One Direction loses Zayn, thinks of new replacement, new name

LONDON, United Kingdom – FINALLY, Zayn had left One Direction.

His major reason in leaving the British boyband was due to stress. He also added, “I’m stressed since I do not know what to do. I have to defend the one. Media’s always following me. I have to live my private life. I’ll go to heaven with my only one.”

Zayn Malik. Photo from

In the recent tour of One Direction in Manila, many fans were dismayed over Zayn Malik’s disappearance. In fact, many of his fans had cried when they learned that he had not stepped in the Manila’s concert grounds.

When asked why he decided not to join with the remaining four, he replied, “Thanks for the fans, but I have to go. They will be the one to hold a concert for me.”

Due to Zayn’s resignation as 1D member, the management has decided to rename the boyband from One Direction to One Deduction, in honor of Malik who had left them. It had commented, “This name is befitting and proper as we mourn the loss of one of our greatest singers the new generation has ever known. Poor guy.”

The One Direction management is presently conducting a segment in the United Kingdom called “1D Got Talent” to find out the ultimate champion who will replace Malik in the near future. In fact, many male fans, and even some Filipinos in London had went to BBC grounds for audition. Spotted in the said audition were former PBB housemates under aliases “B1” and “B2”.

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.


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