Auditing Theory No. 1: RA 9298 (Citizenship)

Suggested Readings: RA 9298 or The Accountancy Law of 2004.

Isa sa mga nadadaanan natin sa Auditing Theory ay ang qualifications before, during, and after na maipasa ang board exam. At mukhang familiar din tayo sa requirements para makakuha at makapasa sa CPA exam. Dito pa natin nakikilala sina RA 9298, MRA, PICPA, BOA, at iba pa.

Sa problem na ito ay mahahasa ang analytical skills para makita kung sino sa mga babanggitin dito ang makakatugon sa hinihingi ng batas. Solve the problem:

Using all that you learned in Auditing Theory, you are going to decide if the following candidates may be qualified under the Accountancy Law (RA 9298). ASSUME THE FOLLOWING:

  1. A Filipino-American celebrity, born and raised in the Philippines.
  2. This person was born of Filipino parents in Britain. He studied from elementary to high school in Britain before pursuing accountancy in the Philippines.
  3. A Singaporean consults you if she is allowed to practice accountancy in the country. The Philippines has signed the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Agreement.
  4. An American who became one of the players in NBA and once joined in a national basketball team. He holds a Philippine passport, and the government certifies that the passport is authentic and properly issued by the DFA.
  5. She was supposedly born in a province in western Luzon from unknown parents. She changed her citizenship but later naturalized again. She had not yet produced a birth certificate.
  6. A well-known Filipino-Canadian singer, who has a Latino father and a Filipina mother, born in Canada. She had been residing in Canada for so many years, and is well-known in the Philippines for having a Filipino blood.
  7. A Korean who had studied and permanently and resided in the Philippines. He told you that he loves Philippines more than his country. His residency requirement is enough for him to be granted Philippine citizenship.

Assume further that all of them had finished BS Accountancy in a school recognized by CHED.

For each of these persons mentioned below:

  1. Which of these applicants are qualified to take the CPA Licensure Exam? Cite your reasons.
  2. Can that particular person join in PICPA, and if applicable, in any sectoral organization for CPAs? If no, why?
  3. Which of these applicants are qualified to be named as Chairman/Member in the Board of Accountancy?
  4. Under the Accountancy Law, which of the following may be allowed to practice accountancy in the Philippines?

Auditing Theory Problem prepared by: TweetNewscaster

Featured Image Credit:  Audit Firm Visit photo from St. Scholastica College site. For illustrative purposes only.


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