Love Advice No. 35 (Full English)

From my friend:

What should I do to be fit?

My Advice:

It’s simple. To be fit, don’t be a fat one.

Just joking! 🙂 Here are the tips:

First, take the fitness challenge seriously. Write on a piece of paper how many kilograms you want to shed from your body. And be realistic. No need for you to shed too many kilograms from your body. If you weigh 60 kilograms and you want to shed 100 kilograms, then wow! XD

Be consistent in your fitness challenge. If you workout on the first day, and none on the other day, there will be a time that you will find it difficult for you to be fit. Also, consistency gives the best result. Your body will later on be used to workouts. At first, you will find it difficult, but in the end, you will realize that this workout will be easy.

Choose the right diet. Your diet must be varied. Fruits, vegetables, and fish (especially tuna) are preferred. Lean chicken and lean pork may be considered. Avoid too much sweets and fats. It is important also to find out that you don’t need to fast just to get the body you want to achieve. Stick to the usual diet and stick to the usual schedule.

Exercise. It has been proven for so many years that exercise is the most effective way to lessen the fats on your body. So, you can go straight to the gym and perform workouts there.

If you have no time for gym, you can walk. There are many choices:

  • 3K Walk
  • 5K Walk
  • Death March. In this case, you will really walk on the route of Death March from Mariveles in Bataan Province till San Fernando City, Pampanga Province. If you can, walk up to Capas, Tarlac.[1]
  • From Manila to Samar. Have you remembered the story in the program MMK where two brothers had walked that far? This is from Novaliches in Quezon City up to Catbalogan City, Samar. If they can, you can too.[2]
  • From Batanes up to Jolo. Come wherever you are… Just joking! But walking that distance is effective. It does not only lessen your fats, you had been given the chance to see the whole Philippines.[3]
  • 1 AU. This is the distance from the sun to the earth. To sum up, you will walk at a distance of 150 million kilometers. No one had done this. But if you can, you’re the one! Your name will be listed to the Guiness Book of World Records as longest walk done by a human.

But since you cannot walk (literally) from the earth to the sun, this is what we will do: Walk from San Francisco to New York back and vice versa for 16,035 times using I-80 E.

What’s important is that you walk everyday so that your fats in your body will be lessened.

But if you are agressive enough, you can do jogging. Or join zumba classes.

Okay. I hope I had helped you enough in giving tips on how to be fit. And promise, I’m sure you will be fit from the advices I gave to you a while ago. I pray that you’ll succeed in this undertaking. 🙂

Author’s notes:

  1. American soldiers during World War II had walked through this route, and most of them perished during the long walk in the hands of the Japanese.
  2. Novaliches is a place few kilometers north of Manila. Samar is an island in central Philippines where the infamous “Balangiga Massacre” had taken place. The massacre had killed an infantry of American soldiers, and killed many Filipinos at that time. The bells that rang the massacre had been taken by Americans and placed in Wyoming where it is placed under the custody of the same infantry.
  3. Batanes is the northernmost province, and Jolo was regarded as the capital of Sulu, the southernmost province at that time, now claimed by Tawi-tawi. Batanes is near Taiwan, and it was not included in the Treaty of Paris signed by United States and Spain even if it was recognized as part of the Philippines. Meanwhile, Sulu was the site of the Battle of Bud Dajo where American soldiers had killed many Filipino Muslims during the first years of the 20th century.

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