Janggeum’s Dream (장금이의꿈) Opening Theme Song (Misheard Lyrics)

This time, we will have another approach on rendering misheard lyrics with other songs.

The opening theme song of the Korean cartoon series “Janggeum’s Dream” is not actually part of the K-Pop we know today. But with the brevity of the song, and because it is Korean, I included it in one of my collections of misheard lyrics.

This song has a special place in my heart as it was featured in Yey Channel. At that time, it was aired during the time I took the first CPA Board Exam last October 2016. This I frequently play especially that I want to rest, after too many hardships I encountered during the review.

I had tried also several times to finish the misheard lyrics of this song, but there were too many delays. Only last Sunday was the chance for me to finish this long-delayed work.

You may play this video while reading the following contents. Enjoy the misheard lyrics of “Janggeum’s Dream” Opening Theme Song (장금이의꿈) by TweetNewscaster!

Momo she ate may hey sorry
Sun key. Ang Dara, itago
Takutan, kulit the salt diri
Tanda me Sir, itago

Kuko joke
Modo ka hen bag ang kumot
Dasal she man two landi ng show
Antenna, ano nang misa? Kahon sa isang carrot ka din

Hangaroo, Hangaroo, carrot kasi siya kalayo
Tagong medyas Sunday oh
Saan ito nagsimula?
Cholo men pa guro tsong

Anna shake, Hanna she
Kulang kay Monday row kayo
Sayang eh chemo kayo
Ang turon panty na
Baygon nasaid
Doll beh cheat Tanny