P-Noy transfers QC to Region 4

QUEZON CITY, Quezon Province, Philippines – After President Aquino had signed an executive order creating a new region in Negros – popularly called as Region 6.5, he had recently released another executive order, the E.O. 1831 assigning Quezon City from National Capital Region to Region 4 or CALABARZON.

The move was made by the president due to a post in Facebook by a girl:

Stupid! When did Quezon City went to Manila? For your information, Manila is in National Capital Region, and Quezon City is in the CALABARZON. You have been sent by your parents [in school] to study, yet all the time, you are flirting.

This statement pushed many netizens to correct and reprimand the girl who posted it. However, instead of accepting her fault and apologizing, she attacked the netizens and told that she is smarter than them, not realizing that the arguments of netizens were correct:

Hi, you’re too dramatic. I’m not affected by whatever criticisms you throw to me, because I’m smart, you’re not. Why? Because a smart person thinks first before criticizing. You always judge while in fact you don’t know anything.

I am smart, for I have an open mind, while you all have a closed mind. Yes, I stopped schooling but I am still smart. Haha!

P-Noy’s rationale

The President had explained a lot why he had issued an executive order to assign the largest city in Metro Manila to the Southern Tagalog Region.

“When I had seen comments by netizens, I had noticed that the girl had told that Quezon City was part of Region 4. Then, I said to myself, ‘What the…’ I don’t even know that the city was transferred without even consulting me.

“Then I had seen what the girl had posted. Natakot ako, kasi sisisihin na naman niya ako. Baka sabihin naman niya, ‘Kasalanan ito ni P-Noy, kung bakit ako laging binabatikos’. Para walang problema, eh di gumawa ako ng E.O. para mailipat na ang QC sa Quezon Province. Para walang gulo. Para hindi na mabatikos pa ang mga magcocorrect sa kanya. (I was afraid if she blames me again. She might say, “This is P-Noy’s fault, why I was being criticized.” To avoid problems, I had created an EO transferring QC to Quezon Province. So that, no troubles would surface. So that the ones who correct her would not be criticized further.)

Kulang siya sa study. (She had not studied enough.) She should have searched first before posting. Sinabi mismo sa Wikipedia: (Wikipedia itself said:) ‘Quezon City is not located in and should not be confused with Quezon Province’. Hayan, napahiya siya. (She was humiliated.)

Minsan naisip ko rin: Kung ang lalawigan ng Tarlac, may Tarlac City; ang lalawigan ng Bulacan, may bayan ng Bulakan; at ang lalawigan ng Cavite ay may Cavite City, bakit hindi natin bigyan ang lalawigan ng Quezon ng Quezon City?” (I sometimes thought: If Tarlac province has Tarlac City; Bulacan province has town of Bulacan; and Cavite province has Cavite City, why not we give Quezon province the Quezon City?”)

Change of status

It should be remembered that while Quezon City is celebrating its 75th Foundation Anniversary last year, the Sangguniang Panlungsod passed an ordinance relocating the City from being part of NCR to becoming part of the CALABARZON Region. This was approved by the City Mayor, and in a plebiscite, it was ratified by 98.67 percent of the total registered voters. Similarly, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Quezon had passed a resolution to make the city part of the province.

Due to the transfer of the city to Quezon Province, the Metro Manila Detrafficing Administration (MMDA) will lose jurisdiction over the city, and the provincial government of Quezon will assume it over Quezon City. Another result would be the decline of the number of cities and towns in Metro Manila, from 17 to 16. A gain will be reported from the province, from 1 city and 39 towns to 1 component city, 1 independent city, and 39 towns, not including Lucena City.

Aside from this, Quezon City will be an exclave of the Quezon Province, and will be an enclave of the Metro Manila Area. It will be separated to the rest of Quezon Province by a strip of land under the Province of Rizal, and is 60 kilometers away from Infanta, Quezon.

When asked for reactions on QC transfer, MMDA Chairman Francisco Talentado had replied, “Sa ginawa ng babaeng iyan, na-CALABARZONed tuloy ang Metro Manila. Nakakalungkot.” (That girl’s act made Metro Manila CALABARZONed. So sad.)

Transfer applauded

The city government of Quezon and the provincial government of Quezon, together with their respective constituencies, had rejoiced over the said transfer. The former had released an official statement, saying that “we are very glad to be part of the province with the same name. This time, Filipinos will not be too confused anymore between Quezon City and Province.” The latter also did the same and in its last part it had expressed “appreciation to the people of both local governments to make this union possible. We are ready to adopt Quezon City as one of our progressive cities in the province.”

The city and provincial governments of Quezon had finally ratified their memorandum of agreement through their respective legislative councils. As per the agreement, Quezon City retains the same administrative divisions, including districts, barangays, and sitios. Even if the said city will be part of the Quezon Province, it is being administered separately from the latter.

As far as both the provincial government and the city government are concerned, the city is an independent city, alongside the capital of the province.

The city government is not required to account to its fiscal matters in the province. However, the province will exercise administrative functions, particularly the external affairs, of the city.

Tweeting the transfer

The transfer of the city had rocked not only the two local government units, but also the whole nation. In fact, many people had talked about this via Twitter:


In fact, one would attest the news:

A: Is it raining in Quezon City?

B: Of course, it’s part of CALABARZON.

Everyone: Laughs hard!

Another further attested:

Ate ni Peter: So nagpunta kayo ng Quezon (Province) kasi dba Calabarzon kayo?

Nico: Opo kaso Quezon City lang HAHAHA

Academic transfer

Meanwhile, after P-Noy had signed the executive order, many schools had expressed their intention to establish their campuses in many parts of Quezon Province. The New Era University had wanted to set up its campus in Lucena. Similar desires to build campuses in that place and other towns in Quezon province were made by Trinity University of Asia, Angelicum College, Philippine Women’s University, University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and Miriam College.

In the province, the Manuel S. Enverga University and the Southern Luzon State University had been more than willing to put up their respective campuses in Quezon City.

DepED’s move

Even DepED (Department of Educational Development) had also adapted to the changes. In fact, it had promised that it will revise all of its textbooks and modules to conform to the executive order. Plans to revise the Social Studies syllabi are also taking place.

It also had the CALABARZON March be revised to include Quezon City in the list of cities in Region 4. This new march should have been sung in all public and private schools over the whole region. The excerpt of the revised CALABARZON March is as follows:

Lalawigang Rizal, Cavite, Laguna,
Batangas, Quezon, at mga lungsod pa:

Antipolo, San Pablo, Cavite, Lucena,
Batangas, Calamba, Sta. Rosa, 
Tagaytay, Cabuyao, San Pedro, Biñan, 
Dasmarinas, Tayabas, Imus, Bacoor,
Trece Martires, Quezon, General Trias,
Tanauan, at Lipa!

The residents of Metro Manila, who were sad at the loss of Quezon City, had derisively made a parody on the QC transfer:

Ikaw ay na-CALABARZONed,
CALABARZONed… sa habang panahon…

Map Change

Responding too to the changes imposed by the executive order, a local mapmaker had released a map of NCR which showed the Quezon City as part of Quezon Province:


Not to be outdone, the leading “encyclopedic authority”, Wikipedia, also released another updated map which shows the city as part of Region 4:


WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.


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