Notes and Reflections on Goo Hara’s Death

Dedicated to Goo Hara, her friends, and family.

With all the bullying experienced from her ex-boyfriend and netizens, comes Goo Hara’s death. As with Sulli, many fans and celebrities are expressing condolences. Various agencies and stars are suspending meet-ups and releases out of respect. Heechul afterwards made his Instagram account private out of her loss.

The bullying she faced, plus Sulli’s death, proved too much for her. It can be remembered that she failed on her first attempt six months ago. And this time, she succeeded.

Still, Korean society is not learning lessons from previous deaths. And as a fan, I felt sad and angry about it.


I’m coldhearted

As much as I wanted to enjoy K-Pop, as this site is more on spreading fun, I am now going to be ambivalent on it for now due to these incidents. This dampens most of my enthusiasm I got when I focused on K-Pop last year. With few reads too, I don’t see anymore reason to fully devote my time to K-Pop unlike before. Might as well consider discouraging other people to listen and enjoy K-Pop if things did not improve.

As of this point, I am also suffering from similar situation as I age. Time came for me to realize that I am not getting younger anymore, and that I’ve been left behind in terms of achievements, relationships, and marriage. And still, it’s very hard for me to achieve these things. That’s why I don’t take depression lightly.


All these scandals – from Seungri to Goo Hara – are exposing what’s wrong inside the industry. These incidents alone are telling that K-Pop is now losing popularity, appeal, and/or prestige. Or heading towards decline. And I am not surprised, considering that some agencies are going unresponsive over various issues.

We K-Pop fans share the burden of protecting our favorite stars. With all of our favorites working very hard and long just to entertain us, we have to cheer them. Give them inspiration. Strengthen and console them. Be supportive, but critical at same time. Don’t pick fights on other stars and fandoms. If we do these, then K-Pop is on a right track.

Out of respect to Goo Hara, no more activities for November, except for our prayer. Select reviews for this month will be published starting December 8, till further notice.

In our next article, join us as we conduct our prayer for all of remaining K-Pop (Hallyu) artists.

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