LTFRB investigates It’s Showtime, Yaya Dub disguises in concert

QUEZON CITY, Quezon Province, Philippines – It’s now LTFRB’s turn.

The letter of MTRCB on Pastillas issue. Click here to enlarge.

ALTHOUGH netizens and Gabriela have consistently complained about the inclusion of Miss Pastillas in It’s Showtime, as it does not teach values, and even if MTRCB had met with the program’s executives over the issue, no official verdict from MTRCB has been released. Consequently, one netizen stood up. In her tweet, via an informant, she called the attention of LTFRB, or the Live Television Feed Ratings Board, to investigate the immoral content of featuring Angelica Jane Yap.

Many people complained about her tweet, asking why LTFRB would investigate the matter, which typically falls under jurisdiction of MTRCB. Winston Gines, the chairman of the agency, had further clarified the distinction between his agency, and the latter. He pointed out that under the new executive order issued by P-Noy, the rating and regulation of live TV shows will be transferred to his agency.

“[The] MTRCB, sa pangalan pa lang, alam mo na siya ay lupon na nagre-review at nagka-classify lang ng (by its name, you know that it is the board that reviews and classifies only) movie and non-live television. Sa aking ahensya naman, live feed lang po sa telebisyon ang nire-rate namin. (In my agency, we only rate live feeds in the television.)”

The SSPG logo as mandated by LTFRB to the show.

“Don’t worry, we are considering the effect of the Pastillas segment to the children. Agang-aga, matututo na silang maghanap ng boyfriend. (These kids will be taught early to search for their boyfriend.)”

He further requested the girl, “Isama mo na rin ang (Request also investigation from) DSWD for
child abuse against her, [and] DOH for her heart’s status para mas masaya (to make it a happy one).”

Meanwhile, Gines had ultimately ordered the program to display a video, featuring the logo of LTFRB and its rating of the show, SSPG. The acronym meant Sobrang Striktong Patnubay at Gabay (Super Strict Parental Guidance).

As fans gather together for a concert with Lifehouse, Yaya Dub, together with her Lola Nidora, went also there to release their stress. To avoid further stress while enjoying the concert, they had to disguise, the maiden wearing eyeglasses and heavy make-up. This was featured in a national newspaper, and Alex Brosas and some netizens reacted furiously on her act.

The netizens’ negative reactions follows:

Hahaha! kailangan pang mag disguise!!! really???

akala mo naman pagkakaguluhan sya sa concert… kung maka disguise…

hindi na po kailangan mag disguise hehe nag feeling tuloy sya!!!! imposible naman na hindi na sya kakalabas ng bahay OA naman nun…

OA naman. Hindi naman nagbayad mga tao para makita sya..

really? is there really a need to disguise? paris hilton?! lol

Hindi naman sya pagkakaguluhan dun! Nagmukha lang lalong ewan. Praningning!!!

Lola Nidora, who had already knew their reactions, defended their act of hiding. She further narrated, “Eh sino’ng nagko-concert, kami ba o ang Lifehouse?” (Who is the main cast of the concert – we or the Lifehouse?)

Maine Mendoza, also known as Yaya Dub, spotted at the Lifehouse concert.

Kapag hindi namin gagawin iyon, sasabihin ng mga netizens, walang respeto si Yaya Dub, na nagpapasikat siya, na papansin siya. Pero kapag nag-disguise, dudumugin nila ang apo ko at hindi na titingnan ang banda. Kapag hindi napagbigyan, sasabihin nila na napakasuplada niya. Ano ba talaga? Kapag may nangyaring stampede, masasagot ba ni Alex Brosas at iba pa sakaling may masamang mangyari sa mga tao?” (If we don’t masquerade, netizens say Yaya Dub has no respect, that she grabs attention and wants to be famous. But if she disguises, they will crowd around my granddaughter and never look at the band. If not given the chance to be with her, they will say that she’s egoistic. What are they trying to say? If stampede happens, will Alex Brosas and others shoulder the responsiblity if worst happens to these people?)

Hindi talaga sila mauubusan ng reklamo. Ang sa amin lang, nirerespeto lang namin ang kanilang concert. Kung wala kaming respeto sa kanila, eh bakit pa kailangang mag-disguise ni Yaya Dub?” (The complaints of netizens are really infinite. What we are trying to say is that we respect their concert. If we don’t have it, why should Yaya Dub disguise?)

Lola Nidora advises, “May tamang panahon para magpasikat, at may tamang panahon para hindi gawin ito. Alam na alam iyan ng apo ko. Masakit man sa loob ko ay nanghihinayang pa rin ako kasi wala si Alden.” (There’s a right time to be famous, and there’s a right time not to do it. My granddaughter knows it fully. It hurts, but I regret that Alden’s not here.)

Due to the incident, the grandmother has plans to further disguise herself and Yaya Dub in the next concerts. This will be done in such a way that they will not be totally recognized even by the prying eyes of netizens, concert goers, and media. She stated, “Balak naming humiram ng prosthetics mula sa Your Face Sounds Familiar.” (We plan to borrow prosthetics from Your Face.)

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Featured Images Credit:

LTFRB logo via GMA News

Rated SPG via YouTube

Rated SPG

Maine Mendoza spotted at concert.


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