Your Article Is One Of The Best – TNC Other News Awards 2019

Hello, dear readers! As promised, we will award articles that give different side of the news. This is TNC Other News Awards 2019.

From unlimited articles being published by 97 awesome bloggers who follow this site (as of this writing), the author picked Top 100 Articles for 2019. Out of 100 articles, the author picked the best articles that embody the ideals of the site.

This is to also express apologies for delaying this so many times. But now, here it is.

This is exclusively for TweetNewscaster’s followers, but other articles from non-followers are also accepted with qualifications (which as of now, none submitted). Any or all of the following criteria are used in selecting the articles:

  1. Is it funny?
  2. Will it push everybody to do something good?
  3. Does it show the other side of the news?
  4. Does it lift the mood of his/her readers?

I’ll give the reasons why I chose this article as one of the hundred best articles so far. I’ll shift languages depending on how is it used in the article. Articles will be awarded via citations, so for our fellow bloggers, prepare if you will receive so many Pingbacks. This will also be your incentive to write more lighthearted articles and spread the fun to our different readers.

Out of one hundred articles, that I will show later, here are the prime articles picked by the author:

Here are the Top 100 Articles by TweetNewscaster (in no particular order):

  1. A Day in Valladolid – Darly Blog: I chose this article, as it features one of the historical places in Spain. Travelling makes one go down memory lane.
  2. A Kdrama Starter Guide – Kpop-Khop: Consistent with the tagline “Other News,” this is the other approach on appreciating K-dramas. Though the author is not an avid fan of dramas, this will be helpful in portraying the other side of Korean culture to the readers.
  3. 10 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Writing an Amazing Blog Post – The Art of Blogging: Cristian Mihai explains the steps in simple yet effective manner.
  4. How to Stop Being “The Invisible Blogger” – The Art of Blogging: This presents the other side of blogging that only few would dare to discuss with. I commented that this is being needed, especially that we are starting to reach out to wider audience. Some points presented by the blogger are being noted for improvement. While I am writing this article – or other articles – just for fun, this does not change the fact that readers clamor for content they can relate with.
  5. A walk of gritty road – fountainhues: TweetNewscaster chose this article, as this made us realize the value of facing challenges as key to any sucesses. As her line puts it, “Failure is success in mist and fog.”
  6. Champagne and Freckles – Darly Blog: Recently, the author published an article on how to be beautiful. This article will deal on another tip on how to do beautiful make-up. Another caveat: Watch out for her detailed explanation and make-up kits!
  7. Cutting Ties – Write Them All: I chose this article because of moral lessons we can learn from it. Cutting ties with other people is more complicated than maintaining relationships. This makes us learn to stop, think, and evaluate the possible outcomes and consequences before making the big decision. She says that “one day you might need them desperately,” and this is the absolute truth. This will be the author’s guide in dealing with love advices regarding break-up and move on.
  8. Free Targeted Traffic – Pauls Pages Too: Describes on how to promote your page for free, using a trick.
  9. Is BTS Influential – Kpop-Khop: I chose this article because of the influence BTS possesses, as they were the first boyband to hit American charts and get attention from the Western media. This short article describes the rise of the K-Pop boy group, as they are featured in Time Magazine.

It can be noted too that they do have considerable share of fans in Philippines, though their songs did not make it all the way to mainstream media.

  1. Life Lessons With BTS #3 – Kpop-Khop: Addiction with gadgets is a problem that becomes more serious. Even BTS are not exempted from this. The fellow blogger explained every important line, point by point, on the problems resulting from too much time on cellphones. And it’s good that BTS had faced their problem and everybody’s problem on looking at the screen.

In particular, I highly recommended the write-ups of our fellow blogger on lessons from BTS. Their influence stems from not just being a mere boyband, but on sharing life lessons that must be known by everybody, especially from the ARMY.

  1. My Life Stories #1 – First Love – Kpop-Khop: This is one of the favorite articles, as it recounts the day when kids do play with love, or having crushes. The blogger had explained his childhood memories, the times when we were once kids roaming freely.
  2. Talunan – Shaira Mae’s Reputation: Nakakatuwang basahin ang artikulong ito, dahil sinalamin nito kung gaano kahirap maghanap ng trabaho, at ang realization na baka ikaw at ako ay natatalo din.

Dumating din sa point na naiisip ko na baka nga talunan din ako. Hindi rin kasi maiaalis ang katotohanan na ang mga kasama ko ay may mga nararating na din sa buhay.

Regarding sa trabaho sa gobyerno, wala nang mas totoo pa sa sinasabi niya. Idagdag ko lang din na mas madaling makahanap ng panggobyernong trabaho sa Maynila kaysa sa probinsya, dulot na rin ng matinding kakulangan sa empleyado.

  1. Nothing’s Gonna Stop You – Write Them All: I chose this short article because it gives inspiration to CPA board takers, and even all people, who are facing challenges while pursuing their dreams.
  2. Hanggang drawing na lang ba tayo? – Shaira Mae’s Reputation: Ipinakita nito ang tindi ng frustrations ng mga plano na hindi natutuloy – o sa ibang salita, hanggang drawing na lang. Ang nakakatuwa pa, nai-post niya ang parody meme ng Eheads. Tinatanong doon kung hanggang ilang drawing ang iguguhit para matupad ito.
  3. Thousand Steps – Write Them All: I chose this article because it illustrates the frustrations on amending the past mistakes, and on not going the path desired. This also shows the challenges the fellow blogger faced as she works as an Accountant in Dubai.

The article closely parallels that of the author, though different story. By reading this, it should push us to work hard, have an open mind, and push for economic reforms in our country.

This also helps us to reflect on what we should have done, for us to correct our mistakes in case it happens again.

  1. Telling People I Like K-Pop – Kpop-Khop: The article tells the other side of being a fan not discussed anywhere else. I may have not yet seen or read any article on how to filter a K-Pop fan from a non-fan. This is the best way to define the difference between the two in an easy way.
  2. 10 Random K-pop Questions – Kpop-Khop: The other side of K-Pop every fan should know. This also serves as self-assessment if you are really hooked to K-Pop. My answers on these questions can be seen here.
  3. A Whole New Love??? – Fully Dilated Ideas: Isa ito sa mga kakaibang kuwento at payo tungkol sa pag-ibig.

Sinasalamin ng artikulong ito ang masakit na katotohanan tungkol sa pag-ibig. Maaring umibig ka sa kahit sino, pero mahirap makuha ang pag-ibig galing sa kanya. At kapag nasaktan, kailangan pa ng panahon para maghilom ang sugat.

Idagdag ko lang din doon sa “there is always a risk in trying,” gusto ko lang sabihin na ang sistema ngayon ang dahilan kung bakit mahina ang loob na aminin ang nararamdaman sa isang tao. Dinidiscourage kasi nito ang mga gustong aminin ang nararamdaman Sa totoo lang. Kahit bali-baligtarin mo pa.

  1. Kathang Iniisip – Fully Dilated Ideas: Habang kinukuwento ng maganda nating blogger ang tungkol sa kantang ito, doon ako nakaramdam ng matinding kirot sa puso. Mahirap kasing umibig kung ang panghahawakan mo lang ay ang pagmamahal sa kanya, samantalang wala pa siyang feelings na binibigay sa iyo.

(Side Note: Isa pa, parang pamilyar din sa akin ang kantang iyan, dahil nadinig ko na iyan dati.)

  1. Glimpses of Benevolence – SUBDUED FLAMBOYANCE: This exactly defines the Christian principle of treating our neighbors, as what Jesus Christ told us. Being a neighbor is being helpful even in times of need.
  2. Have the kind of purpose that really make you a better person 😘😘 – Success Inspirers’ World: I chose this short yet inspiring article, because this teaches us to have a better purpose. Having a purpose will serve as guide for us to reach our dreams, set plans, and make a commitment to fulfill it.
  3. Good Kpop Songs with Bad MVs – Kpop-Khop: Though this might sound harsh, but I chose this article as this is very frank and straight to the point. Aside from this, the blogger also gives points for improvement. This is also the principle TweetNewscaster uses in reviewing music videos.
  4. How to Get BTS songs on the Radio! – Kpop-Khop: This deals with promoting BTS music on the radio as one of the strategies to make them known. Highly recommended especially for PH ARMYs who are also hooked up to the radio.

(Side Note: I recently heard SEVENTEEN’s Oh My! on the radio, and hope PH ARMYs might request their radio/TV stations to do the same.)

  1. I’m Taking The 5:30 A.M Challenge Here’s Why… – Kid Mentalist: I highly recommend this article if we want to be successful in life.

Somehow this helps. The point is that waking up early gives us added time that we can use for our self-enjoyment and self-care. Another point is to make self-discipline a habit, as mere waking up requires control of bad habits.

  1. Katamaran – Fully Dilated Ideas: Bukod sa aral tungkol sa katamaran, nakakatawa ang hirit ng blogger: “Magpapakalobo lang yang mga taba mo sa katawan at happy happy joy joy ang peg ng mga cholesterol mo.” Iniisip ko kung paano magpapakasaya ang mga cholesterol sa katawan. Kung full blast ba.
  2. Visible Bobby Pin Trend DIY – Darly – Lifestyle Blog: This shows the other side of donning yourself with bobby pins. You can create it on your own, with these simple steps. This also teaches the readers on how to be creative.
  3. Subtle expectations… – fountainhues: This poem focuses more on stress and depression. And it focuses more on the negative side of stress, and that is losing focus, particularly on purpose in life.
  4. My little mess turns 12.. 😍 – fountain hues : The blogger showed her love for sister as the latter turns twelve, via a poem. There she described her intertaction with her younger sister, and that is enough to move the hearts of those who will read it.
  5. Theories are patterns without value. What counts is action. – Viral Images: The blogger shared different quotes from various persons, which points that action is needed. Theories are theories, and are good only in the minds. However, the harsh reality that we are facing will favor action over theories.
  6. 90’s BABY – DARLY – LIFESTYLE BLOG: While many will recall memories from the 90s (like me), Darly presents a different kind of perspective of it. She just portrayed what the era feels like by her looks and by the way she dresses. It embodies an era where recent generations were still conservative in their approach.
  7. The worst has already passed – SUBDUED FLAMBOYANCE: This is a poetic article that tackles more on depression. It imparts a very touching message that “the worst has already passed.” Also very helpful to be read by those who are depressed.
  8. Get Loud! – Granny Smith: Unleashed: This tells a story of a runner who had undergone difficult situations just to be on the race. Point is that determination and focus are the keys to success. Another lesson is that even if we have different races to finish, we have to finish it at our own pace. There’s no need to rush this, as long as you keep moving towards your goal. Hope this inspires also many CPA reviewes.
  9. A Different Kind of ‘I Miss You’ – Granny Smith: Unleashed: The article speaks for itself, as this story is a different way of missing each other. Not being with your boyfriend makes one miss him, and the feeling of missing him is such an understatement, as in this case. This is not to mention thinking of him everyday due to the nature of his work as part of armed forces.
  10. gusto kong pumatay ng oras – deviationcummeditation: Naiiba ang istilo ng kanyang pagsulat. Maikli man, naiparating nito ang reyalidad ng paghahanap ng trabaho. Hindi man maganda na may bloodshot eyes, puwede rin naman itong mabawasan sa paunti-unting idlip.
  11. halika na – deviationcummeditation: Sa kasong ito, itinuturo nito na dapat tayong makinig sa kapwa natin, lalo na kung sila’y may iniindang problema.
  12. Never avoid hard work 💪❤ – SUCCESS INSPIRERS’ WORLD: This makes us learn that hardwork will give us more strength, and inspires us to do something better.
  13. Have you ever asked yourself what could be good about life – SUCCESS INSPIRERS’ WORLD: I can relate more to her story. There were times that I asked myself the same question, considering that I had undergone so many challenges. This led me to the answer that many good things abound in our lives, on times we don’t notice, or things we normally take for granted. This lets us think of our purpose in life.
  14. Have the kind of purpose that really make you a better person 😘😘 – SUCCESS INSPIRERS’ WORLD: This tells us that in finding our real purpose in life, we have to make a good purpose. Regardless of the purpose made, this can make or break us as a person.
  15. How to keep our cool and optimism in emotionally charged situations – One Positive Blog: There are many times that we cannot avoid things we cannot control, or times that we feel frustrated. Main point emphasized in this article is the need to respond positively over situations like these. One might need these tips mentioned in extreme situations
  16. Miss Q & A Beklamation Part 2 An FDI edition – Fully Dilated Ideas: Ipinakita nito ang naiibang balita sa pamamagitan ng pagsagot din sa mga tanong sa mga kandidata. May sense din naman ang mga sagot, pero meron din akong dagdag na komento diyan:

Aakuin mo ba ang isang kasalanan para pagtakpan ang taong mahal mo? Maaring sa una ay puwede mo pa siyang kunsintihin. Pero pag paulit-ulit na, doon mo pa lang siya hahayaang matuto sa mga pagkakamali niya.

Alin ang pipiliin mo, maging experto sa iisang bagay lang o kaunting kaalaman sa maraming bagay? Agree din ako sa magandang blogger. Isa pa, ang reyalidad na mismo ang magsasabi na may potensyal ang mga may kaunting alam sa maraming bagay.

Tumingin ka sa mga multi-purpose cooperatives. Kumpara sa ibang mga kooperatiba na iisa lang ang linya ng negosyo, mas malaki ang potensyal na umunlad kahit kaunti lang ang kaalaman ng mga MPC.

Ganoon din sa mga CPAs. Normally, kami ay may kaunting kaalaman din sa maraming bagay. Sari-sari pa nga kung tutuusin: General Accounting, Financial, Managerial, Bookkeeping, Taxation, Management Advisory, at marami pang iba.

Kahit sa blog ko ay ganoon din. Kakaunti lang din ang alam ko, pero marami akong mga paksang hinahawakan tulad ng Recipes, Entertainment, Love Advice, at K-Pop.

  1. The Rocky Milky Way. – Fully Dilated Ideas: Pinili ko ito bilang isa sa mga pinakamagandang artikulo dahil sa mensahe nito. Regardless kung ano ang mga problemang hinaharap natin, kailangan nating lumaban. Nakakatuwa din na naiapply niya ang “stages of grief” sa pang-araw-araw na buhay, na normally ay nangyayari sa isang namatayan.
  2. Warning there’s a hidden truth about fat that’s keeping you from losing it – Advices 4 all: This tells the harsh reality everyone should know, particularly on health. The other side of health is far way worse than one might think. Sadly, the claims made that they are fat free and sugar free are all but a sham. Worse, the government plays as if they are on our side when it comes to health, but it’s not. And sadly, these have not been backed up by strong medical researches.

In this case, people should be aware of the long-term consequences of eating something artificial.

  1. What the Japanese know about eating that keeps them healthy and long lived – Advices 4 all: While most of us have been bent on eating too much conventional foods, this speaks of the other side where food gives them long lives.

This tells an important lesson on eating from the Japanese, especially from Okinawans. Why do these people live long lives? Simple. They eat fresh. They eat natural and healthy foods. Unlike most of us who will crave for artificially made foods.

On top of that, the blogger debunked various myths on weight loss that may actually harm our body. This is beneficial especially for those who are serious on losing weight.

  1. Trying To Achieve Your Dreams? You Need To Answer This Question.. – Kid Mentalist: This article recognizes the need for everyone to assess our readiness to realize our dreams. It is given that we have different kinds of dreams. However, the problem mostly lies on how we are ready to take the challenges associated with fulfilling this. A good read, especially for those dreamers.
  2. What If I Told You.. – Kid Mentalist: The author is inspired by this article. I highly recommend this to let us realize that we have to do something meaningful in our lives. It is given that we have to study, to graduate, to work, to have a happy family. We understand that, as these are all our aims. However, we have to also pursue things we love, like being a blogger or a YouTuber.

This is the same principle I follow, where I strike a balance. I need to work 40 hours a week, but I see to it that my passion, that is blogging here, is also fulfilled. It can be also an opportunity to turn this into a satisfying job, where we can earn while doing what we love.

  1. If I Could Have One Super Power.. – Kid Mentalist: This shows the funny side of explaining why that particular superpower should be held by the blogger. He also explained fully what happened inside the stage/auditorium where a performer showed that trick.
  2. Lightning Concrète – Elan Mudrow: The crack in the wall compliments the reflections being shown below. This shows the creative side behind the cracks we see on our walls.
  3. Barrio Bistro Buhangin Pizzas Taste Test – EAT FINDER: This article wants me to order more of their pizza. And this describes the other view of how can pizzas can feed hungry souls.
  4. Oatmeal Arroz Caldo – EAT FINDER: I find this one of my favorite recipe articles, as this tells the creativity we Filipinos have. It also shows the other side of chicken soup that we posted earlier, where it defines the different set of ingredients and how we cook it. Definitely one of the best recipes.
  5. Why Should We Read Your Blog – The Art of Blogging: This makes us realize that we have to offer something different if we want our articles to be viewed more. It also tells us that competition exists between bloggers, especially on WordPress alone, where millions of articles are published. It gives the other side of blogging that would be particularly useful to all of us, the author included.
  6. Waiting for the Summer – WRITE THEM ALL: Through this post, this might inspire others to shout out their feelings especially that the cold spell has ended. This is the other side of saying that the winter has ended, it’s spring now, and summer is waiting.
  7. Even the most beautiful days eventually have their sunsets. – WRITE THEM ALL: I chose this, as the photo with the corresponding caption speaks of the most painful realities one will imagine. Well, we will have to prepare for that.
  8. POPE FRANCIS IN UAE – WRITE THEM ALL: Part of providing the other side of the news is on featuring religious tolerance. With Pope Francis in an Arab country, one might see a breath of fresh air as other side of news tells of love, peace, and harmony.
  1. MY 40’s – WRITE THEM ALL: These good and bad moments helped us to shape our life we know today, and this is what the blogger featured in her article via poetry. Hope this inspires us to learn from our mistakes and start over as we age.
  2. Simbang Gabi in Dubai – WRITE THEM ALL: The article teaches the lesson of religious tolerance as shown by an Arab country.
  3. DMZ Tour (Imjingak, Dorasan Observatory, 3rd Tunnel, Dorasan Station) – THEVYPEFFECT: I got interest on this article, as we all know that Korea was divided into two. This was written at the time tensions between North and South are mounting, and this shows what is happening at the border, and somehow this let us show the look and feel of deafening silence in the area.
  4. 5 Tips For Your First Trip To Korea – THEVYPEFFECT: Particularly the most difficult is Tip No. 1, where we have to go with learning some Korean phrases. While some phrases are understandable even to a K-Pop fan like me, we have no choice but to dig deeper.

Most painful of all is the racism present in their society. Let’s admit it that pride and/or nationalism is partly to blame for this. Also partly to blame is on standards set by their entertainment industry. No need to explain it further. Best solution is to just ignore them.

  1. Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Recipe – Ep. 1333 – YummyHood: I chose this article as it also presents another different way of preparing the chicken soup. Wanna try this one.
  2. French Silk Pie Recipe – Ep. 1332 – YummyHood: This presents another way on how to prepare sweet pies. This would be the most challenging recipe, as you would have to find alternative ingredients lest if there’s none. Another sweet treat highly recommended for you.
  3. Get Dirty! _ Storyshucker: This is just a simple write-up, yet reminds us of our simple childhood days, where we get dirty and we enjoy it.
  4. Kouign-Amann – World’s Most Difficult and Best Pastry – Food Wishes – YummyHood: I chose this stuff as it presents the ingredients most difficult to find, but equally rewarding as well if you cook it. By the looks of it, one can munch on the crispiness outside and on the softness inside.
  5. My Best Places to Eat in Myeongdong – THEVYPEFFECT: Our fellow blogger made a similar observation that most are familiar of Myeongdong as a foodie place. From there she picked her recommended places to eat in the place. Most popular, albeit expensive, is on street foods. Makes me wanna taste more of it when I arrive there.
  6. Namdaemun Market – THEVYPEFFECT: This presents the different side of markets we know today, as we can see how people interact in this daily market. Different aspects may be seen here: (1) It is overnight, (2) for the liquors, sellers will be frustrated if you don’t buy their items at all, and (3) jewelries and accessories are mostly sold in bulk.
  7. Near Miss – Storyshucker: This article by our fellow blogger defines the contrasts of rushing for meetings, and slowing down to appreciate the beauty of nature. While in a fast-paced world where society demands us to rush, there are times that we have to slow down and ponder on what we are doing. It is also a very descriptive story.
  8. Why I like K-pop – Kpop-Khop: The blogger explained very well why many of us are hooked into K-Pop, and dissected elements which make up the stuff we know today. These are the music videos, choreography, variety, and music shows. Hope the author can make another article about this.
  9. Triggers – Storyshucker: One year passed since this article is written, and one cannot help but ask on what progress is being done to stop these kind of shootings. Are we going to lose more innocent lives before we act? In the end, it’s the system, particularly on gun ownership, which is the major problem.
  10. In today’s stressful climate, everyone needs to reduce stress in the areas that they can control. _ Viral Images: In today’s world where stress and everything artificial are the norms of today, there is a need to reduce stress and at the same time go back to basics. Dealing with stress in areas that we can control can be a great help for us in having less stress in our lives.
  11. A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of a Successful Blog – The Art of Blogging: Everyone thinks that blogging would be as simple as writing an essay, and that’s it. But that’s not how it is supposed to work. In reality, also as what I am experiencing now, there exists difficulties in finding time for blogging, in deciding if we will be full-time on this, and struggling for readers. It’s up to us if we will feel the pressure, or we will keep going on.
  12. Relationship Myths Debunked by a professional to calm your woes – Relationship Tips and News: Some myths on relationships work on assumptions, which may or may not be true. Unfortunately, these can be established as “facts” if not corrected or debunked. Hopefully, with this article, one partner can proceed with his/her relationship without fears.
  13. Recipe of the Week – Asparagus Pasta for One – Single Serve: From the looks of it, one might tell that this is another type of carbonara. However, if one will see it closely, this has a mixture of a vegetable called asparagus. Looks like I want to cook it also.
  14. Recipe of the Week – Pan Fried Cheese and Spinach Pie – Single Serve: I chose this article, as this is the vegetarian recipe that is not only appealing, but is also simple and easy to cook.
  15. Recipe of the Week – Hawaiian Pizza – Single Serve: This is also a classic recipe, but our fellow blogger made another twist to this, this time making it homemade style.
  16. Common Eating – The Eucharist – Dining with Donald: This summarizes the details on the other side of Eucharist being celebrated by Christians all over. With our fondness of eating, hope this will touch the hearts of gastrophiles.
  17. The Fifty Useful Websites – Mataro,Rechello Blogging: This article is very helpful, especially for those who will dive the Internet for the first time.
  18. Tell me about Rubik’s Cube – Mataro,Rechello Blogging: This tells a different side on how to solve a problem like the Rubiks cube. Medyo nakakatuwa nga lang na ito rin ang napapansin ko sa mga kasabayan ko, na noong time na iyon ay ginagawan pa ng plano kung paano ibabalik ang cube na ito sa dati.
  19. “A Remarkable One” (11) – Mataro,Rechello Blogging: Isa itong paalala sa atin na kailangan nating pahalagahan ang mga mahal sa buhay, pati na rin ang kanilang mga sakripisyo. Magsisilbi itong gabay sa kung ano man ang gusto nating marating sa hinaharap.
  20. “Keep meditating on nature.” (8) – Mataro,Rechello Blogging: This is all we want to need if we desire for inner peace. Highly recommended hobby, especially for those who lead busy lives like you and me.
  21. Blank Space. – Fully Dilated Ideas: Nagustuhan ko ito. Bakit? Wala lang. Naiiba ito sa pagbibigay kahulugan ng katagang “Wala lang.” Naantig ako sa isinulat niya, na ikinuwento niya na dumating sa point na wala siyang maisulat. At wala siyang ganang magsulat. So, hihintayin ko ang mga entries mo.
  22. New Year, New Nothing. – Fully Dilated Ideas: Kahit paano, naipakita ng magandang blogger kung ano ang dapat gawin sa lowest point ng kanyang buhay: Huwag mawalan ng tiwala sa Diyos, at gumawa ng hakbang para malampasan ang problema.

Napansin ko din ang sinabi niya na “Alam mo yung dadating ka sa punto na ang dami mong ideya pero yung katawang lupa mo, gusto ka munang magpahinga.” Darating din tayo diyan. Ako, marami pang kailangang tapusin at aliwin, bukod pa sa trabaho ko. Pero kailangan ko ring magpahinga.

  1. Thank You, Next. – Fully Dilated Ideas: Medyo nasaktan ako sa article na ito. Mahirap din pala kasi na ang pag-ibig na ibinigay mo ay hindi ibinalik sa iyo. Pero ang importante, natuto tayo na maging handa sa anumang mangyari sa atin, lalo na sa pag-ibig.

Another piece of love advice sa magandang blogger: Huwag kang ma-discourage kung sakaling hindi niya ibalik sa iyo ang feelings. At kung itinapon niya ang effort na ibinigay mo sa kanya. Ang importante, nagawa mo ang dapat mong gawin.

  1. Tamang Panahon. – Fully Dilated Ideas: Kung ang magandang blogger ay nakamit ang isang bagay sa tamang panahon, ipinakita nito ang aral ng Diyos na “may oras sa bawat bagay.” At nakakarelate ako sa halos lahat ng frustrations niya, at ang sobrang tuwa na makamit ang pangarap na gusto natin.

Regarding sa heartbreak niya, try kong gumawa ng isang love advice para diyan.

(Side Note: Natutuwa lang ako sa picture na iyan. Kung diyan siya nagtrabaho dati, ako naman ay nag-rereview malapit sa lugar na iyan. Alam ko na ito ay sa Doroteo Jose Station (facing Roosevelt), kung saan dito ako laging bumabyahe linggu-linggo para sa CPA Board Exam ko. Sana dumating ang time na magkita tayo diyan para mag-share ng ating kuwento. Sa tamang panahon. 😀 )

  1. – Fully Dilated Ideas: Bilang isang blogger, dapat tayong magpasalamat sa lahat ng sumusuporta at umaantabay sa atin, kahit paano. From the author to yours, you’re very much welcome.
  2. Bangon Davao – Pilipino Ako. At Isang OFW: Sa isang insidente mahigit dalawang taon ang nakalipas, nabago nito ang pananaw lalo na sa pagiging safe ng Lungsod ng Davao. Sa pagsasabi pa lang na “Ang yabang ng mga Dabawenyo,” o “Akala ko ba, safe sa Davao,” ganyan ba ang asal na dapat gawin ng mga Pilipino pag nakita ang kababayan nila na nagdurusa? Kasi kung oo, bagsak pa lang ang grado natin pagdating sa moralidad. Nagiging hipokrito at perfectionist tayo.

Naiiba ang balitang ito dahil sumasalamin ito sa reyalidad, at palagay ko ay hindi na mababago ang masamang asal na ito ng ilang Pilipino.

  1. Don’t Take These Things For Granted ⋆ simple Ula: This excellently tells the experience which makes us think and ponder on daily things we took for granted. This should push us to look up and appreciate all people and things we meet everyday, that make up what we are today. Aside from that, this shall push us to take care of ourselves everywhere we go, and whatever we do.
  2. Talking about World Wide Pop – Kpop-Khop: This tells the other side of the music industry, not just about K-Pop. Being the case, we might as well look on other genre or on other kind of music. This is a bit different, as her name sounds unusual, but quite interesting.
  3. Prayer for inspiration (Be inspired today 112 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus) – SUCCESS INSPIRERS’ WORLD: This prayer will serve as inspiration for all of us bloggers to be inspired and be guided in everything we write and do, and in every journey we take.
  4. It is not fat that makes you fat. It’s sugar! – Viral Images: This is a collection of quotes which makes us ponder on what we eat.
  5. Harmans Cafe – Sargent Avenue – Dining with Donald: This features another recipe, this time from Ethiopia. Our fellow blogger explained in detail what happened in his journey to these restaurants, and the contents of the dishes.
  6. When someone tells you they’re too busy, it’s not that they mismanage their time – Viral Images: This article tells us to be more conscious of our time, especially that we are given limited number of years to live.
  7. How Train Travel Can Be Stylish ⋆ simple Ula: Our blogger shows the different side of riding a trains. It is granted that everyday, a train ride can be boring, or can be stressful. But she shared helpful tips that will make our experience with it pleasant, prestigious, and memorable.
  8. 5 Tips For a Better Sleep ⋆ simple Ula: The blogger showed other tips on how to sleep well. With many demands being given on us till near-midnight, and with our difficulty sleeping as we age, there comes the time we have to cope up with sleep. As a matter of fact, as I was writing this article, I wanted to sleep now. Maybe I’ll try some of these tips.
  9. Relationship Flare Points_ Home Improvements ⋆ simple Ula: It can be granted that even petty disagreements can ruin relationships, like home improvements. So far, I haven’t encountered any incident wherein couples do fight over this. However, I do hope that couples might find this helpful.
  10. The Wonder Of Self-Care. – Kid Mentalist: The fellow blogger describes clearly what is his routine, and then comes to a point that “life is too short to be spent in an unhealthy manner.” The subject touching on self-care is crucial as we seek to stabilize our mental health.
  11. Ginisang Ampalaya (Sautéed Bitter Gourd) – EAT FINDER: This is the most simplified article on how to cook it. Remember TweetNewscaster’s version of it? That makes a different recipe, as one ingredient is lacking here. Well, she nevertheless added it to bring the other side of the dish.
  12. Day 2308 – Anger and The Skill of Doing Nothing – The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally: With all the anger being heaped and dealt with, some expressed that to deal with anger, we have to do nothing. What would be more difficult? Being angry, or doing nothing? This article will delve more on the different side of coping with anger.
  13. Vision without action is merely a dream. – Viral Images: While ideals are great, it only takes an action to make it possible. The article collects some very good quotes defining the link between the vision and the action.
  14. “Minsu is Confused” – Kpop-Khop: This is quite unusual, as the title is catchy. It is just so sad that it is underrated. Meanwhile, the article presented it as a news item and as a mini-review, worthy also to be given attention.
  15. “OMG what a surprise, BTS is having a comeback in April…” – Kpop-Khop: With all stars having comeback at the same time for this year, that would be a bloody year for us who are multi-fandomers, as what our fellow blogger speaks. This shows the other side of BTS, and gives a hint of what will happen in their comeback next month.
  16. An ARMY Academy – Kpop-Khop: At first glance, it is an academic school exclusively devoted to everything about BTS. However, it is really a study group for ARMY’s, considering that some fans struggle between studies and being an ARMY. Somehow the stars managed to be very good influencers to their fans, and that gives a good feeling. This is indeed the other side of the news every K-Pop fan should know.
  17. When Life Gets Blurry, Adjust Your Focus – WRITE THEM ALL: I just chose this article, as it plays upon the properties of the camera to teach us this valuable lesson in life.

So, here are the top articles that I personally chose among so many from our dear bloggers. Hope this helps you to inspire your readers and share your other side to them. See you again next year for another set of awards! 😀

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