BLACKPINK’s Lisa meets TWICE’s Mina

Meet-up between Lisa and the penguin. Screenshot from BP Diaries page.

ATLANTA, GA, United States – Meet the animals.

In their Blackpink Diaries, Lisa was excited to view the sea creatures in Georgia Aquarium. They traveled in pairs, and she was accompanied by Rosé.

Out of several penguins she saw, one stood out. It was TWICE’s Minari, who is taking a rest after being exhausted in various concerts. Upon seeing Mina, Lalisa did not hide her fascination over the penguin, and instead greeted her.

In a separate interview, Mina earlier told that she needed rest, as she wants to be with her fellow penguins. Another reason was that she wants to try ballet, another talent she rarely continued since she was drafted to the group.

She was touched over Lalisa’s reactions. “나는 리사와 같은 방문객이 나에게 행복 할 때 행복해했다. 그녀는 평소와 마찬가지로 나뿐 아니라 내 그룹을 사랑합니다. 지금까지, 나는 우리가 우리 노래에서 한 것처럼 우리의 춤을 즉시 기억할 수 있는지 궁금해했다.” (I felt happy when visitors like Lisa are happy on me. She as usual loves not only me, but also my group. Till now, I ever wondered if I can instantly remember our dance as what she did on our song,) referring to Lisa’s dancing of What Is Love, where she memorized its steps easily.

The Japanese star further narrated, “내 형제 자매들과 함께하는 것이 나에게 편안함을 느꼈다. 죄송합니다. 완세스와 동료 멤버가 지금 나를 놓치고 있습니다. 너를 모두 행복하게 만들 수있게 되겠지. ” (It felt comfortable for me to be with my brothers and sisters. Sorry also for the Onces and my fellow members who are missing me now. Will be right back to make you all happy.)

Although their meet-up was short, Lisa’s enchantment on seeing penguins was priceless. The Thai performer told that “나는 바쁜 일정 때문에이 동물들을 볼 시간이 거의 없다. 이제 나는 기회가 생겼고, 이제 미나를 포함하여 그들과 함께 할 수있다. ” (I rarely have the time to see these animals due to hectic schedules. Now that I have the chance, I can now play with them, including Mina.)

Lisa expressed her desire to meet the penguin again. “아마도 음악 상을 함께 만날 수 있습니다,” (Maybe, on music awards, we can meet together,) was her final remark.

The whole encounter of Lisa can be seen in this video from 1:16 – 2:05:

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