GMA to reduce its workers, regional stations

QUEZON CITY, Quezon Province, Philippines – AFTER GROWING FEW BRANCHES, GMA Network is set off to lessen its already few employees and already few shows in regional stations. This is to be done in order “to increase [its] ratings [and] revenues.

The newscasters of 24 Oras Central Visayas. Photo from

The said network, claiming that it is still the Number 1 network station in the whole nation, had declared a state of reduction to fully back the said claim. Furthermore, they had to do it for the love of efficiency, and for the reason that they had incurred losses from the regional stations.

According to the Inquirer:

GMA Network’s “strategic streamlining” program, which resulted in the lay-off of at least 80 employees and talents in its Visayas regional stations, has nothing to do with Ramon S. Ang, who has acquired shares in the media giant….

…“Yes, we cancelled our morning programs and downgraded some originating stations in the regions to satellite selling stations for efficiency.”

The GMA statement explained that the “strategic streamlining … is geared toward increasing ratings and revenues of all of its regional stations for more efficient operations.”

Among the affected regional stations are those in Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod cities, according to earlier reports.

This retrenchment had resulted to the reduction of 200 men in its workforce and its regional stations being reduced to mere skeleton, that is, mere “satellite selling stations.”


An employee who refused to disclose his name due to security reasons had one phrase to say: “It’s unfair!”

A driver has something to say about this controversial retrenchment:

Mas masuwerte pa nga ang ABS-CBN at ang mga empleyado nito. Mas marami silang regional stations sa buong Pilipinas, di tulad ng sa GMA, na kakaunti lamang ang naaabot nila.

Halimbawa, yung Batangas, Palawan, at Pampanga, naabot ba ng Kapuso? Hindi naman, di ba?

Sayang. Sayang talaga ang pag-aangkin nilang sila’y may “Serbisyong Totoo”, samantalang hindi nila ipinaaabot ang “Serbisyong Totoo” sa maraming lugar sa Pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng pagtatayo ng marami pang regional networks.

Tapos, magbabawas sila ng mga empleyado? Nasaan ang hustisya?

(ABS-CBN and its employees are more fortunate. They have more regional stations in the whole Philippines, unlike GMA, which it had only reached few places.

For example, did Kapuso reached its hand to Batangas, Palawan, and Pampanga? They did not, are they?

Alas. It’s regretting that they claim they possess “True Service”, while they did not extend their “True Service” to many places in the Philippines by establishing more regional networks.

And they will reduce employees in the network? Where’s justice?)

Network’s Rationale

When asked what made the network reduce its employees, GMA Chairman and COO Filippo Gozone had said that the recent music video of “Let It Go” by the movie Frozen had touched him the most.

He further added, “We will have to retrench our employees since we had found out that our regional stations had scant profits. We could not afford to compromise our efficiency and shareholders’ value just to reach out to other regions.”

“Our network is already admitting that we cannot beat anymore the other network when it comes to touching the hearts of more Filipinos in many places. We are on the 65th year of existence, and yet, we have accomplished little. The other had accomplished so many things by reaching out to many places, and that’s the sad fact that we are facing now.”

“But we will study its implications, and in fact, we are opening the possibility of opening more GMA Regional offices in the whole country, more than the one held by the other station,” referring to the ABS-CBN’s various regional branches.

When asked how many offices they will open after they had studied the feasibility of having regional stations, Gozone answered, “59 offices”.

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.


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