MAMAMOO (마마무) – Gogobebe (고고베베): MV Review

Undeniably, MAMAMOO has become one of my favorite groups in K-Pop. Though they do not have the usual cute looks, they have an edge when it comes to their maturity, especially on content and voice.

And since MAMAMOO released now their first music video for this year, called Gogobebe, we will now do it. You may watch this first before going to the review proper:


  1. Video must have a storyline – 5 points

 The group made the storyline very clear. The MV was essentially a flashback on what happened before they slept on the other house. At first, one of them gets bored inside the bathroom, the office, playground, and room, they were invited to house party.

As they knew of the invitation, they imagine what will they expect when they come to party. To their surprise, they came across a study group. It turned out that someone misled them by reversing the number from 66 to 99.

  1. Theme must be consistent and clear – 5 points

They applied consistently their theme on having a party.


  1. The music video as a whole must be colorful – 5 points

I must say that the music video is very colorful. This deserves a perfect score

  1. Must be done in good taste – 4 points

All of the video was done in good taste, except for head part. This was on office underneath, where Moonbyul tries to flex herself inside the office, only to stick her head outside.

  1. Does not celebrate Halloween, Easter, or similar celebrations. – 5 points

No celebrations of any sort were seen in this video. Just like Hwasa’s TWIT, they only celebrated their desire to have fun and be happy.

  1. Does not feature astrology – 5 points

I did not see any sign of astrology in this MV

  1. Less horror is featured in the video – 5 points

No trace of horror is featured here.

  1. Not too revealing outfits – 4 points

On the outfits, the most conspicious is that of Hwasa. Just scan the whole video.


  1. Ability of the music to excite the listener. – 5 points

This makes me want to hear it till the end. Though not too energetic, this nevertheless made me exciting.

  1. Music should not be deafening on the ears – 4 points

 I should tell that it might irritate the ears if played too loud. By its nature having a strong vocals which defines the group, this is not surprising.


  1. Dance can be learned easily even by beginners – 5 points

The easiest part of their dance is on their chorus at 0:55 – 0:58. Other parts, even also in the chorus, can be easily understood by beginners.

  1. Dance must not be too sensual – 5 points

While others might think that some of their dance steps are sensual, I think of it otherwise. They don’t do some steps in the same outfit, like other MVs banned by KBS.


  1. Moral lesson must be clearly stated – 5 points

They impliedly shared the lessons, that we can learn from them.

First is on having fun outside. It is given that at present, we are inclined to rest and just deal with the gadgets. However, if we do have spare time, we have to go outside and be active. Wheein must have realized it at 0:19 – 0:24.

Second is on value of work. If Moonbyul did not value it, she would not do the tasks presented at 0:40 – 0:42.

Third is on how to handle awkward situations at 3:01 – 3:19. The girls, when came across a study group, must have found it awkward to proceed. But Hwasa solved it by convincing the group to join a party.

Lastly is on being playful. Aside from the playground, the group had shown it by having time for parties. Let’s just remember that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

  1. They must impart something beneficial for their viewers – 5 points

I gave this score, as they are featuring physical fitness by playing with children.

Another thing viewers might find it useful is on the old TV. We know that many now are unaware on how to use it, but this was used a long time ago, before cathode and flatscreen televisions were widely used.

Other Matters

  1. Inject sense of humor in the music video – 10 points

MAMAMOO clearly hit it right when it comes to humor.

Look at 0:23 – 0:24, where Wheein was on the park. It was funny how she reacted as children play with her. Meanwhile, another funny thing was that Hwasa has no mood while brushing her teeth at 0:46 – 0:47. Hwasa, at 0:59 – 1:02, made me laugh as she dropped her phone upon hearing the party. Just look at her expressions.

Lastly is on Solar having a wide smile at 1:14. This is not the smile that will entice one to love her, but a kind of smile that makes us laugh at her.

  1. Ability of the song to make it to mainstream media – 4 points

I suppose that this will be also presented by mainstream media. However, the question is on their being famous, and the different kind of tune used here.

  1. Review by other sites – 3 points

SeoulBeats reviewed the MV as lacking “justice” to the rest of their previous projects and that the storyline was immature, and told that it does not stand out as compared with their previous music videos. However, it finds the video as fun to watch, and reviewed very positively the music. Though “unspiring,” so to speak, they made themselves stand out with their appearance.

TheBiasList reviewed the song as fine but lacking in depth. When taken individually, it looks simple and boring, but taken as whole “it makes more sense.” Gogobebe shows more the fun rather than ending up their series with a definite hit.

  1. Review of the music video as a whole – 5 points

The group made another outstanding performance in this video, especially on how they approach this mature theme. In some other way, they are trying to define to us on how to be happy – and that is by having a party with others.

  1. Other factors
  • Lyrics of “Umbrella” – 5 points

This refers to their lyric “일루와 일루와 일루와” which sounds similar to Rihanna’s Umbrella. I also had to rate it as I saw that they are supposedly inspired by the RnB singer.

  • Different styling of “gogobebe” – 5 points

See 4:36 – 4:37. In this case, they are presenting new concept, where the g’s in gogobebe can be stylized upside down as b’s.

  • Uploads the video to 1theK – 5 points (updated)
  • Features the 1theK logo – 0 points

MAMAMOO is part of the 1theK group.

The only instance where they used the logo is on Wind Flower. That alone is an improvement, but did not feature it again here. Not even in the beginning or end of video. So, no choice.

  • Uses concepts from other groups – 5 points

The group used the concept of shopping bags from BLACKPINK’s Ddu Du Ddu Du (1:34 – 1:43) in their video at 2:37 – 2:40.

  • References to their previous song – 5 points

MAMAMOO made a good deal on featuring Wind Flower, at 0:33, where Solar reminds herself lifting a bunch on their previous song (0:56).

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 91.20% (Updated)

Final Words

MAMAMOO started their day with their fun side, and that’s really fine.

Personally, I see that their music and MV is okay, but not as better as their previous music like Egotistic and Wind Flower. However, they merit better scores in this video. Hope this rating helps them in improving further their next projects.

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