I’m Not A Merry Anymore

Today, I’m not a Merry anymore.

Merries are still shocked upon learning of Taeha and Dabin’s departure. For one, Taeha opted to pursue new paths, and Dabin is still groping with schedule conflicts between acting and being a K-Pop artist.

What makes matters complicated is that MLD Entertainment still does not issue statements and apologies for delay for several months. This proves their unprofessional side. We will discuss further these things as we rate agencies and the group some time.

As Daisy is still “under negotiations”, I’m not surprised if she might be no longer part of it. This will surely have negative consequences if this happens. In fact, some international Merries told that Daisy was the reason they became part of the fandom.

With all these things, what’s the sense of being a “Merry”, if me and fellow fans are not happy with these?

Thank you

So, thanks to all Merries who genuinely care for the group. Thank you also for making me once part of this fandom for one and a half year. However, recent events pushed me to leave the fandom like everyone else.

Starting November 30 this year, TweetNewscaster is not following the group anymore, and is now leaving the fandom. The author is also withdrawing support for the group. Consequently, all members are no longer my biases, and Momoland is now out from my bias list forever.


Starting November 30, failing grade will be given in reviews of their future releases. No special incentives will be given to them anymore in future reviews (unlike BTS, (G)I-DLE, and TWICE).

Worse, if any member is absent on group’s TV appearances, extra pull-down factor will be added in future reviews. No considerations will be given to Momoland at all regardless of reasons, especially on absences.

These things would be better off than hating them outright. Hating the group will be a waste of time and energy.

It does not make sense following them with these kinds of attitude, and if they are still incomplete. And to put it bluntly, it’s senseless to follow them if the group and the agency aren’t learning any lessons at all.

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