Coco Martin extends “Ang Probinsyano”, revives FPJ legacy

MANILA CITY, Philippines – When will that show end?

Some netizens asked this on the show Ang Probinsyano (Brothers) as they are impatient on watching it. With the program running for three years, many wonder on the show’s happy ending. This is also amid rumors that PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde will withdraw support over the show on supposed degrading image of policemen.

According to Coco Martin, who plays the role of Cardo Dalisay, Ang Probinsyano will have no ending. Primary reason was that aside from being a director, he is also the creative consultant of the show. “Araw-araw, challenge sa amin ang mag-improve. Dumadami rin ang mga suggestions nila sa akin.” (Everyday, it’s our challenge to improve. The casts are also adding their suggestions.)

“Nagagamit ko ito pag magdidirek kami. Di pa kami nauubusan ng idea, kaya tuloy pa rin ang taping.” (I use these everytime we direct the program. We have never ran out of ideas, so our taping goes on.)

Zoom-ins are forever

Aside from the immortality of the show, other netizens noticed the non-stop zoom-ins on faces of various characters, which made their heads dizzy:

“Zoom in, zoom out. Kahit walang aksyon, zoom in, zoom out pa din.”
(Even if without action scenes, they still zoom in and zoom out.)

The primetime actor replied, “Wala pa kasing nakakagawa ng ganyang diskarte. Para maging pang-action ang dating.” (No one had made this strategy. This makes the show look like an action-packed one.)

On the number of zooms that are in place since Ang Probinsyano started, a netizen had counted it in a given day as follows:

Zoom Count (Quick and Slow Zooms)(09/13/2017)

Before 1st Commercial: 86
Before 2nd Commercial: 73
Before 3rd Commercial: 21
Before 4th Commercial: 37
Before ending: 13
Total of 230 zooms.

If this was the average, total number of zoom-ins and zoom-outs will run to 179,400 zooms. He then wanted to rename the program as Ang Zoom-in-syano. (The Zoomed-in Brothers)

Lola Flora’s secret

A chat discussed the never-ending role of Susan Roces as Lola Flora in the show:

A: Nag-aalala pa rin si Lola Flora kay Cardo.
B: Swerte ni Lola Flora dahil sa Ritemed. Kung wala niyan, baka di na siya nagtagal sa serye.

(A: Till now, Lola Flora is worrying about Cardo!
B: Lola Flora is fortunate because of Ritemed. Without it, she won’t last in the show.)

This was discussed as Susan Roces, wife of Fernando Poe Jr. who played also as Cardo in Brothers (1997 original movie), took on the role as grandmother of Cardo Dalisay.

With Coco’s role mostly being vagabond and bandit, and with endless episodes, Susan’s role demands her to be stressful. At the same time, she is an endorser of Ritemed (low-cost branded medicine) which helped her beat stressful tapings.

Extension eyed

Seeing the meme giving a definite ending date to August 25, 2048, Coco Martin had decided with finality to extend the Season 1’s program up to 225 million years A.D.

He said, “Dahil sa patuloy na pagmamahal ng mga viewers namin, i-eextend na yung Ang Probinsyano. Iikot pa rin ang kuwento kay Cardo, pero wala na sina Lucas Cabrera at Gen. Tirante. Focus na lang dito kung paano nakulong si Cardo, nakabalik sa serbisyo, at nagkaroon ng mga anak at apo kay Alyana.” (Because of continuous love from our viewers, we decide to extend “Brothers”. The story will still revolve around Cardo, minus Cabrera and Tirante. This will just focus on Cardo’s imprisonment, return as police officer, and having sons and grandsons with Alyana.)

The team will not just focus on politicians but also on return of the dinosaurs. Future dinosaurs trample people and compete with humans for food. Worse, they even eat human flesh.

“So ang challenge ay ipakita kung paano makaka-survive si Cardo sa ganitong kadelikadong sitwasyon. Mag-iiba sila ng strategy kung paano babarilin ang mga kalabang dinosaurs.” (So our challenge is to explain how will Cardo survive in this dangerous situation. They will change their strategy on shooting the enemy dinosaurs.)

Bigger enemies

After the end of the show, Coco Martin plans to release the Season 2 of Ang Probinsyano in 300 million years A.D. and Season 3 after 2.5 billion years A.D.

Season 2 will be named as Ang Probinsyano: Ang Pagbabalik (Brothers: The Comeback) which will revolve on Cardo Dalisay and his group (New Vendetta) battling aliens invading Earth.

Magle-level up na si Cardo dahil hindi na lang niya ipagtatanggol ang bansa, kundi pati na ang buong mundo. Ano ang hitsura ng mga aliens? Excited kami sa puwedeng gawin ni Cardo sa Season 2.” (Cardo will have improvements in his role as he will not just defend the country but also the whole world. What would aliens look like? We are excited on what Cardo will do in Season 2.)

May advanced na sandata ang bagong Vendetta para talunin ang mga aliens.” (The New Vendetta has advanced weapons to fight aliens.)

End of the world

Meanwhile, Season 3 will be named as Ang Probinsyano: Ang Huling Laban (Brothers: The Last Battle). The future program will show the greater role Cardo Dalisay will play as he will save the Earth from the Sun’s destructive heat.

According to him, “Sa final episode, malaking challenge na harapin ng mundo ang matinding init. Imagine mo na mas mainit ang araw ni Cardo kaysa sa nae-experience natin tuwing summer. So hahanap si Cardo ng paraan para maka-survive sila at ang buong planeta sa huling araw.” (In our final episode, the earth will face the big challenge – intense heat. Imagine the hotter days Cardo will face compared to our experience every summer. So, Cardo will find ways on how they and the whole planet will survive on the last days.)

Kaya, walang ending ang programa. Hangga’t may kuwento, hangga’t gusto ng mga Pilipino, nandiyan pa rin po Ang Probinsyano.” (Therefore, the program will not end. As long as there is story, and as long as Filipinos like it, “Brothers” will still be there.)

International no-ending

In the other news, Africans had released their intent to air the never-ending show. In a Facebook post:

“Our recent poll result shows that [Africans who love Filipino programs] prefer Coco Martin thriller teleseryes to melodramas. We are hoping his action-packed teleserye Brothers which has been airing for over two years airs soon in Africa.

…It [might not air] in Africa due to [the long story line, that] currently has over 500 episodes.”

The international sales division of the network expressed that they “knew already that our viewers overseas would be thrilled by this action-packed show, and some might get bored about it. But what’s important is that we entertain them as much as we entertain Filipinos.”

“Our worry is this: Would they watch it till forever? Only time will tell.”


WARNINGThis article is a joke, is intended to be read for enjoyment, is intended for fun, and this should not be read seriously. TweetNewscaster is not responsible for any loss or injury associated in believing that this article is very real.

Featured Image Credit: Photo meme of Cardo Dalisay in 2048

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