WJSN (우주소녀) – Boogie Up: MV Review

For our music video review, we are featuring this time WJSN, with their newest song “Boogie Up”.

They have a dual name: WJSN and Cosmic Girls. For purposes of formality, we’ll opt for the former name. But as we discuss them, “Cosmic Girls” will be used.

Since summer is here, and the weather is favorable, would the author give favorable rating for them? You may watch their MV first before proceeding to the review proper:


  1. Video must have a storyline – 5 points

The storyline revolves on them in a room, engaging themselves to sleep together. Upon sleeping, they dream of going outside to various places.

1theK, in its official YouTube page, provided a storyline for this MV:

Summer is running with the blue sky, clear clouds and the members playing around the beach. Pure and mysterious and therefore more fascinating WJSN presents an unexpected season this time. This is a special new song of WJSN, which will be the background music of this summer.

Title track “Boogie Up” has the clear and refreshing charm of WJSN, who is going to spend the summer with roommates. The song develops fast with magnificently arrangement, providing a refreshing and comfortable relaxation instead of extreme exception and transformation. It is a uniquely charming party music stimulating the band’s cheerful energy and soft flow instead of the strong energy overwhelming the audiovisual side.

  1. Theme must be consistent and clear – 5 points

The summer theme is clearly featured throughout the whole video.


  1. Moral lesson must be clearly stated – 5 points

We can see some moral lessons here, especially on friendship. Also obvious is on going out and enjoying the summer.

  1. They must impart something beneficial for their viewers – 5 points

Viewers will find some things featured that will benefit them. This is more on fitness.

At 1:37 – 1:38, where they feature skates…

At 1:59, where they featured basketball…

And at 2:48 – 2:49, where they featured parlor games:

Other Matters

  1. Inject sense of humor in the music video – 10 points

Some scenes are funny enough to merit perfect score.

First at 0:31, where one pops a bubble gum.

Second is at 1:35 – 1:36, where the four members pose as bowling pins. These four “fall apart” upon being hit by basketball.

  1. Ability of the song to make it to mainstream media – 1 point

I don’t see any compelling reason for it to be featured on TV and radio.

  1. Review by other sites – 5 points

TheBiasList noted that Cosmic Girls established their style that is “spacey” and “synth-dripped”. Get off that style, and see the girls suffer. This might be the case for them featuring summer, which the blogger doesn’t like.

The groove present is sustaining them throughout the whole song. On the music, it was very energetic, providing the well-known disco-type beat. For the verses, they define the lighter side of the girls “without totally abandoning” their style. The build of the instrumental hooks can be seen here, but it would have been stronger given an actual chorus.

The girls wonderfully made an impact with this video by following “energy over substance.”

(We’ll update this to factor another missed review of Boogie Up.)

KPopReviewed considers it to be his/her most favorite release, and desires to replay it. This is a “summer track with a retro sound.” The essentials that make one be amused are there, considering that it fits with Cosmic Girls’ image as young girls. Only pull-down factor for it was that it was typical.

  1. Review of the music video as a whole – 5 points

Look at 0:39, where we see how they sleep, arranged in a different way. This is the only case where we can see them sleeping like that.

One might notice that three of their members are not there in the MV. That’s the second time we see some members absent in MV. The reason is that they are promoting their own group in China, but still remain with the rest of Cosmic Girls. And their reason is very justifiable. Being the case, I will not take this as pull-down factor against them.

On outfits, I don’t have to rate it negatively. Since this is summer season, these outfits are appropriate. Dances can be learned more easily, as this revolves more on freestyle dance.

  1. Other factors
  • Shares concepts with other groups – 5 points

At 0:41 – 0:43, they share the fruits concept from Red Velvet in their song “Power Up”:

At 2:39 – 2:40, they drew inspiration from TWICE in “Dance The Night Away,” particularly on the clothes:

  • Striking similarities with other mainstream bands – 5 points

This refers to them at 1:29, while they are walking in a bridge. Seems that they shared this with Beatles in their famous pedestrian walk here:

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 92.17%

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