Minionese: Introduction

About Minionese Language

The Minions, who created their own language called Minionese.

Minionese is the language of all the Minions in the world. It is the sole member of the Minionese family of languages, and like Korean and Japanese, the language is not related to any languages being known in the world. Due to the explorative nature of the Minions, their vocabulary is being expanded from borrowings with different languages. At present, two of the dialects of Minionese are being recognized: the Standard dialect which is represented by the Basics subject, and the Common dialect, which are being represented by the rest of the discussion in Foreign Language. Except for differences in the “Basics” subject, the words used in both dialects are same, and oftentimes, are mutually intelligible between Minions.

The Minions did not have an alphabet of its own. Instead, it had first used the Egyptian alphabet for a long time until they had learned the Roman alphabet which they are using from the Romans, through the Middle Ages, and until the present time.

To preserve their language, they had established their own academy of language, known in English as the Commission on the Minionese language. In this institution they are publishing a dictionary of Minionese words, which becomes the basis for the whole discussion of our language in the Foreign Language category.

In order that both Filipinos and others who learn English may learn Minionese, the whole discussion will be trilingual – Minionese with English and Filipino languages side by side.

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