Boiling Water Recipe

Here we are for another out-of-this-word kind of recipes from TweetNewscaster.

For the first time, I’ll create an article about recipe in full English, teaching you how to cook a boiling water. Obviously, this is a very easy task, but hope you’ll like our kind of cooking it. We will have a touch of love just to cook it right.

This is shared to us by a netizen, and as always, I will revise it to formalize our cooking with this kind of dish. Just joking. As my recipe caters well to non-Filipinos, this article is dedicated to them. Okay, let’s start cooking! 😀

What we need:

  • A kettle. What do you expect – boiling water with your hands? Definitely, you’ll end up with scorched hands instead of boiling water.
  • Water. Of course, we will need it to make a boiling water. Any type of water will do, and it’s up to you how much water you will place in a kettle.
  • A spoon and a fork. If you are wondering what we will do with these things in the recipe, don’t worry. We’ll use this later.

How to cook a boiling water? It’s simple:

  1. Put the kettle in the stove or in a fireplace. Just make sure that you got the right heat needed to cook a boiling water.
  2. Then put the water inside the kettle. Otherwise, you end up with brittled kettle instead of boiling water.
  3. Let it boil. This will take time depending on the heat within the stove or fireplace. Intense heat will shorten the boiling process, and low heat will lengthen it.
  4. Afterwards, get the spoon and taste the water if it suits your taste. This is important, as water also has traces of minerals. If not satisfied with the taste, you can add more water or other ingredients (like salt, pepper, or chili).
  5. After some more minutes, poke the water with a fork to see if the water’s cooked already. You may have been aware of the two kinds of water – the soft and the hard. Definitely, your water is not hard unless you add minerals that makes it hard. It is not soft either, unless the water’s temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius (or 212 degrees Fahrenheit). The Boiling Water is now ready to be served.

Hope this article helps you a lot in having a boiling water right in your kitchen. It seems simple, but with the right procedure, you can relish hot water that you can enjoy during the winter months. Have a good appetite, and happy cooking! 😀

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