Love Advice No. 108 (GFRIEND and Honey Popcorn)

Missing out on my love advices? Well, here we go again!

For the first time, we are giving love advice to our fellow K-Pop reviewer. This is all about a guy, who upon being frustrated with GFRIEND, stumbled on another group called Honey Popcorn. As I am scanning MV Reviews of various artists, plus comments, I can’t help but be amused at his love predicament, which we will show later.

This is a way of helping fellow commenters as they’re undergoing various problems. And by the way, as you read it, this is just for fun, so never take these things seriously. This is not really a contest between two groups, but I do hope that you will learn some lessons here. Let’s start!

From a commenter in TheBiasList:

As you know, my GFRIEND and I are currently going through a trial separation. During this time, I met Honey Popcorn. She’s different from all the others. My friends are trying to convince me not to like her. They say she’s from a different neighborhood and she has a questionable past. I don’t care about that. I only know how I feel when I see and hear her.

Though we’ve only shared a couple of moments together, I feel that there’s a future for us. I want her to stay. I want my friends to realize she’s a real person with something to offer the world. Please stay, Honey Popcorn. Let us walk the flower path together.

Prior to that:

My GFRIEND and I are going to be spending some time apart during this release [of “Fever”].

My Advice:

Stick with GFRIEND.

As I see it, you and GFRIEND are on this trial stage. Your problem with GFRIEND is just temporary. Don’t feel bad about it. It’s just normal that all of us, like her, undergo some trials like this one.

I recommend that you stick with first love than find somewhere else. This is not a question of being purer among the two, but a question of commitment. In times of trials like this one, how willing are you to stick with her till the end? What if next time, she might make it up for all times she missed?

Now, what if Honey Popcorn later on made something you don’t like? Getting to know another girl again? Another scenario: Let’s say that your feelings with GFRIEND rebounded. More likely, she lost virtually all her love for you. Double brokenhearted for sure. Then, where will you go?

Plan B

If you eventually decide to leave GFRIEND in favor of Honey, some things must be remembered:

There’s a strong need for both of you to know each other. I’m afraid to admit that time will expose some of the problems that will be encountered on your new relationship, just like what you experienced in the past. Just look at Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun.

You just have to take more time. Take it easy. Time will tell if there will be a future for both of you, since we alone can’t tell the future.

Finally, you have to help Honey Popcorn redeem herself. Since as you say, she has a questionable past. Knowing more about her also helps you decide on giving her new look and character. Considering that neighbors already know her personality and attitude, she can’t redeem herself alone. Again, help her. This shows that you really care for her in her trials.

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