Janggeum’s Dream (장금이의꿈) Ending Theme Song (Misheard Lyrics)

As promised on our Fourth Annual Report, we will start again publishing articles under Renditions (now Misheard Lyrics) category. With the revival of articles in Misheard Lyrics, expect more from different K-Pop groups to be released within this year.

After publishing our rendition of Janggeum’s Dream (장금이의꿈) opening theme song, it’s nice to have another one for its ending theme.

I had wondered then if I can make a misheard lyric of the ending theme song, as I deem it then not appropriate for me to do it.

We had watched it more than two years ago in Yey Channel. This has also a special meaning with me, as this signals me to change the TV show just to make my kid angry and frustrated. He loves “Peppa Pig”, which is right after Janggeum’s Dream.

In this case, I decided to cut the very last line, as this was the tune available on YouTube video. Recently I had searched for full ending which is actually titled “Moonlight Girl”. With that, I’ll try to do a full lyric of the song.

Well, anyway, you may play this video while reading the following contents. Enjoy the misheard lyrics of “Janggeum’s Dream” Ending Theme Song (장금이의꿈) by TweetNewscaster!

Dali metal matong tuli kung
SuJu dami otsong thing kung ewan
Aking marumi nung kusina
Shake code ihinga

Oh, sili iyon kung sili me
Ang miki, Nadine
Oh, miki iyon, ang galing
Two suntukin si Marlou

Hiya, ihiya, hey paki iyan
Hiya, ihiya, hey Maja din
Hiya, ihiya, hey paki iyan
Hayan na, paki mo, ooh, ate?