K-Pop Write-Ups: Emphasis on Celebrities’ Attitudes

While the author may be enchanted by visuals and talents, it looks more on attitude. And you may have noticed that it is of prime importance, especially in rating groups and members. This is because attitudes from the stars can contribute to their success or failure. (Take note, even J.Y. Park himself recognizes this fact.)

We’ll repeat this again and again. This will be our guide as we discuss and review K-Pop this 2020.

Proper behavior

As K-Pop fans, we are used to them being prim and proper, avoid scandals, and so on to maintain it. However, this must be of less concern nowadays. At a minimum, (1) groups and members must correctly respond to issues, (2) be present on various engagements, especially overseas, (3) speak up immediately if untoward incidents happen; and (4) have regard for fellow members.

TWICE members complied with first point on Mina’s hiatus. Second point is being done by them also, plus BTS and BLACKPINK. CLC’s Sorn did this third point by apologizing on social media. On the last point, Red Velvet gave updates on Wendy’s condition.

Blast from the past

Let me give you an idea why I do have to reinforce this starting this year.

Thirteen years ago, K-Pop was not so popular. The author only followed an underrated non-Korean co-ed group, and picked a leader and lead vocalist as ultimate bias. Issues with a member surfaced, which the agency and the group haven’t resolved.

It led to that member being on hiatus. During her absence, fans engaged in wars, and more speculations emerged. It later came to a point where the group disbanded. Still, the agency and the group did not issue apologies or clarifications on this issue.

Apparently, incorrect responses over her attitude led to the group’s demise. And up to this writing, few people knew that this group existed.

Final Words

As this unfortunate incident is also happening on K-Pop, we have to be very strict on it.

Attitudes will be another important aspect we have to look upon, as we deal with the groups in reviews and year-end ratings. More changes are being implemented in this site to reflect it. Hope these things serve as strong reminder for K-Pop to take its issues very seriously.

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