fromis_9 (프로미스나인) – FUN!: MV Review

For the first time, we are now featuring another group called fromis_9.

Since this is their first song for this year, I am now excited on reviewing their work. While I haven’t considered their work last year, hope this will be enough for them. You may watch first their MV before proceeding to review proper:


  1. Video must have a storyline – 5 points

The storyline revolves on how they play and show the word “fun” throughout the whole video.

The official statement from fromis_9 presented their storyline as follows:

Fromis_9 is back with an upgraded sound and performance! Through their 1st Single Album [FUN FACTORY] and its title track “FUN!,” fromis_9 sends a message saying, “let’s get out of our dull routine and have fun! Everything will be joyful and fun with us.” Fromis_9’s pure energy looks to present a refreshing vibe this summer.

The title track, “FUN!” is an up-tempo dance track with a house and disco rhythm that highlights fromis_9’s unique and lively energy.

As fromis_9 seals their identity as “refreshing” icons, they seek to melt the hearts of fans with their fun and unique lyrics that yearn to bring.

  1. Theme must be consistent and clear – 5 points

Themes that are consistently featured in the video were on commercial ads.


  1. Moral lesson must be clearly stated – 5 points

The moral lesson primarily is on having some fun.

  1. They must impart something beneficial for their viewers – 5 points

Their various ventures will somehow spark interest for viewers to try various hobbies:

At 0:42 – 0:45, on orchestral music. Hope this feature of classical music will let viewers enjoy it.

Another case follows for 1:12 – 1:36, where they feature various sports in the dark. This might inspire viewers to take the fitness challenge.

Other Matters

  1. Inject sense of humor in the music video – 10 points

I have to give full points, as the whole MV in itself has some funny scenes:

At 0:16, we can see a member endorsing their own kind of ion drink. Maybe they want to compete with TWICE on endorsing this product?

Look at 1:46. I find this quite funny as they made their own stylized noodle pack.

Other funny scenes related to it was on two members posing as eggs at 2:00.

Also, at 1:49 – 1:57, we can see some members sleeping at the rim of the cup. Maybe they see the noodles as kind of boring?

At 2:42, they wanted to prove that they can beat another well-known make-up brand.

Finally, at 2:01 – 2:18, they provided their outtakes. This best describes the title of their new lead song.

  1. Ability of the song to make it to mainstream media – 1 point

If we will look at the music itself, this will merit attention from the media. However, owing to lack of popularity, this might not make it.

  1. Review by other sites – 3 points (updated)

We are now losing MV reviewers for this season.

First is Obsessed and Assessed, which stopped doing MV Reviews starting May, which I wonder as of this moment. Still, the last he/she reviewed was TWICE’s Fancy, and the last calendar posted was on May.

Second is KPopReviewed, who apologized for not posting many reviews today, due to delays and lack of time. I understand his/her situation. While the blogger finishes requirements for academics, I am finishing my monthly reports. Also, I will limit MV Reviews next month to focus more on misheard lyrics and Annual Blogsite Report. To the blogger, good luck on your final assessment!

We’ll update this once he/she makes it up. For now, no choice but to use our sole reviewer, TheBiasList, to rate this.

TheBiasList rated negatively the MV, noting that the title doesn’t live up to his expectations. It defined that the previous song was successfully executed, and that the present song robs all of possible potentials with the group.

He disliked the song upon initially listening to it. Primary reason was that being fun, it is not good to be shouted several times on the chorus, like a jackhammer pounding on the road.

Few highlights include the pre-chorus, which was a bit of fresh air, and the “addictive” second verse rap. Positive note was on the instrumentals. While this fits the group, it should have been improved further with various twists.

It ends with a note that while some will love it, but for him, that was the worst production in the whole of K-Pop for this year.

(Update: Since KPopReviewed came back, we are now factoring his/her review of previous songs we made earlier.)

The blogger agrees that the song is colorful, whimsical, and energetic, aptly justifiying the title. Also, the chorus stands out with its spiraling tunes, ending with “punchy” hooks everytime they shout “Fun!” These factors, among others, are the reasons why the blogger enjoys every part of the song.

It further describes the video as “cutesy” and “cool,” and loaded with commercial ads which he/she tries to define all of them.

Some points for improvement were on the instrumental break, which should have been lengthy.

  1. Review of the music video as a whole – 5 points

I find this music video very refreshing, full of energy, and full of fun. The music video holds true to its promise of describing the title very well.

As can be noticed, they easily defined fun as making fun out of various commercial ads they watched in Korea.

Considering that their instrumentals are simplified, I find it not too deafening.

  1. Other factors
  • Shares concepts with other groups – 5 points

This refers to 1:12 – 1:26, where they shared the dark scene plus rapping concept from MOMOLAND’s Bboom Bboom, where Daisy and JooE raps. They both feature it while rapping:

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 94.00% (Updated)

Final Words

I may have rated it high, but still they deserve this score. Had our sole reviewer rated it positively, and barring external factor (mainstream media), it would garner almost perfect score.

This rating reflects the fun vibe being shown to us, merits being considered. Hope this will also inspire fromis_9 members to improve themselves in the coming months.

Mgt. Advisory Services Problem No. 1: KAPA Community Ministry

Ito ay follow-up problem na sinosolve natin regarding sa KAPA.

Maiiwasan sana ang reklamo ng ibang miyembro na hindi pa nababayaran, kung may budget sila. Dito nila makikita kung saan nagkamali ang grupo, at magagawan nila ng paraan para maging “realistic” ang kanilang pangako sa mga miyembro.

(Pahabol: Congrats sa mga nag-oath taking kanina ng mga bagong CPAs! Wish you all the best of luck!)

Kung may promise ang management ng KAPA sa mga miyembro nito, ano ang dapat gawin para matupad ito? Use all of the skills that you learned in Management Advisory Services. Solve this problem:

You were hired by your firm to conduct consultancy services to KAPA Community Ministry. Your task is to give recommendations to management.

In connection with the engagement, SEC provided you the business’ financial statements:


  1. (Cash Flow Statement) Provide Statement of Cash Flows for December 31, 2017. Assume that this is their first year of operations.
  2. (Financial Mgmt.) Provide computation for these ratios:
    • Liquidity ratio
    • Solvency ratio
    • Debt ratio
    • Equity ratio
    • Profit ratio
    • Asset turnover ratio
    • Return on investment (ROI). This will be computed as: Net Income divided by Members’ Equity, Beginning Balance.
  1. (Budgeting) KAPA claims to have five million members. Provide Budgeted FS (Budgeted Financial Position, Comprehensive Income, Cash Flow Statement) for Dec. 31, 2019. Assume the following:
    • All five million members will invest P5,000.00 each, and will pay P100.00 membership fees.
    • Four GenSan fishing boats with P300,000.00 each will be included in Noncurrent Asset as: “Equipment and other NCA.”
    • Farms dedicated to lobsters, bangus, poultry, mango, rice, and mining have 1,200 hectares each (12 million sq. meters). Fair value per square meter is P300.00. Include in cost of land.
    • Their cryptocurrency is valued at P50 million; and heavy equipments at P100 million. Include these in “Equipment and Other NCA.”
    • A member claims that there’s 1,200 hectare banana plantation, or a total of 12 million square meters. That’s almost as large as Navotas City. Assume fair value of P250.00 per square meter.
    • Hospital building amounted to P70 million. Their school, convention center, and hotel amounted to P50 million each. Admin building is at P5 million. Place all of them under “Buildings” account.
    • All disbursements on non-current assets are deducted against Cash on Hand.
    • Journalize entries and post it to respective accounts.
    • A member claims that income from mining runs to P10 billion. Include in Revenues.
    • Revenues from other businesses were at P800 billion. Include in Revenues under “Other Income” account.

Budgeted schedule of expenses were as follows:

Communication, Light, and Water 81,050,000,000.00
Community Services 40,525,000,000.00
Fire Victims Assistance 48,630,000,000.00
Honorarium 96,000.00
Salaries and Wages 397,000.00
Solicitation 8,105,000,000.00
Spiritual Upliftment 120,000.00
SSS, PhilHealth, HDMF 27,790.00
Thanksgiving 500,000.00
Transportation and Travel 40,525,000,000.00

Accounts Receivables totalled P591,664,029,210.00. Total liabilities will still remain the same.

      1. (Financial Mgmt.) Compute for the financial ratios stated in no. 2, this time, on budgeted FS.

Discussion Questions

      1. What will be your analysis of financial ratios on their actual and budgeted FS?
      2. As computed, total compounded interest to be paid to members would be at P582.5 billion. State positive and/or negative effects to KAPA using compounded interest instead of simple interest.
      3. What would be the required revenue to meet the promised 30% “love gift”?
      4. Based on these assumptions, what will you recommend to the management?
      5. (Time Value of Money) Assume that P25 billion “donation” is invested in ten years, 30% compounded monthly interest. Determine the maturity value for (1) all members, and (2) each member.

Suggested answers will be available via e-mail, upon request.

MAS Problem prepared by: TweetNewscaster

WJSN (우주소녀) – Boogie Up: MV Review

For our music video review, we are featuring this time WJSN, with their newest song “Boogie Up”.

They have a dual name: WJSN and Cosmic Girls. For purposes of formality, we’ll opt for the former name. But as we discuss them, “Cosmic Girls” will be used.

Since summer is here, and the weather is favorable, would the author give favorable rating for them? You may watch their MV first before proceeding to the review proper:


  1. Video must have a storyline – 5 points

The storyline revolves on them in a room, engaging themselves to sleep together. Upon sleeping, they dream of going outside to various places.

1theK, in its official YouTube page, provided a storyline for this MV:

Summer is running with the blue sky, clear clouds and the members playing around the beach. Pure and mysterious and therefore more fascinating WJSN presents an unexpected season this time. This is a special new song of WJSN, which will be the background music of this summer.

Title track “Boogie Up” has the clear and refreshing charm of WJSN, who is going to spend the summer with roommates. The song develops fast with magnificently arrangement, providing a refreshing and comfortable relaxation instead of extreme exception and transformation. It is a uniquely charming party music stimulating the band’s cheerful energy and soft flow instead of the strong energy overwhelming the audiovisual side.

  1. Theme must be consistent and clear – 5 points

The summer theme is clearly featured throughout the whole video.


  1. Moral lesson must be clearly stated – 5 points

We can see some moral lessons here, especially on friendship. Also obvious is on going out and enjoying the summer.

  1. They must impart something beneficial for their viewers – 5 points

Viewers will find some things featured that will benefit them. This is more on fitness.

At 1:37 – 1:38, where they feature skates…

At 1:59, where they featured basketball…

And at 2:48 – 2:49, where they featured parlor games:

Other Matters

  1. Inject sense of humor in the music video – 10 points

Some scenes are funny enough to merit perfect score.

First at 0:31, where one pops a bubble gum.

Second is at 1:35 – 1:36, where the four members pose as bowling pins. These four “fall apart” upon being hit by basketball.

  1. Ability of the song to make it to mainstream media – 1 point

I don’t see any compelling reason for it to be featured on TV and radio.

  1. Review by other sites – 5 points

TheBiasList noted that Cosmic Girls established their style that is “spacey” and “synth-dripped”. Get off that style, and see the girls suffer. This might be the case for them featuring summer, which the blogger doesn’t like.

The groove present is sustaining them throughout the whole song. On the music, it was very energetic, providing the well-known disco-type beat. For the verses, they define the lighter side of the girls “without totally abandoning” their style. The build of the instrumental hooks can be seen here, but it would have been stronger given an actual chorus.

The girls wonderfully made an impact with this video by following “energy over substance.”

(We’ll update this to factor another missed review of Boogie Up.)

KPopReviewed considers it to be his/her most favorite release, and desires to replay it. This is a “summer track with a retro sound.” The essentials that make one be amused are there, considering that it fits with Cosmic Girls’ image as young girls. Only pull-down factor for it was that it was typical.

  1. Review of the music video as a whole – 5 points

Look at 0:39, where we see how they sleep, arranged in a different way. This is the only case where we can see them sleeping like that.

One might notice that three of their members are not there in the MV. That’s the second time we see some members absent in MV. The reason is that they are promoting their own group in China, but still remain with the rest of Cosmic Girls. And their reason is very justifiable. Being the case, I will not take this as pull-down factor against them.

On outfits, I don’t have to rate it negatively. Since this is summer season, these outfits are appropriate. Dances can be learned more easily, as this revolves more on freestyle dance.

  1. Other factors
  • Shares concepts with other groups – 5 points

At 0:41 – 0:43, they share the fruits concept from Red Velvet in their song “Power Up”:

At 2:39 – 2:40, they drew inspiration from TWICE in “Dance The Night Away,” particularly on the clothes:

  • Striking similarities with other mainstream bands – 5 points

This refers to them at 1:29, while they are walking in a bridge. Seems that they shared this with Beatles in their famous pedestrian walk here:

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 92.17%

Love Advice No. 104 (Lessons of Love)

Bilang bahagi ng ating pag-review sa lahat ng artikulo ng Love Advice, simple lang ang tanong: Ano ang leksyon na makukuha natin sa pag-ibig? Tingnan ang sagot dito:

Sa loob ng halos limang taon na tumatakbo ang love advice sa site na ito, at dahil isandaang artikulo na ang na-publish, kailangan nating huminto at mag-reflect muna kung ano ba ang dapat matutunan at ma-realize dito:

  • Love is risky, and can be very costly. Magastos, at mahirap ang umibig. Susugal ka talaga sa isang bagay, na hindi ka sigurado kung ibabalik din sa iyo ang pag-ibig. Alam ko na hindi ka basta-basta susugal sa pag-ibig kung hindi ka sigurado sa resulta.
  • Simplify the process. Kung alam mo na gusto ka niya, at gusto mo siya, aminin na ang feelings. Wala nang paliguy-ligoy pa. Saka na magpakipot kung ganoon. Kasi, kung magtataguan lang din ng feelings, ang daming masisirang relasyon. At ang daming masasayang na pag-ibig.
  • Maging realista pagdating sa pag-ibig. Iyan siguro ang hindi naiintindihan ng lalaki sa Love Advice No. 99. Iibig lang daw siya ulit, kung kaya niyang ibigay ang lahat. Pero sa totoo lang, kailangang magtira sa sarili.

Sa Love Advice No. 2, umaasa pa rin ang una na gusto siya ni guy, pero wala namang aksyon. Anong nangyari? Eh di wala rin.

Iyan siguro ang isang bagay na hindi taglay ng mga nag-eexpect na mag-top sa CPA Board Exam. Considering na ito ang pinakamahirap na exam, at sa tindi ng kompetisyon, iilan ang pinalad na mag-top dito.

  • Hindi natin sigurado ang bukas. Kahit sabihin na “almost perfect” na ang relationship, darating ang panahon na susubok sa tatag ninyong dalawa. Hindi mawawala ang mga pagsubok na iyan. That is part of your relationship. At ang mas masaklap pa, pwede itong humantong sa breakup pag di inagapan.
  • Huwag basta-basta papasok sa isang relasyon na hindi mo panghahawakan. Mukhang ito ang isang bagay na nakakalimutan ng babae sa Love Advice No. 20. Kung hindi pala siya sigurado sa present bf niya, dapat in the first place ay hindi niya sinagot si guy.

Ito rin ang isang bagay na nakakalimutan ng mga lalaki na hihingi ng sex, and after mabuntis ay iiwanan ang dalaga. Kung hindi nila kayang panghawakan ang relasyon, anuman ang mangyari sa kanila, huwag na silang pumasok pa dito. Refer to Love Advice No. 95 for further discussion.

  • Kailangang maging resourceful sa pag-ibig. Kung ito ay higit pa sa chocolates at flowers, ok lang. Pero may mga sitwasyon kung saan kailangan nating maging mas resourceful. Kung napasubo sa sitwasyon na di mo gusto, need mong gumawa ng paraan. Think out of the box. Halimbawa, kung ikaw ay pinapipili sa studies o boyfriend, puwede namang mag-lie low muna.

Puwedeng si bf muna ang tutustos sa pag-aaral mo. Puwede kang tulungan ni bf sa studies mo. So when the time comes na nakatupad ka sa obligasyon sa magulang, puwede mo na siyang balikan. Makakabawi ka pa sa kanya.

  • Maging kuntento sa pag-ibig. Tingnan ang Love Advice No. 6, kung saan di nakuntento ang lalaki sa kanyang girlfriend. Pero mas malala pa sa Love Advice No. 99, kasi ang babae naman ang di makuntento sa kanyang bf na todo-effort sa kanya.

Bakit ko ito sinasabi? Ang daming nasasayang na pag-ibig. Marami pa rin ang naghahanap ng pag-ibig, pero di pa rin nila ito matagpuan. Samantalang ikaw na may boyfriend o girlfriend, ay higit na masuwerte.

  • There’s no such thing as “love at first sight,” pero puwedeng magka-crush sa kanya at first sight. Ang pag-ibig kasi ay nabubuo sa pagdaan ng panahon. Di tulad sa crush concept kung saan puwedeng magka-crush agad.
  • Kung siya ang tipong one of the kind, huwag mo nang pakawalan pa. Iyan siguro ang bagay na hindi naiintindihan ni Althea nang sinungitan niya si Chris (Love Advice No. 93). At iyan din ang pinagsisihan ni gal nang iwan niya ang lalaki (Love Advice No. 50). Mind you, mahirap maghanap ng lalaki na mabait, responsable, at masipag. Same goes sa mga lalaki.
  • Kung feel mo naman na nagseselos ka, try mong akitin ang lalaki. O haplusin din paminsan-minsan. Actually, effort mo na din iyan on your part. May mga tips akong binigay para diyan.
  • Kailangan ng mga babae ang matinding tapang para i-express ang feelings sa lalaki. Iyon ay kung gusto niya talaga si guy.

Kaya nga sinasabi ko ito: Pag di ka nag-open up ng feelings kay guy, tulad ng ginawa ni Kisses, wala ring mangyayari. Same goes sa mga lalaki.

  • Face the possibility na iwasan ka ng taong gusto mo, pag inamin mo ang feelings sa kanya. Maging totoo tayo dito, dahil hindi natin kontrolado ang emosyon nila. Mahirap timbangin ito lalo’t malaki ang risk na masira ang friendship niyo dahil lang sa pag-amin.
  • Bago makipag-break, “isipin kung kaya mo siyang makita na may kasamang iba.” Kasi sa totoo lang, suwerte na kung may babalikan ka. Pero hindi laging ganoon ang kaso. Baka pagbalik mo ay wala na ang feelings niya sa iyo. At baka pagbalik mo ay may kasama na siyang iba, na mas maganda pa ang hitsura at/o ugali sa iyo.
  • “If you can’t handle him/her at the worst, you don’t deserve him/her at the best.” Kung alam niya na sinamahan mo siya sa hirap, hindi ka niya iiwanan. At mas lalong titindi ang pag-ibig niya sa iyo.
  • Kung hindi kayang i-handle ang relationship, magpatulong sa magulang o kaibigan. Lalo pa’t kung hindi ka pa mature para sa pag-ibig. Iyan siguro ang dapat ginawa ng babae sa Love Advice No. 20, dahil nakikita ko na mali-mali ang mga desisyon niya pagdating sa pakikipagrelasyon.
  • Kailangan ng matinding pagpipigil lalo na pag sex ang usapan. Anong ibig sabihin? Sa usapang pang-kanto, ilagay sa lugar ang libog. Hindi yung tipong pag nag-init na ay magdedemand sa dalaga na makipag-sex.
  • Isa pang bagay: Ang pag-aasawa ay hindi parang kanin, na kapag napaso ay iluluwa na lang. Iyan ang isang bagay na madalas nakakalimutan natin ngayon. Kaya, hindi nakakagulat ang dami ng mga bata na kapos sa kalinga ng magulang, single moms/dads, o galing sa broken families.