Public Service Announcement (December 11, 2019)

We’ll discuss changes in this site starting today.

With few reads, I might as well take a rest from doing various write-ups. I have many things to do at that point: Playing computer games, preparing for new work, strolling down memory lane, travelling and enjoying places I haven’t went before, and taking care of my health. I have to do this for several months starting 2020.

Sulli and Goo Hara made me realize that I have to enjoy life to the fullest, and not waste the limited time we have.

But don’t worry. If I have time and passion to do write-ups, this site will be still active.

MV Reviews

Except for 29 groups and soloists I follow, we have to limit reviews starting next year.

I will not review those groups with no reads on previous reviews. For instance, since there were no reads on WINNER’s Soso, I will not review them next time.

Special reviews will be given on underrated girl groups sometime. As to Cherry Bullet, failing grade will be given to them unless its issues are fixed. For Momoland, no more favors in their next releases.

Misheard Lyrics

I’ll still take on the final misheard lyric for 2019. But come 2020, we will shift gears on misheard lyrics. By next year, we will just focus on releases by well-known groups. Underrated and debut groups will be included only to fill the gap.

Love Advice

The future of love advice is still uncertain, since love problems are being heard over and over again.

We’ll also change the e-mail address as the same is burdened with too much messages. Please send your love problems to

Other topics

I will not cover anymore topics under #DuterteSerye, but we’ll try to answer questions on these if asked. Defending our President and his agendas are the primary job of its communications arm. And as we guess it, defending him proved to be an utter failure due to lack of their proactive approach.

This job was used to be handled by bloggers like ThinkingPinoy, For The Motherland, and others. But with some of them focusing on other matters, PCOO has to step up and fulfill its mandate.

Finally, I will not tackle any matters related to PH entertainment, unless it is funny or discusses the other side.

On Accounting, we will only focus on some tips and strategies to pass the CPA Board Exam.

We will continue featuring pictures on a regular basis, as pictures speak louder than words.

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