Sass Sasot starts online dare re password

Sass’ screenshot of notifications she received regarding her password. Photo from Sass Rogando Sasot’s Facebook page.

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands – What’s the password?

The famous line from a chocolate stick commercial many years ago had found an echo in one of the recently-known personalities in Facebook known as Sass Rogando Sasot. Being popular in Facebook, the social media celebrity had not been spared not only from various criticisms but also from Internet security issues. This dare, for Sass, is her response to various situations that pull her down.

Change is coming

The online dare started when Sass noticed that an unknown user had tried to change her password.

According to Sass,

Today, I received THREE notifications from FB, alerting me that someone is requesting to change my password. These people have been doing this since July 6; I have kept all these notifications.

She later expounded that these things does not include the alerts she received via text message. These things reminded her of somebody who are attempting to hack her Facebook since July.


As a sarcastic reply to those who wanted to take her down, Sass had started an online dare on her password. To officialy open up the said challenge, she had finally disclosed her password:

I’ve changed my password to:


The game starts with the said phrase. Sass added, “It will be up to the hackers if they want to verify if that password is true or not. I know of a famous person who developed the ‘I Love You’ virus. If he can do it, why can’t they?”

“It is up to them if they can decode the secret code.”

Rewards for those who can guess the password include unlimited saging na saba (De Lima’s banana), a plaque of appreciation, a sash, and a free ticket for upcoming Metro Manila Film Fashion movie Frailities of a Woman. Aside from this, the hacker who can crack the code will be given free membership and admission to Anonymous Philippines.

Another strategy

She further told that the hackers can devise various strategies on how they can decode the password.

“In fact, meron akong kakilala na gumastos nang malaki para alamin iyon. Yung isa, bili na nang bili ng iba’t ibang keyboard. Eh magkano ba ang isang desktop keyboard? I kennat!” (In fact, I know someone who spent much to know that. He bought various keyboards, and imagine how much is a piece of desktop keyboard.)

Sabi niya, Bakit nung ginamit ko ang German keyboard, sinasabi ng Facebook, “Incorrect password?”’ Iba-iba ang kanyang binili: French keyboard, Spanish keyboard, American keyboard, British keyboard pero wala pa rin.” (He told, “When I use German keyboard, Facebook says, ‘Incorrect password.’ Why?” He tried to buy French, Spanish, American, and British keyboards, but still in vain.)

Hindi ko alam kung nalaman ba niya ang password ko.” (I do not know if he had knew already my password.)

Password description

When asked what the password is all about, she retorted, “Ito kasi ay alphanumeric with special characters, na ang gamit ay German keyboard. Puwedeng yung symbols na nakikita ninyo sa Word. At may halu-halo ring iba’t ibang characters ng mga Intsik, Hapones, Koreano, Arabo, Hebreo, at mga Ruso.” (It is alphanumeric with special characters, using a German keyboard. It can be symbols found in Microsoft Word. And this includes different Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian characters.)

As of this writing, no one had ever broke the secret code.

And to those who are still scrambling for that message, Sass told them, “Good luck!”

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.


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