Finally, Ariel releases its own album

QUEZON CITY, Quezon Province, Philippines – FINALLY, Ariel 7.50 releases its own album.

Ariel is now set to release its first ever album since its promotion in the Philippines.

Ariel had first ran the advertisement in the hope that if they had lowered their price, many people will buy the product, long being known for premium price and quality being offered. Knowing that the product had lowered its price to PHP 7.50 (US$ 0.17), many had been enchanted and entranced by the song.

More and more netizens had requested Ariel to release its own album after they became LSS with the Finally Ariel song. Here are their album requests to the detergent powder:







Due to voluminous requests coming from netizens, and due to the fact that these netizens had served as endorsers by sharing the same ad via posts and memes, the Ariel people had no choice but to release its first album. The album will be named as Finally Ariel after the video/ad that rocked Filipinos all over.

The album will contain soundtracks that reflect the various renditions from netizens on the Finally Ariel commercial. For the cover of the album, the Ariel people had picked a picture from a blog regarding the Ariel craze:


Ariel Soundtracks

The Finally Ariel album will contain the following songs:

  • Finally Ariel by the Ariel Choir
  • Finally Ariel (Milktea Version) by the Ariel Choir
  • Finally Ariel (Beki Version) by The Bekis
  • Finally Ariel (K-Pop Version) by Chen of EXO
  • Finally Ariel (Elsa Version) by Elsa of the movie “Frozen”
  • Finally Selfie Happened to Me by Selfie Queen
  • 7.50 Na Lang Ako (I’m Just 7.50) by Ariel Rivera
  • 7.50 Na Din Ako (I’m 7.50 Too) by Ariel the Mermaid
  • Utsu Sa’min Ang Ariel (It’s 8.00 Pesos in Our Place) by Manny Pacquiao
  • Naniniwala Na Ako sa 7.50 (I Believe Now in 7.50) by Ariel Choir
  • Finally Ariel Burned My Store by Tindera
  • Ariel Sinigang Mix by Knorr Choir
  • Finally Ariel (Acoustic Version)

Songs Description

The Finally Ariel (Milktea Version) is a tribute to the three men who had been unfortunate after drinking milktea. It tells about the tragedy of three men who had ingested the milktea served at ErgoCha. Two persons, named “Suzaine Dagohoy, 28, sales representative, and William  Abrigo, 57, owner” of the shop, had died. Meanwhile, Arnold Aydalla, Suzaine’s boyfriend, was in critical condition.

The first part of the Milktea Version song is as follows:

Finally, Milktea happened to me.

Dalawa ang na-deads; ang isa, 50/50.

(Finally, Milktea happened to me,

Two had died, one in critical condition.)

Meanwhile, the Finally Selfie Happened to Me is another tribute by Ariel to a Romanian teenager, a girl who had died while taking selfie on top of a train. Anna Ursu and her friend had to take a “special selfie” in the said place to be posted later in Facebook, not considering the dangers they will face. The electrical field above the train, not the electrical line, was the culprit behind her death.

This had pushed the Metro Manila Detrafficing Administration (MMDA) to post signs around MRT and LRT which reads: “Bawal Mag-selfie. Nakamamatay.” (No Selfies. [It’s] Deadly.)

Here are the lyrics of the Finally Selfie… song:

Finally, Selfie happened to me.

Namatay ang isa dahil sa selfie-selfie. (A teen had died due to selfie-selfie)

Finally, Selfie happened to me.

Nakuryente sa tren dahil sa selfie-selfie. (Got electrocuted due to selfie-selfie)

Finally… Woooooahhhhhhh!!!

7.50 Na Lang Ako (I’m Just 7.50) by Ariel Rivera was the OPM singer’s response from many netizens tagging him while they are promoting the detergent brand.

Utsu Sa’min Ang Ariel (It’s 8.00 Pesos in Our Place) was sung by Manny Pacquiao after he had bought an Ariel sachet in a sari-sari (variety) store for PHP 8.00, instead of the 7.50 being advertised in the television. He had further narrated that when he had bought a detergent for 8 pesos:

Manny: Why 8 pesos? In the TV, it’s just 7.50.

Seller: Why don’t you buy at the television?

This statement by the seller had pushed the National Fist to compose this song

Finally Ariel Burned My Store by Tindera is another tribute to the hardships encountered by a seller after going with a man who burned her store. The man had burned her store for not giving the former a selling price of 7.50 pesos, but charged him 8.00 pesos for the product. In revenge for the “excess profiteering” by the woman, he had burned it on purpose.

The first part of this song is as follows:

Finally, Ariel happened to me.

Sunog tindahan ko, dahil di 7.50. (My house burned for it isn’t 7.50)

Finally, the Ariel Sinigang Mix by Knorr Choir celebrates the technological breakthrough of Ariel – not only this is being relegated to the laundry room, but this also can be a partner in every kitchens. As a cooking partner, this can be added to various soups to make the latter more palatable and tastier. For proof, Ariel had launched another advertisement regarding this:



The Ariel people had released its official statement on the release of the Finally Ariel album:

Our release of the Finally Ariel album testifies to the truth behind every netizen who responded by endorsing the worthiness of the product. This advertisement may be simple, but it had nevertheless rocked the whole nation. Finally, Ariel will have now its first ever album – the first detergent brand to have released it in the Philippines.

As a token of gratitude to the netizens who had spreaded the word to the nation, we will set the price of our CD to 7.50 pesos, no more, no less. 

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.


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