Monsta X – Someone’s Someone, Find You, Follow: MV Reviews

For our another set of reviews, we will touch on Monsta X with their release of three lead tracks.

Some reviewers only touch on Follow, as it is their proper comeback for this month. But the author included the other two since the group released these during October. For clarity and brevity, we refer to Someone’s Someone, Find You, and Follow as first, second, and third respectively.

As they are on international promotions, they gone mainstream. In fact, their song got its way to Vevo, the English counterpart of 1theK. As this is catered to wider audience, we will review them. As to Find You, we will review it too since this underrated track has proper MV.

(Side Note: Wonho being out of Monsta X adds to list of saddest events in K-Pop this year. Since this has direct effect over the group, Monbebes, and K-Pop as whole, we will rate Starship at year-end.)


Someone’s Someone starts with the boys in the seaside, relaxing. They then traveled in search for someone.

The second music starts with the guys playing a game and singing till the night. Upon going home, they spotted a car, where the driver and his wife invited them to join in the ride. An accident happens, where the couple died. Only the members survived.

Upon realizing that the couple were dead, a member who undergone surgery did not accept this fact. He thought it over till it pushed him to commit suicide.

Finally, the members in Follow are situated in a time grotto, then looks upward as the eclipse approaches. During the dark, they enliven the desire of following the light. This came to reality when the eclipse ended, giving light again to the members.

They made a good deal featuring Kihyun standing at 1:48 (and same with the group at 3:02), serving as the longhand of sundial. This tells people what clocks were used before grandfather clocks and quartz ones were invented.

Review as whole

While the first song is short, I felt the mainstream element in the song. Liked the calm and light-hearted approach on Someone’s Someone. This shows that they can manage to do some works normally done by British/American artists.

The thumping upbeats, added with the howling and echoing sound, sustains the song throughout. Felt amazed too on how beats and silence (aided with snaps) are placed properly in the verses leading to chorus. The howling and echoing sound resumes at the end, giving a definite closing for the song.

Someone’s Someone tells that we all want to be with someone completing us. Them being in rain highlights sadness, the need to be with one they loved, and being alone. The bar is also being featured, with similar meanings as with the rain. Finally, the group featuring birds reflects the lesson of finding a partner who will help.

Find You itself tells of a boy who longed to find the couple who cared for him and his friends. As explained by various netizens, the music shares tunes with ones commonly heard in K-Dramas. Regardless of reference, this may be deemed as one whole movie or drama, instead of a proper comeback.

The scene of third song at 2:11 – 2:28 casts a shadow on what happened in Garden of Eden. There they are highlighting the value of following orders.

Somehow, the thumbnail at the video made me think of something. A member with halo is being considered a saint, where his/her good deeds are to be followed.

A bit of Indian tune can be sensed in a bit at the start of the video before they sing. It is also integrated in the choruses, mixed with usual upbeats. The exciting side only recedes with Joohoney suspending the momentum then resumes with his raps.

Review by others

KPopReviewed explains that the third song follows ONEUS in fusing traditional and modern music, which somehow is inviting. Added to the appealing energy was the raps of I.M and Joohoney, integrated as strong element in the performance.

TheBiasList was surprised over the “jam-packed” and energetic instrumentals of the third song, setting apart from cluttering EDM tracks. They made some parts of the song as if it engages people to listen, especially on raps which do not distract the song. However, the weak spot is on its repetitive chorus. This song is solid enough to stand out among other tracks.

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating (Separate):

Someone’s Someone: 93.75%
Find You: 90.00%
Follow: 89.52%
Grade: A+/A-/B+
Assessment: Excellent/Very Good/Good

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating (Consolidated): 90.91%
Grade: A-
Assessment: Very Good


Aspect   Criterion Someone’s Someone Find You Follow
Storyline 1 Storyline 4 5 5
Storyline 2 Consistent theme 5 5 5
Appearance 3 Colorful/color fits emotions 5 5 5
Appearance 4 Good taste 5 5 5
Appearance 5 No Halloween, Easter, etc. 5 5 5
Appearance 6 No astrology featured 5 5 5
Appearance 7 Less horror featured 5 5 5
Appearance 8 Not too revealing outfits 5 5 5
Music 9 Exciting/Expresses emotions 5 4 4
Music 10 Not too deafening 5 5 5
Dance 11 Learned easily even by beginners     3
Dance 12 Not too sensual     5
Lessons 13 Moral lesson clearly stated 5 5 4
Lessons 14 Impart something beneficial for viewers 4 3 4
Other Matters 15 Sense of humor/expresses emotions 8 8 8
Other Matters 16 Make it to mainstream media 4 1 2
Other Matters 17 Review by other sites     4
Other Matters 18 Review of MV as a whole 5 5 5
Other Matters 19 Uploads video to 1theK   10 10
    Features 1theK logo (Bonus)      
    Prioritizes 1theK vid (Bonus)      

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