Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈) – Double Knot: MV Review

Reviews for November releases will be continued next week.

For the second time, we will review Stray Kids, in their song Double Knot.

Their performances proved to be different from the rest of other boy groups, by providing its own sense of identity and approach. We reviewed their previous performance, where we are quite ambivalent on it due to chaotic nature of the song. This time, will they return with an outstanding performance for us? Let’s see.

(Side Note: Sad to see Woojin leaving due to personal reasons. As such, the album release will be moved a month later.)

Storyline as whole

The storyline was quite confusing. The story starts with members always running. The final story features a member picking the key to the door, which he opens.

Stray Kids made the performance less fearful as compared with Side Effects, and with that I am very pleased.

Double Knot’s special kind of EDM impressed me the most. The buzzing, looping sound is heard in most parts of the video, and the build-up of music was becoming tense at the final chorus.

Let’s look on the visuals. The settings are American, and may be mistaken for ordinary American MV if not rendered in Korean. Special effects are fully used at 1:35 – 1:38, where they made duplicates of themselves. Key symbolizes authority, and unlocking possibilities.

The concept of featuring the moon is still present at 0:07, which reminds me of Special Effects, which in turn, copies from GOT7’s Eclipse.

Review by others

KPopReviewed noted that Double Knot combines the energy of Miroh and intensity of Side Effects, yet being toned down. It also posed a different side of them being more masculine. The raps, dances, and vocals are nice. However, it held itself back on its potentials.

TheBiasList noted that this is a pre-release track, and so it being toned down is justifiable. Deep inside, it borrows concepts from Monsta X and adds every autotune available. Aside from that, it benefits from learned experiences on music experiments. Raps are arranged closer to pop than hip-hop. While this was not quite outstanding, hope this be their prelude to upcoming track.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 85.00%
Grade: B-
Assessment: Satisfactory


Aspect   Criterion Points
Storyline 1 Storyline 3
Storyline 2 Consistent theme 5
Appearance 3 Colorful/color fits emotions 5
Appearance 4 Good taste 5
Appearance 5 No Halloween, Easter, etc. 5
Appearance 6 No astrology featured 5
Appearance 7 Less horror featured 5
Appearance 8 Not too revealing outfits 5
Music 9 Exciting/Expresses emotions 5
Music 10 Not too deafening 4
Dance 11 Learned easily even by beginners 4
Dance 12 Not too sensual 5
Lessons 13 Moral lesson clearly stated 3
Lessons 14 Impart something beneficial for viewers 5
Other Matters 15 Sense of humor/expresses emotions 6
Other Matters 16 Make it to mainstream media 1
Other Matters 17 Review by other sites 4
Other Matters 18 Review of MV as a whole 5
Other Matters 19 Recalls previous songs 5

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