Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) – Super Clap: MV Review

We are now on our second review of Super Junior, with their reunion song Super Clap.

We discussed thoroughly the group in an earlier review. Since they provided another comeback for them as a complete group, will they still astound us after several years? Let’s see:

(Side Note: This release was pushed several days later as respect for Sulli. And unfortunately, as KPopReviewed stated, we would not see Heechul, Sungmin, and Kangin reuniting with them due to various issues.)


The storyline tells of them practicing their dance. In line with this, they are giving invitation to the office. This is to see them perform and dance at the airport. Later they are given red carpet.

The music video features settings in the office, dinner, and tennis court. This helps viewers see what is happening in these places, and how people there behave. Beneficial is on featuring what’s happening inside office, featuring arcade dance and for tennis (for exercise).

Funny scene was on the secretary who always takes notes. Added to the fun are on officemates who throw paper, and on members as they react on using the arcade dance.

Review as whole

Brassy beats are played at the start before they sing. The rest of the music prefers to be funky, and is upbeat in a special way. And to note that they did not use Latin beats this time. This is the kind of music I did not see with Super Junior as far as I know.

With regards to dance, the group prefers less energetic dances, which I also understand as they age. However, they managed to keep the moves as uplifiting as possible.

Some symbolisms can be seen here in Super Clap. The red carpet represents their return to the K-Pop scene. It can be remembered that they had been incomplete for eight years due to military service. This time, they are beginning to fly again, as represented by plane flying at the end of the MV.

Final joke

As an Elf, you will also agree that it’s awkward, but fun to see Super Junior still performing after several years. This is something you won’t see from any agency except from SM. Added 10 points will be given to the group for this.

As such, I have a joke:

2009: Super Junior
2019: Super Senior

Review by others

KPopReviewed noted that the group uses “catchy and groovy” songs in their instrumentals, which adds to song’s being polished. This is not seen in them during their heydays. While the MV was plain, and their performance was constricted, at least they did well.

TheBiasList pointed out that the group is going to a retro “disco funk” beat, which does not disappoint him. The straightforward music does not waste time doing tempo shifts, and claps are plenty. Arrangement is also done to give extra sexiness. The only pull-down factor was that of music being lighthearted.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 90.48%
Grade: A-
Assessment: Very Good


Aspect   Criterion Points
Storyline 1 Storyline 5
Storyline 2 Consistent theme 5
Appearance 3 Colorful/color fits emotions 5
Appearance 4 Good taste 5
Appearance 5 No Halloween, Easter, etc. 5
Appearance 6 No astrology featured 5
Appearance 7 Less horror featured 5
Appearance 8 Not too revealing outfits 5
Music 9 Exciting/Expresses emotions 5
Music 10 Not too deafening 5
Dance 11 Learned easily even by beginners 5
Dance 12 Not too sensual 5
Lessons 13 Moral lesson clearly stated 3
Lessons 14 Impart something beneficial for viewers 4
Other Matters 15 Sense of humor/expresses emotions 7
Other Matters 16 Make it to mainstream media 2
Other Matters 17 Review by other sites 4
Other Matters 18 Review of MV as a whole 5
Other Matters 19 Longevity of Super Junior 10

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