Trivia No. 3

Alam niyo ba na ang Quezon City ay bahagi na ng CALABARZON?



So, may pagbabago na pala sa mga political divisions ng ating bansa.

Kapapasok lamang na balita, ang Quezon City ay naging bahagi na ng tinatawag na CALABARZON.

CALABARZON is now made up of five political divisions:

  1. Cavite
  2. Laguna
  3. Batangas
  4. Rizal
  5. Quezon Province
  6. Quezon City (part of Quezon Province)

Brief History

Philippine President Manuel Quezon had dreamed of forming what is now the Quezon City. The territory of what is now QC was established on October 12, 1939 as the Diliman Estate.

Several years later, after forming the Metro Manila, Ferdinand Marcos included Quezon City in the Metro Manila group.

In the year 2014, while Quezon City is celebrating its 75th Foundation Anniversary, the Sangguniang Panlungsod passed an ordinance relocating the City from being part of NCR to becoming part of the CALABARZON Region.

Quezon City is now the richest LGU in Quezon Province, surpassing that of the latter’s capital, Lucena City.


Quezon City is presently an exclave of the Quezon Province, and an enclave of the Metro Manila Area. It is separated to the rest of Quezon Province by a strip of land under the Province of Rizal, and is 60 kilometers away from Infanta.


As per the agreement signed by the Provincial Government of Quezon and the City Government of Quezon, Quezon City retains the same administrative divisions, including districts, barangays, and sitios. Even if the said city will be part of the Quezon Province, it is being administered separately from the latter. Due to its greater autonomy, many Filipinos now are unaware of the fact that the city is part of Quezon.

As far as both the provincial government and the city government are concerned, the city is an independent city, alongside the capital of the province.

The City government is not required to account to its fiscal matters in the province. However, the province will exercise administrative functions, particularly the external affairs, of the city.


As of this moment, there are plans for Manuel S. Enverga University and Southern Luzon State University to have its own respective campuses in Quezon City.

It Is Still Part of Quezon Province

For those who do not still believe that QC is now part of Quezon province, one would attest the fact:

A: Is it raining in Quezon City?

B: Of course, it’s part of CALABARZON.

Everyone: Laughs hard!

Another further attested:

Ate ni Peter: So nagpunta kayo ng Quezon (Province) kasi dba Calabarzon kayo?

Nico: Opo kaso Quezon City lang HAHAHA

Quezon City Map

Quezon City is no longer on the Metro Manila group, and therefore, no longer under MMDA rule: 10416607_10201016424491805_8202478072454212240_n10390398_829311117096195_8220876286689984265_n


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