous with. What you only need to do is to support her in her dreams. Someday, she might propose to you (for a wedding) in an instant instead of you doing this. (Just ask the accounting professors, CPAs, or Chartered Accountants why I am saying this.)

Normal for Accountancy Students

Are they like that? Yes.

Is this normal? Absolutely yes.

Bro, it is normal for accountancy students to study very hard, especially if they attend in schools with good reputation or with strict retention requirements for students. This is regardless if she is studying with UST or a university offering that course. In short, many schools are strict in choosing accountancy students.

They need to study well to attain their dream of being a CPA or a Chartered Accountant. It is normal for accountancy students, whether they are under internship, studies, or in actual field to study and experience this kind of stress. It is normal for accountancy students to have no time for themselves, for their boyfriend/girlfriend, for their friends, for their parents, and others, especially if they will not manage their time properly.

By the way, what are your strong bases for you to say that she will leave you? Did she say to you, “Babe, it’s better for us to part ways”? At that time you visited her once, did you saw her clinging with other boys? Maybe, the truth is that as she’s studying, she thinks of you just to overcome the challenges she face. Maybe, the truth is that you are her energy booster.

Another thing: You need to focus on your studies too. You must learn that not at all times you need to be with her. Another told you, “Learn to be independent,” because it would be difficult for you if you are always dependent on her, while you have done nothing for yourself.

May I quote another who said: “If you don’t have the capacity to understand her, if her study is an issue for you, sorry, but you are just a big obstacle for her future.” If you are impatient, I am really very sorry. You have no choice but to let her go.

What to Do

You must make an effort too. Otherwise, there’s a big chance that you and that girl will part ways.

Love is like accounting. It is not good if your girlfriend debits his love to you, while you do not credit your love to her. She finds it difficult to adjust and adjust to your situation, while you do not adjust to your situation also. This means that your relationship is out of balance. The ending is that the CPA or the Chartered Accountant will give you an audit report which states that “Your love to her is not fairly presented, in all material respects…”

What you will only do is to let her feel that you are there for her. You need to guide her while she’s studying at UST. You must encourage her. You must help her. You must need to understand her situation.

A netizen had told, “You must travel to see her. What are you expecting: Send her home? She’s tired of studying, and she’s exhausted in travelling! You are a man. You are suffering but you have done nothing to ease that.” Please, make her sacrifices worth it. Make her happy by doing this even just once. By going to Manila, you will make her feel that you are there for her. Aside from this, this will clear the issues haunting you.

Why not help her too? It would be a big thing for her to carry her grossly-thick textbooks (in which  authors Valix, Dayag, and Cabrera, etc. are to blame for this)[3]. This will lessen the stress she carries.

Why not give her scholarships, too? We know that as much as possible, we will give financial assistance just to make our girlfriends happy. This might be your chance, and by giving these, you can help to lessen your girlfriend’s stress when it comes to financial problems. Someday, your girlfriend will tell you, “I’m proud to be a boyfriend’s scholar.” Isn’t it pleasant to hear that?

Accounting Is Not A Joke

To tell you frankly, accounting is not a joke. If she finds it difficult in UST, “did you know that even if you take the accountancy course in your province, it is really not a joke?” If her foundations in basic accounting and theories in all accounting subjects are weak, it would be more difficult for her to understand financial and advanced accounting. Maybe these last two subjects mentioned were the reasons why she rarely gets home to your province.

She needs to pass these subjects and the requirements assigned to her so that her standing in that course will be maintained. She needs to study and study so that she will understand the concepts and strategies taught in the course.

And if she is experiencing the stress at the time you had shared this problem in the UST Files, she will experience more stress now, especially if she will take the board exam starting October 2017. It is because she has more things to learn in her course.[4]

Final Words

In your situation, this will test how much you love her – from the time you feel your love for her. Take this situation as a challenge for you.

I know that you really worry about her. A netizen had told you, “You worry more on your girlfriend than her parents’ worry to her.” But limit your worries to that gal, for you have actually no reason to feel that way.

Lastly, I want to emphasize that your girlfriend will not be locked forever in UST-AMV. If she is still your girlfriend till now, you’re lucky. Just wait a little bit and you will see the good results of waiting for her.

Author’s Notes:

  1. In this article, we will use the term Certified Public Accountant (as used in the Philippines and in the United States) or the Chartered Accountant (as used in Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the United Kingdom) to refer to professional accountants. This hopes that this article will reach to all the people in the world as much as possible.
  2. UST-AMV College of Accountancy. The University of Santo Tomas is the oldest university in Southeast Asia, established on 1611 (or 406 years later), much older than Harvard University in the United States. The AMV College of Accountancy, also known as the Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy is a department under the university offering the said course. Its accountancy course is recognized as one of the most prestigious and most advanced schools offering this course in the Philippines.
  3. Valix, Dayag, and Cabrera are one of the leading authors of accounting textbooks. They are also known for notoriously bulky books.
  4. This was written more than a year ago. Just recently, the author had rarely wrote articles due to preparations for this exam. Arguably, the October 2017 examination was the most difficult examination to date due to the following: (1) The Taxation subject was the most difficult subject encountered by most examinees, (2) addition of more recent topics for the first time, particularly on Taxation and Law subjects, (3) low passing rate (about 30% of those who took the examination), and (4) long delay of releasing the exam results caused by jeepney strike pervading Manila and nearby provinces at that time.

Love Advice No. 7 (Full English)

As part of our celebration of our third anniversary in this site, another article is now available in full English.

This was one of the firsts love advices I have made since I ran this site in 2014. At that time, I had been reliant on love advices shared by some Facebook users in Papa Jack’s page.[1]  They believe that it was the official page of Papa Jack, while in fact, it is not; instead it was used to collect some thoughts on love advice he shared with his listeners.

From there, I picked some love problems which will become the firsts articles – or the nucleus – behind the articles I wrote under Love Advice category. These firsts articles become my guiding principles in writing subsequent articles.

I am hereby giving you the full English version of this article. There was a story behind this: A blogger had commented on this article and told me, “What language is that? And why are there so many English words mixed in to it?” I replied that I am publishing this in both English and Filipino languages, and I am requesting an e-mail to be sent to her. As of this writing, she did not reply to my request.

It has been more than two years since she wrote that comment to my article, and I am translating this as I am tired of waiting for her reply. Okay, let’s start!

From Papa Jack Advice Facebook Page:

Papa Jack, I need an advice. 😦

What can I do? I am very angry to the ex-girlfriend of my boyfriend even if we were together for six years. They have not contacted each other for so long, and they had cut off their lines of communication when we were on our first year.

His past has a new boyfriend too. But I cannot move on with that ex of my boyfriend because I know that she loved him so much. When they were together in the past, he was his first girlfriend and they had a relationship for so long.

But my boyfriend had made me feel that I am the only girl he loves. Why I am experiencing this feeling? I am still going crazy even if they weren’t together for long. Please advise me. Thanks a lot.

My Advice:

It’s simple: Forget his ex-girlfriend.

You’re very lucky. If other boyfriends or girlfriends still open their lines of communication with their ex, your case is different – his contacts with the past has been cut off. If their lines of communication are still open, most likely you’ll panic. Because this is open, there’s a big possibility that he and his ex will be together again. But in your case with your bf, his contacts with that girl are already broken. If they did not use anymore these lines of communication, most likely their relationship will deteriorate, so there’s no reason for you to worry.

It’s regrettable that you did not explain why you are angry to his ex-girlfriend. But regardless of your bad feelings toward his ex-girlfriend, remember that you need to forgive her. And remove the anger in your heart. Why?

  • If you are still angry to that gal, you will not truly enjoy your moments with your boyfriend if this is still your main concern.
  • Keeping so much anger inside is also bad for your health.
  • Instead of focusing your attention to your boyfriend, you are focusing your attention to his ex, even if she’s not your boyfriend.
  • Now that he’s yours, now is the time to prove to him that you are more worthy of his heart than to his ex.
  • That guy had made every effort and ensured his love for you.

How will you lessen your anger towards the ex of your boyfriend? This was taken from my post written a long time ago, but I will interpret these tips for you to understand:

  1. For a while, ignore her or never talk to her. Especially if you have a bad feeling towards her or if you don’t really like her. If you will talk to her and if you will pay attention to her, your battle with her will get worse.
  2. Just have activities that enjoys you the most. And if you do that, you must enjoy what you are doing and make the most out of it. And to enjoy it well, you must be focused on what you are doing.

Just focus on caring your boyfriend, especially that you are enjoying this thing right now.

  1. Delete all pictures of him with his ex together. To do this, you need to seek help from your boyfriend.

It does not make sense if you stare at their pictures while you are forgetting your anger towards the ex of your boyfriend. Otherwise, your efforts to move on are wasted, and worse, you might end up hating her more.

  1. Hangout with your parents, your friends, or your boyfriend. Try to spend some time with them. Promise. This will be a big help for you not to focus only on the hatred that you feel to that gal. Invest or add more time for them until you feel that anger has subsided already.
  2. Learn from his ex’s mistakes. Why? Sometimes in a relationship, mistakes cannot be avoided. Sometimes, with many mistakes, it reaches the point that we part ways even if this is hurting for us.

It’s likely that you have hatred towards her because she made a mistake or you don’t like something from her. In that case, you should have to learn from her so that you will never repeat these things in the future.

  1. If you still can’t move on because you have a bad feeling or because you are still in pain, you can release your feelings in Tacsiapo. What you will do is to throw plates, cups, and others into the Wall over and over again.[2]

If you will do this, the pain that you feel inside will be released. Afterwards, you will feel better after throwing these stuff.

  1. You’ll just have to push yourself. Nobody will push you to move on except you. Still, even if your parents, your friends, or your boyfriend are pushing you to move on, it’s still up to your decision. If you will not move on and wake up, you’ll become a pitiful person. Think that you’re doing this not only for yourself but also for your family, your boyfriend, and your friends.

Don’t panic. Your boyfriend loves you: He left the past, and he makes efforts to make you feel that he loves you. He has moved on. Now is your time to move on too.

Never make it to the point that when the time comes that he breaks up with you due to your refusal to move on, you might realize that you should not sow anymore seeds of hatred to his ex.

Six years is a reasonable, enough time to forgive her, remove the hate you feel to her, and move on. You should have done it in the past, but don’t worry. Start it now.

Author’s Notes:

  1. Papa Jack is one of the FM radio disc jockeys of 90.7 FM Love Radio. He is becoming one of the popular radio personalities in the Philippines due to his love advice to his avid listeners.
  2. Tacsiapo refers to Tacsiapo Wall at Isdaan Restaurant. The said restaurant is located in the town of Gerona, province of Tarlac. It can be accessed from Clark International Airport, just north of Metro Manila. The wall became famous as the wall where angry and frustated guests can throw cups, plates, mugs, and even television sets as part of anger therapy after eating in the restaurant. The word Tacsiapo in the Kapampangan language means “unlucky”.

Love Advice No. 20 (Full English)

As part of saying “thank you” to all the bloggers who liked my articles under category “Love Advice,” especially non-Filipino bloggers, the author releases series of these articles in full English.

In this article, I believe this deserves recognition by our fellow bloggers and by more people in the world. This is an extreme case of love problem which had been dealt before by TweetNewscaster.

The girl who sent this problem does not want to be judged – at first. But seeing the gravity of the problem, this necessitates judgment. I must judge her  act so that the girl might reflect and see if she really value the true meaning of love. This is my way of rebuking her for not giving the same love to her present boyfriend who maybe had valued her more and respected her more. This is also to chastise her for wasting so much love to a guy who does not deserve her love.

Three points were emphasized in this article. (1) Love from the opposite sex needs respect. This is one important point that she missed. (Actually, her acts as we see later makes me think that she must not be given respect that she wants when it comes to romantic love.) (2) Love needs sacrifice. That’s another point missed. (3) Finally, true love makes one do anything to make that partner happy. That’s not her problem anyway, but her ex-boyfriend had missed that point. Okay, let’s start!

From Pag-ibig Problems Facebook Page:

Hi! I’m Sharmaine. I just need an advice from you. Hoping you can help me about this. This is what happened:

My boyfriend and I were in a relationship for two years and I know to myself that I still love my ex. Please don’t judge me first.

My ex was my first love. After our break-up, I had another boyfriend and there were times that I think and miss my ex even if I am in a new relationship and I’m just ignoring that thought because I have a boyfriend but then at the end, I realize that I still love my ex.

I and my ex-boyfriend parted ways because he insisted that something must be happened between the two of us, and I did not give up my virginity, which I told him from the very start. I loved him, but he made a big mistake which for me does not deserve a second chance.

And then we established communication and I felt brokenhearted because I feel that he gave me false hopes, and I feel that he took revenge against me because of that break-up which I regret later. I decided to break up with him because I thought that was the solution for the two of us. I was not capable of handling our relationship at that time.

By the way, when we established communication, he also insisted that something must be happened between us, which caused me trauma. But thanks God, it did not happen. And after that event, I still love him. I still accept him as he is. I tried my best to move on, then I got a new bf, and he is now my boyfriend.

After what happened, we did not communicate and he did not say sorry or something for the things he had done. In fact, he did not make his presence felt for me after that time. Just August of this year (2014), we have established our lines again. We met last September (2014), the first time we met after what happened last two years ago. He’s very sweet but it’s very hard for me to believe all his words and deeds, maybe because of what happened before.

I broke up with my boyfriend because I still love my ex and I don’t want to be unfair to my boyfriend, but he did not approve the break-up, and he is still important for me. I’m sorry, I know this is confusing but that’s what I feel. Even I was confused. What I know is that I still love my ex.

After all not-so-good things he had done for me and not-so-good facts I know about him, I still accept him totally and actually I see him as my future partner. According to my friends, they see that my ex still has feelings for me. What shall I do?

My present boyfriend is still important for me, but I know that I can let him go for my ex-boyfriend, if the latter proves that he will change his ways and prove that he still loves me. However, it’s very hard for me to do that and I don’t know how to start. Hope you might understand my situation. And by the way, I love my ex for more than six years. I wish you might help me to decide what’s best. Thank you.

My Advice:

The admin’s words were right: “Break-up with both of them to be fair.”

In the first place, why should you pick a new one when you know by yourself that the ex is still in your heart? In the first place, what’s the reason in saying “yes” to your new boyfriend? Are you rushing? Will you run out of boys? You did not love your boyfriend, even though I feel that he is more serious in loving you. Why say “yes” to your boyfriend? This is obvious, especially when you said that “I know that I can let him go for my ex-boyfriend.”

Your heart is needed to love your ex. It is okay, but this is used so much. At that time that you love him, you used your heart too much. Why do I say this? You still have learned nothing, even if your ex had fooled you so much. You make yourself stupid just for him. This must not happen. Use your head. Think of possible consequences if you continue your relationship with that ex.

Fake Move-on

In the first place, you must make sure that you have moved on completely from the past: Even if you remember that ex-boyfriend, you will not get hurt, you will not desire the comeback to happen between both of you, and you will not expect the reunion to happen again. But in your case, your move-on is incomplete, and yet you pick a new boyfriend immediately.

I’ll give you reasons not to go back to your ex-boyfriend:

  • He insisted that something happens to both of you.
  • When communication was established between him and you, he also insisted that something happens (again!) to both of you.
  • What? Even if you warned him, and even with your endless requests to him not to give up your virginity, he still did not listen to you, and he did not control his desires of the flesh.
  • Instead of he himself initiating ways to be with you again, instead of seeking forgiveness from his stupid acts, and instead of changing his attitude, it is you who wanted to bring the relationship back.
  • You yourself had told us that “he made a big mistake which for me does not deserve a second chance.” If you’ll think of it, he had made many mistakes. You gave him a second chance, but he said that you should give up your virginity. Why will you give him another chance?
  • That ex-boyfriend only thinks of himself. He did not think that in a relationship, he needs to sacrifice his desires just to make you happy. If you will come back to him, and if he does not change his attitude, it is a big mistake to come back to him.
  • Lastly, he’s irresponsible. When the break-up happened, he took revenge, instead of assuming the fault he made that became the reason for your break-up. Let’s say that his desires were followed. If you became pregnant due to his desire, is he ready to assume his role as a father for your son? Is he ready to become a responsible boyfriend for you? It seems that the answer is no.

I’ll ask you:

  • Is your ex the only man in this world, and you are very desperate to have a relationship again with him?
  • At that time that your new boyfriend had courted you, did you make sure that he is the only one you will love and nobody else?
  • At that time that your new boyfriend had courted you, did you ask yourself why you loved him? It would be difficult for you to say “yes” to him, then afterwards you will say, “I have no more feelings for my present boyfriend.”
  • If you are not skilled in handling relationships like this, did you ask for help from your parents and friends? It is important to seek help from them, to guide you in handling these relationships correctly.

Once you have a new boyfriend, apply quickly the Let It Go Theory. Past is past. You must have thought and must have concern over your new boyfriend, but no. That ex is still on your mind.

You must remember that courting a person is not a joke, especially on men’s part. You must understand that this is true before saying that you are ready to let him go just for the sake of your ex. Some girls, especially you, have taken this unmistakable fact for granted. That must not be your mindset. You must not play on the feelings of your boyfriend, for he invested so much effort for you. They are not barbecue where you can pierce them both in a stick. You must not waste the love being given to you by your present boyfriend, but no. You did not realize that your present boyfriend loves you more than your ex. You just made your present boyfriend a pitiful and a foolish guy.

He had courted you. You said “yes” to him real quick. And then you will hurt him? What’s this, fooling each other? Actually, your relationship with your present boyfriend is plain stupidity. His love for you is wasted already.

Many Fishes in the Sea

Don’t worry. You will not run out of boys who will be serious to you and will respect you as a woman. Why do I say this? Let me tell the reason:

The population of the Philippines has reached to more than 100 million. Most of the population is composed of youths like you.

According to the National Statistics Office (now merged with Philippine Statistics Authority), for every 100 females, there are 102 males in the whole Philippines. If you are aged 14 years old and below, there are 107 males for every 100 females. If you are 15-64 years old, there are 102 males for every 100 females. If you look closely at the statistics, a little bit of excess will remain, as illustrated by NSO:

The general rule for us is “stick to one.” Meanwhile, for every female, there are more than one male in the Philippines. This means that you will not run out of boys.

You must set free your ex and your present bf. I had told you the reasons why you should not go back with ex. You must set free your present boyfriend too. Why? You make things difficult for yourself. You make things difficult for your present bf, and you also hurt his heart too! If you continue your relationship with him, you will even hurt him, for in the first place you do not really love him. Let some girl do the job of giving genuine love to him.

It does not matter if you just “hurt” your ex and let him go, so that he might be a mature person and learn from this the hard way. This is the disciplinary action that you can do to your ex.

Sorry and Thank You

Forgive me if I am very frank in giving advice to you, but I must tell these things for you to realize what you should really do. Hope I guided you when it comes to romantic love. I wish that next time you fall in love, you must not repeat these kind of mistakes. Even if you yourself did not seek love advice from me, thank you for sharing your love problem. It feels good for me to give love advice to persons like you who gives enough details of their problems.

Wanted: Freelance Writers (Full English)

The Author Wants You!

TweetNewscaster is a site with a mission to spread the fun and the other side of news to the whole world. In the past months, the author had not written articles for a long time due to heavy workload and preparations for the past examination. To continuously provide the other side of the news, TweetNewscaster needs additional bloggers:

(2) Freelance Writers:

  • He/she must have interest in writing. Writing is his/her hobby. He/she will do it for the sake that he/she enjoys writing these.
  • No age limit. Whether you’re young or old, you can write here.
  • What type of personality he/she must possess? He must be funny and he must have the ability to crack jokes.
  • Has the ability to know the latest fads and trends.
  • Has the ability to write three articles or more for a month.
  • Having a skill in giving love advice is an advantage.
  • A caveat: No salary involved.

How to apply?

Send a private message to the official Facebook page of TweetNewscaster: http://www.facebook.com/tncsite

Send your resume in a private message or in the author’s e-mail: tweetnewscaster@yahoo.com


When applying, fill up the requirements:

  • Your real name
  • Your full body picture/s. Pictures may include you with your family, girlfriend/boyfriend, your ex, friends, and/or others.
  • Your username you wish to use in this site
  • Your personal e-mail
  • Your skills

The author will prioritize complete requirements. What’s the next step?

  1. If requirements are complete, the author will give you a task to be accomplished for one week.
  2. Wait for confirmation from the author.
  3. If confirmed, you can write in the author’s site. You can be given tasks or write your articles in this site.
  4. Now that you’re done writing, how will you submit this to the author? Send it to e-mail mentioned above.

Of course, the author has the power to edit the article. I will be the one to publish it for you.

Chosen newscasters will be given the opportunity to write in this site. Goodluck and God bless to all of you. 😀

Love Advice No. 60 (Full English)

From a curious friend:

Should you hide the picture of your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend?

My Advice:

The answer to that question is not “should”, but you “may” hide the picture of your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend.

Actually, hiding that picture is your personal decision. If you feel that this is the right thing, do it.

What’s the matter if you hide the picture of your ex?

This is one of the ways on how to move on from the past. (Other ways include destroying, deleting, or burning the picture of ex.) For if you have the chance to stare at his/her picture (and you really stare at it), you might get hurt. Especially if both of you are enduring so much pain. 😥

Ex still part of your life

Actually, regardless of how many ways you can hide your ex’s picture, if he/she is still in your mind, these ways will be worthless. He/she is not only in that picture, he/she is also in your heart and mind.

Regardless on how you hide ex’s picture, “it’s still part of your past and nothing will change.” Except in your status.

That ex has still a piece of him in your heart. And because of this, we cannot just erase the memories and feelings you have for your ex, whether good or bad. Once we meet him/her, he/she will left a mark on our heart and/or our memories. “This is not like a flash drive or hard drive wherein it can be reformatted in just a snap.” Unless you have amnesia or Alzheimer’s disease. XD

From the author

Even if I have no ex-girlfriend/s, let me share with you my experience.

I liked a girl a long time ago. Or let’s say that I love her so much.

At that time, the only way for me to be liked is to be aggressive in courting her. There are moments that we are together, and I think she was happy. I am expecting that she might fall in love with me. But that did not happen.

I had missed her from the time she, together with her classmates, did not attend the review class. 😦 They have something important to do. When I was given the free time, I took this opportunity to go to their place. 😀 I had travelled very far not only to see her classmates, but also to see her.

Days had passed, and it came to the point that our friendship had strained. It had been broken, actually. That became the saddest thing that happened to me, and this I regret up to the time I am writing this article. Fact is that it was all my fault that I forced her to love me, when it must be done carefully.

That hurts me till now. I know that I cannot repair anymore the friendship that had been broken. And that hurts me so much.

However, I had mustered courage to download her pictures. Up to now, I had some copies of her pictures. I did not hide or delete them.

I have also pictures of moments when we talked together. Up to now, I did not hide or delete these pictures.

This is because I am thinking that she came once in my life. Whether good or bad was my experience with her, she will still be there in my heart and in my memory. This is a starting point for me to change myself.

I am sharing these things for you to see and feel the reality if you decide whether to hide your ex’s picture or not.

Final Words

Since he/she is irrelevant now in your life, use what you have learned in the past to be “a better person, not a bitter person.”

Actually, you can hide your ex’s picture so that you won’t get hurt. Or you may not hide his/her picture, for from this picture you will learn from your past experience.

Another suggestion: You can give to your ex his/her pictures. This will not let you be tempted to look back from these pictures which will hurt your feelings. Aside from this, it is a sign for him/her that your relationship with that person is ended. This will be a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the times that you spent with him/her together.

Love Advice No. 35 (Full English)

From my friend:

What should I do to be fit?

My Advice:

It’s simple. To be fit, don’t be a fat one.

Just joking! 🙂 Here are the tips:

First, take the fitness challenge seriously. Write on a piece of paper how many kilograms you want to shed from your body. And be realistic. No need for you to shed too many kilograms from your body. If you weigh 60 kilograms and you want to shed 100 kilograms, then wow! XD

Be consistent in your fitness challenge. If you workout on the first day, and none on the other day, there will be a time that you will find it difficult for you to be fit. Also, consistency gives the best result. Your body will later on be used to workouts. At first, you will find it difficult, but in the end, you will realize that this workout will be easy.

Choose the right diet. Your diet must be varied. Fruits, vegetables, and fish (especially tuna) are preferred. Lean chicken and lean pork may be considered. Avoid too much sweets and fats. It is important also to find out that you don’t need to fast just to get the body you want to achieve. Stick to the usual diet and stick to the usual schedule.

Exercise. It has been proven for so many years that exercise is the most effective way to lessen the fats on your body. So, you can go straight to the gym and perform workouts there.

If you have no time for gym, you can walk. There are many choices:

  • 3K Walk
  • 5K Walk
  • Death March. In this case, you will really walk on the route of Death March from Mariveles in Bataan Province till San Fernando City, Pampanga Province. If you can, walk up to Capas, Tarlac.[1]
  • From Manila to Samar. Have you remembered the story in the program MMK where two brothers had walked that far? This is from Novaliches in Quezon City up to Catbalogan City, Samar. If they can, you can too.[2]
  • From Batanes up to Jolo. Come wherever you are… Just joking! But walking that distance is effective. It does not only lessen your fats, you had been given the chance to see the whole Philippines.[3]
  • 1 AU. This is the distance from the sun to the earth. To sum up, you will walk at a distance of 150 million kilometers. No one had done this. But if you can, you’re the one! Your name will be listed to the Guiness Book of World Records as longest walk done by a human.

But since you cannot walk (literally) from the earth to the sun, this is what we will do: Walk from San Francisco to New York back and vice versa for 16,035 times using I-80 E.

What’s important is that you walk everyday so that your fats in your body will be lessened.

But if you are agressive enough, you can do jogging. Or join zumba classes.

Okay. I hope I had helped you enough in giving tips on how to be fit. And promise, I’m sure you will be fit from the advices I gave to you a while ago. I pray that you’ll succeed in this undertaking. 🙂

Author’s notes:

  1. American soldiers during World War II had walked through this route, and most of them perished during the long walk in the hands of the Japanese.
  2. Novaliches is a place few kilometers north of Manila. Samar is an island in central Philippines where the infamous “Balangiga Massacre” had taken place. The massacre had killed an infantry of American soldiers, and killed many Filipinos at that time. The bells that rang the massacre had been taken by Americans and placed in Wyoming where it is placed under the custody of the same infantry.
  3. Batanes is the northernmost province, and Jolo was regarded as the capital of Sulu, the southernmost province at that time, now claimed by Tawi-tawi. Batanes is near Taiwan, and it was not included in the Treaty of Paris signed by United States and Spain even if it was recognized as part of the Philippines. Meanwhile, Sulu was the site of the Battle of Bud Dajo where American soldiers had killed many Filipino Muslims during the first years of the 20th century.

Pancit Canton Recipe with Feelings (Full English)

As another part of saying “thank you” to our dear readers, especially to non-Filipinos, I had translated one of the recipes in this site to full English.

Pancit Canton as used in this article is inspired by Canton noodles from China. This refers to instant noodles made with wheat flour. It is cooked by putting the noodles in boiling water. When softened, the noodles are drained and then mixed with seasonings. This type is commonly available in Philippine supermarkets, and is popular especially for those busy persons or for those who are always on-the-go.

Hope you might enjoy cooking our type of noodle with feelings. Okay, let’s start cooking!

Good day, readers! At first, we have cooked the pancit canton the usual way. Now, we will cook it again. This time, we will cook it with feelings so that it will be cooked right and so that the noodles will seep the flavors.

This has been shared to us by a netizen, and the author had added some details, so let’s enjoy while we are cooking this noodle.

How to cook Pancit Canton?

  1. Get first Pancit Canton from a store. It’s up to you how many, anyway, you are not contented with just one only.

Okay, get as many as you can. Anyway, you’re an expert at this stuff. 😡

And please, pick a new one. Not the type that expires like your new sweetheart that you replaced me. You know that change is coming, as they say. And you will be poisoned if you stick to the one who is near to expiration.

  1. Open one by one. But since you are used to having relationships at the same time, open all of them simultaneously. Anyway, you brag to the whole world that you are a multi-tasking person. You had done all at the same time, even us girls. You are expert with these things, don’t you?
  2. Put the noodles in boiling water. With the same boiling point my blood had reached when I saw your pimp like Homo erectus. And she does not only look like Homo erectus. She also looks like Australopithecus!

My blood boils further when both of you had seen me, and yet, you torridly kissed each other in the lips. With too much blood boiling in me, I had wanted to throw both of you in the ocean. There you can kiss each other, in a Titanic style. 😡

  1. Turn off the fire after three minutes, as fast as the way you left me alone. I am beautiful, but you chose that ugly one. Are you choosy?

After some moments of our relationship, you just turned off your feelings to me. You also turned off our relationship just for that ugly one.

  1. Lastly, mix the noodles with seasoning till you’re okay. Afterwards, if everything’s okay, let it go. It’s because you had seen someone else.

Nice try, I hoped we will share the love we gave for each other, but actually you’re leaving me at the end.

You’re used to it, aren’t you? Hope you might end up choking, you goddammit! XD

Marlou transforms to Xander Ford, misses his co-star

QUEZON CITY, Quezon Province, Philippines – Marlou is dead.

Marlou is now Xander Ford. Photo from Rappler.

A former member of Hasht5 and youngster Marlou Mortelle, being known for his ugly looks, had finally revealed his face. This was made after netizens had complained of endless cliff-hangers from the program Rated K relating to the numerous operations Marlou had faced.

With the changes in his looks, a change in name was needed, according to Marlou. In fact, he prefers to be called Xander Ford.

Inspirasyon ko si Jake Zyrus. Kung kaya niyang baguhin ang kanyang sarili, bakit ako hindi? Nakita ko ang kanyang pangalan – Jake Zyrus – at feeling niya astig ang ganoong pangalan. So nakiuso na rin ako, at na-feel ko na ang pangalang Xander Ford ay astig din,” he recalled. (Jake Zyrus was my inspiration. If he can change himself, why not I do the same? I saw his name – Jake Zyrus – and he feels that name was cool for her. So I copied that style and I feel that the name Xander Ford is cool too.)


Xander Ford had undergone various transformations, like “nose lift and chin augmentation surgeries”, dental procedures for his teeth to resemble ceramic tiles, enhancements for his eyebrows and lips, wrinkle elimination, and hairstyle enhancement.

With his new looks being revealed, according to him, Marlou is now dead and Xander Ford is now alive. According to an article:

Photos of the social media star quickly went viral and his new name, Xander Ford, was tweeted almost 100,000 times as of writing.

Marlou had admitted that some netizens will dislike him due to his face and will still dislike him even if he had made improvements on his face. “Kaya ito ang pinaka-reason ko kung bakit ako nagparetoke,” (This is the main reason why I went through cosmetic surgery,) he said.

First time

Marlou Mortelle, in a separate interview, had expressed that “Ito na ang first time na gagawin ko sa sarili ko. Hindi na ito mauulit pa.” (This will be the first time that I will do this for myself. This will not happen again.)

Xander Ford had explained that changes with his total personality had to be started. According to him, “Meron talagang times na down na down ako, kasi nga wala na nga akong next project, naba-bash pa rin ako. Nakaka-depress talaga.” (There are times when I felt so down, for I had not been given subsequent projects, and I am still bullied. It’s really depressing for me.)

He added that the change within him is his response to various challenges in his stay in showbiz. These include the entry of Elmo Magalana as new leading man of Janella in various projects, his separation from other members of Hasht5, the netizens’ mockery on his face as Pinipig Man (Rice Crispies Man), and lack of imminent opportunities in showbiz due to his facial features.

Strange Picture

It should be remembered that the MarlNella loveteam had started when they, for the first time, had been involved in the then-famous program Please Be Careful With My Heart. In the said show, Janella Salvador plays the role of Nikki Lim who has a “love interest” with Nicolo (Marlou).

After the success of MarlNella loveteam in Please Be Careful, they at first had been selected for the upcoming project with the working title Red Strings. The decision to pick the MarlNella loveteam was strengthened by a strange event that happened on Janella’s picture, together with Marlou. Not noticing it, as Janella raised her hand, a red string surfaced that had bind the two.

The picture had become viral in social media, especially for MarlNella fans. In fact, most of the comments regarding Janella and Marlou had been very positive. A fan had stated, “Congratulations sa kanilang dalawa. Excited na ako kung ano nga ba ang mangyayari sa susunod nilang project.” (Congratulations to both of them. I am excited on what will happen on their next project.)

Another expressed that “ang saya-saya kasi nakikita namin ang red string na nag-uugnay sa kanilang dalawa. Nakakatuwa dahil ‘hawak’ ni Marlou ang red string ni Janella. Aabangan ko iyan.” (I’m glad for we have seen the red string that connects the two. It’s amusing that Marlou ‘holds’ the red string of Janella. I’ll wait for this.)

Doom and dime

However, with the entry of Elmo Magalana, the existing loveteam had ended. The crew, noticing the looks of the young actor, had changed their minds and gave instead the project to Elmo. This signalled the end of MarlNella loveteam.

Fortunately for him, the crew in another program gave the young star another opportunity in the program Home Sweetie Home, and gave Miles Ocampo as replacement for Janella. The new loveteam was christened as MilFord.


Xander Ford was pleased with the positive comments regarding his transformation. However, he expects that many will not be pleased with his stand on his change of looks and personality.

He had admitted that many were surprised by his new look. In another article, he had expressed that “Yung iba [nakikilala ako] pero parang nagdadalawang tingin.” (Some do [know me], but they seem to have second thoughts recognizing me.)

He had admitted that he had missed Janella so much since it was a long time since they had last met in a project. “Sana bigyan din ako ng chance na makatrabaho si Janella sa next project.” (Hope I might be given a chance to work with Janella in another project.)

When asked on Marlou’s transformation, Janella Salvador’s only reply was “He’s so G-R-R.”

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Featured Image Credit: Xander Ford’s profile picture from his official Facebook page.

Love Advice No. 69 (Full English)

This advice was recently published here in this site. As part of celebrating three years of serving the world by spreading the fun and other side of the news, this article is translated to full English. Hope this might help readers, particularly non-Filipinos, understand how the author gives advice to those in need. Okay, let’s start!

From e-mail:

I am a OFW, 35 years old, single mom, married but separated for three years.

I have a story/poem made for C:

I knew you when I was young,

Young at heart and in mind

But you captivated my heart

I treated you as my first love

That I only knew of this

We became friends and became close with each other

Until my heart had fallen for you

You are my inspiration during those times

But without reason you just left me

It hurts, it really hurts…

I searched for you but in vain, just to tell why, why, why you left me?

I became weak, consumed in anger, had bad feelings for you

Because of you, I have learned so many things just to forget you but whatever I do, you are still in my heart and in my mind

Until the point has reached that I should be wed because it is needed for the baby in my womb. I know that this is unfair, but this is the only excuse I know just to forget you. I strove to become a good wife and a mother, but sooner my husband who I thought will love me forever had eventually left me…

In a long span of time we did not talk, did not met, did not explain why you had left me

I am free, and that’s the time we met again

You had explained why you left me – the reason why fate separated us…

For a long time, you admit that I am not the only one who felt this

That this is the reason why you left me – you wanted me to finish studies since I was very young at that time

Now that we met, we expressed our feelings that whatever happened in our lives, our feelings stayed the same

We have been given chance to meet now that I am single, but you are married now. You are a shadow that I see but I cannot touch. By the time we meet again, I wish that we will be both single…

That is the story that haunts me today because we have no communication for the past 20 years. But when we met, our communication with each other had started. Our questions had been brought into light. Our feelings had stayed the same, but he has established a family already. I love him and he loves me. We don’t want to cut our lines of communication, but I don’t want his family to be a broken one. Is it right for me to continously love the guy I loved for so long and who loved me? We are far from each other. Any advice?

PS: Please do not post my mail.

Thank you and please have patience on my letter.

Lovingly yours,


My Advice:

For now, it is not right to love a person who has established his own family.

Because as what you said, you don’t want his family to be a broken one.

You love him. He loves you. But this kind of love is a love wasted. For now, this will do no good for both of you.

Fortunately, even somehow you still show your concern for his family.

Know whatcha doin’

You said, “We don’t want to cut our lines of communication, but I don’t want his family to be a broken one.”

So, what will you do?

Set limitations. This will be the first time that you will meet him, and I know that because you only face each other at this moment, it cannot be avoided that feelings and desires for each other, kept for so many years, will be released. The feeling that you want to hug and kiss him. The feeling that you will do anything for your loved one. This would not be a problem if both of you are separated from your past partners.

However, since both of you have your own kids, you must know how you should limit your treatment with each other, and tell that to him straightforward. This will be like, “Hey, I know that you have your own family, so I treat you as a friend only.”

Message sending failed.

Actually, I cannot blame you because I know that for the past twenty years, communication is really difficult. Even chasing after him would be extremely difficult for you. (I will discuss something.) The reason: Ways of communication are limited. Regarding mails, it will take forever to reply. If you have a telephone, you have an advantage. And if you have a cellphone (or beeper) at that time, it is as if you bought a Samsung phone or an iPhone.

You have nothing to regret on what happened to both of you. Actually, it is all his fault. For now I will tell you that he had hurt you. Regardless of his reason why he left you, he must find ways to go back to you.

Lack of strategy

Look at what happened to both of you. He left you without reason. He left you confused, which should not be done if he really loves you. He must explain to you in the first place why he left you. Or if he cannot explain it to you, or if he’s afraid to say that truth to you, even a little bit of reason is enough.

Or if he is really worried about your studies, he might teach you in subjects you find difficult. This will test him if he really is concerned about you or not.

Fate does not dictate you

If you look at it closely, fate will not dictate your love for each other, and fate will not dictate when you will meet him. For in the first place, that guy dictated the fate for both of you.

Why do I say this? Some people were poor in the past, but later became one of the richest in the Philippines. There are success stories like this, and strategy became their secret to their success. Aside from that, this is their mindset for them to be successful: “It’s just a matter of choice.”

Same goes with your relationship with him. It is up to that guy if he will use the strategy to face the challenges in your relationship, because this will make or break both of you, and this will define your fate in the future. Do you understand?

Wrong timing

I will ask you: Did he came back to you after you had finished your studies?

This is a very important question, since this tests if he can justify or defend his act of leaving you.

Based on your letter, the answer is no. He just married anyone else, instead of waiting for you. He had wasted chances to find you and make amends for all the pain he gave to you. Now that he has a wife, he must stand up with his choice during their lifetime as a couple.

(I’ll go a bit farther.) I had remembered something. A song from Janella Salvador had stated,

“If time is ripe for us, you can love me now.”

But what happened to both of you is this:

“If time had passed us by, you can love me now.”

If that’s the case, the last lines of the song is justifiable:

“Mother does not approve this, Father does not approve this.
Aunt and Uncle does not want this.
Brother does not want this. Sister does not want this.”

Final Words

It is normal for someone like you to be hurt. It is also normal for you to have bad feelings for him. A girl who loves does not deserve this unacceptable act. Just cry. Just release all your tears and all your pain that you feel inside.

It is also normal for you to be confused, especially that he came at the wrong time. Even if you want to give him another chance, you have no choice because it is his personal decision.

We cannot say what will happen in the coming years. You have no choice but to wait for him, if you are just willing to wait for him.

Anyway, if he regret his act, let him regret that. It is all his fault.

He had wasted so much time. He has many opportunities to change his fate for both of you, but he did not act. This will be the time when love can be made a priority, without worrying about other priorities in life. He did not know that for twenty years, many changes had been taking place. Even a person’s mind is changing too.

He must understand that priorities are different now. Both of you are slowly becoming mature, especially in mental aspect. Now that both of you are in the right age, and have your own families, you must prioritize your son/s or your daughter/s. If he had not given you the chance to love a person, at least you can show it to your son.

You have no power over the past. What you can only do is to wait for a man who will love you and your son. Believe me, it’s possible.

Personal Message

Regarding the P.S. that you had written, that’s wish granted. Actually, it is my attitude not to post e-mails in this site. Because of my attitude, you can tell me everything without fear or shame.

It is okay even if the story or problem you sent me is this long. What’s important is that you have explained to me properly what happened to you and to him.

If you can share your story to me on what happened to that guy from the time he left you up to now, it would be better. Because of this, I will be given a chance to know what really happened to him and to see clearly if he neglected in handling relationships like this or if there are situations that both of you cannot control. That guy will be given a chance to explain his side, and because of this I might revise the love advice to fit your situation. Don’t worry, I promise again that all your contacts to me will be confidential.

Thank you so much for sharing your story in this site. Actually, I only responded to your letter because in the past days, I was busy studying for an examination. Now that the exam is finished, I can give love advice to people like you. Thanks for trusting TweetNewscaster.

Love Advice No. 69

From e-mail:

Isa po akong OFW, 35 years old, single mom,kasal pero 3 years na pong hiwalay.

May isa po akong kwento/tula na ginawa para kay C

Nakilala kita nang ako’y musmos pa,

Musmos pa sa puso’t isipan

Ngunit nabihag mo na ang puso ko

Ikaw ang turing na unang pag-ibig

Na ako lang [ang] nakakaalam.

Naging magkaibigan at naging malapit sa isa’t isa

Na tuluyan – nahulog nang tuluyan ang loob ko

Ikaw ang naging inspirasyon ko sa mga panahon na iyon

Pero sa hindi malamang dahilan biglang iniwan mo ako

Masakit, masakit talaga…

Hinanap kita pero hindi kita nahanap para sana itanong kung bakit, bakit, bakit iniwan mo ako?

Naging marupok ako, nagpadaig sa galit, sama ng loob

Dahil sa iyo marami akong natutunan para sana lang makalimutan kita pero kahit anong gawin ko, hindi ka mawala sa puso’t isipan ko

Hanggang nakarating sa puntong kailangang maikasal na ako kasi kailangan para sa batang nasa sinapupunan ko. Alam ko [na] hindi ito patas, pero iyon na lang ang alam ko na dahilan [para] sana makalimutan kita. Naging mabuti akong asawa at ina, pero hindi nagtagal iniwan din ako ng lalaking napangasawa ko na ang akala ko magmamahal sa akin habambuhay…

Sa mahabang panahon na tayo’y hindi nagkausap, hindi nagkita, hindi nagpaliwanag bakit iniwan mo ako noon

Kung kailan malaya na ako, sa hindi inaasahan pagkakataon muli tayong pinagtagpo

Ipinaliwanag mo ang dahilan kung bakit mo ako iniwan ang dahilan na pinaghiwalay tayo ng tadhana…

Sa tagal ng panahon, inamin mo na hindi lang pala ako ang may nararamdaman noon,

Na iyon ang isang dahilan na bakit mo ako iniwan kasi gusto mo makatapos ako sa pag-aaral kasi nga bata pa ako noon.

Ngayon nagtagpo tayo, inamin natin ang ating nararamdaman na kahit ano pang nangyari sa ating buhay, walang nagbago sa ating mga nararamdaman.

Binigyan tayo muli na magtagpo ng pagkakataon sa panahong malaya ako, pero ikaw ay nakatali na. Para ka na lang isang anino na nakikita ko pero hindi mahawakan. Sana sa muling pagkakataon na tayo’y magtagpo sana pareho na tayong malaya…

Halos iyan po ang kwento na nagmulan ng bumabagabag sa akin ngayon kasi 20 years na wala kaming komunikasyon. Pero noong nagkita kami, nagsimula lahat ng  komunikasyon namin. Naliwanagan lahat ng katanungan namin noon. Walang nabago sa mga nararamdaman namin, pero iyon nga lang pamilyado na siya. Mahal ko siya at mahal din niya ako. Ayaw naman namin na maputol ang aming komunikasyon pero ayaw ko naman po na masira ang kanyang pamilya. Tama po ba ang aming ginagawa na patuloy na minamahal ang lalaking minahal ko nang kaytagal at nagmamahal din sa akin? Malayo naman kami sa isa’t isa. Any advice?

PS: hwag niyo na po sanang ipost ang mail ko po.

Salamat po at pasensya na po sa letter ko.




My Advice:

Sa ngayon, hindi na tama ang ginagawa na mahalin ang taong pamilyado na.

Dahil gaya ng sabi mo, ayaw mo namang masira ang pamilya niya.

Mahal mo siya. Mahal ka rin niya. Pero sayang na sayang ang ganitong klaseng pagmamahal. Sa ngayon, wala na talaga itong magandang patutunguhan.

Salamat nga lamang at kahit paano ay naipakita mo ring may malasakit ka sa kanyang pamilya.

Know whatcha doin’

Sabi mo pa nga, “Ayaw naman namin na maputol ang aming komunikasyon pero ayaw ko naman po na masira ang kanyang pamilya.”

So, ano ang dapat ninyong gawin?

Set limitations. Ngayon pa lang kayo nagkikita, at alam ko na dahil ngayon lang kayo nagkaharap, hindi talaga maiiwasan na maipon ang damdamin pati ang hangarin sa isa’t isa. Yung tipong gustung-gusto mo na siyang yakapin at halikan. Yung tipong kahit ano, gagawin ang lahat para sa minamahal. Wala sanang problema kung pareho kayong hiwalay sa inyong mga dating karelasyon.

Pero dahil may kanya-kanya na kayong mga anak, dapat alam mo kung hanggang saan ang trato ninyo sa isa’t isa, at dapat sabihin mo ito nang diretso sa kanya. Yung tipong “Uy, alam kong pamilyado ka na, kaya hanggang dito lang ang trato ko sa iyo.”

Message sending failed

Sa totoo lang, hindi kita masisisi dahil alam na alam ko na sa nakalipas na 20 taon, mahirap talaga ang komunikasyon. Yung tipong hahabulin mo lang siya ay pahirapan ka na (Segway muna ako.) Kasi naman, limitado pa noon ang paraan ng komunikasyon. Sa sulat pa lang, matagal na ang reply. Kung may telephone kayo ng ex mo, may bentahe kayo. At kung may cellphone ka (o beeper) noong mga panahong iyon, para ka nang bumili ng Samsung o iPhone.

Wala kang kasalanan sa lahat ng mga nangyari sa inyong dalawa.  Sa totoo lang, siya talaga ang may kasalanan. Sa ngayon eh masasabi ko lang sa iyo na sinaktan ka niya. Kasi, anuman ang kanyang rason kung bakit ka niya iniwan, dapat gagawa siya ng paraan para balikan ka.

Kulang sa diskarte

Tingnan mo kung ano ang nangyari sa inyong dalawa. Iniwan ka niya nang basta-basta. Iniwan ka niyang litung-lito, na hindi naman dapat kung talagang mahal ka niya. Dapat ipinaliwanag niya sa iyo simula’t sapul kung bakit kailangan ka niyang iwan. O kung hindi naman niya kayang ipaliwanag sa iyo, o kung natatakot siya na sabihin ang katotohanang iyon sa iyo, kahit pahiwatig lang ay sapat na.

O kung talagang nag-aalala siya para sa pag-aaral mo, baka puwede ka naman niyang turuan kung saang asignatura ka nahihirapan. Dito pa lang ay masusubok kung kaya niyang ipakita na nagmamalasakit talaga siya sa iyo o hindi.

Fate does not dictate you

Kung titingnang maigi, hindi naman magdidikta ang tadhana sa pag-ibig ninyong dalawa, at kung kailan kayo magkikita. Dahil sa simula pa lang, idinikta na ng lalaki kung ano ang magiging kapalaran ninyong dalawa.

Bakit ko ito nasabi? Merong mga tao na dating mahirap, pero naglaon ay naging isa sa mga pinakamayaman sa bansa. Maraming ganyang success stories, at ang sikreto sa kanilang tagumpay ay ang diskarte. Isa pa, ang mindset nila para magtagumpay ay ito: “It’s just a matter of choice.”

Ganoon din sa pag-ibig ninyong dalawa. Nasa diskarte na iyan ng lalaking iyan kung paano niya tutugunan ang naturang hamon sa relasyon ninyong dalawa, kasi ito ang magpapatuloy o sisira sa inyong dalawa, at ito ang magdidikta ng inyong kapalaran sa hinaharap. Nakukuha mo, ha?

Mali ang timing

Tatanungin kita: Nang ikaw ay nakatapos na sa pag-aaral, binalikan ka ba niya?

Mahalaga ang tanong na iyan, dahil sinusubok nito kung kaya ba niyang panindigan ang kanyang ginawa sa iyo.

Base sa sulat mo, ang sagot ay hindi. Nag-asawa na siya, sa halip na maghintay siya o balikan ka. Sinayang niya ang pagkakataon para hanapin ka at makabawi sa lahat ng sakit na ibinigay niya sa iyo. Ngayong may asawa na siya, dapat niya talagang panindigan iyon sa buong buhay na sila’y mag-asawa na.

(Segway ulit.) May naalala lang ako. Doon sa kanta ni Janella Salvador, sinabi niya,

“Pag tama na ang panahon, puwede mo na akong lambingin.”

Pero ang nangyari sa inyong dalawa:

“Pag sala na sa panahon, puwede mo na akong lambingin.”

Kung ganoon man ang mangyari, may katuwiran ang huling linya ng awiting iyan:

“Di puwede kay Nanay, di puwede kay Tatay
Ayaw ni Tito at ni Tita
Ayaw ni Ate. Ayaw ni Kuya.”

Final Words

Normal lang para sa isang katulad mo na masaktan sa nangyari. Normal lang din na magkaroon ka ng sama ng loob. A girl who loves does not deserve this unacceptable act. Sige lang, iyakan mo lang. Ilabas mo lang ang lahat ng luha at sakit na nararamdaman mo.

Normal lang din na maguluhan ka, lalo pa’t nang dumating siya ay sala na sa panahon. Gugustuhin mo man siyang bigyan ng isa pang pagkakataon, wala ka nang magagawa dahil personal decision niya iyan.

Hindi natin masasabi kung ano ang maaring mangyari sa mga susunod na taon. No choice na lang kundi maghintay para sa kanya, kung willing ka lang na hintayin siya.

Anyway, kung may pagsisisi siyang maramdaman, hayaan mo siyang magsisi sa ginawa niya. Kasalanan niya iyon eh.

Sayang na sayang ang oras. Marami sana siyang pagkakataon para baguhin ang tadhana ninyong dalawa, pero hindi niya ito ginawa. Ito na sana ang panahon kung saan puwedeng unahin ang pag-ibig, na walang iniintinding prayoridad sa buhay. Hindi niya namamalayan na sa loob ng 20 taon, marami nang pagbabagong nagaganap. Kahit ang pag-iisip ng isang tao ay nagbabago na rin.

Dapat naiintindihan niya na iba na ang prayoridad niya ngayon. Unti-unti nang nagmamature ang pag-iisip ninyong dalawa. Ngayong nasa wastong gulang na kayo, at may kanya-kanya nang pamilya, dapat ninyong unahin ang inyong mga anak. Kung ipinagkait man niya sa iyo ang pagkakataon para magmahal ka ng isang tao, kahit paano eh maibibigay mo naman ito sa iyong anak.

Wala ka nang magagawa sa nakaraan. Ang tanging magagawa mo na lang ay maghintay ng isang tao na handang mahalin kayo ng anak mo. Maniwala ka sa akin, posible iyan.

Personal Message

Tungkol sa P.S. na sinulat mo, wish granted na iyon. Sa totoo lang, ugali ko na huwag i-post ang mail sa site na ito. Dahil sa ugali kong iyan, maari kang magkuwento sa akin nang walang anumang ikinakatakot o ikinahihiya.

Okay lang din sa akin kahit na ganitong kahaba ang pinadala mo sa akin. Ang mahalaga, naipaliwanag mo sa akin nang maayos kung ano ang nangyari sa inyong dalawa.

Kung meron kang maiikuwento sa akin kung ano ba talaga ang nangyari sa lalaking iyan from the time na nagkahiwalay kayo hanggang ngayon, mas maigi. Dahil dito eh lalong mabibigyang-linaw kung ano ba talaga ang nangyari sa kanya at para makita ko kung nagpabaya siya o merong sitwasyon na hindi ninyo makontrol. Mabibigyan ng chance si guy na ipaliwanag ang kanyang panig, at dito ko puwedeng baguhin ang love advice para tumugma sa sitwasyon ninyo. Huwag kang mag-alala, ipapangako ko ulit na magiging confidential ang contacts mo sa akin.

Maraming salamat sa pagbahagi ng iyong kuwento sa site na ito. Actually, ngayon lang ako tumugon sa sulat mo dahil sa mga nakalipas na araw ay naging busy ako sa pag-aaral para sa isang eksaminasyon. Ngayong tapos na ang exam ay maari na akong magbigay ng love advice sa mga taong katulad mo. Maraming salamat ulit sa pagtitiwala.

Happy Third Anniversary with TweetNewscaster: Third Annual Report

Dear Readers:

Thank you for your continuous patronage on this site.

We are now celebrating our Third Anniversary. Even if we had not been active now unlike last year, the author had managed to post few articles for this year, just to keep this site running.

The author during this year also experiences personal problems, and had accomplished personal tasks. These things had gave less time for the author to attend to some problems in this site and respond to them. The author extends apologies to our dear readers and followers for being inactive for various months.

As part of our celebration of our third anniversary, let us share some accomplishments for this year:

  • As of this year, we have 48 followers. To our followers, thank you so much for your continuous trust in this site!
  • We have published 310 articles since we started running this site, or 10 articles this year, a far cry from more than a hundred articles published last year. This was due to hectic schedules which resulted in less time for writing articles.
  • This year, we have focused more on writing articles under categories Love Advice and Accounting. Again, the reason was less time to write more articles.
  • The article Plataporma ni Duterte, which describes the platforms laid down by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte during his presidential campaign, got the highest number of views this year with around 2,011 reads. This was due to the curiosity of some netizens on the direction that the new administration will adopt. Other most-read articles in TweetNewscaster site are as follows:
  1. Sinigang na Baboy Recipe: 402 reads
  2. Meron Ba Talagang Forever? : 358 reads
  3. It’s Showtime gains Kuya Kim, Ms. Pastillas finds her love: 276 reads
  4. Ang Alamat ng Apoy: 241 reads
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  6. Binalayok Recipe (“Original” Version): 103 reads

Meanwhile, the Home page of this site has recorded 4,807 reads.

  • From the time we started running this site, the Plataporma ni Duterte also became the most-read article in this site with 6,285 reads. Other most-read articles in this site since its inception follow:
  1. Duterte: Mula Social Media Patungong Kalsada: 3,555 reads
  2. Meron Ba Talagang Forever? : 1,932 reads
  3. Binalayok Recipe: 1,791 reads
  4. “Talumpati sa Gettysburg” ni Abraham Lincoln: 902 reads
  5. Binalayok Recipe (“Original” Version): 896 reads
  6. Pangako Sa’Yo: Claudia Buenavista’s Death – Isang Pagsisiyasat – 822 reads
  7. Nadine Lustre vs. Kathryn Bernardo – 737 reads
  8. Ang Alamat ng Apoy – 582 reads
  9. Sinigang na Baboy Recipe – 538 reads

The Home page of this site recorded 20,842 reads

  • Most of the traffic in this site this year came from the Philippines with 7,441 reads, followed by the United States with 660 reads, United Arab Emirates with 125 reads, and Canada with 102 reads.
  • Since we started this site, many people in the Philippines generated the most traffic with 32,628 reads, followed also by the United States with 5,967 reads, Canada with 1,108 reads, United Arab Emirates with 944 reads, Saudi Arabia with 823 reads, and European Union with 601 reads.
  • Our official Facebook page had garnered more than 90 likes. This may seem a bit ridiculous, but we will focus more on likes fetched in natural way.

The author also announces its future plans:

  • We will still focus on articles related to Love Advice and Accounting. This is due to the fact that I still have to prepare for more important matters.
  • The state of some categories like Renditions, #DuterteSerye, and Foreign Language: Minionese is uncertain. We will have to render them inactive as the author has no more time to do new articles on these things.
  • We will have to discontinue articles under “Funny Trivia”. Also, no more time and I have no more interest to do articles under this category.
  • The future of this site is not so sure. I do not know if I can extend this for so many years, since I am being pressed to accomplish more important matters.
  • The author has announced its plan to award articles which promote fun and the other side of the news, which is the TweetNewscaster’s mission. For sure, citations will be the type of award to be given to them. Tentative month of awards will be on November, and will be exclusive for blogs who follow this site. However, I am not sure if we will push through this.

Meanwhile, thank you so much for believing and trusting in this site. With your help, we can further spread the fun and the other side of news to the world!

From the writer who loves you very much,


Jake Zyrus reveals himself, accepts new project

Jake Zyrus. Photo from ABS-CBN News.

MANILA, Philippines – Change is coming.

After his recent breakup with the X-Factor Philippines singer Alyssa Quijano, the international sensation Charice has ultimately transformed himself, changing her name to Jake Zyrus.

Charice related that he had undergone various transformations to make himself more manly, and expressed that with changes in his body, a change of name is also needed.

The name change has ultimately created a buzz in the Philippines, especially in social media. While many, especially from his fans, had been glad on his decision, he got the most critical remark from his grandmother.

Due to his bold move on transforming himself, other celebrities had plans to change their names. In fact, Jodi Sta. Maria had now decided to change her screen name to Jodi Ann Santos.


When asked for the reason behind the name Jake Zyrus, he said that he had considered first other names.

“After naming mag-break up ni Alyssa (Quijano), kinailangan kong mag-move on. Naisip ko, bakit hindi na lang kaya gumawa ulit ng bagong pangalan, para sabihin na heto ako, bilang totoong tao.” (After we and Alyssa parted ways, I had to move on. I thought, why not make a new name, to say that this is me, this is real.)

It is to be remembered that everybody at first called him as Charice Pempengco, which was shortened later to Charice.

Ngayon, puwede pa namang paikliin. Puwedeng Char na lang ang itawag sa akin. Haha.” (Now, it can be clipped further. They can call me Char. Haha.)

Run out of names

Jake explained that the alternative name Charito is not good to hear even if he transformed. ‘Charles’ may be considered.

Running out of ideas, he asked his friend on a suitable name for him, which his friend did not provide, but the friend advised Jake to base his name on his idols.

Bigla kong naisip si Jake (Vargas), tapos si Miley (Cyrus). ‘Bakit di na lang kaya sila, friend? Jake Cyrus, gandang pangalan.’ Ginawa ko na lang ‘Z’ para maging astig. And that’s me – Jake Zyrus.” (I suddenly thought of Jake Vargas, then Miley Cyrus. ‘Why not pick their names, friend? Jake Cyrus, that’s beautiful name.’ I had changed the spelling to ‘Z’ to make it more manly. And that’s me – Jake Zyrus.)

Retro record

With the transformation in him, he had expressed his intent on engaging with new projects. According to him, his change of look and personality needed a change on the history of his singing career.

Dahil ako na nga ito – si Jake Zyrus, nasa isip ko na kailangan kong balikan pati na ang mga una kong mga project after akong sumali sa Little Big Star. This time, bilang si Jake Zyrus, gagawa ulit ako ng MV ng Lucky Me, magpapa-ad ako sa New Zealand Creamery, kakanta ng ‘Pyramid’, sasali sa ‘Glee’, at marami pang iba.” (Because this is me – Jake Zyrus, I had thought of a need to remake my first projects after I joined the Little Big Star. This time, as Jake Zyrus, I will remake the music video of Lucky Me, remake an ad of New Zealand Creamery, sing again the Pyramid, join again the cast of Glee, and so many others.)

He had considered also to redo his previous albums. By singing again his past tracks, he felt that this action will rewrite the history of music industry. For example, he wanted to revise the song Pyramid as follows:

Shawty’s love is like a pyramid (ooh)
We stand together till the very end (eh ooh)
There’ll never be another love for sure (ooh)
Iyaz, Jake Zyrus let we go

Meanwhile, Senyora, in her Facebook page, had illustrated an example of the changes after Jake’s transformation:

Jake was flattered on the change brought about by a videoke user. He hopes that any changes relating to him will be effected not only on the present and future periods, but also on the past.

New substitute

Jake also manifested his new personality in acting as the new Malia in the evening program La Luna Sangre (The Blood Moon), as told also by Senyora:

When asked why he was picked as Kathryn’s substitute, Jake replied, “Marami nga din pong mga nagco-comment kung bakit wala si Kath sa programa. Actually, sinabi niya po sa akin na magpapahinga na daw siya dahil napapagod na siya sa kakakumpara sa kanya kay Nadine.” (Many had questioned why Kathryn Bernardo is not now part of this show. Actually, she told me that she needed rest for she is tired being compared with Nadine Lustre.)

Sinabi niya sa akin na magkamukha daw kami. Kaya inofferan ako na maging substitute niya.” (She told me that we are alike. So she gave an offer to be her substitute.)

Since he is now in that program, the viewers can see now if the prophecy will be fulfilled or not.

Sobra po akong nagpapasalamat sa ABS at binigyan po ako ng opportunity sa La Luna Sangre.” (I am thanking ABS-CBN so much for giving me the opportunity in the program.)

Because of his radical transformation, the network plans also to include him in the comeback season of Your Face Sounds Familiar. The rationale is that if Charice has the capability to transform himself into Jake, he has also the capacity to transform into other celebrities.

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Practical Accounting 2 Straight Problem No. 7

We will use the previous quiz to solve this problem:

Transactions for Sugarpop Partnership during the year 2019 are as follows:

  1. It was agreed by the partners that additional P10,500 representing provision for uncollectible accounts be recognized.
  2. Total advances to employees amounting to P22,500 were collected thru salary deductions.
  3. Agreed amount on inventories was P55,200. This is considered a valuation of inventory between cost and net realizable value.
  4. Office supplies used amounted to P6,000. Meanwhile, prepaid rent is to be accounted according to the partners’ policy.
  5. Depreciation for building and equipment was calculated as P142,800 and P33,200 respectively.
  6. Checks paid to various suppliers amounted to P150,000. Also, portion of notes payable was settled for P55,000.

On December 31, 2019, the partners agreed to admit Rita as a partner in the firm. Assets shall be revalued upward by P70,000 before her admission. Increase of assets attributable to each partner are as follows:

  1. Renzo: P26,533.37
  2. Pocholo: P10,696.52
  3. Vanessa: P14,908.68
  4. Julie Ann: P17,861.43

Such increase shall be debited to account “Other Non-current Assets.”

Rita is to purchase 25% of each capital of existing partners for P3,500,000. Respective revised Capital and P/L ratios for Renzo, Pocholo, Vanessa, and Julie Ann are 25%, 20%, 15%, and 15%.

Sales for the whole year amounted to P3,991,500, and cost of sales amounted to P41,400.

Distribution of profits shall be as follows:

  1. Salaries per month: Renzo, P2,400; Pocholo, P3,000; Vanessa, P3,780; Julie Ann, P3,600; Rita, P4,500.
  2. Interest on 10% of capital balances after Rita’s admission.
  3. Remainder is to be divided based on new P/L ratios.


  1. Adjusting entries before and after Rita’s admission.
  2. Partners’ capital before and after Rita’s admission.
  3. Income statement for December 31, 2019.
  4. Schedule of distribution of profits.
  5. How much shall be the personal gain/loss to be recognized by each partner? (Assume that the cash given to the partners is divided equally.)

Love Advice No. 68

In our past love advices, it is my original aim to reach out to many people as possible, since love can strike anyone regardless of race or nationality. Actually, the ultimate aim in giving love advice to this site is to give justice to those who are experiencing anguish and suffering when it comes to romantic love.

For the first time in this site, I will give Love Advice in the English language. This is a tribute and the author’s way of saying ‘thank you’ for those who like some articles under this category, who are mostly non-Filipinos. As I see that they might not yet understood my style and strategy in handling love problems like these for the past three years,  this article will be for the benefit of those who understand English, especially for non-Filipinos. Okay, let’s start!

From a comment in Daming Alam’s Facebook page:

Hello everybody im from grade 7 . Im inlove with grade 10 omayghad he’s handsome. When i first see him my eyes become bigger and my heart is beating so past. He’s have a feeling for me. Suddenly we have a conversation and he say he like me to. And i am omayghad were finally dating on public places with holding hands while walked.

We eated lunch together at 711 (7-Eleven). The food is so yummy but i cant eat very well because he is looking at me. Im so happy because im tell my mom all of this. Im studying very well and he too.

But im so sad im shocking because she suddenly grab my hair and pushing and pull it. Sabunot in tagalog im crying a lot and we decided to brake up. But i still love him. For you please [wait] for me to graduate my study. I love u to very much.

(Author’s note: “Sabunot” in Tagalog actually means pulling one’s hair, especially when a person pulling has deep, intense hatred toward the other person.)

My Advice:

Finish your studies first.

You’ll have to focus on your future, even if not with him this time. Investing in your future during your high school days – by studying – helps you grow as a person, and helps you find the one who can lead you to a brighter future (that will benefit you).

While you are focusing first on more important matters, like excelling in academics, you can use this time to evaluate your personality and that of your future partner. This is also a good time to form proper habits when dealing with the opposite sex, to learn what is right and wrong, and to set achievable standards when picking for your true love.

What do I mean? You have to ask yourself so many times these questions:

  1. Why do I like this guy?
  2. Why do I love him?
  3. Would our future be brighter or darker if we continue our relationship?
  4. Do I really love him?
  5. Will my love for him last forever? (Or, would my love today be still my love even if five or ten years will pass?)
  6. Are we ready to face many trials and challenges if we are together?
  7. Am I making sure that I am not pushing myself to him too hard? (This might tell you if he is really flirting with you or not.)

More than just physical

You say that you are in love because he is so handsome.

But is being handsome the true measure of love?

In other words, are you really in love?

The answer is no.

Let’s admit it. At the first time we met our opposite sex, and see their good-looking physical attributes, such as being beautiful/handsome and having beautiful hair, six-pack abs, slim waist, and muscular arms, we feel that we are in love. Since our eyes sees these things, your eyes become bigger and it pushes your heart to beat so fast. This is typical of many high school students, and the author is not exempted when it comes to these things.

However, true love must not stop there, for the eyes does not look only on these physical attributes, but also his/her whole personality. You should had look further on his personality, his thoughts, his attitudes, and all the things that make up that guy you see today.

This is aside from the fact that there’s no such thing as “(true) love at first sight”, but you can have a crush, or an admiration, towards him at first sight. You can be attracted to that person in an instant. However, love is not being developed in an instant.

Ignorance isn’t good

However, you were surprised when some girl had suddenly pulled your hair. Actually, she is his girlfriend.

Is her act justifiable? No, even if in the first place, you engage in a relationship with him. However, your ignorance is not really an excuse in this case.

Ignorance is not a bliss when it comes to these things. The reason is that someday, ignorance can lead you to disastrous consequences. If that girl, who maybe had existing relationship with that guy, can give you trauma by pulling your hair, how much more if you are in an uncomfortable situation? You might end up mauling each other, filing each other a case in court, or worse be killed by that girl.

It is ignorance also that hurts you more. If you had known beforehand that he is in a relationship with the other gal, you might get hurt too – at first – but later on you will not feel the extreme hurt. However, you had not obtained the opportunity to find out his real score. As a result, you only knew recently that relationship only when your hair had been pulled. Not only you had been hurt physically, but also emotionally.

This situation should serve a lesson for you. You should have known first who he is, especially in some cases where some girls like you would not verify his personality. He may have been an addict, a drunkard, a gambler, or a man who has responsibilities for his family.

Even the night changes

This is just a puppy love. What does this means? Simply put, it is just a childish love, the type experienced by most teens like you.

Does this mean that this kind of love will fade? Sadly, and most of the time, yes. Why?

Let me share with you my past experience. (Let’s call her Crush # 1.) At the start of my first year in high school (Grade 7), I had once came with a thought of marrying a girl, even if I knew that this would require enormous task on my part. This includes travelling around 100 kilometers (62.5 miles) to be with her. At that time, I am thinking that having a crush on her means that I am also in love with her. I had gone too far to the point of thinking a future together with her, when in fact she did not even know me personally.

Now, ten years after thinking of these things, I came to the point that it is no use anymore to think of future together with her. Fate did not provide time and opportunity to be with her, and in fact, she is already in a relationship. Meanwhile, I had also other important concerns over my personal life.

I am illustrating to you my experience in high school so that you will learn even a bit of lesson from me. This hopes that you will reflect if you really love him, or it is just a fleeting expression of your emotion.

It is to be noted that there are many changes happening within us even in a short span of time. Say for example, your crush for now would not be your crush five or ten years from now.

Actually, as I scanned the picture of my crush (Crush # 2) last time, questions popped into my mind: If that is her picture during her high school days, who was her crush then? Now that I see her personally, who is her crush now? Did she thought of that guy who is with her now at the time she was in high school?

Yes, there will come a time that some years later, you will also think of these kind of questions like I did.

Brain-heart balance

Essentially, we have to love using our hearts, like what you said, “my eyes become bigger and my heart is beating so past”. That is true, especially for us high school students who will love and be loved for the first time. I understand this reasoning, since I had been there. However, while we are going to love, we don’t have to be contented by using our eyes and hearts. We must also use our brain. We have to think, and think, and think.

Why do I have to repeat ‘think’? Because most of the time, we cannot control our emotions. This helps us to see if the guy or the gal we spend our love with will be all worth our hardships, emotions, efforts, and tears in loving the opposite sex.

Thank you for sharing with us your experience. Even if you did not really seek help and love advice from me, somehow your experience will help other people to learn more from you. This will help many young people to know more about themselves and to think deeply before getting into a relationship. And this will save them from so much pain and suffering as a consequence of their incorrect decisions.

Practical Accounting 2 Straight Problem No. 6

In solving for this quiz, refer to previous problems.

Profit-sharing for Sugarpop Partnership was again revised as follows:

  1. Respective salaries for Renzo, Pocholo, Vanessa, and Julie Ann were P2,500; P3,000; P2,750; and P2,250 per month.
  2. All partners are to be credited 10% interest on their balances as of December 31, 2017.
  3. A bonus of 5% of net income after bonus shall be given to Pocholo.
  4. Remainder is to be divided on their new capital and P/L ratio. (Hint: Revised respective Capital and P/L ratios after Julie Ann’s admission will be 25%, 17%, 18%, and 40%, respectively for Renzo, Pocholo, Vanessa, and Julie Ann.)

Additional information:

  1. A portion of unexpired rent used from April to December is to be recognized.
  2. Profit reported for the year was P1,055,000. This does not include the whole deferred revenue of P25,000 realized during the period.


  1. Prepare schedule of distribution of profits.
  2. Adjusting entries.
  3. Statement of financial position as of December 31, 2018.

Love Advice No. 67

Noon ay nabigyan na natin ang e-mail sender ng mga payo kung ano ang dapat niyang gawin kapag matigas pa rin ang ulo ng kanyang ex. Ipinaliwanag na natin kung bakit iyon ang dapat gawin ng lalaki, at ipinaliwanag natin na mali ang magiging desisyon kung palalayin na niya ang babaeng iyon.

Malamang na dahil unti-unti na niyang sinunod ang ating payo na magtiwala, eh nagpadala ulit siya ng isa pang follow-up na tanong. Sige, simulan na natin siyang bigyan ng payo!

From e-mail:

Good am po. Maraming salamat po sa advice. Sa ngayon po, cool off muna kami. Nag-usap kami. Sabi niya, kailangan daw niya ng panahon para baguhin ang sarili niya, na itama ang mga pagkakamali niya, at susundin na daw niya ang mga magulang nya.

Para naman daw sa amin iyon – para tanggapin ko daw siya ulit at nang makalimot din daw ako sa ginawa niyang kasalanan.

Sinabi niya din na matagal na daw niyang pinutol ang ugnayan nila ng lalaki, at ako daw ang mahal na mahal niya.

Ano po ang gagawin ko: Susundin ko ba siya? Maniniwala ba ako? Eh ilang beses na siyang nagsinungaling sa akin, at feeling ko pa rin na baka mag-ugnayan pa rin sila ng lalaki niya. Salamat po.

My Advice:

No choice ka na lang kundi maghintay sa kanya.

Siya na mismo ang nagsabi.

Pero last na iyan. This time, sasabihin mo na sa kanya na huwag na niyang uulitin ang ginawa niyang kalokohan. Kailangan na niyang magsisi at magbago.

Sa pagkakataong ito, bigyan mo na siya ng deadline. Dito mo makikita kung talaga bang seryoso siya sa iyo. Dito mo rin makikita kung sineseryoso ba niya ang mga pangako niya sa iyo. At dito mo rin makikita kung talaga bang mahal ka niya.

Sa panahong ito, kahit sa huling pagkakataon, ibigay mo pa rin sa kanya ang tiwala na hinahanap niya. Last chance na ito na maari mong ibigay sa kanya. And yes, susundin mo pa rin siya. Kailangan mo pa ring maniwala sa kanya, kahit na sa huling pagkakataon na ito.

Still convince her

Kung ganoon pala ang dahilan niya kung bakit kailangan niya ng panahon, bakit hindi mo rin siya kumbinsihin na mali ang inaakala niya? Na talagang mahal mo siya?

Ipaliwanag mo pa rin sa kanya na sa kabila ng lahat ng mga kalokohang ginawa niya, handang-handa ka na tanggapin siya. Na handa kang kalimutan ang lahat ng masasakit na nangyari sa inyo. Na handa ka na magsimula kayo ng bagong kabanata sa inyong relasyon.

Ipaliwanag mo sa kanya na kahit na anong mangyari, eh lagi ka pa ring nariyan para sa kanya.

Accept, but still monitor.

Ano ang puwede mong gawin para malaman kung totoo na nakikipag-ugnayan pa rin sila ng lalaki niya? Kailangan mo silang bantayang mabuti.

Sorry, pero ito ang pinakamagandang bagay na maari mong gawin.

Paano mo sila imomonitor? Narito ang aking suggestions:

  1. Alamin mo kung saan sila madalas magkita. Sa mall, sa bahay ng ex mo, sa bahay ng lalaki niya, o sa ibang lugar? Maari kang magtanong sa mga kaibigan nila o sa mga magulang ng dalaga tungkol sa kanilang mga pinupuntahan.
  2. Mag-isip ng mga gamit, bagay, o sitwasyon na hawak mo sa ngayon. Ito ang gagamitin mo para malaman mo kung tama ba ang kutob mo. Halimbawa, mayroon ka bang app o device na maaring gamitin para mahuli kung nag-uusap ba sila? Ito ang istilo na ginawa ng dating girlfriend ni Jovit na si Shara Chavez para mahuli kung sino ang kausap ni Jovit sa oras na iyon.
  3. Maari kang magpatulong sa mga magulang, kaibigan, at kapamilya ng ex mo, (at kung maari, pati na rin sa kakilala ng lalaking iyan). Alamin mula sa kanila kung ano ang ginagawa ng ex mo – kung nagsisisi na ba siya, kung nagpepenitensya siya, kung nag-aayuno siya, etc. at kung nakikipagkita pa rin siya sa ibang lalaki.
  4. Kung nahihiya ka na lumapit sa kanila, mag-hire ka ng isang espiya na gagawa niyan para sa iyo. Lalayo muna tayo ng kaunti dahil may naalala ako. Kasi sa totoo lang, naranasan sa isang branch ang ganitong istilo. Gustong malaman ng management kung ano talaga ang nangyari sa naturang branch. Kumuha sila ng ilang espiya na papasok sa cubicle ng branch na iyon, na kunwari ay gagamit ng CR o kukuha ng tubig. Pero ang totoo, magmamasid sila sa kung ano ang ginagawa ng mga tao sa branch na iyon.


Isa pang bagay: Kahit na hindi niya sabihin o ipakiusap sa iyo, dapat mo siyang samahan sa pagbabago sa kanyang sarili.

Isang bagay na nakikita ko na maaring gawin ng ex mo ay ang tinatawag na self-reflection.

This time, sasamahan mo siya sa bagay na ito. Ibibigay mo sa kanya ang mga tanong na binigay ko sa ibaba. Bahala ka na din kung meron ka pang idadagdag bukod sa mga nabanggit.

Dapat niyang basahin ang mga ito kung talagang seryoso siya sa sinabi niya sa iyo. Kailangan niyang tanungin ang sarili (nang paulit-ulit). At siya mismo ang sasagot sa mga tanong na iyan. Habang naghahanap siya ng mga sagot sa tanong na iyan, makikita niya kung saan siya talagang nagkamali. Palagay ko, ito na ang point na matatauhan siya, at gagawa ng paraan upang maibalik ang relasyong sinira niya.

  1. Nagkulang ba talaga ako bilang isang girlfriend at bilang isang anak?
  2. Kung hindi ako nakikinig sa mga magulang ko, naiisip ko ba na maari itong gawin sa magiging mga anak ko?
  3. Iniisip ko ba kung ano ang mangyayari sa akin kapag pumasok ako sa maling relasyon?
  4. Iniisip ko ba na may mga madadamay kapag itinuloy ko ang pagmamahalan namin?
  5. Nung time na iniwan ko ang ex ko, tama ba ang naging inasal ko sa kanya porke’t di ako maihatid at maisundo? (Ito yung sinasabi mo na “Nang naaksidente ko ang motor, sa bahay na nila ako nakatira. Tapos, nang time na iyon, doon niya po ako pinagloloko, kasi hindi ko na po siya maihatid at maisundo.”)
  6. Naiintindihan ko ba talaga ang rason kung bakit di niya ako maihatid at maisundo?
  7. Naging mature ba ako sa pakikipagrelasyon?
  8. Sa ginagawa kong ito, may respeto pa ba ako sa aking sarili?
  9. Alam ko ba na kung ano ang ginawa ko sa aking ex noon, eh puwedeng ito ang gawin sa akin?
  10. Nagsasabi ba ako ng totoo? Alam ko ba na kapag palagi akong nagsisinungaling, maaring hindi na ako paniwalaan kahit kailan?

Makakatulong ito sa kanya habang cool off kayong dalawa, at habang hindi pa siya bumabalik sa iyo.

Final Words

Wala ka nang magagawa kundi maghintay. Wala ka nang magagawa kundi ibigay ang tiwala sa kanya, kahit na kailangang bantayan kung nagsasabi siya ng totoo.

Pero hindi ito ibig sabihin eh paulit-ulit na siyang makikipaglokohan sa iyo. Sa pagkakataong ito, maghihigpit ka na sa kanya. Set a deadline. Sabihin mo sa kanya na last chance na ito para sa kanya. Pagkatapos nito, at hindi pa rin siya nagbago, saka mo na siya iwanan.

Hindi natin makokontrol ang anumang desisyon na gagawin ng babae. Maaring balikan ka niya o hindi. Pero kahit paano eh lalo mong naipakita na mahal mo siya.

Maraming salamat sa pagbabahagi ulit ng iyong problema sa site na ito. Sana nakatulong ulit ako sa iyo, kahit na sa totoo lang eh isang advice lamang ang aking ibinibigay sa iyo. Gabayan ka nawa ng Diyos sa kung anuman ang pinagdadaanan mo. Muli, maraming salamat!  😀

Love Advice No. 66

Sa pagkakataong ito, matapos nating bigyan ng payo ang e-mail sender tungkol sa kanyang problema, humingi ulit siya ng payo sa may-akda at nilinaw niya ang ilang pangyayari sa kanilang relasyon. Sige, simulan na natin siyang bigyan ng payo!

From e-mail:

Good day po. Follow-up ko lang po. Nalaman ko lang ngayon na yung boy niya na pinalit sa akin ay may asawa na at may tatlong anak, at kasal sila. Halos kalahati pa ng edad nila.

At yung showy po na tinutukoy ko po, yung minu-minuto po. Lagi naman po kaming nagde-date. Araw-araw, kasama ko siya. Hatid-sundo ko pa po lagi siya. Nang naaksidente ko ang motor, sa bahay na nila ako nakatira. Tapos, nang time na iyon, doon niya po ako pinagloloko, kasi hindi ko na po siya maihatid at maisundo.

Naaawa po ako sa kanya, kasi ginagawa lang siyang parausan ng lalaki. Dinadala siya sa mga matatamis na salita at pambobola ng lalaki. Tinanggap ko po siya ulit, kasi ayaw kong mapunta siya doon. Kaso po, ako lang naman po ang nag-eeffort. Ramdam ko na parang mahal niya pa yung lalaki. Natatakot ako, kasi baka makipagkita na naman siya doon.

Ano po ang gagawin ko? Nababaliw ako sa kaiisip. Pero sabi naman niya, ako daw ang mahal na mahal niya, kaso di naman niya pinapakita. Di naman siya gumagawa ng paraan para bumalik ang tiwala ko sa kanya. Tapos, ganoon pa rin ang ugali niya. Parang wala siyang ginawang pagkakamali. Natatakot akong pakawalan siya, kasi alam kong makikipagkita na naman siya sa lalaki. Pati magulang niya, di niya po sinusunod.

Ano po ang gagawin ko? Ayaw kong mapunta siya doon. Gusto kong mapunta naman siya sa iba – yung karapat-dapat sa kanya, yung walang asawa.

Ano po ang gagawin ko? Salamat po and God bless.

My Advice:

Humingi ka ng tulong sa mga magulang niya, kamag-anak niya, at pati na sa asawa ng lalaking iyan (kung maari).

Bakit ko ito nasabi? Kung mag-isa ka sa labang ito, mahihirapan ka na kumbinsihin siyang balikan ka. Pero kung nasa panig mo na silang lahat, siguradong titiklop ang babaeng iyan. At mukhang titiklop siya papunta sa iyo dahil na rin sa ugali niya.

Hold on

May sinabi ka dati sa akin: “Dumating ang time na may nakilala siyang iba. Sa maikling panahon at na-in love na daw siya.”

Magkakatuluyan na ba ang dalawa? Base sa sabi mo, malapit na. Pero meron kang panghahawakan.

Unang-una, tunay ang pag-ibig mo sa kanya. Kahit na nakagawa ka ng kalokohan, nagpakumbaba ka at humingi ng tawad. Nakikita ko din na talagang mahal mo siya. Kahit na kung tutuusin eh puwede mo na siyang pakawalan (kasi masaya na siya sa piling ng iba), sinisikap mo pa rin na mapabuti ang buhay niya. Gagawin mo ang lahat para mapasaiyo siya, gaya ng sinabi mo na “tinanggap ko po siya ulit.” Ayaw mo siyang mapunta sa iba na sa bandang huli ay sasaktan at paiiyakin lang siya.

Isa pa, hindi posible na magkaroon ng tunay na pag-ibig agad-agad. Bukod kasi sa patunay na anim na taon na kayong nagsasama noon, na tingin ko eh pahirapan ka makuha lang siya (kung ganoon), hindi talaga tunay ang pag-ibig ng lalaking iyan sa ex mo. Hilaw pa ang kanilang puso para sa isang tunay na pag-ibig sa isa’t isa. Sa madaling salita, nilalaro lang niya ang katawan, pagkatao, at damdamin ng ex mo.

Ibig sabihin lang nito, hindi tunay ang pag-ibig nila sa isa’t isa, gaya ng ipinagyayabang ng ex mo.

Give an example

Lalayo muna tayo nang kaunti, dahil may naalala ako. Halos relate ang sitwasyon mo sa sitwasyon ng isang taong kilala namin.

Nagsasama ang dalawa. Pareho silang may mga anak sa kani-kanilang mga asawa. Pero sige, tuloy pa rin ang kanilang relasyon. Ang palagay namin, walang ginawang hakbang ang kani-kanilang mga asawa. Pati nga sa ilang mga taong kilala nila, na alam na sila na ngang dalawa, ay walang magawa para pigilan ang ganitong relasyon. (Kung hindi magreklamo ang isang naagrabyadong asawa, palagay ko eh hindi sila kikilos.)

Hindi namin alam kung gaano na katagal silang nagsasama. Naging maganda ang samahan nilang dalawa hanggang sa nag-iba ng ugali ang babae. Naging bungangera siya, at dahil dito eh napikon ang lalaki at bigla-bigla na lang naglaho ang pag-ibig sa kanya. Nang mawala ang feelings, naghanap na siya ng ibang babae.

Lesson learned: Kung tunay ang pag-ibig nila sa isa’t isa, dapat mag-isip-isip ang babae kung pagsasalitaan nang ganoon-ganoon na lang ang kinakasama niya, lalo pa’t nasa mataas na katungkulan ang lalaki. At kung tunay ang pag-ibig sa isa’t isa, dapat sa ganoong katinding problema (na hindi naman ganoong kalala), dapat nagsikap ang lalaki na sawayin ang babae at ipaintindi sa kanya na iyon ay hindi wastong asal, sa halip na basta-basta iwanan ang babae.

Sa kasalukuyan, naghihirap na ang babae, samantalang business as usual pa rin sa side ng lalaki. Sa pagkakaalam namin, sa ngayon, hindi pa rin sila nakikipagbalikan sa kani-kanilang mga asawa.

Kinukuwento ko lang ang bagay na ito para makita mo rin kung ano ang puwedeng mangyari kapag nagkatuluyan na ang dalawa, lalo’t halos magkatulad ang experience nila sa experience mo.

Iresponsableng pag-uugali

Sa kasong ito, ipinapakita niya na wala siyang isang salita. Sabi niya na mahal ka daw niya, pero iba ang ipinakitang ugali sa iyo.

Kung ganito ang ugali niya, sabihin mo sa kanya na panindigan niya ang kanyang sinabi. Kasi dapat lang na panindigan niya ang binigay niyang mga kondisyon sa iyo, lalo pa’t kung susundin mo iyon. Kung handa ka na tuparin mo ang kondisyon niya, dapat niyang panindigan ang sinabi niya sa iyo. Kung pupuwede lang sana, pilitin mo na tuparin niya iyon.

Convince her always

Ang first step na gawin mo ay kumbinsihin siya na bumalik sa iyo. Maaring mahirap ito para sa iyo, pero ilalahad ko ang mga bagay para mapaniwala siya sa iyo. Bahala ka na kung meron kang gustong idagdag sa mga nabanggit. Sabihin mo sa kanya ang mga ito:

  1. Inaamin ko na nagkamali nga ako sa iyo. Inaamin ko na nagkulang ako sa iyo, pero wag ka naman sanang magtampo. Sana maintindihan mo rin na hindi sa lahat ng oras eh ihahatid at susunduin kita araw-araw dahil (sabihin mo sa kanya ang mga dahilan).
  2. Hindi komo nakita mo na ang lalaking iyan, eh maiinlove ka na doon agad-agad. Walang ganoon. Nahuhumaling lang siya sa iyo. Bakit? Binobola ka ng lalaking iyan, para gawin kang parausan.
  3. Please lang, makinig ka naman, kahit hindi sa akin, kundi sa mga magulang mo. Kahit na alam namin na may sarili ka nang pag-iisip, dapat mong malaman na sila pa rin ang magulang mo. Alam naman nila kung ano ang makakabuti para sa iyo.
  4. Mag-isip-isip ka nga. Maaring may puso ka nga para sa kanya, pero gamitin mo din ang utak mo kahit paminsan-minsan. Isipin mo rin na kung sige-sige ka pa rin sa relasyong iyan. Paano ang mga bata? Paano ang asawa niya? Masasaktan sila, hindi ba? Naiisip mo ba kung gaano katindi ang galit na maari nilang ibigay hindi lang sa kanilang ama, kundi mas lalo na sa iyo?
  5. Muli, ginagawa kang parausan ng lalaking iyan. Sige nga, isipin mo rin kung merong nangyari sa iyo. Sino ang nasisira? Pamilya niya, hindi ba? Ang mas malala pa, nasisira pati na rin ang sarili mo. Bakit? Binigay mo ang sarili mo sa isang lalaki na hindi ka naman talaga mahal. Kung ganoon ang ginawa mo, lalo pa’t hindi pa kayo kasal, magsisisi ka. At ano’ng mangyayari sa lalaking iyan? Gagalawin ka ulit niya, hindi dahil sa pag-ibig niya sa iyo, kundi sa pagnanasa niya sa iyo.
  6. At hindi ka ba nahihiya sa ginagawa mo? Magtira ka naman ng kaunting dignidad. Magtira ka ng kahit kaunting kahihiyan sa sarili mo. Isipin mo rin na marami silang mga kakilala. Isipin mo rin na pagchichismisan at pagchichismisan ka rin ng kahit sino. Ano ang gusto mong pakilala sa maraming tao – na ikaw ay isang malandi, at na sumisira sa pamilya niya?
  7. Mapapahiya din pati ang mga magulang mo. Iyan din sana ang naisip mo bago ka pumasok sa desisyon na iyan.

Nais ko lang ding idagdag na kumbinsihin mo siya sa pagbanggit mo sa mga katangian mo na wala sa kanya. Ano ba ang katangian mo? Wala kang asawa, mabait, masipag, matulungin, may matinding respeto sa mga babae. Ikaw ang makakasagot niyan.

Gawin din ito lagi-lagi, lalo pa’t madali tayong makalimot sa mga pangaral sa atin ng kapwa. Sa ganitong paraan unti-unting matatanto ng ex mo na matindi ang mali na kanyang ginawa. Sa ganitong paraan mauuntog siya sa katotohanan. At kung sakali, baka magpasalamat siya sa iyo dahil niligtas mo siya sa matinding kapahamakan na maari niyang sapitin.

Seek extreme measures

Pero kung hindi tatalab sa kanya ang mga pangaral mo, at sige-sige pa rin siya sa kalokohan niya, tatanungin naman kita: Ka-close mo ba ang mga magulang niya? Kung oo, magiging madali na para sa iyo na gawin ang bagay na ito:

Ipaliwanag o ipaalala sa mga magulang niya kung ano ang nangyayari sa babaeng iyan. Isama mo na rin pati mga kaibigan at kaanak niya. Kung ka-close mo din sila, mas mabuti.

Kung possible na makokontak ang asawa ng lalaking iyan, kumbinsihin mo na sumama sa kanya. Mas makakabuti din ito dahil parang ibibigay mo na ang “ebidensya” sa harap niya.

Alamin mo muna kung kailan sila magtatagpo. Saka kayo magkasundo sa kung ano ang plano na gagawin ninyong lahat. Magsama din kayo ng mga pulis o sundalo, kung maaari. Sa araw na magtatagpo sila, dapat sama-sama kayo na pupunta doon upang harapin sila.

Kapag nahuli niyo na sila sa akto, that’s the point na kailangan mong paaminin ang babae sa harap ng marami na ikaw lang ang mahal niya. No choice na lang ang babae kundi aminin niya iyon at panindigan niya iyon. Kasi, marami ang sasaksi sa inyong relasyon noon. Dahil sa ganitong proseso, tingnan natin kung paiiralin niya ang katigasan ng kanyang ulo.

Ito naman ang pinakagrabeng bagay na maari mong gawin: Kung wala pa rin silang kadala-dala, maari kang magpatulong sa isang abugado (o sa Public Attorney’s Office) tungkol sa kaso na maari mong isampa sa lalaking iyan.

Muli, gusto ko lang ipaalala na kailangan mo munang hingin ang tulong ng mga magulang at kamag-anak niya, pati na ng asawa ng lalaking iyan para gabayan ka sa kung ano ang dapat mong gawin upang ma-solve ang problema mo.

Desperado ka nga ba?

Maaring sabihin ng iba na napakadesperado mo (at na gusto mo na siyang mabawi). Maaring sabihin ng iba na “Kung mahal mo siya, dapat hayaan mo siyang lumigaya sa piling ng iba.” Pero hindi na ito applicable sa kasong ito, lalo pa’t ang layunin ng Love Advice sa site na ito ay magkaroon ng hustisya para sa iyo at sa pamilya ng lalaking iyan na maapektuhan ng kanilang kalokohan. Hindi rin puwede ang ganitong katuwiran dahil ang mas lalong kawawa ay ang babae. Lalong masasayang ang kanyang pag-ibig at ang kanyang luha.

Salamat ulit sa pagtitiwala. Dahil dito eh magkakaroon tayo ng relasyon sa isa’t isa. 😀 Gayunman, ang mga sinabi ko sa sulat na ito ay mga payo lamang. Sana nakatulong ulit ako sa iyo, at alam na alam kong matindi ang pinagdadaanan mo ngayon. Maraming salamat ulit. 😀

Practical Accounting 2 Straight Problem No. 5

If you have answered the previous problems, congratulations! This time, we will test our understanding on accounting transactions that may be applied to partnerships. Our answers from previous problems will be needed in answering this next quiz. Solve this problem:

The following transactions happened during the year 2018:

  1. Accounts receivable of P12,800 were collected. Furthermore, the partners decided that P15,000 should be written off as it is uncollectible. Use direct write-off method in this case.
  2. The value of the land was revalued upward by P74,000. Meanwhile, depreciation expense for the building appropriately computed as P102,600 were not yet recorded after the formation of the partnership.
  3. Checks amounting to P151,000 were given to various suppliers, and the P45,000 portion of notes payable were paid.
  4. The partnership had gave P55,000 as loan to Vanessa.
  5. Renzo had gave P120,000 to the partnership. They classified this transaction as a long-term obligation.

On April 1, 2018, Julie Ann was admitted into the partnership. Her investment of cash totalling P4,800,000 represents the fair value of her 40% interest in capital and profits. Any revaluation shall be an addition to “Other Non-current Assets” account.

(Hint: Revised respective Capital and P/L ratios after Julie Ann’s admission will be 25%, 17%, 18%, and 40%, respectively for Renzo, Pocholo, Vanessa, and Julie Ann.)


  1. Adjusting entries before Julie Ann’s admission.
  2. Partners’ capital before and after her admission.
  3. Adjusting entries after Julie Ann’s admission.
  4. Statement of financial position as of April 1, 2018.

P2 Problem prepared by: TweetNewscaster

Featured Image Credit:  Audit Firm Visit photo from St. Scholastica College site. For illustrative purposes only.

Taxation Straight Problem No. 9: A Donor’s Tax to Last

Ngayon, nilapitan ka nina Anton at Andrea. Gusto nilang malaman sa iyo kung meron ba talagang tax sa mga regalo na binibigay sa kanila, lalo pa’t napakaespesyal ng araw na ito para sa kanilang dalawa. As usual, todo kilig-kilig ka pa habang nagsasalita sila. How would you account for the gifts given to Anton and Andeng on their wedding? Solve the problem using all the concepts you learned in Taxation:

Regarding the wedding of Anton and Andrea which was celebrated last June 19, 2017, the following had made the following donations:

  1. Tony Noble, a brand new car to Anton, given to the latter last May 15, 2017 on account of their marriage. Standard price for the particular vehicle was P1,682,000. The car was registered under the name of Tony Noble.
  2. Tony Noble also decided to donate a very valuable painting of Picasso which he owns with his wife. Independent appraisers pegged the amount to P1,592,000. This was given to the couple last August 11, 2018.
  3. Andrea’s mother, a tract of land in Batangas, also on account of her daughter’s marriage last April 6, 2016. This was valued at P2,100,000.
  4. The board of directors of Celba Corp. had decided to give the couple appliances worth P30,000 to help them in their married life.
  5. Manang, Andrea’s grandmother, donated cash worth P344,000 to Andrea.
  6. Fort decided to donate his another house in Marikina City, with the stipulation that 10% of the fair value is to be donated to Hospicio de San Jose. Fair market value was P1,040,000, and mortgage assumed by the donee is P330,000.
  7. Andrea’s friend also gave the couple a piece of gold bar for a total consideration of P533,000. This was valued at P948,000 at the time of the wedding.


  1. Determine the donor’s tax to be paid by the donors.
  2. Classify if these properties are exclusive or community property. Follow this format:
Brand new car
Picasso’s painting
Tract of land
Cash donation
House in Marikina
Gold bar
TOTAL                          –                         –                             –

Taxation Problem prepared by: TweetNewscaster

Featured Image Credit: TonDeng Wedding.

Auditing Theory No. 1: RA 9298 (Citizenship)

Suggested Readings: RA 9298 or The Accountancy Law of 2004.

Isa sa mga nadadaanan natin sa Auditing Theory ay ang qualifications before, during, and after na maipasa ang board exam. At mukhang familiar din tayo sa requirements para makakuha at makapasa sa CPA exam. Dito pa natin nakikilala sina RA 9298, MRA, PICPA, BOA, at iba pa.

Sa problem na ito ay mahahasa ang analytical skills para makita kung sino sa mga babanggitin dito ang makakatugon sa hinihingi ng batas. Solve the problem:

Using all that you learned in Auditing Theory, you are going to decide if the following candidates may be qualified under the Accountancy Law (RA 9298). ASSUME THE FOLLOWING:

  1. A Filipino-American celebrity, born and raised in the Philippines.
  2. This person was born of Filipino parents in Britain. He studied from elementary to high school in Britain before pursuing accountancy in the Philippines.
  3. A Singaporean consults you if she is allowed to practice accountancy in the country. The Philippines has signed the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Agreement.
  4. An American who became one of the players in NBA and once joined in a national basketball team. He holds a Philippine passport, and the government certifies that the passport is authentic and properly issued by the DFA.
  5. She was supposedly born in a province in western Luzon from unknown parents. She changed her citizenship but later naturalized again. She had not yet produced a birth certificate.
  6. A well-known Filipino-Canadian singer, who has a Latino father and a Filipina mother, born in Canada. She had been residing in Canada for so many years, and is well-known in the Philippines for having a Filipino blood.
  7. A Korean who had studied and permanently and resided in the Philippines. He told you that he loves Philippines more than his country. His residency requirement is enough for him to be granted Philippine citizenship.

Assume further that all of them had finished BS Accountancy in a school recognized by CHED.

For each of these persons mentioned below:

  1. Which of these applicants are qualified to take the CPA Licensure Exam? Cite your reasons.
  2. Can that particular person join in PICPA, and if applicable, in any sectoral organization for CPAs? If no, why?
  3. Which of these applicants are qualified to be named as Chairman/Member in the Board of Accountancy?
  4. Under the Accountancy Law, which of the following may be allowed to practice accountancy in the Philippines?

Auditing Theory Problem prepared by: TweetNewscaster

Featured Image Credit:  Audit Firm Visit photo from St. Scholastica College site. For illustrative purposes only.

Love Advice No. 65

From e-mail:

Hello po. Six years na po kami ng gf ko (ex na ngayon). Sa panahong iyon, marami akong pagkukulang sa kanya. Marami akong pagkakamali at nagawang kasalanan sa kanya. Minsan, nagawa ko siyang lokohin pero pinatawad niya ako. Naging seloso ako at overprotective. Nagawa ko lang naman iyon dahil mahal ko siya, na ayaw kong mawala siya sa akin. Deep inside, mahal na mahal ko siya. Pero di ako ganoong ka-showy at ka-sweet sa kanya. Pero deep inside, mahal na mahal ko siya.

Dumating ang time na may nakilala siyang iba. Sa maikling panahon at na-in love na daw siya. Na-fall out of love siya sa akin, at [ilang] weeks pa lang ay may nangyari na sa kanila. Then, inamin niya sa akin iyon. Hindi na niya daw kaya so nakokonsensya na siya. Humingi siya ng tawad sa akin, pero thru text lang. Hindi na siya nakipagkita sa akin simula nang umamin siya. Inaantay ko lang naman siya na kausapin niya ako nang personal at humingi ng tawad sa akin.

Sabi niya sa text niya, gusto niya na mapatawad ko siya at maging kami uli, basta huwag ko daw isusumbat sa kanya ang nagawa niyang mali. Pero kung hindi ko daw magagawa, huwag na lang daw, kasi mahal daw siya ng bago niya at nag-aantay lang daw sa kanya.

Please, ano po ang gagawin ko: Ako ba ang lalapit sa kanya? Kakausapin ko ba? Papatawarin ko pa ba siya? Mahal na mahal ko po siya at hindi ko kayang mawala siya sa akin. Sayang ang anim na taon naming pinagsamahan. Salamat po.

My Advice:

Sundin mo na lang ang sinabi sa iyo ng babaeng iyan.

Sinasabi ko ito sa iyo dahil masuwerte ka. Kahit na ilang beses mo na siyang niloko, at kahit na ilang beses kang naging mahigpit sa kanya, binigyan ka pa rin niya ng chance.

May kaunti pa siyang natitirang respeto at pag-ibig sa iyo. Kaya samantalahin mo na habang maaga pa, kung ayaw mong masayang ang anim na taong pinagsamahan ninyo.

Ikaw ba?

Ngayon, doon sa mga tanong mo:

Ikaw pa ba ang lalapit sa kanya? Oo. Ito na mismo ang effort na puwede mong gawin para makabawi ka sa kanya.

Kakausapin mo ba siya? Puwede naman. Ipaalala mo sa kanya na humingi siya ng tawad sa iyo nang harapan. Isa pa, puwede mo rin siyang tanungin o kausapin kung sa tingin mo kailangan mo ng closure o kailangan ninyong magkabalikan ulit.

Papatawarin ko pa ba siya? Oo naman. Anuman ang mangyayari sa relasyon ninyong dalawa, kailangan mo pa rin siyang patawarin. Lalo pa’t kailangan mo rin siyang intindihin. Kailangan mong intindihin ang sitwasyon niya dahil ikaw ang may kasalanan.

Tatanungin kita: Nung time na nakilala na niya ang lalaking iyon, nakita mo ba ang sigla at saya sa kanyang mga mata at ngiti? Maari kasing iyon ang makikita sa kanya di tulad noong mga panahon na nagsusuyuan pa kayo o noong mga panahon na kayo pa.

Bakit umiiwas?

Iniiwasan ka ng girlfriend mo. Bakit?

Siguro, nakikita ng girlfriend mo na wala na talagang patutunguhan ang relationship ninyong dalawa. Siguro, alam na niya na kahit na may nangyari sa kanilang dalawa, handa siyang tanggapin at ibigin ng lalaking iyon, kaya ipinahiwatig niya sa iyo na iiwan ka niya para sa naturang lalaki. At mukhang doon lang niya nakita sa lalaking iyon ang tunay na pag-ibig, bagay na hindi niya nakita sa iyo noon.

Isa pa, the mere fact na ayaw niyang humingi ng tawad sa iyo sa personal (at gusto pa ay sa text lang) ay nagpapakita na hindi na siya interesado sa iyo. Na kahit na magkapatawaran pa kayo, nangyari na nga ang nangyari. Nakatatak na ang masakit na alaala sa inyong dalawa.

Crossing Limitations

May itatanong ako sa iyo: May napatunayan ka na ba sa kanya na puwede mong pagselosan? Kasi, kung wala ka namang napatunayan, hindi ka dapat magselos.

Isa pang tanong: May tiwala ka ba sa kanya? Iyon ay isang bagay na hinihingi ng girlfriend mo, pero naibigay mo ba? Tiwala ang kailangan upang magtagal ang isang relasyon. Kapag nawala ito, mawawala rin ang relasyon ninyong dalawa.

Uulitin ko ang sinabi ng isang dalaga sa isang love advice: Cute ang selos, pero nakakasakal na kapag sobra na. Tandaan natin na kahit na “maganda” na merong selos para subukan ang relasyon, masama talaga kapag umabot na ito sa sukdulan. Aabot talaga sa punto na mapupuno na ang ex-girfriend mo sa iyo dahil sa sobrang selos. At aabot talaga sa punto na maghahanap siya ng iba na hindi ganoong kaseloso at hindi masyadong protective.

Si Ate Showy

Sinabi mo rin na hindi ka showy. Naku, malamang na ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit parang nanlalamig siya sa iyo. Hindi niya kasi maramdaman sa iyo na espesyal siya sa paningin mo. Hindi niya maramdaman na ikaw ang boyfriend niya.

Kahit na talagang mahiyain ka, dapat mo pa ring ipakita sa kanya na mahal mo siya. Sa totoo lang, marami akong ibinahaging mga paraan kung paano maging showy sa kasintahan. Nariyan ang palagiang pakikipag-usap sa kanya, paghahawak-kamay, pagde-date ninyong dalawa, makipagharutan sa isa’t isa, at iba pa.

Isa pa, hindi natatapos ang ligawan kapag sinagot ka niya. Dapat tuluy-tuloy iyan. Sabi sa isang kanta, “Liligawan, haharanahin ka lagi.” Lalo na ngayong namumuro na siyang maghanap ng iba. Suyuin mo siya. Ganoon lang ang gawin mo.

At saka pag naging kayo ulit, dapat eh lagi-lagi mong sasabihin sa kanya na mahal mo siya. At dapat effort ka rin kahit na sa panahon na magsyota na kayo.

Final Advice

Huwag mo nang uulitin iyon. Mahirap na talaga kapag gumawa ka ulit ng isa pang kalokohan. Mauulit talaga ang sitwasyong mong iyan kapag hindi ka pa natuto sa relasyon ninyo dati.

Isa pang suggestion: Kapag nagkaroon ka ulit ng bagong relasyon (o kung sakaling magkabalikan kayo), subukan mong tanungin ang iyong sarili kung naging mabuti kang boyfriend sa kanya.

Hindi naman masamang gawin ang bagay na iyan. Dito mo kasi makikita kung saan ka malakas o mahina pagdating sa paghawak sa isang relasyon. At dito mo matatanto kung ano ang mga bagay o ugali na dapat mong baguhin para hindi na masira pa ang inyong relasyon.

Nasa sa iyo na rin kung ano ang puwede mong gawin para ipakita sa kanya na mahal mo siya.

Muli: Nagtatagal ang isang relasyon dahil sa tiwala sa isa’t isa. Ngayon, kaya mo kayang ibigay ang tiwala mo sa kanya? Ikaw ang makakasagot niyan.

Maraming salamat talaga sa pagtitiwala. O, ayan, dahil dito, mukhang magtatagal ang relasyon natin. Haha. 😀 De. Joke lang! 😀 Pero seryoso na ito.

Salamat din sa pagbabahagi mo ng iyong hinaing sa site na ito. Humahanga ako sa iyo dahil inamin mo rin kahit sa akin lang na ikaw ang may kasalanan. Sana nakatulong ako sa pagdedesisyon mo, lalo’t alam ko na nahihirapan ka na sa sitwasyon mong iyan. Sana patnubayan ka ng Diyos sa anumang mangyayari sa buhay mo. Muli, maraming salamat sa iyo. 😀

Taxation Straight Problem No. 8: TonDeng’s Wedding and Prenup Agreement

Mr. and Mrs. Noble are just married. Photo from Best Celebrity POLL Survey Official Facebook page.

NAIKASAL na sina Anton at Andrea. Therefore, congrats sa dalawa! Marami ang naiyak at kinilig sa naging kasal nila. Pero mas naghari ang saya hanggang sa reception, kahit na si Lucas lang ang umiyak sa araw na ito.

Mukhang haharangan ni Grace ang kasal nilang dalawa. Pero mabuti na lamang at natanto na niya ang katotohanan. Alam na niya na wala na siyang magagawa dahil pinagbuklod na ang TonDeng ng Diyos.

Kung matatandaan, nilapitan ni Tony Noble si Andeng para kumbinsihin na pirmahan ang prenup. Iniisip na ni Andrea kung ano ang dapat niyang gawin. At dahil dito, nilapitan ka ni Andeng. Gusto niyang malaman kung ano ang dapat niyang gawin para hindi maapektuhan ang mga bata. Ngayon eh tuwang-tuwa ka pa habang kausap sila. Kilig-kilig ka pa diyan eh. Ano naman ang gagawin mo? Solve this problem using all the concepts that you have learned in Taxation:

Determine the following if the properties mentioned are exclusive or common properties of the spouses:


  1. Savings account in Banco Filipino, a closed bank, opened account before marriage, P250,000.
  2. Condominium unit in Rada St., Makati City with a total value of P2,140,000. This was purchased during their marriage.
  3. House and lot in Dasmarinas Village given by his father, Tony Noble, as a gift to the couple during their marriage, P1,728,000.
  4. Shares of stocks in Celba Corp. as a major shareholder, P1,562,000.
  5. Family home where Chloe, Kitty, and Lucas resides, P1,631,000.


  1. Engagement ring given to her by Anton, P11,200.
  2. A tract of land given by her mother, located in Batangas, P2,215,000.
  3. House and lot in an exclusive subdivision in Quezon City, P2,416,800.
  4. Condominium unit she purchased in Manila Southwoods after their reception, P840,000.
  5. A 2006 model of Mitsubishi Montero she acquired with her salary as events coordinator of The Good Juans Events Center. This was bought after their marriage. Amount purchased was P1,340,000.


  1. Classify these properties as exclusive or common properties of the spouses under (a) conjugal partnership of gains and (b) absolute community of properties. Follow this format:


 Exclusive  Conjugal  Exclusive




 Andrea TonDeng  Anton  Andrea TonDeng
 –  –  –  –  –
 –  –  –  –  –  –
 –  –  –  –  –  –
 –  –  –  –  –
TOTAL  –  –  –  –  –

Discussion Question:

Grace had asked Andrea to sign a prenuptial agreement, stating that she has concern only for the kids. She had implied that in case Anton and Andrea had married, and afterwards they separated again, Anton’s children will lose their share of the properties.

As Anton and Andrea’s financial consultant, will you advise Andrea to sign the prenuptial agreement? Why or why not?

Taxation Problem prepared by: TweetNewscaster

Featured Image Credit: Anton and Andeng. Photo from A Love to Last Official Page

Love Advice No. 64

From e-mail:

Hello, need ko po ng advice niyo ngayon.

Seven years na kami ng ex-boyfriend ko nang maghiwalay kami sa kadahilanang nakakilala siya ng isang babae sa Dubai. One year pa lang siya sa Dubai at three months na lang uuwi na siya nang bigla siyang nanlamig sa relasyon namin.

Tinanong ko siya kung may problema ba, kasi hindi naman siya ganoon dati-rati kahit gaano siya ka-busy. Binibigyan pa rin niya ako ng time para makapag-usap. Pero nitong buwan lang, may nag-add sa kanyang babae na nakilala niya at nakasama sa pagba-bike sa Dubai. Bigla na niyang sinabi sa akin na hindi na niya ako mahal. Pilit niya akong pinapagmove-on. Lagi niyang sinasabi na kung kami talaga, gagawa daw si Lord ng paraan para maging kami ulit.

Tanong ko lang po:

  1. Possible ba na mawala kaagad ang pagmamahal niya sa akin na pitong taon na wala kaming ibang pinag-awayan ni minsan? Lahat ng gusto niya, suportado ko. Lahat ng makakapagpasaya sa kanya, ginawa ko.
  2. Possible ba na mas mahal niya ang babae at wala na akong dapat pang panghawakan? Ang unfair kasi nila: Nasa Pilipinas ako, at sila ay nasa Dubai. Hindi ko maibibigay ang comfort ba na naibibigay ng iba sa kanya.
  3. Dapat pa ba akong umasa at hintayin siya hanggang sa makauwi siya? Or let go na at mag-move forward.

Salamat po sa pagsagot.

My Answer:

Sagutin ko muna ang mga tanong mo.

Oo. Posibleng mawala agad ang pagmamahal na binigay niya sa iyo. In the first place, love entails risks. Maaring inaasahan natin na tuluy-tuloy lang ang pagmamahal niya sa iyo, palibhasa’y wala naman kayong masyadong problema hanggang nito lang.

Sa totoo lang, meron akong nakilala na dati ay patay na patay sa isang babae, pero dumating sa point na lahat ng pagmamahal sa babaeng iyon ay nawala bigla-bigla.

Tatanungin naman kita: Unti-unti mo bang nararamdaman na nanlalamig siya sa iyo? Maari kasing mangyari na noong panahon na nag-uusap kayo nang maayos hanggang nito lang, inilihim niya sa iyo ang kanyang ginawa.

Short Affair

Posible talaga na mas mahal niya ang babaeng iyon. Pero meron kang panghahawakan. Sinabi mo pa nga na “nitong buwan lang, may nag-add sa kanyang babae na nakilala niya at nakasama sa pagba-bike sa Dubai”.

Binigyang-diin ko lang ang pariralang iyan dahil mahalaga din ang oras. Kung tutuusin, hindi makukuha ang pag-ibig sa madaliang paraan. Kung umiibig ka agad sa isang tao, malamang eh hindi na ito true love. Nahuhumaling lang talaga ang ex boyfriend mo sa babaeng iyan.

Sa madaling salita, walang “love at first sight,” pero merong “admiration at first sight.”

Less accountable

Sorry talaga, pero mali ang ex boyfriend mo. Sinabi niya na “kung kami talaga, gagawa daw si Lord ng paraan para maging kami ulit.”

Bakit ko sinabing mali siya? Personal decision na niya na hiwalayan ka. Bakit, si Lord ba talaga ang dahilan ng paghihiwalay ninyo? Hindi naman ah.

Puwede sana niya itong sabihin sa iyo kung hindi kayo ang may kasalanan sa break-up ninyo. Sa totoo lang, sa isang love advice, sinisisi ko ang kanilang mga magulang kung bakit nagkahiwalay ang isang magsyota. Malinaw naman kung sino ang may sala, at malinaw din na hindi ginusto ng mag-ex ang sitwasyong hinarap nila. Dito pa lang maari nilang ikatuwiran sa akin na “kung kami talaga, gagawa si Lord ng paraan para maging kami ulit.”

Sa kanyang sariling bibig lumalabas na hindi siya isang responsableng tao. Kasi kung responsable talaga siya, aamin siya na kasalanan niya iyon kung bakit sila nagkahiwalay. O di kaya ay makikipagbreak-up sa iyo nang maayos. Pero hindi eh. Mukhang sisisihin na niya ang sitwasyon kung bakit sila nagkahiwalay, gayong wala naman kayong problema hanggang nito lang.

Sa madaling salita, nagpapalusot lang siya sa ganitong statement para ikatuwiran niya ang pang-iiwan niya sa iyo.

Waiting for him

At ngayon, sa ikatlo mong tanong:

Ang tanging maipapayo ko ay hintayin muna ang kanyang pagbabalik, at ibuhos ang lahat ng atensyon at pagmamahal sa kanya hanggang sa makalimutan niya ang babaeng iyon. Pero habang nangyayari ang lahat ng ito, huwag ka munang umasa.

Medyo weird, ano? Pero isipin mo na lang din na ito ang phase kung saan masusubok mo kung mahal ka talaga niya o hindi.

Sa kasong ito, tuturuan natin siya na magbago at bumalik sa tamang landas. Minsan na kasi siyang naligaw. At isa pa, alam ko naman sa sarili mo na mahal mo pa rin siya.

Kung hindi pa rin siya nagbabago, panahon na para magmove-on ka.

Sige. Hanggang dito na lang ang aking love advice sa iyo. Maraming salamat sa pagdudulog mo ng iyong problema dito sa site. Sana makatulong itong aking payo sa iyo, at sana malampasan mo rin kung ano man ang problema na pinagdadaanan mo ngayon. Muli, maraming salamat!

Practical Accounting 2 Straight Problem No. 4

Refer to previous problems:

P2 Straight Problem No. 3

P2 Straight Problem No. 2

We will use these answers in previous problems to answer this article. This time, this article purchases on the treatment on purchase or investment in partnerships. Solve the problem.

On January 1, 2017, the two partners agreed to admit Vanessa as a member of the firm.

The partners had decided to adjust the values of some assets due to market conditions. After consultation with the experts, the partners had reliably determined that total fair value of net assets were understated by P68,750.

Meanwhile, Vanessa had invested P2,000,000 for a 30% interest in the partnership capital and profits. This shall serve as payment for the existing partners.

Accordingly, the profit sharing method for Renzo, Pocholo, and Vanessa, respectively, was revised as follows:

  1. Salaries of P84,000, P91,200, and P87,000 per annum.
  2. Interest of 5% on average capital for all partners.
  3. Bonus to Pocholo computed as 10% of net income before tax and after his and Vanessa’s bonus. Bonus to Vanessa shall be computed as 8 percent of net income after tax.
  4. Remaining profit or loss amounts shall be divided based on revised capital ratio.

Additional Info:

  1. The prevailing income tax rate is 30%.
  2. For purposes of computing for admission by purchase/investment on this problem, use the profit and loss ratio agreed before Vanessa’s admission.
  3. Any revaluation shall be charged to account title “Other Non-current Assets”.
  4. Renzo invested P25,000 on February 28 and withdrew P18,000 on August 31.
  5. Pocholo withdrew P35,000 on April 30, and Vanessa invested P44,000 on September 30.
  6. Net profit amounted to P1,080,000 as of December 31, 2017.


  1. Total capital of the partners after Vanessa’s admission (with supporting computations)
  2. Prepare schedule of distribution of profits
  3. Prepare adjusting entries
  4. Statement of financial position for December 31, 2017.
  5. How much shall be the gain/loss on purchase/investment to be recognized by the partnership?

NOTE: We will again use the answers in this problem for our succeeding article. Keep the answers for future reference.

P2 Problem Prepared by: TweetNewscaster.

Featured Image Credit:  Audit Firm Visit photo from St. Scholastica College site. For illustrative purposes only.

Practical Accounting 2 Straight Problem No. 3

Refer to the previous article. We will use the info there to solve the next problem on partnership. This time, we are going to solve a problem related to distribution of profits:

After the formation, it was decided by Renzo and Pocholo that profit will be respectively distributed as follows:

  1. Salaries of P60,000 and P72,000 per annum.
  2. Interest of 12% and 10% on beginning capital.
  3. Bonus to Pocholo computed as 20% of net income before tax and after bonus.
  4. Remaining profits shall be divided in 6:4 ratio. Losses shall be divided equally.

Additional information:

  1. Refer to the previous problem in no. (b). Goods relating to the sale were not yet shipped as of year-end. Term is FOB seller.
  2. It is the accounting policy of the partnership to debit cash on the expired portion of the prepaid rent.

The partnership reported a profit ending December 31, 2016 amounting to P540,000.


  1. Prepare schedule of distribution of profits
  2. Prepare adjusting entries

NOTE: We will again use the answers in this problem for our succeeding article. Keep the answers for future reference.

P2 Problem Prepared by: TweetNewscaster.

Featured Image Credit:  Audit Firm Visit photo from St. Scholastica College site. For illustrative purposes only.

Taxation Straight Problem No. 7: The Last Airbender

This another problem focuses more on how to compute for tax credit allowed to be deducted in the estate tax payable. Now, if the Last Airbender named Aang had died, what will you do to settle his estate? Solve this problem:

The Avatar, Aang, had left his properties upon his death. Data on his estate are as follows:

Country Net Estate Estate Tax Paid
Philippines  2,547,000.00
Air Nation  5,872,000.00  595,800.00
Fire Nation  4,797,000.00  900,000.00
Earth Nation  2,804,000.00  223,440.00
Water Nation  980,000.00  175,000.00
Total  17,000,000.00  1,894,240.00

Required: Compute for the following:

  1. Philippine Estate Tax
  2. Tax Credit
  3. Estate tax still due

Featured Image Credit: Picture of Aang from Wikipedia.

RFBT Straight Problem No. 1: Chloe and Fort

BALIK tayo sa naging pagtingin ni Fort at ni Chloe. Muli, sinabi ni Chloe na papayag siyang magpaligaw kay Fort, at sinabi din niya na magiging magkaibigan pa rin sila.

Ngayon, ano kaya ang maaring mangyari kapag hindi niya tinupad ang obligasyong iyon? Solve this problem using all the concepts that you learned in Obligations and Contracts:

Fort obliges himself to give a dozen of specific roses to Chloe. Actually, he stated that the quantity of roses will be twelve.

1. Suppose these twelve roses had been lost due to a fortuitous event. Would Fort be still liable?
2. Same situation as of No. 1. After these roses were lost due to a fortuitous event, Chloe had demanded delivery. Would he be still liable?
3. Had the roses were determined as generic by both parties, would your answer to questions 1 and 2 be the same?
4. What kind of diligence Fort should do while he is not yet bound to give to her the roses?
5. Suppose that Chloe had told Fort that she will need those roses for Valentine’s Day. That day came, and still, Fort had not yet given the roses to her. Meanwhile, Chloe had made no legal demand to Fort. Would Fort be liable for breaching his obligation to deliver?
6. At the time Fort is going to fulfill his obligation, Chloe refuses to accept these roses without justifiable reason. What type of delay is this, and what shall Fort do to extinguish his obligation?
7. Identify the four elements of obligation in this case.
8. Determine if Fort’s obligation to give would be valid under the following conditions. Discuss also the effects:

a. “I’ll give these roses to you if I want.”
b. “I’ll give these roses to you if you want.”
c. “I’ll give these roses to you if your father, Anton Noble, agrees.”
d. “I’ll give these roses to you after I have received a balikbayan box from my uncle.”
e. “I’ll give these roses to you little by little.”
f. “I’ll give these roses to you once I have the money.”
g. “I’ll give these roses to you if my means permit me to do so.”
h. “I’ll give these roses to you if you finish college.”
i. “I’ll give these roses to you if you can build Abreeza Mall within a day.”
j. “I’ll give these roses to you if you will not go near the Sun.”
k. “I’ll give these roses to you if Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecrafts went beyond the Solar System.”

9. (Independent case) Fort, instead of giving twelve roses, now obliges himself to give Chloe a box of Ferrero Rocher. Does this extinguish the whole obligation? Explain.
10. (Independent case) Tupe had given Chloe twelve roses, with her and Fort’s consent. Is this enough to extinguish an obligation? Explain.
11. (Independent case) Fort had been obliged by Chloe to give the thing due to irresistible force. Is the contract still valid? In any case, what shall Fort do?

RFBT Problem prepared by: TweetNewscaster

Featured Image Credit: Chloe and Fort. Courtesy of ABS-CBN.com

Taxation Straight Problem No. 6: Goblin

ALAM naman natin na itinadhana si Erin bilang Goblin’s bride. Ang kanyang task ay hugutin ang espada na nakabaon sa katawan ni Kim Shin, dahil siya lamang ang nakakakita sa bagay na iyan. Kapag binunot ni Erin ang espada, magiging abo ang Goblin at makakapag-resume ng normal na buhay si Erin.

Pero kung hindi niya binunot ang espada, gaya ng sabi ng isang espiritu na nagpakita kay Kim Shin, darating ang kapahamakan kay Erin – na mas marami at mas malala.

Ngayon, i-assume natin na binunot na nga ni Erin ang espada. Ano ang susunod? May maiiwang mga ari-arian si Kim Shin, at nilapitan ka ni Erin dahil hindi niya alam kung ano ang tax na applicable sa sitwasyong ito. At ano ang gagawin mo? Solve this very comprehensive problem:

The estate of Mr. Kim Shin had provided you with the following information with the help of his executor, Mr. Grim Reaper:

  1. Shares of stocks in GMA Network, traded in the local stock exchange. He holds 1,000 shares and as of today, the market value of the stocks is P6.54 per share.
  2. Shares of stocks in TV5, not traded in LSE amounting to 2,500 shares. Book value and par value of these shares are P5.28 and P3.16, respectively.
  3. House and lot in Calamba City which serves as his family home. He had purchased this at an amount of P900,000.
  4. Proceeds of life insurance amounting to P500,000. Ms. Erin, his wife, is designated as the beneficiary of the said proceeds.
  5. Franchise issued in the United States but was exercised in the Philippines, P750,000.
  6. Savings account with Any Bank, exclusively owned by Mr. Kim Shin, P1,347,000.
  7. Current account with Coin Bank, a bank located in Texas, P442,000.
  8. Shares of stocks in Disneyland, Hong Kong, actual value P561,000.
  9. Jewelry consisting of diamond ring he bought during an official trip, P3,000.
  10. Other exclusive personal properties, P28,000.
  11. Brand new Ferrari registered in Las Vegas, P1,080,000.
  12. Vintage motorcycle located at Beijing, P157,000.
  13. House and lot in Trece Martires, Cavite, acquired during marriage, P374,000.
  14. Ancestral house in Bulacan, given by his mother as a gift after she died on September 11, 2001, P648,000
  15. A tract of land which in Mr. Kim Shin’s will shall be donated to the Municipal Government of Sta. Cruz, Laguna, P432,000.

These deductions have been claimed by the estate:

  1. Expenses incurred due to stabbing, which punctured his internal organs. Other expenses were for treatments due to his heart attack. Total was P354,000.
  2. Funeral expenses, P190,000. Additional and necessary expenses amounting to P5,000 were incurred after interment.
  3. Expenses for settlement of the estate, P475,000.
  4. Erin has expressed her assent on land transfer to the LGU of Sta. Cruz, Laguna.
  5. The house in Trece Martires had been damaged by fire three months after Mr. Kim Shin’s death. Assessed damage was P174,000, and insurance claimed totaled P50,000.
  6. Claims against the estate were worth P65,000, not notarized.

Actual payments of estate tax in other countries are as follows:

  1. United States: P187,580
  2. China: P32,440
  3. India: P2,500

Additional information:

  1. His debtor resides in New York, Quezon City and his another debtor lives in India. The two debtors are solidarily liable to him for the total amount of P500,000.
  2. He shares with his wife with regards to the house in Calamba, while the lot is his exclusive property. Reliable sources pegged the respective fair values of house and lot at P1.2 million and P1.8 million.
  3. For purposes of computing the limit on deductible ELIT for non-resident aliens, world gross estate is P5,375,000 and P7,741,740 for NRA with and without reciprocity, respectively
  4. Respective net estate for foreign countries: United States, P761,000; China, P359,000; India, P125,000.

Mr. Grim Reaper wants to know how much would the estate pay for its estate tax due.

For respective scenarios (non-resident citizen, non-resident alien with reciprocity, and NRA with reciprocity), compute for the following:

  1. Estate tax due
  2. Tax credit
  3. Estate tax still due
  4. Share of surviving spouse

Taxation Problem prepared by: TweetNewscaster

Featured Image Credit: Goblin image

Love Advice No. 63

From e-mail:

Hi po. Tawagin niyo na lang po ako bilang Lyn.

Four years na po akong nagtatrabaho dito sa Middle East, hanggang sa may nakilala akong tagarito at nagpakasal sa kanya.

Magtatatlong taon na po kami. Sa una pa lamang po ay alam kong napakaseloso niya – kahit na sa trabaho ko ay palagi niya akong inaaway dahil sa pakikipag-usap sa aming mga guest. Isa po kasi akong restaurant supervisor, kaya hindi po maiwasan na makipag-usap o mag-entertain ng mga tao. Minsan, kahit mga kapwa ko pa Pinoy na babae ay pinagseselosan niya.

Hanggang sa dumating po ang araw na pinag-resign na niya ako sa trabaho at manatili na lamang sa bahay kasama ng pamilya niya. Wala naman po akong problema sa kanyang pamilya bukod lamang sa kanya lately. Palihim kong pinakialaman ang kanyang cp. May password po iyon pero lingid sa kanyang kaalaman ay nalaman ko na ang password.

Hindi ko na po pahahabain pa. Nabasa ko kasi na marami siyang ka-chat at kinakatagpong babae. Sobrang nadurog po ang aking kalooban kasi ang buong akala ko ay tapat siya sa akin. Minabuti ko pong manahimik, dahil ayaw ko ng nag-aaway kami. Medyo iba po din kasi ang ugali niya. Siguro po’y dahil sa trabaho niya bilang sundalo kaya parang medyo palaging galit. Hanggang sa nagkaroon po ako ng lakas ng loob na kausapin siya about sa mga nagawa niya.

Ang hindi ko maintindihan, bakit hindi man lang siya mag-reply na kausapin ako? Bakit nakatahimik lang siya? Mas mabuti pa yatang sigawan niya ako at awayin tungkol sa mga natuklasan ko, kaysa na para lang akong tanga na nagsasayang ng oras na sabihin ang lahat ng hinanakit ko.

Habang ipinapaliwanag ko sa kanya ang ibig kong sabihin, pinaintindi ko pa rin kung gaano ko siya kamahal at ang pamilya niya. Sinabi ko din sa kanya na sana ay matauhan na siya at kontrolin ang kahit ano mang tukso na nakapaligid sa kanya. Pero mukha lang akong tanga na nagsasalitang mag-isa sa harapan niya! Bakit hindi siya kumibo sa akin? Ano po kaya ang nasa isipan niya? Ayaw na kaya niya sa akin?

Sana po ay bigyan niyo ako ng magandang payo na maari kong gawin.

My Answer:

Hello, Ms. Lyn. Sasagutin ko po muna ang inyong tanong bago ako magbigay ng payo.


Bakit nakatahimik lang siya? Hindi na kasi siya makakatanggi eh. Huli na siya sa akto. Alam niya na kahit na awayin at sigawan ka niya, lalabas at lalabas na nagkamali din siya. Siguro, alam din niya na maaring malaman sa ibang tao ang kanyang ginawa.

Bakit hindi siya kumibo sa iyo? Ano kaya ang nasa isipan niya? Malamang, naisip niya na tumalab sa kanya ang karma, dahil naani niya ang itinanim niyang pangseselos sa iyo. At malamang, iniisip din niya ang mga bagay na sinabi mo sa kanya.

O baka wala na siyang pakialam sa iyo. Iyan ay kung nasisiyahan siya sa ginagawa niya kahit na naghihirap na ang kalooban mo.

Selos na wala sa lugar

Dito na lumalabas ang kanyang pagkaipokrito o ang kanyang pagkukunwari. Sobra-sobra ang selos niya sa iyo kahit na sa kaunting pagkikita mo sa ibang lalaki, samantalang siya naman ay naghahanap pala ng iba. Na kung tutuusin ay mas may karapatan ka na magselos kaysa sa kanya.

At malamang, narerealize na din niya kung ano ang meron sa kanyang mga pinagsasabi. Sa simula, parang wala lang sa kanya ang mga sinasabi niya sa iyo. Madali lang para sa kanya ang pagsabihan ka dahil hindi pa niya naeexperience ang sitwasyon mo.

Pero nang nakahanap na siya ng iba, at pinagsabihan mo, kita mo na nahihirapan siyang kainin ang mga sinabi niya noon sa iyo. Sa madaling salita, alam niya na wala talagang basehan para magselos sa iyo.

Natandaan ko ang sinabi ng isang dalaga sa isang love advice: Cute iyon, pero pag sobra na, nakakasakal na. At totoong-totoo ito sa sitwasyon ninyong dalawa.

Tawanan mo ang problema

Sa totoo lang, puwede mo siyang tawanan. Bakit? Wala sa lugar ang selos niya. Iisipin ba naman niya na pati kapwa mo Pilipino (at babae pa!) ay pagseselosan niya? Sabi mo eh sundalo siya, pero mukhang hindi niya alam ang batas sa kanila na bawal ang relasyon sa kapwa babae. Kung may duda ka, puwede kang magtanong sa kapamilya niya o sa kahit sinong tagaroon kung totoo ba ang sinasabi ko.

Let him go or still wait?

Ibig sabihin ba nito eh ayaw na niya sa iyo? Hindi natin alam.

Hindi natin talaga natin masasabi kung ano ang nasa isip niya hangga’t hindi pa natin alam ang hinaharap. Dalawa kasi ang maaring maging bunga: Kung tumigil na siya sa pangseselos niya sa iyo, ang nasa isip niya ay ang mga pangaral mo sa kanya. Pero kung sige-sige pa rin ang lalaki sa kalokohan niya, ang isip niya ay nasa mga babae at hindi sa iyo.

Final Words

Ang magandang payo ko sa iyo ay hintayin kung ano ang mangyayari sa kanya. Saka ka magdesisyon. Dito natin titingnan kung mayroon pa ba siyang natitirang pagpapahalaga sa iyo bilang kanyang asawa. At dito natin titingnan kung talagang mahal ka niya.

Kung wala na talaga siyang tiwala sa iyo sa hinaharap kahit pa sa totoo lang ay hindi ka naman nangangaliwa, mukhang wala nang patutunguhan ang naturang relasyon. Palagay ko eh mas may tiwala siya sa nahanap niyang babae kaysa sa iyo.

At kapag di nagbago o lumala pa ang sitwasyon ninyong dalawa, kailangan mo na siyang hiwalayan. Tingin ko, kung kinasal kayo sa naturang bansa, magiging madali na para sa iyo na maghain ng diborsyo (at hindi annulment). Sa ganitong pagkakataon ay maipapahinga mo na rin ang iyong sarili. At kung may mga anak kayo, mukhang hindi ka na magkakaproblema dahil ang pagtutuunan mo na lang ng pansin ay ang mga anak ninyo.

Maraming salamat po sa pagdudulog ninyo ng problema sa site na ito. Pasensya na po talaga kung matagal bago ko pa naisulat ang payong ito. Muli, ipinapaabot ko ang taos-pusong pasasalamat sa paghahatid ng kuwento na kapupulutan ng aral ng ating mga mambabasa. Mag-ingat po kayo at sana gabayan po kayo ng Diyos sa inyong pagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa.

Practical Accounting 2 Straight Problem No. 2

This problem focuses more on the partnership formation. Also, this problem is drafted with succeeding problems as discussed in the partnership topic. So this problem will not end only on this article, but will cover succeeding articles.

Solve the following comprehensive problem.

On September 1, 2016, Renzo and Pocholo decided to combine their respective sole proprietorships to form Sugarpop Partnership. Their separate statements of financial position were submitted to you:

Renzo Pocholo
Cash 57,000.00 85,900.00
Accounts Receivable 48,600.00 87,200.00
Allowance for Doubtful Accounts (2,000.00)
Advances to Officers and Employees 10,400.00 13,500.00
Inventory 22,400.00 31,400.00
Land, net 1,426,000.00 1,100,000.00
Building, net 684,600.00 1,427,000.00
Equipment, net 130,000.00
TOTAL ASSETS 2,377,000.00 2,745,000.00
Accounts Payable 447,000.00 184,000.00
Notes Payable 420,000.00 35,000.00
Mortgage Payable 350,000.00
Renzo, Capital 900,000.00
Pocholo, Capital 1,300,000.00
Income/Loss Summary 610,000.00 876,000.00
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY 2,377,000.00 2,745,000.00

The following adjustments were considered:

  1. Accounts receivable for Renzo had been estimated net of P2,000 allowance for doubtful accounts, and that of Pocholo P4,500 had been reasonably determined to be uncollectible.
  2. Renzo’s sales collected in advance amounting to P25,000 had not yet been recorded in the books.
  3. Advances to officers and employees in Renzo’s books had been understated by P9,000.
  4. Pocholo’s books had shown a P15,000 overstatement in inventory while in Renzo’s it showed P24,000 understatement in inventory.
  5. Pocholo had recently purchased a prepaid insurance worth P65,000 for the new partnership. This was purchased at the time the parties had not yet contemplated this adjustment.
  6. The partners had paid an advance rent for P18,000. This has been shouldered by them equally and will run for five years.
  7. Renzo’s building is secured by a notes payable of P420,000. He will assume only the P120,000 portion of the liability.
  8. The land has an attached mortgage payable of P350,000. Pocholo did not assume the liability.
  9. Unused supplies charged to Renzo’s expense account amounted to P7,800.
  10. Renzo shall invest/divest cash to reflect his 60% share in the total capital.

Determine the following:

  1. Adjusting entries
  2. Total contributed capital of the partners
  3. Total agreed capital of the partners
  4. Total assets, liabilities, and capital of the new partnership

NOTE: We will use the answers in this problem for our succeeding article. Keep the answers for future reference.

P2 Problem prepared by: TweetNewscaster

Featured Image Credit: Audit Firm Visit photo from St. Scholastica College site. For illustrative purposes only.

A Love To Last: TonDeng and Future Father-in-Law

The cast of A Love to Last, with Tony Noble at the forefront. Photo credits from ALTL Official Page

Marami ang tila nagulat sa naging pagharap ni Tony Noble at ni Andeng sa bahay ng huli. Ngayon, ano nga ba ang napag-usapan nila?

Tungkol ito sa naging desisyon ni Andeng tungkol sa prenup agreement, na sa palagay ni Tony Noble ay makakabuti ito para sa magiging apo niya na sina Lucas, Chloe, at Kitty. Bagaman wala namang problema kung ito’y pipirmahan ni Andeng, mukhang ipinararating ni Tony na wala siyang tiwala sa babae.

Sa naging mungkahi ni Andeng na mag-usap silang mag-ama ni Anton, dito na naungkat ang matagal nilang “away”. Iniisip kasi ni Tony na ibinigay na niya ang lahat ng bagay at ang mga natutunan niya upang mailagay ang kanyang anak sa kinalalagyan nito ngayon. Pero ayon naman kay Anton, hindi niya maramdaman ang pagmamahal sa ginagawa ng kanyang ama.

Naging isang twist ang pagdating ni Anton sa bahay ng dalaga. Nang makita na niya ang kotse ng kanyang ama, nagkaroon siya ng hinala na nag-aaway si Tony Noble at si Andeng. Ito na sana ang pagkakataon para mag-usap silang mag-ama, pero naunahan na si Anton ng galit at sinabi sa ama na hindi siya maaring maimbitahan sa kasal.

And to make the story short, dahil sa magandang trato ni Andeng, nakumbinse na ni Tony na hindi na niya mapipigilan pa ang dalawa sa kanilang pagpapakasal. Ika nga niya noon, “She really knows how to play cards well.” At dahil dito, ang tanging bilin niya kay Grace ay asikasuhin ang mga anak.

Marami ang nakatutok sa takbo ng istorya, nagbigay ng kilig, at nagbigay ng aral tungkol sa respeto at pagmamahal ng anak at magulang sa isa’t isa. Inilahad din nito ang pag-ibig na tunay at pinaninindigan, tulad na lamang ng linya nilang ito:

Ngayon, tingnan natin ang naiibang balita sa seryeng ito thru the netizens’ reactions:

Kakatuwa habang papalapit na ang kasal nagsilabasan na ang mga kontrabida😂😂😂😂 pati tuloy manonood ay nawalan na ng gana!😂😂😂😂 baka pati tuloy kasal ni anton at andeng mapopostpone din… Pwede ba directly palitan ang title ng #agraceandtonytolast😂😂😂😂

  • Kung magkakatotoo man ang palit-title ng ALTL, mag-iiba na ang takbo ng kuwento. Magkakabalikan na naman si Anton at Grace, tapos eh hahabulin ni Andeng, tapos magkakabalikan ulit ang TonDeng. Hanggang sa wala nang katapusan ang kuwento. Actually, merong hindi nawawalan ng gana (pati ako) na panoorin iyan.

May mga nagpapakita ng suporta kay Andeng at kay Anton:

Wag kang pasisindak Andeng. Galingan mo lang ang sagot at maging magalang sa kanya.

Ok lang magsilabasan ang mga kontrabida basta ang tondeng di sila magpapaapekto. Patuloy nilang lalabanan ang mga pagsubok #labanlangtondeng

Meron din namang mga netizens na napansin ang paglilipat-bakod ni Tony Noble:

Tony pera pera sa Wildflower ganoon din nasa utak niya nung pakakasalan si Ivy at huthutan daw ng apo niya lahat ng kayamanan ni Ivy magkakaruon mg karapatan un apo…

Hay, ang daming kontrabida. Puwede ba ibalik niyo na si tony noble sa wild flower at doon siya magkontrabida ni maja.

Pakialamero, pati kina Arnaldo at Ivy pinakikialaman din

Dapat sa wildflower ka na lang maghasik ng galit mo. Wag mo nang idamay si andrea

Ikaw Julio Ardiente kontrabida ka! Dami mo nang kalaban umayos ka!

Kaya naman ang reaksyon ng isa:

Ala eh si Tatay Julio, pinuntahan ba naman si andeng.. ano ito, “A Wild to Last?”

  • Ala, eh kaya nga nagpunta diyaan si Tatay Julio kay Andeng, at nang may makakahuntahan. Di ga? 😀

Isang netizen naman ang chill na chill sa panonood ng programa:

The mere fact na naglalabas tayo ng emotion – inis man yan o galit o kilig – means nae-entertain tayo, kaya ok lang yang mga kontrabida na iyan. Direk, bring it on!!!

Si Tupe, si Fort…

Samantala, maaring napansin natin na hindi maintindihan ni Chloe kung paano siya makakalusot sa problema. At ito’y walang iba kundi ang paghanga sa kanya ni Tupe at ni Fort. Sa wakas, alam na niya kung ano ang dapat gawin, base sa naging pag-uusap nila ni Ms. Andrea. Nag-text siya kay Fort at ang sabi:

“Sige, Fort. Kung gusto mong manligaw, manligaw ka. Pero magkaibigan pa rin tayo.”

With this in mind, sinabi ng isang netizen na ipinahiwatig ni Chloe na magkaibigan pa rin sila, pero posibleng may chance pa si Tupe.

  • Sige, mag-iinject ako ng love advice diyan. Tama naman ang ginawa ni Chloe. Sa ganitong paraan kasi makakapag-focus siya sa kanyang pag-aaral. Isa pa, malaking tulong ito para hindi siya masyadong mamroblema, lalo pa’t tulad ng kanyang mga kapatid, sari-sari na ang nararanasang problema ngayon.

…at iba pa

Napansin ko lang din sa naging eksena kung saan gumagawa si Kitty ng streamer bilang isang sorpresa para sa kanilang tatay. Humingi ng tulong si Kitty para matapos ang kanyang artwork kay Kuya Lucas.

Kung ganoon, bakit kaya nakalimutan niya kung ano ang mga tinuturo niya? Di ba’t siya ang nakatoka sa paggawa ng mga artworks?

Kasi naman, lagi niyang sinasabi, “Wednesday, makulay ‘to!” Photo from Yey Channel Youtube page.

Ngayon, kahit na nakalimutan na ni Kitty ang skill na iyan, hindi na siya nagpatulong sa mga kasama niya sa Yey, at sa halip ay nagpatulong na lang siya kay Chloe at kay Lucas.


Tanong lang: Ano ang meron kay Tony Noble?

Kung matatandaan, nangyari ang isang eksena sa Wildflower kung saan nagkaroon ng komprontasyon sina Emilia at Ivy kung saan pag-alis ng huli ay pasimpleng hinampas si Emilia ng cake:

Dito na nagalit si Tony Noble. Naisip niya na dahil sa matinding tensyon, kailangan na niyang magpalamig. Buti na lang at napadaan siya sa bahay ni Andeng.

Sabi nga niya, “Buti pa dito sa bahay ni Andeng, tahimik. Eh samantalang sa aking bahay eh puro away na lang.” Dahil na rin sa magandang approach ni Andeng sa kanya, mukhang gusto na ni Tony Noble na manatili na lang muna dito. At dahil din dito kaya hindi na niya kinailangan pang dalhin ang mga bodyguard niya. Iniwan niya lang sila sa Poblacion Ardiente.

Gayunman ay hindi pa rin nagbago ang kanyang pakikitungo sa magiging mga manugang hanggang nito lang. Kung doon sa Wildflower ay pinagdududahan pa niya si Ivy, dala-dala pa rin niya ang ganitong pagdududa nang makausap niya si Andrea.

Siguro eh dahil sa respeto na binigay ni Andrea kay Tony Noble, mukhang magiging kalmado na siya kapag nagbalik siya sa susunod na mga serye ng Wildflower. Baka maisip din niya kasi ang mga sinabi ni Andrea sakaling makita niya sina Arnaldo at Ivy na magkasama.

Featured Image Credit: Photo from Star Creatives Official Page

Love Advice No. 62

Good day, dear readers! Salamat sa pagkakataon na makapagbigay ng payo sa inyo. Actually, matagal na din akong naging inactive sa aking site dahil sa trabaho at sa sunud-sunod na problema, lalo na sa personal na buhay. Hanggang sa nagbukas ako ng aking e-mail, at dito nakita ko na nangangailangan siya ng love advice.

Sa kasalukuyan ay ginagawa ko ang love advice na ito. Feeling ko kasi masyado na itong overdue, at talagang humihingi na siya ng tulong. Sige, simulan na natin!

From e-mail:

My Advice:

Tama ang desisyon mo na ipaglaban siya.

Kasi naman bes, unang-una, hindi pa naman sila. Maaring sa simula ay mabigat sa kanyang dibdib, lalo pa’t sariwa pa rin ang sakit na pinagdaanan nilang dalawa. Pero pagdating ng panahon eh makakamove-on din naman siya. Basta tulungan mo lang ang boyfriend mo.

Bakit naguguluhan?

Kung ang itinatanong mo sa akin eh kung bakit siya naguguluhan, ang tanging magagawa ko ay manghula:

  • Nang tanungin mo siya kung masaya ba siya nang nagkausap sila, sabi niya na “Masayang hindi.” Mixed emotion iyan, bes. Masaya kasi nagkita din sila pagkatapos ng matagal na panahong nawalay sa isa’t isa. Pero at the same time, hindi siya masaya dahil ikaw ang mahal niya, at siyempre may nami-miss siyang moments kasama ang ex.

Dahil ganito ang expression niya sa iyo, huwag kang mag-alala. Dapat kang kabahan kapag sinabi niya sa iyo, “Masayang-masaya.”

  • Maaring bumalik na ang pagtingin niya sa girl na iyan. Na matapos niyang iwan ang ex (at iwasan pa), maaring dumating sa point na ma-realize niya na mahal pa rin niya iyon. Maaring magkaroon ng pagsisisi ang boyfriend mo dahil iniwan niya ang kanyang ex. And that’s the point na puwedeng unti-unti siyang mawawalay sa tabi ng ex. May kasabihang “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”
  • Maaring nakumbinse ang boyfriend mo sa mga salita na sinasabi ni ex. Kaya mapapaisip na siya, at pagkatapos ay maniniwala na siya sa mga sinasabi ni ex.
  • Maaring sa buong panahon na nag-uusap sila (na inorganize pa man din ng tropa niya), meron silang natutuklasang problema at nahanap nila ang pinakadahilan kung bakit nagkahiwalay sila. Gustuhin man nilang bumalik sa dati (kung sakali), hindi na maari dahil ikaw ang mahal niya. This time eh malilito na siya.

Sinabi nga niya, “Parang bumabalik,” which means na naguguluhan talaga siya. At hindi pa siya sigurado kung bumalik nga ba ang nararamdaman niya sa ex. Ngayon, kabahan ka na kung sinabi niya sa iyo, “Bumabalik na talaga,” implying na hindi malayong magkabalikan sila.

Magkikita pa rin

Bes, aminin natin na hindi talaga natin maiiwasan ang mga ganitong insidente. Hindi natin maiiwasan na mangyaring magkita silang dalawa. Sabi nga sa isang kanta, “It’s a small world after all.”

Sa kabilang banda, maganda din naman na magkita silang dalawa. Dito kasi nasusubok kung kaya pa bang tiisin ang isa’t isa matapos ang break-up. Masasagot ng ganitong sitwasyon kung sino sa inyong dalawa ang kanyang pagtitiisan.

Isa pa, ito na rin ang pagkakataon nilang dalawa na magkaroon ng closure sa isa’t isa. (Lalo pa’t nang makipag-break siya sa kanyang ex ay iniiwasan na niya ang dalaga.) Maganda na rin na harapin ng bf mo ang ex niya kahit sa huling pagkakataon. Bakit? Mabibigyang-linaw din nito kung hanggang saan dapat ang relasyon ng boyfriend mo at ng ex niya. Mabibigyan mo rin ang bf mo ng pagkakataon na sabihin sa ex na “it’s over” ang kanilang relasyon.

Final Words

Nangyari na nga ang nangyari. Nagkita silang dalawa. Dahil dito, mukhang nagkaroon ng kaunting pagtingin ang boyfriend mo sa ex niya. Dito masusubok kung alin ang kanyang isasakripisyo, at dito mo rin makikita kung mahal ka ba niya talaga.

Pero kumbinsido ako na mahal ka pa rin niya. The mere fact na nag-effort siya sa iyo, na sabi mo “araw-araw niyang pinaparamdam sa akin iyon” and the mere fact na iniiwasan niya ang ex niya habang boyfriend mo siya states that he still loves you. Kung hindi sana nangyari ang ganitong sitwasyon, lalo pa niya itong ipaparamdam sa iyo. Gusto mo, 24/7 ang paglambing sa iyo? (Parang BoybandPH ang peg, ‘no?)

Nararapat lamang na ipaglaban mo ang relasyon ninyo. Tulungan mo din siyang makamove-on sa kanyang pinagdadaanan. Bukod sa wala pa namang senyales na magkakabalikan sila, maipapakita at maipaparamdam mo sa kanya kung gaano mo siya kamahal.

Sige, bes. 😀 Iyan ang aking opinion o advice para sa iyo. Sana makatulong ito sa iyo. 🙂 Maraming salamat sa pag-email sa akin, and God bless din sa iyo. 😀

MILO names Gary V. as new endorser

MANILA, Philippines – A new endorser has arrived.

After running a viral video for several days regarding so-called “energy gap,” Nestle’s chocolate drink brand MILO has finally chosen Gary Valenciano, popularly known as Gary V., to be their new product ambassador starting this 2017.

Reasons for picking

MILO, in their statement, expressed the reason for picking Mr. Pure Energy as the new endorser.

“Although we have chosen James Reid to endorse this for popularity purposes, and although this had tickled the ears of many people, we thought that the video still lacked appeal.”

“We had chosen him as temporary endorser while we are looking for the perfect one. And we think God had answered our prayers.”

“Gary Valenciano, for so many years, has lived up to the very nickname bestowed on him, that is, Mr. Pure Energy. We have watched various videos of his performances, and we have not seen yet any instance of his tiredness or dizziness.”

“At first, we have considered Sarah (Geronimo), but an information has reached that if she does not take a medicine full of iron, she would look tired and pale. Meanwhile, even if Gary V. had not yet taken the medicine, his energy would be limitless.”

“There’s one instance of his video that amuses us:”

“He is a perfect example of a person without energy gap.”

“If he can beat energy gap, so can we!”

Energetic yet surprised

Gary Valenciano stated that he was flattered when he was being picked up as the new endorser of a chocolate drink brand.

“Actually, I was surprised. What were my credentials that would be the reason to pick me as their ambassador? Surely, I do not like sweets due to (health reasons).”

“My motto is simple, and Kuya Germs (German Moreno) was my inspiration for this. Kung si Kuya Germs, ang sinabi niya ayWalang tulugan’, sa akin naman ehWalang ayawan,’ lalo’t pag di pa tapos ang tugtugan.” (If Kuya Germs’ line is ‘Don’t sleep,’ mine is ‘Don’t stop,’ especially if the song’s not yet finished.)

Si James Reid ang nag-refer sa akin sa MILO dahil baka nakikita niya na magaling akong sumayaw. Sinabi niya sa akin kung bakit hindi ako sumali, eh fit na fit ang role ko sa ine-endorse niya.” (James Reid referred me to MILO maybe because he sees me that I am great in dancing. He told me why not join there, while my role fits that of what he endorses.)

Sabi pa nga sa kanta ko, ‘Hataw na! Huwag kang mapagod…’ At palagay ko nai-apply ko ito sa aking sarili.” (My song has these lyrics, ‘Groove now! Don’t feel tired…’ And I think I am applying this to myself.”)

New role

As of press time, Mr. Pure Energy is formulating another dance craze. He told, “This dance will help our kids become more energized.”

According to inside sources, Gary V. never showed signs of exhaustion even if he crafted the dance for straight seven hours.

Further luck, success

Nestle in its separate statement, commented on what will happen on the cast and crew of the upcoming video, “We predict that while the shooting is going on, one by one, many of our staff and our dancers will get tired of dancing. However, Gary V. will still dance. This is based on our assumption that the shooting will cover many takes and cuts.”

The firm further added, “We are pleased to work with Gary Valenciano. We wish him success in his upcoming video and we’re pretty sure that this will be a hit after that of James Reid.”

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Batangas town builds chicken monument after laying egg statue

Photo of egg and chicken monuments, both located at San Jose, Batangas.

SAN JOSE, Batangas, Philippines – “Which comes first, egg or chicken?”

The search for the correct response to the endless query had been resolved by the erection of a chicken monument at the town of San Jose in Batangas province. The statue was built as a testimonial to the chickens who provided much of the needed eggs in the town that qualified the latter to be the leading producer of eggs in the country.

Comments from some netizens revealed that the egg was placed near the hospital, while the chicken was installed near funeral parlors, firing their thinking that the egg was being laid in the hospital, while the chicken, being full-grown, would look like as if it is going to be slaughtered.

Laying the monument

A local official of San Jose who refused to reveal his name had something to share regarding the erection of the statue:

Tuwi nang mapapasinsay ako sa bayan, laging tinatanong sa akin ng mga dayo, ‘Pagkagaganda naman naréng itlog. Ay nasaan ga ang manok? Nangingitlog pa ga?’ Lagi kong sinasabi na nakawala laang iyon. Pagka nagtanong ang Mamay, lagi kong sinasabi na inaalagaan namin iyon.”

(Everytime I pass through the town proper, those strangers always ask me, “How beautiful is that egg. Where’s the chicken? Is it still laying?” I always tell that it had escaped. Everytime this question is asked by our grandfather, I always tell that we take care of it.)

Pinagbigyé natin ang hiling nila. Kaya nagpatayo na tayo ng gay-ang kalaking istatwa nito lang Setyembre o Oktubre. Ala, ay tuwang-tuwa ang mga tawo diné pagkakita niyaan.”

(We had granted their wish. So we built that huge statue this September or October. The people were full of joy when they saw that.)

The official further explained that for many years, San Jose, Batangas was dubbed as the “Egg Basket of the Philippines,” and as such, an egg monument was placed to signify the role of the town as the main source of egg production for the country. However, no monument for the chickens was installed at the town despite the fact that the broilers have contributed a big role for the eggs industry.

Cracking the answer

The monument had egged the netizens to give their best answers:

Nauna ang itlog. Yun ang unang nakatayo. Ngay-on laang natapos yung manok eh.

(The egg comes first. This was first erected [in that town]. The chicken [monument] was recently built.)

Diné po sa amin ay una ang manok, sapagkat sa tuwing magluluto ako ng pagkain, pag may itlog at manok, ang unang kinukuha ng mga anak ko ay manok, kaya una po ang manok.

(Here in our place, chicken comes first. It is because everytime I cook our food, if there were egg and chicken, the first one my sons would pick would be the latter. Therefore, the chicken comes first.)

Ala, hoy naman, kung ang sagot ay dipende sa tanong, eh itlog ang una. Pero kung sa tama ay palagay ko ay manuk. Papaano ga magkakaitlog kung walang manok. Ay, naku, sa tagal ko nang magmamanuk ako ga ay mauuto pa?

(Hey, if the answer depends on the question, egg comes first. But I think chicken is the right answer. How would the eggs exist if there’s no chicken. Oh, my, will they fool me when I am raising chickens for so long?)

Ay siya, hinahon laang, mga irog at paggulungin ko pariyan sa San Jose ang magic itlog. Pihadong balahibuhin na aré pag nakarating diyaan! Hehehe.

(Well, relax, darlings, and I will roll the magic egg down there to San Jose. Surely it will be feathery when it goes there! Hehehe.)

A fellow netizen had finally guessed the answer to the never-ending question:

“Ala’y diné sa amén sa San Jose ay depende kung saan ka magmumula. Pagka galing kang Batangas, ay MANOK. Pagka galing Lipa naman, ay di ITLOG.

Wari ko nama’y!”

(Here in our town in San Jose, it depends where you start your travel. If you’re from Batangas City, the answer is CHICKEN. But if you’re from Lipa City, the answer is EGG.

I guess so!)

To secure the correct answer, another netizen suggested:

“Bantayan mo ang dalwang aré at baka magpalit, ay malilito ang papanhik ng San Jose.”

(Guard these two monuments for they might swap positions. People going to San Jose might be confused if this happens.)

To which the page replied:

“Karibok iyan kapag nagpalit.”

(There might be trouble if they swapped positions.)

And for those who can’t get over to the question:

“Siguro kailangan ang referendum sa San Jose para malutas ang issue sa pagitan ng itlog at manok.”

(Maybe referendum is needed in San Jose to solve the issue between the chicken and egg.)

“Sabi na nga na depende kung saan kayo nanggaling eh. Pagkakulit niyo din nga eh. Tawarin naman kayo.”

(It is already told that the answer depends on where you start travelling. You’re way too insistent. May God forgive you.)

Hatching reactions

The laying of the chicken monument had not only tickled the various answers on the chicken-or-egg question, but also reminds them of everyday life with the chickens in Batangas.

Their reactions follow:

A: Wag na ninyong pagtalunan ang manok at itlog kasi diné sa dapdapan, mas nauna ang bibe kisa manok.

B: ‘Yaan mo na…, mapapalo iyang mga iyan ng mamay.

(A: Don’t argue over chicken and egg because here in the Indian coral tree, the duck comes first and not the chicken.

B: Don’t mind them,… they will be beaten by Grandpa.)

“Lasa ko naman eh ako’y liyo na, at lasa ko’y patas ang laban diné. Pero ako’y hanga eh. Ay pagkakalaki ng itlog at manok diyaan. Ay pihong mangangailangan ako ng malaki-laking kawa at ang Tatay Igme ay gutom na! Hahahaha :P”

(I feel dizzy, and I feel that they both won here. But I am amazed. The chicken and the egg are so huge. Surely I will need a very big pan for Father Igme is hungry now. Hahahaha. 😛 )

“Di ga’y merong 45 days na tinatawag? Baka iyan ay 365 days na manok eh pagkakalaki eh. Di na yata pellets pakain diyan, baka isang sakong bigas ay kawawa ang kaka.”

(There are 45-day chickens, aren’t they? That might be the 365-day chicken for that is huge. Pellets might not be feeded for the chicken, instead they are feeded with rice grains. Pity the aunt/uncle. )

Since the play between the chicken and egg in the town would be discussed especially in public and private schools, another commented:

“Pag may dyaryo ang mga iyan, ang nameplate dapat ay ANG ITLOG. Hahaha. O pag may English campus paper, eh THE EGG”

(If they have their campus paper, the nameplate of the schoolpaper should be THE EGG.)

Another had told that the chicken in San Jose must be related to the one seen in Magallanes near EDSA:

Huwag pipiho kasi pag diné galing Maynila eh aré ang makikita mo sa Magallanes… Hahahaha

(Don’t be so sure because if you’re coming from Manila, this is what you will see in Magallanes. Hahahaha.)


To which the page replied:

…. Andiné pa din ang Egg Basket of the Philippines. 🙂 Baka iya’y nakawala laang sa mamay nuon.

(The Egg Basket of the Philippines is still here. 🙂 It might be the one escaped from grandfather’s coop in the past.)

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Love Advice No. 61

From e-mail:

Hi. Ask ko po what if si ex nakikipagbalikan ulit? Dapat ko pa ba siyang bigyan ng chance kahit na twice na niya akong niloko at iniwan for other girls?

My Advice:

Dapat mo siyang bigyan ng chance.

Kaya lang, bibigyan mo lang siya ng chance para patunayan na deserving siya sa ikatlo mong pagkakataon. Saka mo pa lang siya bibigyan ng chance, this time, para maging isang mabuting boyfriend para sa iyo.

Ano ang ibig sabihin nito? Kailangan niyang patunayan na karapat-dapat siya na maging boyfriend mo. Hindi naman kasi puwede na basta-basta na lang siyang makikipagbalikan matapos ka niyang lokohin at iwanan. Ano ito, iniwan ka niya nang pak na pak, tapos babalik sa iyo nang ganern ganern na lang? Walang ganern. 😡

The mere fact na nakipagbalikan ulit siya sa iyo ay nangangahulugang may problema siya pagdating sa pag-handle sa inyong relationship. Kasi, ang problema sa kanya, hindi niya kayang panindigan ang pagmamahal niya sa iyo. Na kaunting ihip lang ng hangin, bibigay na agad sa iba. Naku, walang magtatagal sa kanya kung ganyan ang ugali niya.

Hindi rin puwedeng basta-basta na lang siya makikipagbalikan sa iyo.


Tatanungin kita: Ilang balde ba ng luha mo ang iyong nahahakot? Ngayon, kung basta-basta na lang siyang makikipagbalikan sa iyo, at sakaling iwanan ka niya the third time, iiyak ka na naman. Hanggang sa tuluyan nang madurog ang puso mo.

This time, dito mo na makikita kung gaano siya kaseryoso sa paghandle sa relationship ninyong dalawa. Dito mo rin makikita kung nagsasabi siya ng totoo o hindi. At sa ganitong paraan matutunan niya ang halaga mo bilang kanyang girlfriend.

Sass starts sequel for online dare

Photo of Ms. Sass Sasot from her official Facebook page.

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands – The price is right.

After starting an online dare on her password, Sass Rogando Sasot is now exploring on an online dare regarding the payment she received.

Sass has received comments from other netizens, saying that she was allegedly paid to defend President Rodrigo Duterte. These continuous accusations had not escaped the blogger’s notice. As a response to these accusations, and to avoid repeated and pointless defenses, she started another online dare.


Her second online dare is simple. Anyone, especially her accusers, must know how much she received and must secure proofs. Reward for those who can get the answer will be a blessing for the winner.

According to Sass:

May pa-contest po ako sa mga patuloy pa rin na nagsasabi na ako ay bayaran. Hulaan niyo po with evidence:

  1. Kung magkano exactly ang bayad sa akin

  2. Sino ang nagbayad

(I have a contest for those who continuously say that I am paid to defend the president. Guess the following with evidence:

  1. How much exactly was being paid to me.

  2. Who paid me?)

Exact amount, anyone?

In an interview, Sass had wondered if her accusers can still guess the exact amount. “Hindi nga nila mahulaan ang aking password kahit na gumamit sila ng iba’t ibang keyboard, ito pa kaya?” (They can’t even guess my password despite using various keyboards. How much more for this online dare?)

“These numbers are imaginary, tulad na lang ng nasa isip nila. Ang pagiging bayaran ay nasa isip lang nila. Wala pong katotohanang iyan. Bakit, namumulubi ba ako? Hindi naman, ah.” (These numbers are imaginary, like their perception. Being paid to do something is just on their mind. That’s not true. Why, do I beg for help? Not necessarily.)

Sa tindi ng pang-aakusa sa akin, kailangan nila itong patunayan. Kung tama sila, eh di wow! Sila nga ang magaling.” (With grave accusations against me, they have the burden to prove it. If they are right, then wow! They’re just great.)

Too irritating

Sass had told that she was being irritated by those who assume that she was being paid to do the work. When asked for the amount, she neither confirmed nor denied the amount being given to him. For her, at least, God knows the exact amount.

Kung mahulaan niyo po iyan, ang prize ay ang buong amount na binayad sa akin. Paki-email po sa akin ang sagot sa politicalsass@protonmail.com

(If you can guess it, the prize would be the whole amount being paid to me. Just e-mail the answer at politicalsass@protonmail.com)

“This will show if they have the desire to process their minds or not.”

Mind games

Sass further stated that this game will help those who challenge him to have critical minds, to guess the answer more precisely, and to have an intelligent guess on the exact amount of money supposedly paid to her.

When asked for another final response, she told the netizens, “And just like in any contest, the more entries you send, the more chances of winning.”

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Love Advice No. 60

From a curious friend:

Dapat pa bang itago ang picture ng ex mo?

My Advice:

Ang sagot diyan ay hindi “dapat”, kundi “maaring” itago ang picture ng ex mo.

Sa totoo lang, personal decision mo na kung dapat bang itago iyon. Kung feel mo na iyon ang dapat mong gawin, gawin mo.

Ano ang meron kapag tinago mo ang picture ng ex mo?

Isa ito sa mga paraan kung paano ka makakamove-on. (Ang ibang paraan ay pagsira, pag-delete, o pagsunog sa picture ni ex.) Kasi naman, kung may pagkakataon ka na titigan ang larawan niya (at tinitigan mo), baka masaktan ka lang. Lalo na kung may pinagdadaanan kayong dalawa. 😥

Ex still part of your life

Sa totoo lang, kahit anong tago ng picture ng ex mo, kung siya at siya pa rin ang nasa isip mo, balewala rin. Hindi lang kasi siya ang nasa larawan, nasa isip at puso mo pa siya.

Kahit anong tago ng picture ng ex mo, “it’s still part of your past and nothing will change.” Except sa status ninyong dalawa. 😥

May bahagi na rin kasi si ex sa puso mo. At dahil diyan, hindi natin basta-basta mabubura ang alaala at feelings mo sa ex, maganda man iyan o hindi. Once na na-meet natin siya, tatatak siya sa ating puso at/o alaala. “Hindi ito parang flash drive o hard drive na puwedeng i-reformat nang ganoon-ganoon na lang”. Unless may amnesia o Alzheimer’s ka. XD

From the author

Kahit na wala pa akong ex, let me share with you my experience.

Meron akong nagustuhan dati. O sabihin na natin na mahal na mahal ko siya.

At that time, ang tanging paraan para sa akin upang magustuhan niya ako ay maging “aggressive” sa panliligaw sa kanya. May mga moments pa nga na magkasama kami, at sa tingin ko ay nasisiyahan siya. Umasa pa man din ako na baka ma-fall siya sa akin. Pero hindi pala.

Nami-miss ko siya mula nang hindi na sila pumasok. 😦 May gagawin kasi silang magkakaklase. Nang nagkaroon ako ng free time, sinamantala ko na ang pagkakataong iyon para pumunta sa kanila. 😀 Naglakbay pa man din ako ng napakalayo makita ko lang hindi lang sila, kundi pati ang babaeng iyon.

Dumaan ang mga araw, at dumating sa punto na nasira na ang friendship namin. Naputol pa nga. Iyon ang napakalungkot na nangyari sa akin, at iyon ang aking pinagsisisihan hanggang sa mga oras na isinusulat ko ang artikulong ito. Totoo naman na kasalanan ko kung bakit ko ipinilit ang isang bagay na dapat eh inuunti-unti.

Masakit pa rin hanggang sa ngayon ang nangyari. Alam ko na hindi ko na maibabalik pa ang dati naming samahan. At iyon ang napakasaklap. 😥 😥 😥

Pero isang araw, nagkaroon ako ng lakas ng loob na i-download ang kanyang larawan. Hanggang ngayon, may kopya pa ako ng mga larawan niya. Hindi ko ito itinatago o dinedelete.

Meron din akong picture ng mga moments na masaya kaming nag-uusap. Hanggang ngayon ay hindi ko pa rin ito tinatago o binubura.

Iniisip ko na lang kasi na minsan na siyang dumaan sa buhay ko. Masaya man o malungkot ang naging experience ko sa kanya, tatatak pa rin siya sa aking puso at alaala. Iyon na ang starting point ko para simulan ko ang pagbabago sa aking sarili.

Nai-share ko lang ang bagay na ito upang makita at maramdaman mo kung ano ang reyalidad kapag nagdedesisyon ka kung itatago mo ba ang picture ng ex mo o hindi.

Final Words

Since irrelevant na siya sa buhay mo, gamitin mo na lang ang natutunan mo sa past to be “a better person, not a bitter person.”

Actually, puwede mong itago ang picture ng ex mo para hindi ka masaktan. O di kaya, puwedeng hindi itago ang picture niya, kasi dito may matutunan ka sa inyong nakaraan.

Another suggestion: Maaring ibigay sa ex mo ang kanyang mga larawan. Dito hindi ka matutuksong balikan ang kanyang mga larawan na siyang ikasasakit ng iyong damdamin. Isa pa, senyales na ito para sa kanya na natapos na ang inyong relationship. Paraan na rin ito ng pagpapasalamat sa kanya sa mahabang panahon na kayo’y magkasama.

Wanted: Freelance Writers

Hinahanap Ka Niya!

Ang TweetNewscaster ay isang site na may misyong maghatid ng kuwela at naiibang balita sa buong daigdig. Sa mga nakalipas na buwan, matagal nang hindi nakapag-post ang may-akda ng mga naiibang balita dahil sa trabaho at paghahanda sa nakalipas na eksaminasyon. Upang maging tuluy-tuloy ang paghahatid ng naiibang balita, nangangailangan ang TweetNewscaster ng mga tagapagbalita:

(2) Freelance Writers:

  • Dapat may interes sa pagsusulat. Hobby lang ang pagsusulat. Wala lang. Gagawin lang niya ito dahil nag-eenjoy siya dito.
  • Walang age limit. Bata man o matanda, puwedeng magsulat dito.
  • Ano ang pagkataong dapat niyang taglayin? Dapat makuwela at palabiro.
  • May kakayahang makisabay sa mga uso.
  • May kakayahang magsulat ng tatlong artikulo o higit pa sa isang buwan.
  • Isang advantage ang kakayahang magbigay ng love advice.
  • A caveat: Walang suweldo.

Paano mag-apply?


Sa pag-aapply, ilagay ang mga sumusunod:

  • Pangalan (Real name)
  • Picture/s mo (full body). Puwedeng kasama ang pamilya, syota, ex mo, kaibigan, ka-tropa, at/o iba pa.
  • Ang gusto mong maging username sa site
  • Ang iyong personal e-mail
  • Your skills

Uunahin ng may-akda ang mga may kumpletong requirements. What’s the next step?

  1. Kung kumpleto na ang requirements, bibigyan ka ng may-akda ng isang task na dapat mong gawin sa loob ng isang linggo.
  2. Hintayin ang kumpirmasyon mula sa may-akda.
  3. Kung confirmed na, maari ka nang magsulat sa kanyang site. Puwedeng bigyan ka ng task o magsulat ng iyong sariling artikulo sa site na ito.
  4. Ngayong tapos na ang iyong pagsusulat, paano mo ito isa-submit sa may-akda? I-send mo ito sa e-mail na nakalagay sa itaas.

Siyempre, dadaan din ito sa editing ng may-akda. Ako na ang bahalang mag-publish nito para sa iyo.

Ang mapipiling mga tagapagbalita ay mabibigyan ng pagkakataon na makapagsulat dito sa site na ito. Goodluck and God bless sa inyong lahat. 😀

Ang Bibig ni Duterte (?)

President Duterte with her daughter Veronica. Photo from Kitty Duterte’s Facebook page.

Matagal nang panahon ang nakalipas mula nang huli akong nakapagsulat tungkol sa Pangulo. Sa dami ng trabaho at dahil sa paghahanda sa isang eksaminasyon, nakalimutan kong magsulat tungkol kay Rodrigo Duterte. Subalit hindi dito magtatapos ang lahat. Ngayong tapos na ang eksaminasyon, may panahon na ang may-akda na makapagsulat ng mga artikulo. Bilang patunay, may sagot ang may-akda sa isang isyu na matinding iniuugnay sa Pangulo: ang kanyang pananalita.

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Essay ano ang masasabi mo sa pananalita ng pangulo?

My Answer:

Talagang masakit sa tenga kapag nagmura na ang Pangulo.

Nasanay na kasi tayo sa turo na dapat hindi ganoon ang ugali ng isang lider, lalo na ng pinakamataas na lider sa ating bayan. Hindi na kataka-taka kung bakit nagulat ang marami sa sobrang dami ng maanghang na salitang ibinato niya nang nagtalumpati siya noong isang taon. At lalong hindi kataka-taka na marami ang nadismaya sa inasal ni Duterte.

Pero aminin na natin na minsan napapamura tayo kapag may sobrang nagpapagalit sa atin. Kung gayon, hindi naiiba sa atin si Duterte. Ang maling sistema ang nagpapagalit sa kanya, at dito siya napapamura.

Pangunahing tungkulin ng gobyerno

Ano ba ang masasabi ko dito? Dahil sa mura ni Duterte, nalaman na natin kung sino talaga ang totoong disente at mga nagde-desente-desentehan. Ngayon, alam na natin kung ano ba talaga ang pangunahing tungkulin ng gobyerno.

Bakit? Pangunahing tungkulin ba ng gobyerno ang maging absolute role model sa madla (lalo na sa mga bata)? Sa totoo lamang, pangunahing tungkulin ito ng DepEd. Pero ang pagiging absolute role model ang pangunahing tungkulin din ng mga nakakatanda pati na ng mga artista. Tanong lang: Ginagawa ba ito ng mga nakakatanda pati na ng mga artista? Kayo na ang sasagot niyan.

Dahil sa kanyang pananalita, unti-unting lumalabas ang pagiging inutil ng mga nag-aangking “disente” sila pagdating sa pagtulong sa kapwa at sa bayan. Lalo na noong Zamboanga siege, lindol sa Bohol, sa panahon ng bagyong Yolanda, paglaganap ng krimen sa Kalakhang Maynila, at sa marahas na pagsupil sa protesta sa Cotabato na nangyari sa taong ito. Na binigyan na sila ng panahon para tumugon sa isyung ito, pero dahil sa sobrang disente nila, ayaw nilang madumihan ang kanilang damit sa pagtulong sa kapwa at sa bayan.

Mahirap umintindi

Sa pananalita ni Duterte nasusubok ang kakayahan ng Pilipino na unawain ang kanyang kababayan. Lalo na sa mga Bisaya.

Dito din nasusubok kung aasa na lang ba sila sa ipinapakita ng media tungkol sa kanyang pananalita o iintindihin ang buong pahayag niya at ang kuwento sa likod nito bago humusga.

Tulad halimbawa ng isyu sa kanya tungkol kay Leni Robredo. Pinuna ni Duterte na makinis ang tuhod ni Leni. Palagay ni Leni at ng iba, isa itong anyo ng pambabastos sa mga babae, na hindi naman totoo. Feeling nila kasi, makinis ang hita ni Leni gayong malinaw na sinabi ng Pangulo na tuhod ang makinis.

Sa totoo lamang, ang pinupunto dito ni Duterte ay hindi naman masyadong nagtatrabaho ang pangalawang pangulo kaya ganoon na lamang kakinis ang tuhod (at dahil dito ay binigyan si Robredo ng deadline hanggang sa Disyembre para tapusin ang iniatas sa kanya). Pero ang tingin ng iba, tuhod = hita, na feeling eh parang mas magaling sila sa anatomy, tulad na lang ng kay Risa Hontiveros:

Kung ganoon, eh bakit hindi nila punahin ang kantang Legs?

Tanggap ba ng mga tao?

Nasusubok din ng kanyang pananalita kung hanggang saan siya maaring tanggapin ng taumbayan. Nasusukat din sa kanyang pananalita kung sino talaga ang sumusuporta sa kanya.

Dahil din sa mura niya, unti-unti siyang tinanggap ng mga tao. Wala na silang pakialam kung ganito siya, basta gampanan niya ang tungkulin bilang isang Pangulo.

Takot sa kanyang bibig

Ngayon, hindi na magkaintindihan ang ilan sa pananalita ni Duterte.

Isa pa, dahil sa mga pananalita ni Duterte, natatakot na ang mga kriminal.

Bumaba na ang krimen.

May nabasa ako dati na maaring ganoon ang bitiwan niyang salita, pero alam niya kung ano talaga ang dapat gawin.

Halimbawa, lagi niyang sinasabi sa mga sangkot sa droga, “Papatayin ko kayong lahat.” Pero ang binabanggit niya ay ito: “Palabanin mo muna, bago patayin.”

“Kapabayaan” sa Pilipinas

Dahil sa kanyang mga salita, nakita na natin kung gaano katindi ang “kapabayaan” ng Amerika sa ating bayan, lalo na sa usapin sa West Philippine Sea. Na kung kailan unti-unti nang babawasan ang pagiging palaasa sa Amerika, saka lang sila aangal.

Sa mga salita ni Duterte, nakita kung gaano katindi ang kawalang-respeto ng ibang bansa sa atin dahil masyadong kumikiling tayo at sumusunod tayo (at least dati) sa Kanluran.

Ang mga salita ni Duterte ang nagtulak sa ibang bansa upang hangaan at igalang tayo, bagay na hindi nila ito nagawa dati sa atin.

Gising ang bayan

Ang pananalita rin ni Duterte ang nagpapagising sa pagkamakabayan ng mga Pilipino.

Saan ka nakakita ng mga tao na handang magtiis ng ilang oras para mapakinggan ang kanyang mga talumpati?

Ganito ang nangyari noon sa panahon ng kanyang kampanya.

Makikita sa kanyang pananalita na tapat ang kanyang hangarin na paglingkuran ang bayan.

Sa totoo lamang, hindi na bago sa akin ang naturang istilo ni Duterte. Bago pa man siya tumakbo, ito na ang turing sa kanya.

Ito ang isang dahilan kung bakit ayaw ko sa kanya dati. Pero ito na ngayon ang dahilan kung bakit mataas pa rin ang respeto ko sa kanya hanggang sa mga oras na ito.

Love Advice No. 59

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Ano ang dapat gawin para sa taong naguguluhan kung sino sa dalawa ang pipiliin niyang mahalin?

My Answer:

Tulungan mo siya sa kanyang pagdedesisyon.

Salamat sa iyong malasakit, kung ganoon. Base sa aking personal na karanasan, mahirap talagang magdesisyon kung sino sa dalawa ang kanyang mamahalin. Kaya isang malaking bagay kung tutulungan mo siya.

The Process…

Maari mo itong ipasulat sa kanya: Isang papel para sa isang mahal niya, at isa namang papel para sa isa pa. Isusulat niya ang mga magaganda at hindi magandang katangian ng dalawa. Una sa lahat, siya kasi ang mas nakakakilala sa dalawa.

Ikaw bilang kaibigan niya ay puwedeng tumulong sa kanya. Ikaw kasi bilang katropa niya ay may pagkakataong kilalanin ang kanyang (mga) mahal.

Sa pagsusuri sa pagkatao ng dalawang mahal, makakatulong ka (pati na ng ibang mga kaibigan ninyo, mga kaanak nila, at mga kaibigan nila) sa prosesong ito para matulungan siya sa kanyang desisyon.

Ang mahalaga dito, makita niya (at makita mo) kung sino sa kanilang dalawa ang mas lamang. Patagisan na ito ng mga mahahalagang katangian na dapat taglayin ng isang lalaki (o babae).

…Used by author

Bigyan kita ng halimbawa. Noong nasa high school pa lang ako, meron akong gusto. Kaya nga lang, consistent honor student siya pagdating sa pagsasabi niya na hindi niya ako gusto. Meron namang isa na gusto ako. Na kulang na lang ay sabihin niya sa akin na mahal niya ako.

Siyempre, litung-lito ako kung sino sa kanilang dalawa ang pipiliin ko. Upang magabayan ako sa aking pagdedesisyon, nagsulat ako sa isang papel ng mga katangian nila base sa pagkakilala ko sa kanilang dalawa.

Gabi na noong mga panahong iyon, at hindi talaga ako makatulog. Kinailangan ko kasing tapusin ang aking pagsusulat para makapagdesisyon nang maayos. Nang matapos ang aking pagsusulat, buo na ang aking desisyon. Pipiliin ko na ang isa na may gusto sa akin. Bakit? Nakita ko na mas maganda ang kanyang ugali. Isa pa, inamin nga niya na gusto niya ako. Iiwan ko na ang isa dahil minsan, sobra akong nasaktan sa ginawa niya sa akin.

(Ang kaibahan nga lamang, hindi ako humingi ng tulong sa kanilang mga kaibigan o sa kanilang kakilala dahil awkward para sa akin na gawin ito. Isa pa, talagang malalaman ng “lahat” ang prosesong ito kung hihingi pa ako ng tulong sa kanila. Kumbaga, mas madaling kakalat ang naturang tsismis. Turing ko pa nga sa sarili ko ay artista pagdating sa ganyan, dahil iyon ang totoo.)

Sana kahit paano ay natulungan ko ang kaibigan mo sa prosesong ito. Maraming salamat sa pagtatanong. 😀

Sass Sasot starts online dare re password

Sass’ screenshot of notifications she received regarding her password. Photo from Sass Rogando Sasot’s Facebook page.

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands – What’s the password?

The famous line from a chocolate stick commercial many years ago had found an echo in one of the recently-known personalities in Facebook known as Sass Rogando Sasot. Being popular in Facebook, the social media celebrity had not been spared not only from various criticisms but also from Internet security issues. This dare, for Sass, is her response to various situations that pull her down.

Change is coming

The online dare started when Sass noticed that an unknown user had tried to change her password.

According to Sass,

Today, I received THREE notifications from FB, alerting me that someone is requesting to change my password. These people have been doing this since July 6; I have kept all these notifications.

She later expounded that these things does not include the alerts she received via text message. These things reminded her of somebody who are attempting to hack her Facebook since July.


As a sarcastic reply to those who wanted to take her down, Sass had started an online dare on her password. To officialy open up the said challenge, she had finally disclosed her password:

I’ve changed my password to:


The game starts with the said phrase. Sass added, “It will be up to the hackers if they want to verify if that password is true or not. I know of a famous person who developed the ‘I Love You’ virus. If he can do it, why can’t they?”

“It is up to them if they can decode the secret code.”

Rewards for those who can guess the password include unlimited saging na saba (De Lima’s banana), a plaque of appreciation, a sash, and a free ticket for upcoming Metro Manila Film Fashion movie Frailities of a Woman. Aside from this, the hacker who can crack the code will be given free membership and admission to Anonymous Philippines.

Another strategy

She further told that the hackers can devise various strategies on how they can decode the password.

“In fact, meron akong kakilala na gumastos nang malaki para alamin iyon. Yung isa, bili na nang bili ng iba’t ibang keyboard. Eh magkano ba ang isang desktop keyboard? I kennat!” (In fact, I know someone who spent much to know that. He bought various keyboards, and imagine how much is a piece of desktop keyboard.)

Sabi niya, Bakit nung ginamit ko ang German keyboard, sinasabi ng Facebook, “Incorrect password?”’ Iba-iba ang kanyang binili: French keyboard, Spanish keyboard, American keyboard, British keyboard pero wala pa rin.” (He told, “When I use German keyboard, Facebook says, ‘Incorrect password.’ Why?” He tried to buy French, Spanish, American, and British keyboards, but still in vain.)

Hindi ko alam kung nalaman ba niya ang password ko.” (I do not know if he had knew already my password.)

Password description

When asked what the password is all about, she retorted, “Ito kasi ay alphanumeric with special characters, na ang gamit ay German keyboard. Puwedeng yung symbols na nakikita ninyo sa Word. At may halu-halo ring iba’t ibang characters ng mga Intsik, Hapones, Koreano, Arabo, Hebreo, at mga Ruso.” (It is alphanumeric with special characters, using a German keyboard. It can be symbols found in Microsoft Word. And this includes different Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian characters.)

As of this writing, no one had ever broke the secret code.

And to those who are still scrambling for that message, Sass told them, “Good luck!”

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Love Advice No. 58

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Kung tatanungin ka ng boyfriend mo kung bakit mo siya sinagot, ano ang sasagutin mo?

My Answer:

Kung ano ang nasa puso mo, iyon ang dapat mong isagot sa kanya.

At dapat mong sabihin ang totoo.

Mahirap kasi na itago ang totoong dahilan kung bakit mo siya sinagot.

Sa totoo lang, maraming puwedeng pagpiliang sagot sa tanong na iyan. ^_^

Balikan mo ang moment na sinagot mo siya. Nasuri mo na ba ang mga katangian niya? Gaano mo siya kilala? Meron bang isang bagay na nasa kanya na nagustuhan mo? Ang lahat ng iyan ang puwede mong ikonsidera upang makapagbigay ka ng sagot sa boyfriend mo.

Pero kung wala ka talagang maisagot, ito ang puwede: “Meron kasing kakaibang feeling dito sa puso ko eh kaya sinagot kita.” Mukhang reasonable ito dahil mararamdaman mo rin naman na siya talaga ang dapat mong piliin na maging boyfriend. Maraming salamat sa pagtatanong. 😀

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Ano kayo ng manliligaw mo kapag naghintay siya sa sagot mo?

My Answer:

Baka ang ibig mong sabihin ay ito: “Ano ang status ninyong dalawa habang naghihintay siya sa sagot mo?”

Simple lang. Maaring kayo’y “Relationship pending,” “Relationship-in-process,” “Feeling mag-on pero hindi,” “Relationship in transit,” o di kaya ay “M.U.” Puwede ring “Sweet daw pero kulang sa tamis.” Haha. Sa totoo lang, hindi pa talaga kayo. Yun lang. 😀

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Bakit namimiss ng lalaki ang kanyang ex-girlfriend?

My Answer:

Hindi kasi basta-basta mabubura ang pag-ibig niya sa kanyang ex.

Ang relationship kasi, puwedeng basta-basta putulin. Pero hindi basta-basta mabubura ang feelings nila sa isa’t isa. Bakit, porke ba split na sila, wala na sila agad feelings? Nagmamadali ka?

Maaring namimiss niya ang kanyang ex-gf dahil may mga alaala na gusto niyang balik-balikan, mabuti man o hindi. Siyempre pa, ito ang nagpapasaya sa kanya o nagpapaalala sa kanya ng mga bagay na dapat niyang matutunan.

Sa panahon na sila’y magsyota pa, unti-unting nabubuo ang samahan sa isa’t isa. Kaya kapag dumating sa punto na mangyayari ang hiwalayan, siyempre hahanap-hanapin niya ang ganitong klaseng samahan. Wala kasi itong katulad. Iba ang pakiramdam kapag kasama niya ang kanyang ex.

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Ibig sabihin kapag kinuwento ng bf ang kanyang ex sa kanyang current gf

My Answer:

Wala siyang itinatago sa current gf.

Ibig sabihin nito, normal lang para sa kanya na ikuwento ang kanyang karanasan.

Isa ito sa mga bagay na gustong gawin ng lalaki para kilalanin siya ng kanyang current gf.

Puwedeng gusto niyang i-share ang mga magagandang katangian ni ex na puwedeng (o dapat) taglayin ng current gf.

O di kaya, isa itong pahiwatig o hamon na hindi uulitin o gagawin ng current gf ang naging pagkakamali ng ex niya sa lalaki.

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Pag ang lalaki ba nag-alok kaagad ng halik kahit hindi pa matagal ang relasyon, tunay ba ang nararamdaman niya para sa iyo?

My Answer:

Depende na iyon sa lalaki.

Maaring tunay ang kanyang nararamdaman. Maaring hindi.

Ano’ng meron kapag nalagay ka sa ganitong sitwasyon? Ito kasi ay isa sa mga paraan kung paano niya ipapadama na mahal ka niya.

Inalok ka lang ng halik, nag-alinlangan ka pa? Pero wag kang mag-alala. Makikita mo sa kanyang sinasabi at ginagawa kung tunay ba ang nararamdaman niya sa iyo.

In actual practice, may mga magsyota na naghahalikan kahit na hindi pa matagal ang kanilang relasyon. Makikilala mo sila, basta lumingon ka lang sa paligid. Maraming salamat sa pagtatanong. 😀

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Mga ahensya na dapat lapitan laban sa tiwaling pulis

My Answer:

Maghanda muna ng ebidensya na gagamitin laban sa kanila. Ano pa ang dapat mong gawin?

Maaring lumapit sa isang abogado para mag-asikaso ng isasampang kaso laban sa mga tiwaling pulis.

Maari ding magreklamo sa pulisya, o ireklamo ang naturang pulis sa 8888.

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Paano ba matatagpuan ang iyong forever?

My Answer:

Hanapin mo siya.

Mukhang may sense ang kasabihang “Huwag hanapin ang pag-ibig, ito’y darating sa iyo.” Kasi naman, may mga bagay at pangyayari na hindi natin inakala o inaasahan. Baka sa isang iglap lang, ang dating kaaway mo eh yun pala ang taong para sa iyo.

Pero siyempre, hindi ibig sabihin nito ay tutunganga ka na lang at maghihintay ng grasya. Dapat pagsikapan mo din na matamo ito. Hanapin mo siya. At huwag mo nang hintayin na siya pa ang maghanap sa iyo.

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Kung hindi ka pa rin tutugon english translation      

My Answer:

Ito ang salin sa wikang Ingles:

If you still don’t respond/reply

Sana natulungan kita sa pagsasaling ito. Maraming salamat sa pagtatanong. 😀

Love Advice No. 57

From e-mail:

Hihingi lang po ako ng payo kung ano ang dapat kong gawin.

Ganito po iyon: May kaibigan akong babae. Naghiwalay sila ng boyfriend niya tapos agad ko naman siya kinomfort. [Makalipas] ang limang araw, naging maayos na siya. Tinanong ko siya kung pwede ko siyang ligawan. Pumayag siya.

Kaso, sabi [niya na] kapag tuluyan na siyang naka-move on ay saka siya papayag. Lagi ko siyang ka-chat. Minsan, niyaya ko siya na gumala at pumayag naman siya.

Kinabukasan, hindi na niya ako kinakausap. Madalang na siyang mag-chat sa akin, hindi na yung tulad ng dati na lagi kaming nag-uusap. Naguguluhan na kasi ako sa pinaparamdam niya [sa akin].

Gusto ko sana siyang tanungin na kung naka-move on na siya, may pag-asa ba ako sa kanya? Ano po ang dapat kong gawin? Maraming salamat po. More power sa inyo.

My Advice:

Maghintay ka sa kanya.

Hindi kasi komo nag-break up na silang dalawa, ay puwede mo siyang ligawan agad-agad. Walang ganoon. Ano iyon, ayaw mong pagpahingahin ang dalaga? Kailangan din niya ng pahinga. Hindi puwede ang kasabihang “Walang tulugan.”

May pag-asa ka ba sa kanya? Meron naman. Maliit nga lang. Lalo sa sitwasyon ninyo ngayon. Pero huwag mag-alala. Makinig ka muna. 😀

Hard system

Iyan ang mahirap sa sistema ng panliligaw sa atin ngayon. Hindi mo alam kung gusto ka ba ng babae o hindi. Iyan ang isang bagay na natalakay ko na sa nakalipas na love advice. At kapag nasabi na natin na gusto natin siya, o kapag natanong natin siya kung puwede na ba siyang ligawan, hindi natin maintindihan kung ano ba ang magiging reaksyon ng babae. Ito ang isa sa ikinasasakit ng ulo at ikinapapraning nating mga lalaki.

Lalong hindi natin maiintindihan kung ano ba ang mangyayari sa inyong dalawa matapos mong tanungin ang bagay na iyan o sabihin ang feelings mo sa kanya. Maaring iwasan ka niya. Maaring iyon pa rin ang turing niya sa iyo at hindi na iyon magbabago. Maaring i-zoned ka niya. O di kaya tanggapin niya iyon dahil naappreciate niya iyon.

Don’t assume

Mahirap ang umasa. Bakit ko ito nasabi? Sinasabi ba niya o pinaparamdam ba niya sa iyo na gusto ka niya? Base sa sinabi mo, hindi naman niya pinaparamdam na may gusto siya sa iyo.

Isa pa, hindi komo lagi kayong magka-chat, eh ibig sabihin nito gusto ka nga niya. Sa nakikita ko, hindi pa handa ang dalaga na umibig pa ulit. Maaring masakit para sa kanya na maghiwalay sila, pero hindi ito ibig sabihin na desperada siyang maghanap ng bago.

Kung puwede lang sana, hayaan natin ang mga babae na magsabi ng kanilang nararamdaman sa lalaki. Para quits lang. Bahala sila kung kikilos sila para ligawan sila ng napupusuan nila. Dapat nga eh saka na lang tayo mag-eeffort kapag nasabi nila ang nararamdaman sa atin, di ba?

Kapag tuluyan na siyang naka-move on, saka mo pa lang siya ligawan. Siya na mismo ang nagsabi. At paano mo naman malalaman kung nakamove-on na siya? Maari mo siyang tanungin ng mga bagay na related sa ex niya. Kapag iyon ay kanya pang iniyakan, at hindi pa rin siya masaya sa kanyang ginagawa o sa trabaho, malaki ang posiblidad na hindi pa siya nakakamove-on. Isa pa, kung nakikita mo sa kanya na ginagawa niya ang isa sa mga tips na ibinahagi ko sa Love Advice No. 3, ibig sabihin nito eh unti-unti na siyang nakakamove-on.

Final Words

Isa pang bagay: Hayaan mong makita niya ang halaga niya sa iyo bilang kaibigan. Malay mo, baka dahil dito, unti-unti siyang ma-in love sa iyo. The mere fact na kino-comfort mo siya ay isang magandang simula. Ibig sabihin nito, nang nahulog ang dalaga, sinalo mo siya. Ang problema nga lang ay kung paano mo siya patuloy na sasamahan. Dito niya matatanto na “habang iniwan ako ni ex, nandiyan siya para sa akin.”

Maraming salamat sa pagtatanong. Sana nakatulong ang aking payo. More power din and God bless sa iyo. 😀

Love Advice No. 56

Magandang araw! Pasensya na po kung sa tinagal-tagal ng panahon ay hindi ako nakasasagot sa inyong mga tanong. Sa totoo lamang, sa loob ng mahabang panahon ay naghahanda pa ako noon para sa isang eksaminasyon. Dahil dito ay hindi ko na masyadong naasikaso ang site na ito.

Subalit ngayong tapos na ang eksaminasyon, nagkaroon na ako ng oras para sagutin ang ilang tanong na ibinabato ninyo sa akin. Salamat. 😀 Maikli lang ang aking isasagot, pero sapat na ito para mapunan ang inyong pagkamausisa. Muli, maraming salamat sa inyong pagtatanong. Simulan na natin!

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Advice tungkol sa manliligaw na may anak na

My Advice:

Acceptance is the key.

Sa pagtanggap mo sa kanya, dapat kasama na rin ang kanyang anak.

At this stage, dahil nanliligaw pa lang siya sa iyo, dapat magkaroon ka rin ng background investigation sa kanya. Mahirap na kung sasagutin mo siya, tapos isang araw malalaman mo ang masakit na katotohanan. Baka yun pala, mahal din niya ang kanyang ex.

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Ano ang isasagot sa tanong niya kung may tiwala ako sa kanya?

My Advice:

Sabihin mo ang totoo.

Mahirap kasi kung sinagot mo siya ng “oo,” kung sa nakikita at nararamdaman niya ay wala kang tiwala sa kanya.

Mahalaga ang tiwala sa relationship ninyong dalawa. Dahil dito, baka maisip mo na kung tanungin ka niya ng ganito, mapapa-oo ka na lang. Pero kung wala ka talagang tiwala sa kanya, sabihin mo na rin.

At hindi lang iyan ang dapat mong sabihin. Dapat talakayin ninyong dalawa kung paano niya maibabalik ang tiwala mo sa kanya. Sa ganitong paraan, kung may trust issues na namamagitan sa inyong dalawa, maaayos iyan sa usapan. Maraming salamat sa pagtatanong. 🙂

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Simpleng bagay na gusto mo ipagawa sa bf mo para makita mo ang effort niya  

My Advice:

Narito ang mga simpleng bagay na puwede mong ipagawa sa iyong boyfriend:

  1. Tumira sa bahay kasama ang iyong mga magulang. Dito mo makikita kung paano siya makaka-reach out sa mga magulang mo. Dito mo rin makikita kung paano siya nag-eeffort para maging maganda ang relasyon niya sa mga magulang mo.
  2. Ipagawa sa kanya ang mga gawaing-bahay.
  3. Magtrabaho siya. Preferred siguro na ipadestino siya sa malayong lugar para makita mo kung gaano siya nag-eeffort para mapanatili ang inyong relationship. Meron kasing mga real-life cases na kung saan nasisira ang relationship dahil magkalayo ang agwat, gagawin ang lahat, mapasaiyo lamang… De. Joke lang! Pero seryoso na ito. Dito mo rin malalaman kung gaano siya kahanda na magtiis para sa iyo.
  4. Mag-aral siya. Dito mo makikita kung gaano siya kaseryoso na paghandaan ang kinabukasan ninyong dalawa. Sabi nga nila, edukasyon ang susi sa magandang kinabukasan.

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Paano ipadama ang pagmamahal sa isang pagtatalik?

My Answer:

Baka ang ibig mong sabihin ay, “Paano mo maipapadama ang pagmamahal sa pamamagitan ng pagtatalik?”

Well, depende na iyan sa desisyon ninyong dalawa, sa totoo lang.

Mas maigi sana kung kasal kayo. Sa lagay na iyan, magiging natural na ang pagtatalik ninyong dalawa. Nasa sa inyong dalawa kung paano ninyo gagawing kasiya-siya ang bagay na iyan. Gamitin na lamang ang inyong pagmamahal sa isa’t isa upang maging masaya ang karanasan na ito.

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Ano ang ibig sabihin kung nagsabi ang lalaki na sa right time siya manliligaw?

My Answer:

Hindi pa siya handa.

Alam man niya o hindi kung paano siya manligaw, sinasabi niya sa iyo na hindi pa siya handa. Naghahanap pa kasi siya ng tamang panahon para ligawan ka.

Maaring palatandaan din ito na kailangang maging handa ka sakaling i-push niya ang panliligaw niya sa iyo.

Isa pang ibig sabihin nito ay handa rin siyang maghintay sa iyo.

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Ibibigay mo ba ang iyong number sa ex mo?

My Answer:

Well, kung iyan pa rin ang number mo before and after kayong maghiwalay, mukhang nililimitahan mo na ang pag-uusap ninyo nung time na magsyota pa kayo. Pero kung iyan na ang bagong number mo, sarili mo nang desisyon kung ibibigay mo ba iyan sa ex mo. Ikaw kasi ang mas nakakakilala sa kanya.

Normal na sa ating mga tao na makipag-usap sa kapwa. iyon ang isang dahilan kaya maari mong ibigay ang iyong number sa ex mo. Walang problema kasi in the first place, past is past. Alam mo na sa sarili mo na hindi mo na siya maaring balikan pa.

Isa pang dahilan ay baka may nais siyang sabihin o dahil feel niya ay may dapat na ayusin sa inyong dalawa. Baka sakaling dahil dito ay magkabalikan kayo. 😀

Walang problema kung ito ay may kinalaman sa inyong trabaho o anumang pinagkakaabalahan ninyo. Nagkataon lang kasi na pareho kayong nagtatrabaho o pareho kayong magkasama.

Mas maiging tanungin siya kung para saan niya ito gagamitin. Dito mo kasi malalaman kung sinasamantala niya ang pagkakataong kuhanin ang number mo o hindi. Anyway, kung feel mo na ginagamit niya ito sa paraan na ayaw mo, tulad ng sobrang pang-iistalk, puwede namang magpalit ng number.

From the reader who asked a question via Search Box:

Masama po bang magkaroon ng crush sa pinsan?

My Answer:

Walang masama dito.

Iyon ay kung hindi mo siya first cousin.

Crush is paghanga. Wala talagang problema dito, kaya huwag ka nang mag-alala.

Pag-ingatan mo lang na huwag ma-develop sa first cousin mo, dahil labag sa batas iyan.

Senyora launches first book, plans for sequel

Cover of Senyora’s first book, “Lakompake”. Photo from Senyora’s official Facebook page.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Magbunyi! (Rejoice!)

This was the expression of one of most-followed personalities in Facebook, Senyora Santibañez, after publishing her first-ever book entitled as Lakompake (I Don’t Care). After its publication, her followers swarmed over various bookstores in the country hoping for them to get their own copy, leading to the success of Senyora’s book sales.

Book opened

Lakompake is her first book describing the various journeys in her hacienda. It also contains her love advices coming from different experiences she faced. The book includes practical tips that are extremely helpful for her followers.

According to Senyora:

Lahat ng pwede kong maisulat ay naisulat ko na para MASAKTAN ko lang ang mga DAMDAMIN n’yo. Hindi ito recommended sa mga mahihina ang puso at mga takot harapin ang reyalidad. MASASAKTAN lang kayo. Wag mag expect na may ginintuang aral dito. PWE

(All [my thoughts] that I wanted to write [here in this book] have been written by me to hurt your feelings. This is not recommended for those who have weak hearts and those who are afraid to face the realities of life. You will be hurt. Don’t expect some important lessons here.)

In a separate interview, Senyora was given the chance to promote her book, but she replied: “Sa sobrang sama ng ugali ko, hindi ko sasabihin ang lahat ng nilalaman ng libro ko. Bahala na kayong basahin iyan pwe.” (With my very bad attitude, I will not tell all the contents of my book. Just read that.)

Dubai vacation

Instead of promoting her book, Senyora disclosed that she had gone on a vacation to Dubai to escape the stress.

Dahil ang dami ko na namang nauto, yehey! May pang-bakasyon na ako. Dahil sa libro ko, makakabili na rin ako ng malawak na hacienda sa Dubai. Mas magiging malawak pa ito kaysa sa aking hacienda sa Pinas pwe.” (Because I have fooled many, yehey! I have now money for my vacation. Because of my book, I can buy too a wide estate in Dubai. It will be wider than my estate in the Philippines.)

She told that being bored in the Philippines was another factor that pushed her to go out of the country and meet Arab friends. “Naghahanap din po ako ng mga Arabo na susuporta sa akin. Hindi lamang si Anurag ang puwede kong kaibiganin pwe. It’s so evergreen na kasi.” (I am also searching for Arabs who will support me. Anurag is not my only friend. It’s because it is so evergreen.)

Second book planned

To support further her plans to buy various haciendas around the world, and to extend further her vacation, Senyora is working on crafting another book to be titled as Lakongdede (I Have No Breasts).

Tutal, kada post ko, lagi nilang sinasabi sa akin na wala akong dede. Bakit nila totoong pinoproblema ang dede ko? Kakaasar pwe. Sa second book na ito makikita nila ang sagot ko sa mga tanong nila pwe.” (Anyway, everytime I post, they always tell me that I have no breasts. Why do they really have to take my breasts as their problem. So annoying. In this second book they will see my reply to their questions.)

Sinasabi nila na iyon at iyon din ang dress na lagi kong sinusuot. Truelaloo iyon. Kailangan kasing naka-uniform kapag haharap ka sa mga alipin mo, di ba? Nagpakita pa nga ako ng cleavage para maniwala sila na hindi flat ang dede ko, pero anyare? Photoshopped daw. My gad. I hate frogs.” (They tell me that I always wear the same dress. That’s true. I need to be in uniform when facing my servants, won’t I? I even showed my cleavage to make them believe that my breasts aren’t flat, but what happened? They thought my picture was edited.)

Always out of stock

When Lakongpake had been first published, many of her followers had expressed interest in buying its copies. Some had travelled to various places in search of her books but to no avail, stockouts being the main reason.

When asked about those various persons who wanted to buy a copy of the book and yet had not given one, Senyora replied,

Sa mga nais magsend ng entry mag message or email lamang. EMAIL na lang dahil minsan di ko nababasa sa fb pwe
Sa mga nais magpadelete ng entry email lang.


(For those who want to send their entries, just message or e-mail me. E-MAIL only since sometimes I can’t read your requests in Facebook.

For those who want to delete their entries, just e-mail me.)


Her final message to her followers was “Lakompake kung nakabili man kayo ng libro ko o hindi. Basta bumili kayo pwe.” (I don’t care if you have bought my book or not. Just grab a copy.)

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Happy Second Anniversary with TweetNewscaster: Ulat sa Bayan

Mahal naming mga mambabasa:

Para sa kaalaman ninyong lahat, ngayon ay nasa ikalawang anibersaryo na ng paglalathala ng blog na ito.

Maraming salamat sa pakikiisa sa pagdiriwang ng Ikalawang Anibersaryo kasama ang TweetNewscaster!

Mula nang ilathala ang blog na ito, lalong lumawak at dumami ang mga artikulong naililimbag ng may-akda. Sa loob ng ikalawang taon, napanatili at nalinang ng may-akda ang paggawa ng naiibang balita.

Sa loob ng ikalawang taon, lalong dumami ang mga tao na nagbabasa ng site na ito. Maraming salamat sa pagbabasa at pagbabahagi ng naiibang balita sa buong mundo. Sana tuluy-tuloy ang ating samahan at sana patuloy nating isabuhay ang misyon ng site na ito.

Narito ang ulat ng may-akda sa bayan:

  • 21 ang followers ng TweetNewscaster noong isang taon. Ngayong 2016, mahigit sa 40 na ang ating mga followers. Dahil dito, mas lalo nating maipapaabot sa buong mundo ang naiibang kulay ng balita. Sa mga followers, maraming-maraming salamat po!
  • Nakapaglimbag na kami ng 280 artikulo, hindi kasama ang artikulong ito at ang artikulo tungkol sa pagdiriwang natin noong isang taon. Mas maraming artikulo ang nailimbag noong 2016 kaysa noong 2015: 177 para sa taong ito, at 103 noong isang taon. Ang pagdami ng mga artikulong naililimbag ay dulot din ng mainit na pagsuporta sa ngayo’y Pangulo na si Rodrigo Duterte.
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Pancit Hugot Recipe

sddefaultGood day, readers! Noong una ay nakapagluto na tayo ng pancit canton the usual way. Ngayon naman, magluluto ulit tayo ng Pancit Canton. This time, gagamit tayo ng hugot upang mas maluto nang husto at manuot ang sarap ng niluluto natin.

Iyan ay ibinahagi sa atin ng isang netizen, at nagdagdag na lang ang may-akda ng ilang detalye, so enjoy kayong lahat habang niluluto natin ito.

Paano magluto ng Pancit Canton?

  1. Bumili ka muna ng pancit canton. Ikaw na bahala kung ilan, tutal, hindi ka naman marunong makuntento sa isa.

Sige, damihan mo pa. Hindi ka mabubusog sa isa? 😡

Sige, kuha pa. Tutal, diyan ka naman magaling. 😡

Saka, yung bago, ha? Hindi yung gaya ng malapit nang ma-expired gaya ng ipinalit mo sa akin. Alam mo naman na change is coming, ika nga. Saka, malalason ka niyan kapag nag-stick ka pa sa malapit nang ma-expired.

  1. Buksan mo nang paisa-isa. Pero dahil sanay ka namang pagsabay-sabayin lahat, buksan mo na lahat. Tutal, pinagmamalaki mo naman sa buong mundo na ikaw ay isang multi-tasking na tao. Lahat nagagawa mong pagsabay-sabayin, pati mga babae. Doon ka naman magaling, hindi ba?
  2. Ihulog mo ang pancit canton sa kumukulong tubig. Yung kasing-init ng pagkulo ng dugo ko nang nakita ko ang kabit mong mukhang homo erectus. At hindi lang mukhang homo erectus. Mukha pa siyang Australopithecus!

Mas lalo pang uminit ang dugo ko nang nakita na nga ninyo ako, naghahalikan pa kayo at ang torrid pa. Aba, sa sobrang kulo ng aking dugo, mas nanaisin ko pang ihulog kayong dalawa sa dagat. Doon na lang kayo maghalikan, yung pang-Titanic ha? 😡

  1. Patayin mo na ang apoy after three minutes, kasingbilis ng pag-iwan mo sa akin. Maganda na nga ako, mas pinili mo pa nga yung pangit. Choosy lang ang peg?

After some moments of our relationship, basta-basta mo na rin pinatay ang feelings mo sa akin. Pinatay mo na rin ang relationship natin para lang sa pangit na iyan.

  1. Panghuli, halu-haluin mo hanggang sa maging okay. Tapos, kapag okay na ang lahat, iwan mo na. Kasi may nakita ka nang iba.

Nice try, umasa ako na magsasalu-salo tayo sa pag-ibig, pero yun pala iiwanan mo din naman ako.

Sanay na sanay ka naman diyan, hindi ba? Mabulunan ka sanang hinayupak ka! XD

Duterte Serye: Bakit Ba Si Duterte?

By: TweetNewscaster

Matagal ko nang isinulat ang isang artikulo tungkol kay Duterte. Ang kakaiba nito, isinulat ko ito sa paraan ng pagsasalita ng mga Batangueño. Kung hindi mo maintindihan ang artikulong ito, “isinalin” ko na ito sa normal na paraan ng pagsasalita natin para maintindihan mo. Para sa orihinal na artikulo nito, paki-click dito.

Nag-Duterte na po kami. Kayo ba?

Mag-usap naman tayo.

Salamat naman kung nababasa mo ang artikulong ito. Makakausap naman kita ngayon.

Nasaksihan naman natin ang maraming gulo sa ating bansa.

Sino ba namang hindi mayayamot sa pagkarami-raming kalokohan na ito?

Nakakatulo ng pawis, at hindi ka makangiti sa lagay na ito.

Natatandaan ko pa nga nang minsang dinukot ng mga lalaki ang ilang bata dito sa Batangas. Sabi ba naman ng ilan, “Rody, daan ka naman dito at napakagulo dito! Tulungan niyo naman kami dito!” Hindi naman maaring pakialaman iyan ni Lolo Rody, dahil Davao lang naman ang hawak niya.

Dati ay nakakatiis tayo sa sistemang ito. Ngayon ay gutom na gutom na ang mga tao sa pagbabago dito sa bansa.

Sino naman kung ganoon ang magiging instrumento upang akayin tayo sa pagbabagong hinahangad natin?

Sino ba ang maglilinis ng mga alikabok at kalat sa ating bayan?

Gusto lang ni Duterte na magpahinga sa kanyang bayan.

Pero mga taong ito, napakakulit. Pinilit pa si Duterte na tumakbo, gayong wala nga siyang pera.

Ang ending, taumbayan na ang gumastos para sa kanya. Di ba?

Alam naman natin na tayo’y barako. Anong magagawa natin? Aminin na lang natin iyan.

Ngayon, kung tayo’y barako, di ba’t ang lider na kailangan natin ay barako din? Di ba?

Ang tanong: Sino ba si Duterte?

Simple lang. Si Duterte ay barako, parang Batangueño.

Ang kanyang istilo ay barakong-barako.

Inilalarawan niya ang kanyang sarili sa kasabihang laganap na sa ating mga Batangueño: “Di baleng mawala ang yaman, huwag lamang ang yabang.”

Kahit papaano naman ay may maipagyayabang naman si Duterte. Hindi ko na sasabihin, basta ikaw ay pumunta ng Davao at tingnan ang buhay doon.

Sinasabi naman na papatay daw siya, subalit ang totoo naman ay ipinipirmi niya ito sa tama. Hindi masama ang kanyang ugali na mabilis kung makapatay ng tao. Inuunti-unti niya at ng mga pulis ang proseso bago gawin iyan. Ika nga niya, “Palabanin mo muna, bago patayin.”

Sinasabi naman na siya’y bastos pagdating sa mga babae. Ngayon, eh ano naman? Sa totoo lamang ay pinoprotektahan pa nga niya itong mga babae sa lungsod. Itong mga pulitiko, gaya ni Estrada, di ba’t bastos din nila, ano?

Sinasabi naman nila na siya’y komunista, NPA, kinokompromiso ang pag-aangkin ng Pilipinas sa teritoryo nito. Jesus na mahabagin. Eh kung ganoon nga. Ano’ng gusto ninyo, mag-aaway na lamang nang mag-aaway tayong mga Pilipino? Handa ba tayo kung tayo’y susuntukin din ng China? Awayin mo na lang ang sarili mo kung ganoon ang katuwiran mo.

Sinasabi nitong iba na sila’y disente. Pati na ng ilang “banal” na kulang na lang ay laging pupunta sa simbahan. Patawarin [nawa sila]! Ewan naman kung ang mga taong ito ay mas masahol pa sa bastos. (Lalo na si Villegas, na mabilis din ang tabas ng dila. Na akala mo ay kung sinong hindi masama ang ugali.)

Isa sa mga gustong ipatupad ni Duterte ay ang paglilimita sa paglalasing at kantahan, lalo na sa madaling araw. Kahit na ikaw ay inom nang inom, kailangan ding magpahinga. At ang videoke, kapag gabing-gabi na at napakaingay, abot [ang lakas] hanggang sa kapitbahay, kaya hayan! Hindi na sila makaharok.

Minsan, kung hindi pa dadaan ang kapitbahay para sabihing tumigil na, hindi talaga titigil at tuloy pa rin [ang kasayahan]. Buti na lamang kung hindi ka ganoon.

Si Duterte ay isang Lolo na hindi naging diktador sa kanyang lungsod sa pagpapatigil sa mga gumagawa ng kalokohan.

Si Duterte ay isang Lolo na kahit na papaluin nang ganoong katindi ang mga pasaway, may pagmamahal din sa mga taong sumusunod sa batas.

Si Duterte ay isang Lolo na kahit mayabang ay handang tumulong at ipagtanggol ang mga tao.

Si Duterte ay isang Lolo na hindi tatanga-tanga at ubod ng tamad sa pagresponde sa mga nangyayari dito sa ating bayan.

Si Duterte ay isang Lolo na kikilos muna bago magsalita.

Kung aakyat si Duterte sa Malakanyang, susunod ba tayo sa batas? Kaya ba natin ang disiplina sa ating mga sarili?

Malilinis ba ni Duterte ang maraming alikabok sa ating bayan?

Aba’y siyempre naman, hindi naman niya iyon kaya nang mag-isa. Eh di tulungan natin siya.

Uunti-untiin natin ang pagbabagong gusto natin.

Hala, huwag nang maging pasaway!

Featured Image Credit: Si Duterte kasama ang maraming tao dito sa Batangas.

Sisig Recipe (for Dogs)

Hello, dear readers! Narito na naman tayo sa isang naiibang serye ng pagluluto. Sa ngayon, ang Sisig para sa mga aso ang ating lulutuin. Yes, sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon, magluluto tayo ng pagkain na hindi para sa tao, kundi para sa isang aso. Ang naturang recipe ay nagmula sa isang netizen na gustong magbahagi ng paraan ng pagluluto nito. Handa ka na ba? Kung oo, ihanda na natin ang mga ingredients! 😀

  • Pisngi ng baboy. Sakali mang hindi ka makahanap ng pisngi ng baboy, maari kang kumuha ng taba at laman ng baboy, with 1:1 ratio by weight.
  • Asin. Sinabi niya na kaunting asin lang ang ilalagay diyan sa sisig. Pero kung gusto mong timplahan ng maraming asin ang sisig (dahil hindi naman ikaw ang titikim niyan kundi ang aso), walang basagan ng trip! 😀
  • Reno Liver Spread. Take note, liver spread. Hindi sandwich spread o peanut butter spread. Otherwise, mag-iiba ang lasa kung ipipilit mo ang gusto mo.
  • Kalamansi.
  • Sibuyas.
  • Sili.

Paraan ng pagluluto:

  1. Hugasang mabuti ang pisngi ng baboy.
  2. Ilagay sa kaldero, ibuhos ang tubig, at pakuluin sa mahinang apoy.
  3. Lagyan ng kaunting asin. Kung matabang ang lasa na iyan para sa iyong aso, sige damihan mo. Go ahead. 🙂
  4. Tingnan kung malambot na ang baboy. Paano? Siyempre, tutusukin mo iyon ng tinidor. Gusto mo, pisilin mo pa iyan?
  5. Kapag malambot na, hanguin ito at ihawin. Huwag hayaang masunog. Otherwise, kawawa ang aso mo kapag kinain niya iyan.
  6. Habang nakasalang sa ihawan, lagyan ng Reno Liver Spread, kalamansi, sibuyas, at sili.
  7. (Optional) Tikman kung masarap. Kung okay na ang lasa, the Sisig Recipe for Dogs is now ready to be served.
  8. Ipakain sa aso. But if you look like a dog, puwede mong kainin iyan. 😛

Sana nakatulong ang naturang netizen sa kanyang pagbabahagi sa atin ng espesyal na dish na ito para sa mga aso natin. Ang mga aso natin ay “man’s best friend,” kaya mahalaga na mapakain din natin sila nang maayos. Sana ang pagbabahagi niya ng recipe na ito ay malaking tulong upang iparamdam na mahal natin ang mga aso.

Sinabi pa ng isang netizen na gagawa siya ng pastillas na gustung-gusto naman ng pusa. Sige, hihintayin natin ang recipe na iyan. (Pero baka hindi na niya ito ibahagi sa atin.) Sana nabusog kayo, este, ang aso. Happy cooking! 🙂