About TweetNewscaster (K-Pop Side)

Annyeong! Welcome to TweetNewscaster!

I’ll show to you the author’s side when it comes to K-Pop. Hope you might enjoy the write-ups here.

This site in the past focused only on dealing with the bright side in PH (and writing rarely things K-Pop). In a bid to expand its reach to wider audience, I decided to focus on articles related to K-Pop. Main courses offered on this include misheard lyrics and MV reviews. Most of the time, I opt for the latter, as we see that few bloggers do written reviews regularly.

Being a multi-fandom, who is stanning more than 19 groups and soloists, is not easy but exciting and fulfilling at same time. If you wish to know who are the groups I follow, you may check out My Bias List page at upper right corner of the site.

I can be best described as a fan, who is a fan of 19, but focuses most of the time on three groups. Started venturing the genre last 2009, gone lie-low till May 2018 due to studies and problems. Passing the board exam proved turning point to rediscover K-Pop more, and specialize on it. Generally, I do specialize on girl groups, but I also appreciate and watch boy groups.

Now, talking of what I normally do in K-Pop:

When doing misheard lyrics, I am trying my best to squeeze out and pick lyrics that will make one amused, or laugh.

And when doing MV Reviews, I get frank, and speak brutally. If giving a grade, I am justifying it. Nevertheless, I get generous most of the time, and in rare cases, give extra grade for outstanding performance.

While mostly objectivity is king when it comes to reviewing, biases can’t be avoided, but as managed as possible. There a criteria is set to best reflect the basis on assigning grades and assessment to K-Pop groups.

Due to lack of time, and constant adding of new groups, not all lead tracks might be covered by either of the two categories. But I’m trying the best to cover most of them.

In rare cases, the author tries to explain the other side of K-Pop not normally covered by other sites. This is what the site’s mission is all about: Spread the fun and other side of the news.

So, that’s all for today. I do hope that you enjoy visiting the site with a twist of K-Pop. Kamsahamnida!