Trivia No. 19

Alam niyo ba na kapag puro picture-picture ang inaatupag, kailangang mag-isip ng picture pag may time?

picture thinking

How to Think a Picture

Let me cite an article which I got from a website:

In this report I will tell you how to think a good picture. The things you will need are a camera, a tripod, a light meter, a remote shutter control, computer, printer, printer paper, digital level and a good location.

The first thing you will need to do is decide what you want to think a picture of. Think your camera, tripod, light meter, remote shutter control, and digital level with you.

The second thing you will need to do it set your camera up on your tripod. To do this you will need to think your camera and find the hole on the bottom….

Now that your camera is level you need to set up your remote shutter control. To do this, attach it to you camera’s shutter button. This will allow you to think a picture without bumping the camera….

Now you can think you picture. What you want to do is focus on the object you are thinking a picture of. This is very important to do RIGHT. If you don’t, your picture will come out blurry. So think your time while doing this….


“How to take a picture..” 08 Jan 2015


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