The Best of K-Pop Misheard Lyrics for 2018

Good day, dear readers! If you are curious on why the author now rarely publishes articles here, here it is. The author tried to compile and make all the misheard lyrics of most groups for 2018. Some lines are selected and combined to make the video you will see below.

The misheard lyrics of all these songs in full English will be published some other time. These are way worse than the lyrics presented here. Haha. So watch out for that. (Included to be published are some songs that are not included in the video like AOA’s “Bingle Bangle” and iKON’s “Love Scenario”.)

Again, pardon if some people, even fans, might find these things offensive. Not my intention though.

You may play this video with less stress. Enjoy the best of misheard lyrics for 2018 from TweetNewscaster!