Kapamilya Network To Launch KathNielTV Station

MANILA, Philippines – IN A RECENT STATEMENT, Vice Ganda “lambasts” some Kathniel fans “who complained about their idols’ short appearance in “Gandang Gabi Vice” that aired on Sunday.” With bashing from some fans of Kathryn and Daniel, the Kapamilya Network had announced that it will create a television station designed to suit the needs of KathNiel fans.

KathNiel’s “short” guesting on GGV. Photo courtesy of Pinoy Showbiz Daily.

What Transpired?

It was said that the guesting of the two for the Gandang Gabi Vice had been short due to the fact that they had almost never said some words during the duration of the show.

A netizen further said that GGV, tagged as a comedy show, would be boring even if KathNiel’s there, “for some reason na hindi sila nagsasalita masyado” (English, “for some reason that they did not speak too much.”) A Twitter person shares the same sentiment. She further said:

Watched the uncut of GGV. Hindi sila masyadong sumasagot sa mga tanong ni Vice. Kaya madaming cut! #KathNielOnGGV

Fortunately, a fan had cared for the two by giving them some work: it had requested the two to sing.

Another netizen further expressed that not only do few fans complain to GGV, but also to The Buzz for the same reason – short guesting for the two.

Some KathNiel fans had expressed dismay over the short appearance of the two on GGV, adding that the said guesting was “bitin”, and they had wanted more exposure for them in the said show, not realizing that the major aim of their guesting was the promotion of their latest movie, Crazy Beautiful You.

Some of their complaints were as follows:

Minsan yung kumot
Mas lalo na yung #KathNielOnGGV”

Kainis nakakabitin yung GGV episode.. Pa- upload naman po yung uncut sa youtube!! PLEASE!! #KathNielOnGGV

And another set of complaints from KN fans: 2dc0852c9 259ad82f3 KathNielTV Launching

Immediately after posting his tweet about the complaints from the said fans, Vice Ganda has requested the ABS-CBN management, particularly its big bosses Chairman Gabby Lopez, President Charo Santos, and Channel Head Cory Vidanes, to come up with a concept which will feature the two – non-stop exposure for the two and round-the-clock.

In response to various complaints coming from KathNiel fans, the ABS-CBN has equally responded by launching a separate TV station called KathNielTV last February 24, 2015.

The KathNielTV will feature exclusive contents from the Ultimate Love King and Queen, as what Vice Ganda had called their loveteam. Unlike the usual (and stereotypical) TV stations, KathNielTV will air 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The content will feature movies, gigs, concerts, and exclusives from the loveteam. Also, the said TV station will feature the timeline of their “kilig serye” from Day 1 of their loveteam until their status as of now.

Program Schedule for KathNielTV

The programme for the KathNielTV will start with some shows as follows:

5:30 AM: Umagang Kay KathNiel
8:00 AM: KathNielTV Live
9:15 AM: Kathryn: Nobody’s Girl
9:45 AM: Daniel Padilla: The Present Prince
10:00 AM: Kapamilya Blockbusters Presents: She’s Dating The Gangster
11:45 AM: Oh My KN
12:15 PM: It’s KathNiel!
3:00 PM: Pangako Sa’Yo (Remake)
3:45 PM: Princess and I
4:00 PM: Got to Believe (G2B)
4:30 PM: Tapatan ng KathNiel
5:00 PM: Kathryn Bet or No Bet on Your Loveteam?
6:00 PM: Professional
6:30 PM: KathNiel Patrol
7:40 PM: Mara Clara
8:45 PM: Growing Up
9:10 PM: Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay
9:50 PM up to 5:30 AM: Kathryn and Daniel Tonight

For Saturday, the following schedules for programs are as follows:

6:00 AM: Salamat KathNiel
7:00 AM: Kathniel Swak na Swak
10:00 AM NBA Featuring Daniel Padilla
12:00 PM: It’s Kathniel!
4:00 PM: KathNiel Ngayon
4:45 PM: SOKO: Scene of KathNiel’s Operatives
5:30 PM: KathNiel Patrol Weekend
6:00 PM: Mga Kwento ng KathNiel
7:15 PM: Maalaala Mo Kaya ang KathNiel
11:00 PM: The Bottom-up with Kathryn and Daniel
12:00 PM to 6:00 AM: Kathniel Unlimited

For Sunday, the following schedules for programs are as follows:

6:00 AM: Salamat KathNiel
7:00 AM: Kathniel Swak na Swak
10:00 AM: Matanglawin with KathNiel
11:00 AM: Kapamilya Blockbusters Presents: 24/7 in Love
12:45 PM: ASAP 20 with Kathryn and Daniel
3:10 PM: Luv U KN
3:50 PM: KathNiel Patrol Weekend
6:45 PM: WansapaKathNiel
7:30 PM: Rated KN
9:45 PM to 7:00 AM: Gandang Gabi KathNiel

Except for some programs and movies that they have taped already, all programs like It’s KathNiel, GGKN, Kathryn and Daniel Tonight, and TV KathNiel (including Weekend) will be aired live on KathNielTV.

Present Status

As of this writing, the ABS-CBN management is securing a permit from the National Telecommunications Commission for them to operate the newest network in the Philippine Television. It has plans also to include the KathNielTV in the TFC package for KathNiel’s fans who are abroad.

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Featured Image Credit: Screenshot of movie Crazy Beautiful You from ABS-CBN Twitter page.


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