Happy First Anniversary with TweetNewscaster!

Dear Readers:

For the information of everybody, we are on the first year of existence of this humble blog.

Thank you for celebrating with us on our First Anniversary with TweetNewscaster!

The blog had its humble beginnings from an article named “Are You Sand or Happy?” and its articles on gender equality, with no definite purpose or mission. As the author added many articles that it wanted to post, the mission of giving fun and the other side of the news was developed. From few articles, the blog is increasingly expanding its categories – from entertainment, funny trivias, satirical news, love advices, and renditions of K-Pop songs.

In a span of one year, the site had been expanding, especially in the number of viewers. The blogger expresses its utmost gratitude to you reader for being part of our journey in spreading fun and other side of the news to the world. Without you, this project would not be possible.

As such, I will report on the accomplishments of the blog*:

  • TweetNewscaster has currently 21 followers. As a result, more information and fun will be shared to our fellow bloggers who use WordPress. Thank you for following this site!
  • We have published 103 articles, not including this article. These articles consists of categories like Entertainment, Essays, Funny Trivia, Gender Equality, Ibang Balita Naman, Love Advice, Recipes, Renditions, Translations, and (of course) Uncategorized.
  • The site has its articles that are most viewed by you. However, many of the articles being published here have obtained one view or nothing at all. That’s so sand. 😦 However, we have our 9 winner articles:

Binalayok Recipe: 413 views
Nadine Lustre vs. Kathryn Bernardo: 173 views
Love Advice No. 7: 31 views
Love Advice No. 22: 26 views
Finally, Ariel releases its own album: 25 views
Love Advice No. 10: 24 views
Trivia No. 24: 24 views
Love Advice No. 9: 23 views
Sweetheart celebrates minutesary, spends every minute: 22 views

Meanwhile, the Home Page/Archives page had received 1,059 views.

  • In a matter of days, our winner article, the Binalayok Recipe had received so many views. For those who shared the special version of the blogger’s recipe, thank you so much!
  • TweetNewscaster had got 108 views in a single day, the most number of views for this year. Meanwhile, the whole site had got 2,499 views for this year.
  • This site is primarily intended for Filipinos. However, we have seen also many viewers from other countries and this may come from Filipino citizens working abroad or from foreigners. Here is a summary of the top 11 viewers by country:

Philippines: 1,118
United States: 823
Canada: 107
United Arab Emirates: 55
European Union: 43
United Kingdom: 41
Saudi Arabia: 26
Norway: 26
Kuwait: 22
Australia: 22
Japan: 21

For those who are not Filipinos (or those who do not understand the Filipino language), the blogger begs pardon in case you have not understood fully our article/s due to language. For you to get the article in full English version, please see the page “This Site in Full English” or click here.

We are going to expand further our services as part of fulfilling our mission:

  • The Information Use Policy, which will explain how the blogger will use your information, will be included in the pages of the blog.
  • Directions on how to obtain a full English version of this blog will be provided in a separate page named “This Site in Full English.”
  • The category “Just For Fun” will feature funny trends on social media.
  • Recipes category will feature out-of-this-world recipes that you will never see in other well-known recipe authorities. As of now, our recipes posted already in the blog are Binalayok and Batas ng Isang Api (Law of the Enslaved).
  • For love advices, the author will try to dig deeper to get questions asked by its readers via Search Box. This refers to questions regarding love advices from the start up to the author’s first answer/advice via the latter.

Dear readers, the author wants to know how you feel about this site. Share your queries, comments, suggestions, and reactions at tweetnewscaster@yahoo.com and we will try to use all of these to improve the content of our site.

Again, thank you so much for continuous patronage! With your cooperation, we will expect that we remain true to our mission: to serve you dear readers in bringing fun and other side of the news to the world.

From the writer who loves you very much,


* Statistics as of June 29, 2015


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