Love Advice No. 109 (IZ*ONE’s Chaewon)

For the first time, we will give love advice to a K-Pop star, this time IZ*ONE’s Kim Chaewon. While earlier, we reviewed the group, this time we’ll review their member to help them improve their personality. Let’s start!

From KPopMap:

Q: Do you dislike fat people?
Chaewon: Who doesn’t?

Q: What kind of guys do you like?
C: Don’t really have a preference. Lol as long as they’re not short.

Q: What kid of visuals in a guy do you like?
C: Handsome.

My Answer:

Take note that the word used is like (좋아). There’s no problem if we talk about liking him. This is more on having crushes. You can say that you like a handsome man at this point (say, Park Bo Gum), then forget it later. But if we go on loving him, Chaewon has a problem if that’s the case.

Honestly, my answer to these questions will be the same. Anyway, we have our own set of preferences, and we cannot deny that.

To add, this convo was taken at the time they are too young for relationships, or even marry. Therefore, this needs to be viewed in the context of teenager’s feelings.


While this should not be a big deal for us, some points have to keep in mind.

One thing that should be kept in mind is this: Our preferences change as we age. We realize some points, we ponder on it, and therefore make us a better, mature person than yesterday. This makes us wiser when deciding on the ideal partner.

Another thing: There are some instances where we don’t like him/her at first (due to physique) but we later on love that guy. That includes me, who loved a not-so-good looking girl. For Chaewon to better understand my situation, here’s the description:

A guy who is tall and medium built, but has braces and wears glasses. He’s not the type of man you want to be with, as he is shy. His talking is also a bit off, especially if you treat him sarcastically.

Would Chaewon at that time like him? Definitely no. But spend time with him. Know him more, and she’ll later on fall in love with him unconsciously.

So, it’s very important to know the guy better first. Looks will fade, but personality remains. That’s the reality we will eventually face.

Photo Image Credit: From one of fanpages of IZ*ONE.

Mgt. Advisory Services Problem No. 2: YG Entertainment

Malapit na ang CPA Board Exam. Good luck and God bless sa inyong lahat na kukuha ngayon!

Yamang ngayon ay more on situational-type ang problems, try niyong i-solve ang problem na ito. Sana makatulong din ito para mahasa ang analytical skills, na kailangan para sa exam na ito.

YG Entertainment is home to various groups like Blackpink, Bigbang, IKon, Winner, and AKMU. It has been known for rarely releasing music for these artists, due to its belief of “quality over quantity.”

The scandals last March and April was a major blow to the company. Despite need for policy change to address problems, YG held to that belief and still gave few comebacks to artists.

The company recorded 2.1 billion won net loss (PHP 96.8 million) for Q1 and Q2 2019. Comparisons with big and small agencies still reveal that YG is losing bigtime. Even YG’s investor, Louis Vuitton, plans to withdraw its investment worth 67 billion won (PHP 2.89 billion).

As such, the company held a closed-door emergency meeting with its artists, including you. This was to plan something better for the company. As the Chief Accountant of YG, your task is to point out problems and offer solutions to management.

Discussion Questions

  1. Would YG be subjected to regular corporate income tax, minimum corporate income tax, or both? Explain.

YG will not be subjected to regular income tax, as it recorded losses. However, it is still subject to minimum income tax on gross album sales.

  1. What would be the immediate steps for YG to recover despite the scandals?

Steps: (1) Capitalize on existing groups, like BLACKPINK and BIGBANG. Provide more than one comebacks for them, plus iKON, Winner, and AKMU; (2) Suspend debuting new talents till the issues subside, and (3) Provide more solo debuts for other members.

(Bonus) To add, issue apology for lack of responses over scandals, and commitment to strengthen ethics.

  1. Aside from short-term solutions, what would be your long-term plans to be offered to management? Explain.

I’ll recommend that YG adopt values, and be flexible in decision-making. Lack of these things translate to substantial losses. Adopting values like building trust, and flexibility like sufficient comebacks translates to additional sales and ultimately, additional net income for YG.

  1. YG needs your help for LV not to withdraw its investment. What will be your action plan/s?

Action Plans: (1) Hold informal talks with LV on this issue, and present truthfully the company’s status; (2) Request LV not to withdraw first, and give assurance that management is fixing problems, and (3) Provide projected financial statements to LV, assuming that YG responds to these issues.

Solutions are indicated in white text. Only select it after answering these questions.

Management Advisory Services problem created by: TweetNewscaster. Photo image credit from Wikipedia.