Sass responds positively to messages, interacts with followers

THE HAGUE, Netherlands – Me love you long time!

Such was the favorite line of Sass Rogando Sassot, one of the most influential bloggers in the Philippines. This was her response to attacks made by Philippine Information Agency Director General Harold Clavite and by Akbayan’s sub-group iDefend wanting to expel her from Maastricht University.

Despite her very busy schedule defending President Duterte, she manages to have time with her followers. Through her live videos with resource persons, and her interactive approach with her followers, according to Sass, she had imparted practical knowledge with people who are following her.

Very responsive

Some of her followers had tried to spice up the ordinary discussions inside her page, hoping that Sass would respond to them in return.

Some want Sass to greet them:

Follower1: I love you long time
Sass: Me love you long time more! :*

Follower 2: First like ako. Kaya, batiin mo naman ako, Ma’m Sass?
Sass: Bati.
(F: I liked it first. So, would you greet me, Ma’m Sass?
S: Greetings.)

Follower3: Hi, Miss Sass. Pa-greet naman po. Birthday ko po ngayon, hihi. Me love you long time.
Sass: Happy birthday!
(F: Hi, Miss Sass. Greet me. It’s my birthday. Me love you long time.
S: Happy birthday!)

Follower4: Paki-shout out po ng name ko, Miss Sass.
Sass: Rudolph SHOUTOUT!
(F: Please shout out my name, Miss Sass.
S: Rudolph SHOUTOUT!)

Others just want to be noticed by the blogger:

Follower5: Sass, pansinin mo naman ako. 😉
Sass: K.
Follower5: Yown. Okay na ako dun.

Follower6: First comment. Notice me Ms. Sass. ❤
Sass: Notice

Follower7: Sana replayan ako ni Sass.
Sass: Reply
(F: Hope Sass sends her reply to me.
S: Reply)

Follower8: Pay me some attention, Sass. :* :*
Sass: Attention!

And Sass had make a joke on some issues. For instance, on a netizen curious with his looks:

Follower9: Hi, Sass! 😉 Sa tingin mo, ang kapogian ko ba ay may expiration?
Sass: Palagay ko ay depende sa oras kung kailan ka ginawa ng tatay at nanay mo.
(F: Hi, Sass! Do you think being handsome has its expiration?
S: I think it depends on the time your father and your mother created you.)

On issue of Harry Roque riding on MRT with media coverage:

Follower10: Kawawa talaga ordinaryong tao, Ma’m Sass. Pagsakay pa lang sa MRT, survival of fittest na. Haha. Nakakatawa, pero mas nakakaawa po kami.
Sass: Magdala kayo ng media para mas mabilis.
(F: Ordinary people are pitiful, Ma’m Sass. Once you’re in Metro Rail Transit, it’s survival of the fittest. It’s funny but we’re really in a sorry state.
S: Bring mediamen with you to make things easier for you.)

And finally, on Harry Roque “attacking” on social media personalities:

Follower11: May pinapatamaan ka, Ms. Sass. Baka mambato siya ng hollow blocks.
Sass: Babatuhin ko siya ng cement mixer.
(F: You are doing blind items, Ms. Sass. He might throw you hollow blocks.
S: I’ll throw him a cement mixer vehicle.)


In a separate interview, Sass had explained why she had to respond to requests from her followers.

“I am by nature inclined to be an interactive person. I had carried it with me up to the time I studied in the Netherlands. Interacting with Dutchmen, and OFWs working here, has sharpened my responsiveness, especially if it needs my attention. So you see, I entertain even trivial comments just to give delight to my followers.”

“As you see, I had entertained even some who attacked me and my stand, like what my recent posts show that I follow up several times on Clavite’s incompetence. If some netizens don’t know how foreign relations work, I take time to explain it to them. I defend it if necessary. Actually, as of now, no one had dared to show me evidence that I am paid, and no one dared to crack my password.”

Lack of hearing

She further noticed that Communist Party of the Philippines Founding Chairman Joma Sison’s statements on Duterte’s health were mere allegations. The chairman had knew of an unverifiable report from his source that the Mindanaoan President is in a state of comatose, and spread it to mainstream media. This prompted Duterte to tell Sison to live for a thousand years.

“Duterte might have said to him that ‘I’ll love you for a thousand years,’ like Christina Perri says. That will be the most beautiful reply that he will give.”

“What’s the basis for his statement that our President is in a coma? Maybe his ability to hear was fading. The source told him that ‘Duterte is in kama (bed)’ which suggests that he’s just sleeping. Sison thought differently – coma instead of kama (bed) – and thought that Duterte is really sick. “

Change for the better

Sass explained that despite the challenges in the administration, she must fight for change.

“I still remember the fresh blood pouring near our house, in Mendiola during my childhood days. I still remember also the protests we made just for our LGBT brothers and sisters to be accorded equal respect we deserve. These events moved me to push for change we need in our country, so that incidents like these will not happen again.”

“If they want to change our country for the better, they must change the current system. Change within ourselves will just follow. Me love you long time!”

WARNINGThis article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.