Happy Third Anniversary with TweetNewscaster: Third Annual Report

Dear Readers:

Thank you for your continuous patronage on this site.

We are now celebrating our Third Anniversary. Even if we had not been active now unlike last year, the author had managed to post few articles for this year, just to keep this site running.

The author during this year also experiences personal problems, and had accomplished personal tasks. These things had gave less time for the author to attend to some problems in this site and respond to them. The author extends apologies to our dear readers and followers for being inactive for various months.

As part of our celebration of our third anniversary, let us share some accomplishments for this year:

  • As of this year, we have 48 followers. To our followers, thank you so much for your continuous trust in this site!
  • We have published 310 articles since we started running this site, or 10 articles this year, a far cry from more than a hundred articles published last year. This was due to hectic schedules which resulted in less time for writing articles.
  • This year, we have focused more on writing articles under categories Love Advice and Accounting. Again, the reason was less time to write more articles.
  • The article Plataporma ni Duterte, which describes the platforms laid down by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte during his presidential campaign, got the highest number of views this year with around 2,011 reads. This was due to the curiosity of some netizens on the direction that the new administration will adopt. Other most-read articles in TweetNewscaster site are as follows:
  1. Sinigang na Baboy Recipe: 402 reads
  2. Meron Ba Talagang Forever? : 358 reads
  3. It’s Showtime gains Kuya Kim, Ms. Pastillas finds her love: 276 reads
  4. Ang Alamat ng Apoy: 241 reads
  5. “Talumpati sa Gettysburg” ni Abraham Lincoln: 169 reads
  6. Binalayok Recipe (“Original” Version): 103 reads

Meanwhile, the Home page of this site has recorded 4,807 reads.

  • From the time we started running this site, the Plataporma ni Duterte also became the most-read article in this site with 6,285 reads. Other most-read articles in this site since its inception follow:
  1. Duterte: Mula Social Media Patungong Kalsada: 3,555 reads
  2. Meron Ba Talagang Forever? : 1,932 reads
  3. Binalayok Recipe: 1,791 reads
  4. “Talumpati sa Gettysburg” ni Abraham Lincoln: 902 reads
  5. Binalayok Recipe (“Original” Version): 896 reads
  6. Pangako Sa’Yo: Claudia Buenavista’s Death – Isang Pagsisiyasat – 822 reads
  7. Nadine Lustre vs. Kathryn Bernardo – 737 reads
  8. Ang Alamat ng Apoy – 582 reads
  9. Sinigang na Baboy Recipe – 538 reads

The Home page of this site recorded 20,842 reads

  • Most of the traffic in this site this year came from the Philippines with 7,441 reads, followed by the United States with 660 reads, United Arab Emirates with 125 reads, and Canada with 102 reads.
  • Since we started this site, many people in the Philippines generated the most traffic with 32,628 reads, followed also by the United States with 5,967 reads, Canada with 1,108 reads, United Arab Emirates with 944 reads, Saudi Arabia with 823 reads, and European Union with 601 reads.
  • Our official Facebook page had garnered more than 90 likes. This may seem a bit ridiculous, but we will focus more on likes fetched in natural way.

The author also announces its future plans:

  • We will still focus on articles related to Love Advice and Accounting. This is due to the fact that I still have to prepare for more important matters.
  • The state of some categories like Renditions, #DuterteSerye, and Foreign Language: Minionese is uncertain. We will have to render them inactive as the author has no more time to do new articles on these things.
  • We will have to discontinue articles under “Funny Trivia”. Also, no more time and I have no more interest to do articles under this category.
  • The future of this site is not so sure. I do not know if I can extend this for so many years, since I am being pressed to accomplish more important matters.
  • The author has announced its plan to award articles which promote fun and the other side of the news, which is the TweetNewscaster’s mission. For sure, citations will be the type of award to be given to them. Tentative month of awards will be on November, and will be exclusive for blogs who follow this site. However, I am not sure if we will push through this.

Meanwhile, thank you so much for believing and trusting in this site. With your help, we can further spread the fun and the other side of news to the world!

From the writer who loves you very much,



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