SATURDAY (세러데이) – WiFi (와이파이): MV Review

We will feature first time another girl group called SATURDAY (세러데이), with their song Wi-Fi (와이파이) as their second lead music. By the looks of it, their group was created last year, on July 18, 2018.

I made a review of it, as I see that the music video is so beautiful, and that it is freshly-baked. You may watch first their video here:


  1. Video must have a storyline – 5 points

They made their storyline simple and clear. The video starts by featuring a Wi-Fi hub, and then shows various technologies from the past to present. Its storyline revolves around the girl/s who want to connect with the boy she loved, as compared to a Wi-Fi, but can’t connect due to mismatch. Worse, she gets disconnected with the boy.

  1. Theme must be consistent and clear – 4 points

The theme they are portraying is consistent enough. However, one point they missed is that they did not feature themselves connecting with smartphones and laptops. This would add to the consistency needed in the video.


  1. The music video as a whole must be colorful – 5 points

The video was colorful enough to excite the listeners and set their mood.

  1. Must be done in good taste – 5 points

I did not see anything awkward or gross in this video.

  1. Does not celebrate Halloween, Easter, or similar celebrations – 5 points

No celebrations mentioned were shown here.

  1. Does not feature astrology – 5 points

No traces of astrology is featured here.

  1. Less horror is featured in the video – 5 points

The video was not too scary. In fact it was exciting.

  1. Not too revealing outfits – 5 points

No outfits revealing unnecessary parts were seen in the video.


  1. Ability of the music to excite the listener – 5 points

I must admit that the music is soooo exciting. It makes me want to hear it till the end, and repeat it so many times. This deserves a perfect score.

  1. Music should not be deafening on the ears – 5 points

The song “Wi-Fi” does not irritate the ears even if it is played too loud.


  1. Dance can be learned easily even by beginners – 5 points

By the looks of the video, the steps they made can be easily learned by beginners. Also, the chorus just amounts to a fusion of aegyo (like Gwiyomi) and that of a normal dance.

Added factor to the dance is that it is simple yet energetic.

  1. Dance must not be too sensual – 5 points

I did not see any sensual dance in the video. Though SATURDAY has some sexy dances (especially at 1:34 – 1:35), they nevertheless did not play it too far.


  1. Moral lesson must be clearly stated – 5 points

Primarily, the moral lesson that can be obtained from the video is on how we communicate with others. It can be seen throughout the whole video, with the girls trying to connect and talk with the man. If that fails, mismatch will happen. And worse, without proper means to communicate, misunderstandings will prevail.

  1. They must impart something beneficial for their viewers – 5 points

Viewers could learn a bit of history from SATURDAY.

The group features past and present technologies available for communication, like the old-fashioned telephone, router, antenna (for TV), and refrigerator (in case of smart freezers). What one would not notice is that they featured cookies below their debut date “July 18, 2018” (at 2:58), which represents cookies embedded in websites.

Added to that is their feature of fruits like bananas and lemons, which will somehow let viewers appreciate eating fruits.

Other Matters

  1. Inject sense of humor in the music video – 6 points

The sense of humor portrayed in the video refers to emotions they play upon losing contact. Another funny aspect is on Chohee holding a gun releasing “Free Wi-Fi” cards (2:00 – 2:05), taunting Ayeon who stands. Losing contact (or having unstable signals) in Wi-Fi is the reality in the Philippines.

Another funny thing I noticed is that Haneul kicked the slot machine due to mismatch. Instead of showing three equal pictures, a date is featured, at 2:44 – 2:55. I find it funny how the girl reacted.

  1. Ability of the song to make it to mainstream media – 4 points

This would be possibly picked by mainstream media. The hype factor present in the song will be their advantage, but this will not be quite as popular.

  1. Review by other sites – 4 points

Here are some comments by netizens:

Just feel it, Bboom Bboom!

The leader of this group (Chohee) was born on 2002, same as my age but all I do is reading fanpics, eat, and sleep. I should feel bad for myself.

This reminds me of Momoland

Lots of songs sound the same. Get over it.

This is so catchy, please support them. They’re Saturday, not Momoland.

At least MMLD influenced another gg. More power, SATURDAY! Those who were disliking this doesn’t deserve a Wi-Fi connection.

The song has been stuck in my head the last four days.

And this did not really surprise me at all:

Saturday: WiFi

TWICE: Signal

Like most of netizens, Obsessed and Assessed noticed the similarities of the song with Momoland’s Bboom Bboom. And that is not surprising, as I also see the similarities. The blogger pointed out that the dance lacks excitement, and that the scene features small spaces, as if SATURDAY would be in a sardine can. Nevertheless, the blogger also finds the MV a cute one.

The Bias List tells that the first seconds of the video was “copied” from Hwasa’s solo music TWIT. And it noticed that the group also shares similarities with Momoland’s music.

  1. Review of the music video as a whole – 5 points

Although not too energetic on dance steps, I find this music video very colorful and exciting. So far, this is the cutest music video after that of Bboom Bboom. Most members do an aegyo, and if they will attract me through this MV, I would be easily enchanted by their looks.

  1. Other factors
  • Intro tune shares similarities with Bboom Bboom – 5 points

If you have heard already the hit song from Momoland, they both share similar guitary tune on the first seven seconds. It also shares the jazz tune from the same group in the next seven seconds.

  • Featuring fruits – 5 points

This will give added beauty in the video. In this case, SATURDAY showed other fruits that Red Velvet did not feature, seen at 0:27 – 0:43. These are lemons, cherries, and bananas.

You might recall RV’s music video of Power Up, where they sang “Banana” even without featuring a single banana on their video.

(Side note: I wonder if RV will do the same to Spongebob’s house, and one will sing “Who lives in the banana under the sea?”)

  • Shares the hallway concept with ASTRO – 5 points

The hallway at 0:44 – 0:59 where Sion dances shares same concept with ASTRO’s Always You, at 3:26 – 3:28.

  • Cute dance – 5 points

I have to consider this factor as they performed it in a very cute manner. And yes, I find them very cute, especially Yuki.

  • Shares concept with TWICE – 5 points

This refers to the song Signal by TWICE, wherein the girls try to send a signal that they like the man, but they are in vain. Looks like it was the same concept used in creating the MV and song of “Wi-Fi”, though not totally copying the MV of Signal as a whole.

  • Uploads the video to 1theK – 5 points (updated)
  • Features the 1theK Logo – 0 points

SATURDAY is part of the 1theK group.

Sorry, but I have to rate it at zero points. SATURDAY should have featured the logo as a watermark (like SEVENTEEN’s Getting Closer). Or shown at end of the video (like AOA’s Bingle Bangle). This will somehow tell everybody that even they are from different entertainment agencies, they are still part of the team, and to cement their status as part of a bigger K-Pop community.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 90.77% (Updated)

Final Words

It is just unfortunate that most netizens take the “imitating concepts” negatively, while in fact the group drew inspiration from various sources and turned this into a cute one.

It is given that the group was newly-created (as seen on their debut date). Their lead song “Wi-Fi”, though not their debut music, will be a good start for them.

SATURDAY should take cues from this review and other reviews, and make their presence known. There will be a time that they will have their own style. Hope this will guide them in their succeeding MVs.


ITZY (있지) – Dalla Dalla (달라달라): MV Review

Good day, readers! This year marked the rise of new groups from different entertainment companies. Among them is JYP Entertainment, who recently launched their new group, ITZY (있지). They debuted last February 12, with five members, namely Yuna, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yeji.

And for the first time, we are going to review the debut music of the new group, Dalla Dalla. The song is also freshly-baked. Hope this review will be helpful for the group in their next projects. You may watch first their MV here before reading the review:


  1. Video must have a storyline – 3 points

The storyline revolves on the girls who changed their outfits before going to the airport, with the aim of reaching at different destinations, including tunnels, buildings, flats, and a dog parlor.

I gave this rating, as the MV should have made the storyline clear enough even for those who don’t understand Korean. It does not matter how anyone would interpret it.

  1. Theme must be consistent and clear – 5 points

While their storyline lacks depth, they applied their theme consistently throughout the whole video. Especially on featuring what’s inside the airport. Actually, the theme revolves around the journey members are making.


  1. The music video as a whole must be colorful – 5 points

I must say that their MV is the most colorful so far. This deserves an excellent score. And they nailed it perfectly: They used special effects to depict changing colors of flats, their room, and their dog, as seen on 1:09 – 1:25, 1:58 – 2:01, and 0:54 – 1:01, respectively.

  1. Must be done in good taste – 5 points

I did not see any part that will make me avoid looking on the video. Nothing awkward or gross is being featured there.

  1. Does not celebrate Halloween, Easter, or similar celebrations – 5 points

The MV has no celebrations as mentioned. They only celebrated their being free and their desire to dream high.

  1. Does not feature astrology – 5 points

No trace of astrology is featured in the video.

  1. Less horror is featured in the video – 5 points

I did not see any thing in the video featuring horror.

  1. Not too revealing outfits – 5 points

Though their shorts are short, that was quite decent enough.


  1. Ability of the music to excite the listener – 5 points (Updated)

In fairness to the group, the music by its nature is exciting. However, that was not enough to push me to hear it till the end.

Sorry. I updated this score after several listens, and I can tell that this is sooo exciting.

  1. Music should not be deafening on the ears – 5 points

Even if it is played at a loudspeaker, the music does not irritate the listener. Nothing loud was heard in the whole music.


  1. Dance can be learned easily even by beginners – 5 points

Beginners can easily learn the dances ITZY is featuring in the video, especially on the chorus part.

  1. Dance must not be too sensual – 4 points

This lacks one point, as I have noticed something. I find it off Chaeryeong dancing at 1:44.


  1. Moral lesson must be clearly stated – 5 points

They imparted the important lesson – to dream high and never stop reaching on our dreams, as heard on their lyrics. Them being on top of the car tells us viewers that we should always aim higher, or aim to be on top in everything we do.

Another lesson they taught us is to follow laws. Instead of arguing with and beating the airport security officers, they follow the standard airport protocols. They submit themselves for inspection.

Last lesson they taught us, albeit unconsciously, is on carrying their bags. These represent our willingness to bring everything – whether good or bad – everywhere we go. Every contents in the bag will be helpful for them, and us, to survive as we go on our journey.

  1. They must impart something beneficial for their viewers – 5 points

They made a good choice on featuring how to take care of animals, even by just cuddling them. This shows how we are ready to care for our pets. This is seen on 0:54 – 0:55 and at 2:02.

Other Matters

  1. Inject sense of humor in the music video – 5 points (updated)

Sorry. I did not see anything funny in the music video. That would be a great help to lift up the mood of listeners. They should have taken a cue on TWICE when they debuted in Like Ooh-Aah, as Sana tried to flex her muscles but failed.

Sorry again. Updated this, as I have overlooked another funny scene, where the girls are changing outfits inside the elevator. I find it funny also how they threw clothes upon sensing CCTVs. Where’s Dahyun, by the way?

  1. Ability of the song to make it to mainstream media – 4 points

Most likely, the mainstream media will pick it, given that the music is quite exciting enough, not to mention the hype given on the group and the music.

  1. Review by other sites – 3 points

Here are some comments by netizens:

I don’t like this debut song. The song was not catchy

ITZY got everyone confused! Their vibe reminds us of every Kpop girlgroup mix all together

I better watch teaser than MV. I am so disappointed.

Doesn’t sound that good tbh. Sounds very generic as if they trying a bit hard to sound different.

I see them as Black Velvet concept

I don’t find them cringey. I think they are awesome and loveee the choreo…

I like their line distribution and vocal range

The views are because of people’s curiosity really. I don’t think it’s a strong debut

Maybe they’ll do release better songs next time.

Another one caught my attention:

At 1st listen: This song is meh

2nd listen: Hmm, not bad, I guess?


The most compelling comment is this:

They reminded me of Crayon Pop at times. But the feeling I got wasn’t nostalgia. It was confusion.

1:09 when they start dancing will definitely remind you of bar bar bar. Their harmonization during the chorus, and the solo rap segments are broken up similarly…. 2:46, that part [of Crayon Pop] just cemented it for me.

Obsessed and Assessed viewed the group and their music as hyped up. The blogger added that he/she became skeptical on the teasers. It viewed the song as “impressively bad”, and that it was incoherent.

The reviewer had explained fully the reason why the dog changes colors, and why the airport is featured. It represents the individuality of each members, and that they have same dream: to reach the sky.

It finally ends with a note that it was one of the most disappointing debuts coming from one of the most famous entertainment companies.

AllKpop reviewed the song as pretty and playful. By describing how the song plays upon the MV and the members, it was indeed exciting and catchy. It tells that the difference between other girl groups would be on “energy and enthusiasm.”

The Bias List explains the fact that ITZY was created as another girl group to watch out for. It pointed out that the song was a mash-up of different genres from different K-Pop eras. However, it stressed the random structure of the song and the lack of final hit to make it more powerful.

  1. Review of the music video as a whole – 5 points

Overall, the music video as a whole has a beautiful concept. They had presented something different from their music video, though they combined concepts from other groups, as we will discuss later.

  1. Other factors
  • Comparison between ITZY and Dalla Dalla with that of TWICE – 3 points

If you will recall, TWICE’s debut music was Like Ooh-Aah. This served as energizer, and this was indeed exciting. Now, given that ITZY is also under JYP Ent., it cannot be avoided that they be compared with TWICE. It cannot also be avoided that some commenters will tell that TWICE has exciting moves and music, while the newbie lacks it (as of now)

  • Sharing dance steps with other group – 5 points

Their dance step at 2:28 – 2:30 closely resembles that of GFRIEND’s Sunrise (in 0:48 – 0:50).

  • Resemblance with other members – 5 points

At 1:41, Lia (?) looks like Jisoo of BLACKPINK

At 1:56, Yuna resembles Tzuyu of TWICE. And at 2:09, Ryujin resembles Sana of the same group.

  • Sharing concepts with previous MVs – 5 points

They copied some concepts from other groups. This is noticed on the last scene where they pose for a finale, and then elevator door is shut. It recalls the elevator used by PSY in his MV of Gangnam Style.

  • Shares similar melody – 5 points

The melody of the song shares that with TWICE’s Like Ooh-Aah (2:452:57), particularly at 2:46 – 3:00.

Also, at 0:23 – 0:38, the tune resembles that of Meghan Trainor‘s “Me Too” (0:05 – 0:21)

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 89.17% (Updated)

Final Words

Some points merit better rating, and I already revised this rating upward to reflect better my view on the group.

Given that they are being sold out as an alternative to TWICE (or other girl groups under JYP Ent.), they must prove that they can equal or surpass what the former group achieved. This is to not degrade them or compare them with another girl group, but for the newbies to learn more from them. Anyway, they will create their new sense of identity later on.

This review will somehow help ITZY get on track, and keep these considerations in mind. This is to guide them on the goal they want to achieve.