TWICE (트와이스) – Feel Special: MV Review

We are now on the fourth review of TWICE, with their song Feel Special.

Being a full-pledged Once, how would the author rate the group? Since TWICE gave their best, to be discussed later, I’ll be more generous with them this time. Hope this cheers them up. Let’s start!

(Side Note: I decided to include Sana, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu as my biases. This renders all members included in my bias list.)


The storyline best tells of some girls being alone: Chewy (Tzuyu) in doll house, Sana outside the pub, Jihyo surrounded by TV sets, and Chaeyoung in dome house. Later, someone cared for them, respectively: Momo visiting the doll house, Dahyun being the only one approaching Sana, Nayeon broadcasting herself, and Mina going near Chae after entangling in forest.

As for Jeongyeon, she realizes how special her friends are, reminiscing moments with them.

They are imparting the lesson on caring for others, and letting them feel special.

Review as whole

I am sensing that they are going to leave the cute concept that once defined them, apparent starting with Yes or Yes. In fact, the cute tune present (in first 20 seconds and at end) shows group’s transition from being kiddie to grown up.

They are also telling how they treat each other in a special way, reminding us of them allotting blank space for Mina earlier, and dedicating awards to her.

Music uses also a different strategy. Starting with Tzuyu, the pace of music was very fast, and they didn’t need extra lines normally used by K-Pop. This is also present on second verse. Meanwhile, Dahyun’s lines are a bit of improvement. It’s suggested that her lines/raps should’ve extended or randomized to energize the song.

On outfits, Nayeon still uses the same dress style with Yes. On looks, Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon swapped hair styles again (long and short hair). We are confident they’ll swap it again next comeback.

The MV hints on their previous song. The scene at 2:13 – 2:15 reminds us of Knock Knock at the ending vid, where members disappear and two kids remain. In this case, members disappear also except Jeongyeon.

Reward for TWICE

Extra ten points will be assigned in favor of them, regardless of absences in later MVs, as sign of gratitude to them.

In the past, PH was one of the most-deprived countries when it comes to TWICE visits. At their first Twicelights in Manila, they give their best shot, and managed to be complete despite health issues. Also, Jihyo is still there in MV despite dating scandal with Kang Daniel.

Honestly, even if Minari is not included here, extra points remain. The group deserves this. She needs further rest, and it doesn’t matter how long she will take a break.

Review by others

TheBiasList was pleased on the group shifting approaches, noting that they are in the right direction. Positives include confidence present in beats, momentum, and rare quality of music that he found for long. Finally, the “effortless” middle section gave extra push on the song. Not so good points include forgettable verses and aegyo voice.

KPopReviewed also noted the mature side of them, following that of Fancy. They are taking easy on music and other inputs used, which makes it less interesting. He likes the stand-out vocals, justifying the title. As it is right “to see something more technical” from TWICE, the new feel bears its own results from visuals to performance.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 94.55%
Grade: A+
Assessment: Excellent


Aspect   Criterion Points
Storyline 1 Storyline 5
Storyline 2 Consistent theme 5
Appearance 3 Colorful/color fits emotions 5
Appearance 4 Good taste 5
Appearance 5 No Halloween, Easter, etc. 5
Appearance 6 No astrology featured 5
Appearance 7 Less horror featured 5
Appearance 8 Not too revealing outfits 5
Music 9 Exciting/Expresses emotions 5
Music 10 Not too deafening 4
Dance 11 Learned easily even by beginners 4
Dance 12 Not too sensual 5
Lessons 13 Moral lesson clearly stated 5
Lessons 14 Impart something beneficial for viewers 5
Other Matters 15 Sense of humor/expresses emotions 9
Other Matters 16 Make it to mainstream media 4
Other Matters 17 Review by other sites 4
Other Matters 18 Review of MV as a whole 4
Other Matters 19 Recalls previous songs 5
Completeness of members 10

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