Sass starts sequel for online dare

Photo of Ms. Sass Sasot from her official Facebook page.

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands – The price is right.

After starting an online dare on her password, Sass Rogando Sasot is now exploring on an online dare regarding the payment she received.

Sass has received comments from other netizens, saying that she was allegedly paid to defend President Rodrigo Duterte. These continuous accusations had not escaped the blogger’s notice. As a response to these accusations, and to avoid repeated and pointless defenses, she started another online dare.


Her second online dare is simple. Anyone, especially her accusers, must know how much she received and must secure proofs. Reward for those who can get the answer will be a blessing for the winner.

According to Sass:

May pa-contest po ako sa mga patuloy pa rin na nagsasabi na ako ay bayaran. Hulaan niyo po with evidence:

  1. Kung magkano exactly ang bayad sa akin

  2. Sino ang nagbayad

(I have a contest for those who continuously say that I am paid to defend the president. Guess the following with evidence:

  1. How much exactly was being paid to me.

  2. Who paid me?)

Exact amount, anyone?

In an interview, Sass had wondered if her accusers can still guess the exact amount. “Hindi nga nila mahulaan ang aking password kahit na gumamit sila ng iba’t ibang keyboard, ito pa kaya?” (They can’t even guess my password despite using various keyboards. How much more for this online dare?)

“These numbers are imaginary, tulad na lang ng nasa isip nila. Ang pagiging bayaran ay nasa isip lang nila. Wala pong katotohanang iyan. Bakit, namumulubi ba ako? Hindi naman, ah.” (These numbers are imaginary, like their perception. Being paid to do something is just on their mind. That’s not true. Why, do I beg for help? Not necessarily.)

Sa tindi ng pang-aakusa sa akin, kailangan nila itong patunayan. Kung tama sila, eh di wow! Sila nga ang magaling.” (With grave accusations against me, they have the burden to prove it. If they are right, then wow! They’re just great.)

Too irritating

Sass had told that she was being irritated by those who assume that she was being paid to do the work. When asked for the amount, she neither confirmed nor denied the amount being given to him. For her, at least, God knows the exact amount.

Kung mahulaan niyo po iyan, ang prize ay ang buong amount na binayad sa akin. Paki-email po sa akin ang sagot sa

(If you can guess it, the prize would be the whole amount being paid to me. Just e-mail the answer at

“This will show if they have the desire to process their minds or not.”

Mind games

Sass further stated that this game will help those who challenge him to have critical minds, to guess the answer more precisely, and to have an intelligent guess on the exact amount of money supposedly paid to her.

When asked for another final response, she told the netizens, “And just like in any contest, the more entries you send, the more chances of winning.”

WARNING: This article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.


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