How far MLD Entertainment will go?

Reviews for AKMU, ONEUS, Fin.KL and B.E.G. will be published on first or second week of October. Also, reviews on October releases will be published on November, unless otherwise announced.

This will be my final blog post for September, as I need to rest first and finish misheard lyrics.

At this point, MLD Entertainment had gone too far already.

Sometimes it surprises us why the agency had gone too low for the past months. Not to mention their deafening silence for several months. It shows that they aren’t equipped to handle big issues like these. And they are still not learning their lesson up to now.


To help other K-Pop fans understand Momoland’s situation, imagine this scenario:

Before TWICE goes with Fancy comeback, Jihyo is dating with Kang Daniel. Later, JYP announced that Jihyo and Minari will not join in Fancy. After Happy Happy and Breakthrough, the two were still missing. And yet, JYP still does not issue statement on their status.

Do you think JYP will exclude Jihyo because of dating scandal and keep silent? Impossible. But not with MLD’s agency.


We will again recap what are the faulty responses. First, advising Daisy and Taeha to rest amidst the former’s dating scandal. Second, lack of direct response on Mexico incident. Third, lack of constant update on the two members. Finally is on adding stress to Merries.

Another faulty response touches on Dabin. To think that Dabin prioritizes drama over commitments with the group is unacceptable. She should’ve learned a bit of lesson from Minari and Seolhyun. The two stars, even if in a relative situation as hers, managed to prioritize their group.

Minari, even if extreme was her anxiety, managed to join in Feel Special MV so as to entertain Onces, albeit warranting rest. Seolhyun, even if with so many offers, managed to have time with AOA in Queendom. Dabin should’ve been reminded of priorities, a thing even MLD Ent did not do.

No special favors

There’s no way I could grant extra points for the group like what I did in other reviews (BTS, TWICE, Blackpink, Gfriend). The agency (plus Nayun and Dabin) have to make it up for their mistakes first, before I could even consider granting the group extra points.

Also, no considerations will be given anymore to said two members in case they be absent, regardless of reasons. If for the third time, they miss PH TV appearances again, the group’s next comebacks will earn a failing grade in MV reviews since attendance is a must.

If these responses were done before Bboom Bboom, the group will definitely disband. Again, at the rate the agency is going, these responses will not make the group last. They already reached the point where damage done to the group and Merries is hard to reverse. So, we have to expect OT5 next comeback.

The results speak for itself. For instance, even with soft comebacks, it became hard for them to retain the fame they once had. Even at Kcon, their luster proved to be cliche. Not to mention that some Merries are leaving the fandom. And recently, statements from Daisy’s mom stressed this problem. Remember, mothers know best.

Change of response

Again, the complaints list is piling up, hence the need to monitor them. And we are forever grateful for fellow Merries who also care for the group by doing the same, and pointing out also what’s wrong with the agency.

I made also some changes on treatment with the group. While Jane is still my ultimate bias, I removed Dabin as my second bias (and bias wrecker), and promoted Nancy as such. Starting with Pinky Love, I added the remaining six members except Nayun.

With the agency going too far, no choice but to remove Momoland as one of my most favorite groups. And I’ll have to add GFRIEND as my most favorite. This leaves me with them, TWICE, and SATURDAY as such. But still, I will not leave the fandom.

Worst case, if Daisy and Taeha felt that this is too much, they have to leave the group and join other agencies. It’s not wise to remain with the agency if the latter responds negatively. Best shot would be at JYP, Kakao M, or Source Music.

Still, a little bit of hope remains. The group is planning to hold another event in PH, with proceeds donated to charity. They must grab this chance to explain everything to Merries and make it up for various missed engagements (esp. PH TV shows), especially Nayun and Dabin.

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