What Is The Fandom Name For ITZY?

ITZY with their cute poses. Photo from Koreaboo.

Let’s just take a break for a while, as we answer this million-dollar question:

What is the fandom name for ITZY?

Honestly, even if I am not a fan of the group, I find this soooo exciting. Why?

While someone recommended that their haters be called as “Bitchy” or “Itchy”, many have wondered on what would be their fandom name up to this writing. And while they have some names in mind, netizens did not stop in sharing their recommendations.

The members of ITZY themselves, particularly Yeji and Ryujin, had their three proposed names:

  1. UPZY (ITZY will go higher)
  2. In Us (All in us)
  3. ITzU (Yeji must have thought of her pet dog shihtzu as she cuddles another dog in their MV of Dalla Dalla.)

How about the netizens? They have many options, aside from those mentioned:

  1. BITZY
  2. EDZY (ITZY has an edge, or advantage.)
  3. Ganzy (Stylish/Cool)

Well, if you will ask me on their fandom name, they may pick on the following names:

  1. ITSY

Or these are the alternative choices:

  1. ITSY
  2. BITSY
  4. WENT UP

Just joking. 😀 However, if one will be serious about this, UPZY or EDZY will do. Their fans can also be called as EASY, implying that they are at ease with each other, and they are enjoying what the group will offer to all of us.

Or they can be called as BUSY, telling that the group is busy in providing all what we K-Pop fans need. At the same time, fans are expected to be busy in promoting the group, considering that this is a newbie one.

(Latest Update: Midzy has been their fandom name now.)

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