With passing of Goo Hara, we have to limit or suspend activities in this site.

Join us as we will publish a prayer to help our favorite artists succeed in everyday struggles. A simple prayer will help in easing the pain and depression our favorite stars are experiencing.

As what I emphasized earlier, agencies and fans must take the artists’ mental issues very seriously. Keep in mind these words:

It’s hard for me to enjoy K-Pop sometimes, because in the back of my mind, I’m always remembering how stressed and sad some of them are behind the scenes. I’m happy enjoying them perform, but are THEY happy?

All that goes through my mind when I’m trying to enjoy K-Pop and I’m scared sometimes that I’m going to hear someone I love in K-Pop that has taken his/her own life.

I’ll end this short article with a Biblical verse:

“이런 일이 일어날 때에는 “승리가 죽음을 삼켜 버렸다” 라는 성경 말씀이 이루어질 것입니다.”
– 고린도전서 15:54

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