Love Advice No. 118 (EXO’s Chen)

We have been bombarded now with celebrities engaging on dates. First instance is on Momo and Heechul.

EXO’s Chen gained attention with his announcement of marriage. As this news startled the fandom, some Knetz are still not happy over it.

Sadly, some Korean fans demonstrated total disrespect towards him by holding hate parties and throwing hate remarks. And still, with this kind of incident becoming more intense, SM Entertainment is still silent towards it.

My Advice:

As fans, we have to prepare eventually for life-changing events. Time will come where one by one, they leave the group, and/or venture on other business, marry, and have a family. Even us fans have no choice over these things.

These celebrities are humans too. As what the author emphasized in previous review, they have the innate right to love and be loved. As they make us happy for various reasons, this time, we have to let them be happy on decisions like this. EXO-Ls, especially Korean fans, should accept this unmistakable fact.


We wish to point out how ridiculous dating is being considered a scandal. This has been a major issue with HyunA and Dawn. While this might be quite correct, as this tests how he/she can be more committed in choosing a partner, this also prevents them from experiencing how to love and be loved, and be hurt also.

Fans’ jealousness on their celebrities reached to a point where the latter are “prohibited” to marry. Take the case of Super Junior’s Sungmin, where some fans demanded to be kicked for the same reason. SM Ent nevertheless provided engagements for him. In this precedent, some K-ELFs themselves are trying to destroy the group.

So it’s not surprising that BTS’ Jin and V (Taehyung) wanted to live normal lives.

With all the incidents happening in K-Pop, respect is the least we can do to prevent it from happening again.

Featured Image credit: AllKPop

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