Updating My Bias List (November 16, 2019)

For November, the author now follows additional ten groups, raising the total number to 29 groups and soloists under my bias list. There I will define the groups and some reasons why I have to follow them. This change will also be reflected in My Bias List page, serving as masterlist of all the groups I follow.

In the past months, the author promoted GFRIEND to be one of three most favorite groups, and demoted/downgraded Momoland as such, albeit still remaining as Merry. As to TWICE, I have to add remaining five as biases due to their attitude. With additional acts being reviewed, there are some which I liked and wanted to follow.

The author plans also to stan Cherry Bullet. But considering how FNC handles the two missing members – Kokoro and Linlin – I decided not to follow them till this issue is resolved. Why? The agency is beginning to copy wrong responses from MLD Entertainment.

If FNC resolves this with the two still remaining till December, I’ll follow the group and pick all members as my biases. Otherwise, I won’t even consider stanning them. We will discuss this further as we rate agencies at year-end.

As I write this, you may compare our own preferences to these groups.

Yeeun and Seungyeon

  • Her cute side, plus being an emcee in The Show gave chance to know her more. As for Seungyeon, she knows how to play cute and fierce at the same time, not to mention her being very responsive to issues.

Ultimate Bias: Yeeun
Bias Wrecker: Seungyeon

Soojin and Soyeon

  • I take particular interest on Soojin due to her sexiness shown in Senorita and Uh-Oh. As for Soyeon, I deem her as my bias wrecker for the group, since she also entails sexiness and added strong charisma.

Ultimate Bias: Soojin
Bias Wrecker: Soyeon

Doah, Sika, Doi

  • While Doah has special beauty, Sika grabbed my attention with her aggressiveness on talents and visuals.

Ultimate Bias: Doah
Bias Wrecker: Sika and Doi

Rocket Punch:
All members (Juri, Dahyun, Suyun, Sohee, Yunkyoung, Yeonhee)

  • Sensing that picking biases in this rookie group is difficult, as they project well their visuals and talents, I decided to pick all members as my biases.

Ultimate Bias: Juri
Bias Wrecker: Dahyun (till further notice)

Weki Meki:
Suyeon, Sei, Yoojung

  • Started appreciating them on Picky Picky, and picked biases on Tiki Taka.

Ultimate Bias: Suyeon
Bias Wrecker: Sei and Yoojung

Oh My Girl:
Hyojung, YooA, Seunghee

  • The group’s performance of Bungee, plus the positive responses over this song, convinced me to follow them.

Ultimate Bias: Hyojung
Bias Wrecker: Seunghee and YooA

Yuna and Lia

  • While I am predisposed to like groups with cuter concepts, I am still okay with other groups leaning to fiercer ones (such as ITZY and MAMAMOO). Attitude and performance convinced me to stan them also. (Indirectly I have to pick the group also to replace Cherry Bullet).

Ultimate Bias: Yuna
Bias Wrecker: Lia

Saerom, Jiheon, Hayoung

  • Even if I have to know them more as a group, their fun side on performance of Fun proved attractive to me.

Ultimate Bias: Saerom
Bias Wrecker: Jiheon/Hayoung

Seungeun and Songhee

  • While I do critically review their debut song (Hocus Pocus), I find it very cute, colorful, and entertaining. Their moves convinced me to follow them.

Ultimate Bias: Seungeun
Bias Wrecker: Songhee

All members (Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Eunwoo, Yaebin, and Bada)

  • As Pristin fans are dismayed over the group’s loss, and since I did not follow them previously, here comes the chance. Picked them all as consideration for the members continuing the journey in K-Pop.

Ultimate Bias: Eunwoo
Bias Wrecker: Bada

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