It’s Showtime starts new name, AlDub builds table for second date

QUEZON CITY, Quezon Province, Philippines – After running a series of It’s Showtime segments, the ABS-CBN management has decided to revamp the said show. The management had explained that aside from being tired of thinking and planning new segments like Mini Minime, the search for Mr. Pastillas together with Angelica Jane Yap had occupied most of the time.

Vice Ganda as arbiter between Ms. Pastillas and her ex-bf.

They stated, “Due to the requests of other netizens who would not like to see this large segment they termed as ka-cheapan (inferior quality), we will rename the show from It’s Showtime to ‘Face to Face.’ Anyway, pinasasaya din ang madlang people (the show made the people happy), pero pinasisikat din si (but it popularized) Miss Pastillas.”

The new show, being Face to Face, will invite Amy Perez, who is still hosting “Sakto” under DZMM. Amy Perez had earlier accepted the invitation of the Kapamilya Network to be the main host of Face to Face, and replied that she had missed the times when she had been the mediator between two camps.

Due to the new show, other hosts will serve as arbiters aside from her, namely the girls. Kuya Kim and Vice Ganda, with their vast knowledge, will serve as Duo Tagapayo (Two Advisers). Other boys like Jhong Hilario, Billy Crawford, and Eruption, will serve as bouncers.

AlDub’s first date. Photo from Inquirer Group’s Twitter page.

Fresh with the success of #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate, which garnered around 12.1 million tweets and grabbed the attention of the whole world, the Kalyeserye (Street Series) of Eat Bulaga will raise the height of their date even further.

Wally Bayola, the comedian who plays the role of Lola Nidora, the strict grandmother of Yaya Dub, has something to say about this second date.

Sa second date, mas magiging istrikto si Lola Nidora. Papayagan niya na magkaroon ng date si Yaya Dub kay Alden, but this time, mas magiging mahaba na ang mesa nila. In fact pinamamadali na namin ang paggawa ng mahabang mesa, tulad ng commercial sa Lucky Me. (Lola Nidora wil be more strict on the second date. She will allow Yaya Dub to have a date with Alden, but their table will be longer. In fact we requested the maker to finish immediately the long table, like the one used in Lucky Me commercial.)

Wally also noted that with the long table, even if he (Lola Nidora) is physically present or absent, or places a standee, they will teach the viewers to value modesty.

Grabe, pang-world record talaga. Salamat po sa lahat ng nag-tweet. Sana panoorin po ninyo ang second date ng Aldub.” (My, it’s really a world record. Thanks to all who tweeted. Hope you watch Aldub’s second date.”

Meanwhile, the Eat Bulaga Indonesia has also expressed its plans to adopt the Kalyeserye within an Indonesian setting. It will also show its own Indonesian Kalyeserye in its segment Berbagi Kejutan (Juan for All, All for Juan).

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Featured Image Credit: Yaya Dub vs. Miss Pastillas.


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