DreamNote (드림노트) – Wish (바라다): MV Review

Due to scarce time and few reads, we will limit reviews for this year.

For our first MV review for 2020, we will touch on DreamNote, with their song Wish. It has been at least ten months since we reviewed the group in their previous lead song Hakuna Matata. Being a new Page, how will the author review the group? Let’s see:

(Side Note: As of this point, I picked DreamNote to replace Momoland in My Bias List. Sumin is now my ultimate bias, and Miso and Youi as bias wreckers.)


The story tells of the girls describing their wish to grow, which they embody in planting, doing experiments, and collecting pearls. It ends with the girls opening the door, going through the brighter future.

From the symbolisms, they are pulling up this message:

We are aiming for excellence and growth in what we do (plants and feathers), individually and as a group (pearls). As we go on, we want to experiment more and express ourselves (painting and chemistry).

The music starts with sparkling xylophonic tunes, then proceeds to faster beats. It uses less synths in the choruses, and then precedes with bubbly tune at the end. While the opening music elicits attention, the rest of the music did not justify well the good intro.

The English title “Wish” has its Korean equivalent (바라다), which is termed as “hope.” Better yet, DreamNote should’ve chosen the word 소원, as it is more suitable (even if it refers to GFRIEND’s Sowon or Ailee’s Wish).

This is also viewed in context of Habin and Hanbyeol’s departures. In fact, their regard for Habin and Hanbyeol is also shown in this video, which I find it commendable. A user explained that:

The broken key is Hanbyeol. It is being planted and represents her growing and starting out new.

The horse is Habin. It is tied up and represents her injury. The ribbon being removed represents [wishing her the best of health].

Side notes

It seems that DreamNote is maturing at this point. The colors and themes recall that of Lovelyz’s Lost and Found, the music arrangement with WJSN’s Stay, and the suits with IZ*ONE’s Violeta. Or it may be deemed as their mature version of Hakuna Matata.

However, as compared to their previous work, I find it a bit lacking on several aspects. First is on music itself, which was slower, though a bit exciting. Second is on its performance-focused MV, which is not the usual case with other groups. Finally, their storyline is not cohesive enough, which would’ve tell a definite story from start to finish.

Further readings: TheBiasList

TweetNewscaster’s Overall Rating: 94.29%
Grade: A+
Assessment: Excellent


Aspect Criterion Points Base
Storyline   10 10
Appearance   30 30
Music   8 10
Dance   10 10
Lessons   9 10
Entertainment   17 25
Other Factors Uploads vids to 1theK 10 10
  Prominently features 1theK vid (Bonus) 5  

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