TNT Boys divides grand prize, finds solutions

QUEZON CITY, Quezon Province, Philippines – What shall we do with the prize?

Such was the dilemma of the TNT Boys after they won the grand prize in ABS-CBN’s Your Face Sounds Familiar held yesterday at UP Theater. While the prize is actually intended to the single winner of the kiddie entertainment show, the trio actually received the award. The problem according to them was on how to divide the prize among themselves.

This was solved by their sharing arrangements.

Mackie Empuerto had this proposal for their house, “Siyempre naman po, kaming tatlo ang may access din sa iisang bahay. Una pong problema namin ay paano hahatiin ang bahay sa Camella. Lalo na’t kung buong pamilya kami na magkakasya, tapos kung may family reunion pa. Hindi naman namin puwedeng i-slice na lang ang bahay namin. So ang kusina ay kay Kiefer, ang living room ay sa akin, at ang kuwarto doon ay kay Francis.” (Of couse, we three have access in our house. First problem is on dividing the house in Camella subdivision. Especially that we have to include our respective families in the house, not to mention family reunions. We don’t want to slice our house like a cake. So Kiefer has hold on the kitchen, mine with the living room, and the room will be to Francis.)

Meanwhile, Kiefer Sanchez has a say on financial matters: “Sunod naman po ay ang pera. Pinahati namin iyan sa financial advisor namin. Sinabi po na tig-one third po kaming tatlo. Mga P333,333 ang matatanggap namin. Para walang away sa piso, ibinigay po namin iyon kay Francis.” (Next is the prize money. We hired a financial advisor to divide the money. He told us that we get one third each. Hence, we receive around P333,333.00 [US$6,249.04]. For the remaining one peso [US$0.01], we gave it to Francis to avoid infighting between us.)

Finally, Francis Concepcion got the hold on gadgets showcase. “Napag-usapan na po namin na kay Kiefer ang laptop, ang tablet kay Mackie, at sa akin ang smartphone.” (We have discussed that Kiefer will got hold of the laptop, Mackie the tablet, and the smartphone will be mine.)

Even if they had resolved already their dilemma on the grand prize, they agreed that for the sake of friendship, they shall share those items with each other.

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Featured Image Credit: TNT Boys holding one of their prizes.