K-Pop Write-ups: 1theK

As promised, we will discuss what’s in 1theK.


Some positive aspects are noted. The channel has become instrumental in streamlining content of various groups to a wider audience. In some instances, it helped few debut and underrated groups to obtain popularity (which might not be done if promoted individually).

Unfavorable changes

At any rate, they failed to sustain what they have attained for 2018. 1theK once reached the point where they promoted groups for every comeback uploaded. Last year, their considerable improvement was on providing descriptions of songs in their MVs. This helped viewers understand what’s inside it.

But with promotions of another channel called “1theK Originals,” these things were gradually stopped. It also changed the logo – for worse. Their previous logo was easily recognizable and is full of colors. Now it was less colorful. Plus, while the logo was prevalent in the past, it featured less and less later on.

Major changes

The author is sensing that its status as a leading K-Pop channel is shaking. It’s apparent that some agencies pulled out distribution rights to 1theK. This is the case with Pledis. In other cases, agencies made also their separate MVs, as is the case with Starship, Woolim, FNC, and Cube. This is not to mention fans’ suspicions over 1theK’s profit sharing (and deletion of MVs if the contract ends). How will 1theK respond?

In our previous reviews, we give incentives to every comeback that’s being uploaded to 1theK. These incentives are intended as reward for improvement, and to support the advocacy of being a “one-stop K-Pop channel”. But with unfavorable changes, and if GFRIEND decided not to upload it to 1theK in their next comeback, we have to remove these incentives. These will be reflected on our subsequent reviews.

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