Second Prayer to All K-Pop Celebrities (2019)

“수고하고 무거운 사람들아, 나에게 오너라. 내가 너희를 쉬게 하겠다.”
마태복음 11:28 (KLB)

Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for all the blessings you gave to artists just to entertain us.

Heavenly Father, we are seeking Your help in providing them physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Touch their hearts and give them relief from burdens, so that they may continue fully using their talents for Your glory and the glory of fellowmen.

Heavenly Father, give our artists necessary courage to deal with malicious remarks. Protect them from all dangers they are facing today. Help also our agencies in giving sufficient care to our artists, especially those in need.

Heavenly Father, we are imploring Your aid in providing them rest. Provide them the inner peace they need amidst troubles in this world. Help them draw closer to You, and let Your presence be known to them.

Heavenly Father, make Your Christian entertainment workers be the light of the world. Help them and arm them with knowledge and courage in spreading the Good News, especially to the rest of celebrities who are undergoing depression and battling various issues.

All of these we pray in Jesus’ name. AMEN.

Fr. Andrew Kim Taegon, pray for us.
St. Paul Chong Hasang, pray for us.
St. Peter Yu Taechol, pray for us.

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