Love Advice No. 60 (Full English)

From a curious friend:

Should you hide the picture of your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend?

My Advice:

The answer to that question is not “should”, but you “may” hide the picture of your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend.

Actually, hiding that picture is your personal decision. If you feel that this is the right thing, do it.

What’s the matter if you hide the picture of your ex?

This is one of the ways on how to move on from the past. (Other ways include destroying, deleting, or burning the picture of ex.) For if you have the chance to stare at his/her picture (and you really stare at it), you might get hurt. Especially if both of you are enduring so much pain. 😥

Ex still part of your life

Actually, regardless of how many ways you can hide your ex’s picture, if he/she is still in your mind, these ways will be worthless. He/she is not only in that picture, he/she is also in your heart and mind.

Regardless on how you hide ex’s picture, “it’s still part of your past and nothing will change.” Except in your status.

That ex has still a piece of him in your heart. And because of this, we cannot just erase the memories and feelings you have for your ex, whether good or bad. Once we meet him/her, he/she will left a mark on our heart and/or our memories. “This is not like a flash drive or hard drive wherein it can be reformatted in just a snap.” Unless you have amnesia or Alzheimer’s disease. XD

From the author

Even if I have no ex-girlfriend/s, let me share with you my experience.

I liked a girl a long time ago. Or let’s say that I love her so much.

At that time, the only way for me to be liked is to be aggressive in courting her. There are moments that we are together, and I think she was happy. I am expecting that she might fall in love with me. But that did not happen.

I had missed her from the time she, together with her classmates, did not attend the review class. 😦 They have something important to do. When I was given the free time, I took this opportunity to go to their place. 😀 I had travelled very far not only to see her classmates, but also to see her.

Days had passed, and it came to the point that our friendship had strained. It had been broken, actually. That became the saddest thing that happened to me, and this I regret up to the time I am writing this article. Fact is that it was all my fault that I forced her to love me, when it must be done carefully.

That hurts me till now. I know that I cannot repair anymore the friendship that had been broken. And that hurts me so much.

However, I had mustered courage to download her pictures. Up to now, I had some copies of her pictures. I did not hide or delete them.

I have also pictures of moments when we talked together. Up to now, I did not hide or delete these pictures.

This is because I am thinking that she came once in my life. Whether good or bad was my experience with her, she will still be there in my heart and in my memory. This is a starting point for me to change myself.

I am sharing these things for you to see and feel the reality if you decide whether to hide your ex’s picture or not.

Final Words

Since he/she is irrelevant now in your life, use what you have learned in the past to be “a better person, not a bitter person.”

Actually, you can hide your ex’s picture so that you won’t get hurt. Or you may not hide his/her picture, for from this picture you will learn from your past experience.

Another suggestion: You can give to your ex his/her pictures. This will not let you be tempted to look back from these pictures which will hurt your feelings. Aside from this, it is a sign for him/her that your relationship with that person is ended. This will be a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the times that you spent with him/her together.

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